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Reviewed On: September 10th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Minestrone (75/100)

Dear Interl,
For better reading, your order has been separated into parts.

First Impression & Layout:

The above images are a before and after of your layout. Image one is taken from when first entering. Although the top of the site layout is nicely spaced away from the top of the overall browser screen, the bottom "interl" is cut off. The second image is taken when moving to a different page. Although now the "interl" is nicely spaced away from the bottom of the browser screen, the top now is not. The cause is unknown, but should be fixed- since it's such an inconvenience. However, the fact that you've added the signature Disney font to your site title and the original sketch, adds a wonderful touch to any first impression and the layout itself. Although, the title isn't very noticeable when placed on the bottom instead of the top, but in this case, it's nicely placed.

Moving on the page itself, the updates are placed at the very top, over your welcoming introduction- which is very quite, unique and fun by the way. Since updates aren't the MAIN focus of your home page, you might want to position them underneath your introduction instead of on top- or in a completely separate box (which requires alterations to the layout design).


It is easily seen here that your site is mostly known for it's animations! You have a numerous amount of them, all of which look as though they took a long time to create. However, the rest of the content you provide is lacking. You have 252 animations and when combined, you have a total of 60 other graphics (That's a difference of 192!). At most, you may want to try adding more shields and petpages. However, the current "other" graphics you provide do show effort, and look as though they took just as long as some of your animations. Keep up the good work, though! Effort and uniqueness truly show in your graphics!

Also, under Extras, you may want to add a tutorial section, just in case any passerby want to know how you make your animations, layouts, etc.


Your sitely section is very organized, yet seems to go on forever. Instead of breaking each and every button, you could add the buttons side by side but with a title. Here's an example:

Hover over buttons to reveal title:

Here is the code used:

Add the above code to your link tag, and it should work. So by doing this, your sitely section can still remain organized and neat, but shortened- no longer bottomless.

Fortune Cookie

The order is small, yes. But key areas and issues were pointed out here, in your letter. The graphics that Magic of Disney provides are stunning, however more need to be provided! Advertise yourself on the Neoboards for more requests, and work more on your other graphics than your animations....

Keep up the good work! Your site has wonderful potential, and judging by the amount of visitors, it's well known! Good luck!

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

(Your soup is determined by where I think your site stands according to what I find while thoroughly reviewing your site)

Reviewed On: September 9th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Miso's Soup (86/100)

First Impression: 13/15
When entering your site, emotions toward the first impression aren't amazingly good, nor horribly bad. Feelings actually set right in the middle. The color scheme includes a nice combination of warm colors that compliment each other and the layout well. However, there is an unwanted down-scroll. Something on your site is longer than it needs to be, which causes the page to form a down-scroll. The cause is unknown by just looking at it, but shouldn't be hard to fix!
Also, your text class is too wide for the layout, and overlays a part of your layout border. Shortening the width just a bit should do the trick.

1 point deducted for unwanted down-scroll and 1 point deducted for overlaying text class.

Layout: 20/25
When you order a premade from Bedazzled, it's bound to impress. Her layouts are unique and of high-quality; a valued attribute to a site. However, with this specific layout, the design was a tad bit disappointing. Something about the image itself looked "off". The banner was disproportional with the rest of what was designed- either the banner was to small in height, or the text box underneath was too large. Whatever it was, the layouts proportions weren't spot on, which could probably be a reason why it looks "off", as mentioned before.

However, the color scheme (as mentioned previously) was chosen well; a nice combination of warm colors that aren't too bold or strong, that one may find it hard to look at. It seems to fit all of the current content that you have well and works nicely around your different font images.

5 points deducted for poor layout proportions

Content: 30/30
Wow. It is obviously shown that you spend numerous amounts of effort in making each one of your fonts! Not only are they creative, but they look unique and of absolute high-quality! For one, your picture fonts are VERY impressive. Each one shows time, effort and creativity; something that's hard to find in most font sites. You have an endless amount of "word" fonts, all of which have the same qualities as your picture fonts: unique, creative, high-quality... the list could go on.

An overall impressive job with the content you have! Keep up the good work!

Organization: 10/10
The way your site is organized is perfect; meaning no constant surfing, confusion or horrid issues were found or experienced while touring your site. Each page, although has a lot of content, is nicely neat, despite the never ending fonts!

Grammar & Spelling: 5/5
No horribly noticeable problems found here.

Originality: 5/5
It would be a drag to completely repeat everything that was mention in the Content section.... but- your site oozes with originality and uniqueness! It displays high-quality fonts that reach high above any other font site so far!

Sitely: 8/10
Your sitely section is overcrowded with buttons! Too many colors and animations: that's quite a lot to looks at! It is highly recommended that link backs and affiliates are in button link form, while listers and achievements (if possible) are in written link form.

2 points deducted for button bombardment.

Other Notes:
Well, all seemed to be stated above for Mo's Fonts... so to not repeat EVERYTHING, we'll just leave with a few simple words: High-Quality, Unique, One of a Kind!

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Guild Directory
Reviewed On: September 2nd, 2011
Soup Ordered: Sour Soup (35/100)

To make our letting much more easier to follow, we've broken it up into parts.

First Impressions & Layout:

The above image is your site banner. The squares indicate a weaker point of the image itself.

The overall banner, textures and all, is actually quite disappointing. The textures used appear a little too strong for the image, and aren't blended in as well as they should be. If possible, you may want to adjust the opacity to a lower setting, or use less textures. The color as well, which seems too orange! The color scheme you chose isn't very flattering, for it's mostly orange and black. Using your background as a base, the following colors have been conjured up, all of which correspond well with each other:

Background Color (hover for color code):

Accent Colors (hover for color codes):

Maybe even a nice, light, pastel blue would work... but the above gives you an idea.

Now- the red squares are shown on the image above, which indicate an issue with your drop shadow. In this case, the drop shadow looks of low quality due to that heavy darkness. A lighter shade of gray like the following, or even a darker orange with a lower opacity would do the trick:

Hover for color codes:

Sadly, the quality of the layout as a whole is very poor and reduces any first impression. Below may be some sites of interest, and can help you produce a better, more high quality layout:

Design Tutorials:

CSS Help:


Below is your introductory paragraph. Although the paragraph has a warm and welcoming feeling, some thoughts appeared to be unclear:

Hello there, cacoolcat, and welcome to AGON, a guild directory that is run by Lydia. AGON is an acronym that stands for "Active Guilds Of Neopia". Isn't that so creative? However, here I am trying to make finding a guild easier for you with hopefully more convenient ways to find your guild. I hope that you can find your guild through AGON.

The beginning is fine- as it states what your site is about and what the name means, all after a nice welcome. However, the rest seems a bit unclear. Below is a reworded version- which can be re-reworded to your liking- but is just to give you more of an idea...:

Hello and welcome, cacoolcat, to AGON- a guild directory run by Lydia. A.G.O.N is an acronym, created to stand for "Active Guilds Of Neopia". By running AGON, it is my responsibility to try and make finding a guild more easily, quickly and convenient for you. I hope that with the help of AGON, you'll be able to find a guild that is perfect and best-fit for you!

In the above paragraph, the question was removed and the next two sentences were reworded; to the point where they made all the thoughts clear and understandable in a professional/fun way.


Your list count (the number of guilds listed on your site), seems a bit low! There aren't many guilds to choose from, as the list is quite low in each category. However, this is an easy fix.
The Guild Board is a wonderful way to advertise your guild directory. Within minutes of first creating the topic, you'll get request after request to list guild after guild (usually most of the time). This method is an effective way to boost your guild count!

Fortune Cookie:

AGON Directory certainly needs a quality booster. It would have much more success if the layout were of better quality and the guild count were longer. However, this can all be fixed with a little bit more effort, work and patience. Advertise on the Guilds Board, list yourself in several places and obtain more high quality affiliates; and most importantly- a new layout...
Best of luck to AGON!

Kindest Regards,
Miso's Soup

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Reviewed On: August 31st, 2011
Soup Ordered: Miso's Soup (85/100)

To make our letting much more easier to follow, we've broken it up into parts.

First Impressions & Layout:

The above is an image of your layout. The squares and circles indicate the two largest issues mentioned in the section.

The imagery of your layout-overall- worked well with the theme that you chose for your site. However, indicated by the red squares and circles, there were some issues.

Red Squares:
Starting with the squares, the two images of writing placed over the banner add a wonderful touch of uniqueness. However, the way they are positioned and where they are positioned seems awkward, and does not compliment the banner as much as it was intended. IF these could be placed on the side of the image, or corner of the layout, they would add more of a better effect than an awkward one.

Red Circle:
The light texture used in the image is the perfect texture, however, the opacity could have been lowered a little bit more so as not for it to become too empowering and distracting from the image itself; but nicely blended and add a nice touch.

Although your layout is a premade, the above are just some areas that lost points and that should be noted for future reference.

First Impression:
Upon entering, first impressions weren't horrible, nor were they amazing. Mostly due to what is mentioned above, another because of your introductory paragraph. Below is a reworded version of your introduction paragraph:

Welcome to Blank Canvas Magazine. Blank Canvas Magazine is filled with Neopets news, game guides, AC coverage and more. We are also hiring so check out the working for us section for more details. You can subscribe to the magazine by filling in the form below and neomailing it to me. By subscribing, you will receive monthly neomails telling you that the magazine has been published.


Welcome to Blank Canvas Magazine. Our magazine features Neopets news, game guides, AC coverage and more! We are currently hiring, so please check out the Working For Us section of our magazine for more details. You may subscribe to our magazine by correctly completing the form below and neomailing it to me, Sarah. By subscribing, you will receive monthly neomails informing you that the new addition of the magazine has been published!

Thank you, for reading and choosing Blank Canvas Magazine!

The above is a sample of your introductory paragraph, just in a more welcoming- reworded manner.


When first opening the magazine, it was hard to distinguish the links from the table of contents and the actual overall text. You may want to add a hover effect to you links. You may do so by adding the below code to the appropriate link style tag:

One may become confused when scrolling through content. Although each item of the magazine is unique, creative and adds a wonderful touch to the overall site, there is no indication of what type of item they each may be. For example, Usuki Land. Is this an article? A short story? A drawing? The table of contents provided no information on what each piece of the work was, thus creating some confusion.

This could be fixed, however, by simply adding in parenthesis next to the link Usuki Land (Article) or separate it by headers:

Usuki Land

This description isn't quite the best... but hopefully it makes sense.

Work For Us:

Although there isn't much to fix here, you may want to add how many spots in each position are currently filled, so any potential passerby can see the current status of each and choose which job they'd like accordingly. For example:
Journalists: currently 14
and so on...

Sitely Section

Your sitely section is VERY organized and neat. The way you currently have it set up- the fact that you have mostly button links works! Although it is recommended that your link backs and affiliates only have buttons and the rest in written link form, your site section surprisingly doesn't need it... which is very impressive that such organization can be accomplished.

In other words... great job on your sitely section. :3

We can see why Blank Canvas Magazine is recommended in so many high quality places... which, is a major achievement that should be acknowledged- so KUDOS to your magazine! We wish the best of luck to your magazine.

Kindest Regards,
Miso's Soup

We apologize that not much was mentioned about your Archives and Adverts sections- but nothing needed to be changed or mentioned at this moment for each area. :)

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Tyrannian Guide
Reviewed On: August 26th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Miso's Soup (88/100)

First Impression: 12/15
Upon entering, first impressions weren't bad nor wonderful. First off- the title (although nice use of gradient and font), fun into the navigation. This could easily be changed, by reducing the margin in between each link. Also seen is that Exit link on the far bottom- which leads to the index. Why not, instead of having it lead to the index of Neopets, have it lead to Tyrannia..? To maintain the overall theme of your site.

Moving on, your homepage is overcrowded with too much information. All that's truly needed is the introduction paragraph and updates. Your sitely section could be made into a separate link, since it's such a long section.

Points Deducted: 3
Reason(s): 1 for overcrowded homepage, 2 for title cutting into navigation

Layout: 20/25

The above image is your layout- the red squares indicate the areas of most trouble. Which, as you can tell, the rounded edges of your layout are "rough" (as some may describe it) and not that high quality "smooth" that is found common in site layouts.

Also- although there is no red square to indicate this- you may want to add a slight drop shadow. This effect helps with making your layout, well, look nicer- to put it simply- and not have it lay flatly across the page. Such techniques are easily achievable, and take little time to apply.

Now, the image itself. It is seen in the textures that you've used, that you tried to achieve that "old" feeling. What you have created- although nice- only brings that old feel in a small portion, and not to it's full potential. The following are all textures that can be easily found at Nienke's Resources.

Hover for link to a larger image:

Some of the above (yes) are bold, however, when used wisely, you can create beautiful effects.

Points Deducted: 5
Reason(s): 3 for rough rounded edges, 2 for texture issues

Content: 30/30
Despite the layout, you do stick with your overall "Tyrannian" theme. You provide LOADS of information and everything Tyrannia, which seems as though took so much work to organize! Kudos for gathering all of that information (the most I've read about one specific area so far..!), and keep it growing!

Organization: 8/10
Everything is nicely organized, EXCEPT for that homepage. The sitely section should be put on a separate page, to reduce the crowd on that one page.

Points Deducted: 1
Reason(s): 2 for homepage organization

Grammar & Spelling: 4/5
Only one sentence in your introductory that could use a bit of fixing:

he site was found on March 9th, 2011 by me, Kelly. This was also same date I received Alex.

The site was found on March 9th, 2011 by me, Kelly- which was also the same date and time when I had received Alex.

Points Deducted: 1
Reason(s): 1 for grammar issues

Originality: 5/5
Very unique and original! True, there are many pages built specifically for grey painted neopets and faeries, although none made only for all things "Tyrannia". Effort is shown in your overall theme... keep it up!

Sitely: 9/10
Just needs to be on a separate page! The organization of this section is something I've rarely seen... it's interesting, yet effective!

Points Deducted: 1
Reason(s): 1 for organization issues

Other Notes:
The overall theme of Ancient stuck throughout the whole site! The effort and work demonstrated and dedicated to Tyrannia is impressive, for which I myself haven't seen so much information on just one area...! Best of luck with Ancient!

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Reviewed On: August 17th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Sour Soup (30/100)

Positive Thoughts:
Upon entering, effort is noticed when it comes to your graphics and the color scheme is consistent throughout the layout. However, there are several points in your site that need tremendous work...

Negative Thoughts:
For one- your layout. The background does not work at all with your layout's color scheme, and there are points where the overall layout design is poor.

Your introductory paragraph isn't much of a welcoming and the style of counter you chose takes a great deal away from the quality of your site.

The graphics that you provide- need a great amount of work, for sadly, they are a bit low on quality. Although, nothing more practice won't fix!

Overall, your site seems quite empty, and could use a whole lot more work in organization, neatness and quality.

Sections here have been separated for easier reading:


Drag to the address bar for larger view:

All the red squares have been numbered for better organization:

1. Your Background:

Hover for color codes:

The colors above have been found in your current layout. Although, the current background you have seems to disagree. The dark black color does not work at all with the colors featured in your layout, making your site's appearance poor. You may want to look here:

49 Days has wonderful backgrounds that you may recolor to fit your layout needs- as long as you keep the credit!
By using their backgrounds, you may add more appeal and a better first impression.

2 & 3. Layout Image:

There were some slight graphic problems found in your layout image:
For one, that long blue strip's ending is openly visible under the Kau's leg. It isn't at all aligned with the layout and is poorly executed- for it's not a smooth feature.

Another issue is the wording in the corner of the graphic- "Webbie". Your site name is now where to be found on the layout image itself, and the fact that it only says webbie is another poor quality.

4. Your Navigation:

You have an unwanted, blank navigation "square" located at the far bottom of your overall navigation. It leads to a blank page, and bears no purpose to the site in general. Also, the is a large space around your navigation. Minimizing this, by expanding the width of each navigation border and making it such that they are more aligned with the layout, would create a better impression alone. Along with that, the organization of the overall navigation is quite confusing, and could be organized in a better fashion. For example, you could have your Welcome page, followed by your Examples, then your Request and Pick-Up page, finally ending with your Sitely section.

Overall, your site is in great need of a brand new layout. Your current one is of low quality, which makes a tremendous impact on the overall quality on your site. Below are sites that may be of interest:

Introductory Paragraph

When reading your introductory paragraph, there wasn't much of a welcome. It seemed rough- and didn't have much of a smooth flow when transitioning to different sentences. Not to mention the grammatical errors.

Below is your current introductory:

welcome to dreamland graphics. this is a site run by jayson. have you ever thought of requesting a banner and/or icon but couldn't find the right person?. well, i am glad you couldn't because i am right here making graphics for anybody.

Making the necessary revisions and editing some sentences- all while adding a more welcoming touch- you may want to type something along the lines as the paragraph below:

Hello and welcome to Dreamland Graphics, a site run by Jayson. I strive to create the perfect graphics, made especially for you and only you. When requesting from Dreamland Graphics, you can expect only the best, with services you cannot find anywhere else!

This shouldn't be revised word for word on your actual site, but hopefully, you'll see the large differences in between the two paragraphs.


Most of your problems can also be found in this section. The graphics your provide, in general, are disappointing, and are CURRENTLY of low quality. However, there is no need to give up on making them entirely. All that's needed to improve this issue, is more practice! Practice is an essential component when it comes to any graphic maker- the more practice the better your graphics will be, thus improving quality and adding more recommendations. Below are sites that may be of interest:


You don't have much of a sitely section- and because of that, your credits could be put on the same page.
When it comes to affiliates, you only have one! There are several willing graphic sites ready to accept your affiliate request!

Now, your link back button isn't what it considered of high quality either- AND you only have one. These may be sites of interest:

Are you listed anywhere? If you are, then you need to add a link back to wherever you're listed. If not, then apply to be listed in some places! That may add more to your total customer count..

You have a lot of work on your hands. Practice working on your graphics, and visit some of the sites suggested, so that you may improve your site- making it much better than the current state that it is in.

Good Luck To Dreamland Graphics!

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Guild Directory
Reviewed On: August 15th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Miso's Soup (81/100)

First Impression: 12/15
Upon entering your site, there were mixed feelings. The background for example, seemed a bit too dark with the overall colors you've chosen and the banner could use a bit more work- which will all be explained in next section.

Your Welcome page seemed overly filled with content, some of which could be possibly put on a different page, such as The Rules- for they could be put under the Add Your Guild section of your site.

Layout: 17/25
Ok. Let's first start with your...


Below, are some colors taken from your site:
Hover for color codes:

And the below here, are some colors from the current background you have:

Hover for color codes:

You can see the humongous difference in color schemes here. There is more appeal in colors up above than in the ones underneath. You may want to look here:

49 Days has wonderful backgrounds that you may recolor to fit your layout needs- as long as you keep the credit!
Please keep your color scheme in mind when deciding a background and find the best that suits your site personally! Either way, whatever you choose, it'll look better than the current one you have!
Lastly, your...


The text, Connect; A Guild Directory, is too strong for the banner. Minimizing the white border OR the amount of feather should help in making the text more relaxed.

There is no border, which although sometimes isn't needed, in this case it is. Including a border around a banner can create more quality (and just makes it look nicer!) The textures, as well, could be better or placed differently to make a nicer affect.

Sadly, the banner overall fails to impress and isn't considered of high quality. It is highly recommended that you create a different one OR look to one of these sites:

Content: 28/30
The amount of guilds you have listed is quite impressive! 66 to be exact- though a few more won't hurt! Based upon your updates, you are an active, growing site that seems to be listing at least one guild everyday! But the more guilds the better recommendations! Advertise all over the Guild Board. I'm sure you'll get several willing guildees looking for their guilds to be listed!

At the bottom of most of your pages, the next page after seems to overlay. You may want to a paragraph tag under each div OR see if there is a problem with your text class and page class.

Organization: 10/10
Directories- which applies to any- should be organized as much as possible to maintain structure and quality. In your site, as a guild directory, it hit organization spot on. Every page was nicely organized, clean and neat. There was no surfing required!

Grammar & Spelling: 3/5
Let's begin with your introductory paragraph.

Hello there! Welcome to Connect! I've always had trouble finding guilds, the ones people advertised to me seemed great at the moment but I found them to be less than I was looking for. I eventually found some friends on the site, whom I would make a guild with. Because of those troubles I find it my duty to help you on that search by creating this Guild Directory! I hope, with the help of this site, you find the perfect guild for you! If you have any questions feel free to neomail me, Claire!

The way the paragraph is structured, there are parts that flow, and then there are others that don't- particularly speaking about the part highlighted in bold. It's understandable, what you are trying to say, yet the way this section was written (typed as should say) doesn't seem to "flow" as much as it was intended to. The following revisions have been made:

Hello there! Welcome to Connect! In the past, I've always had trouble finding guilds. Although the ones people advertised to me seemed interesting, I eventually found them to be less than what I expected. Tired of being disappointed, I alongside some friends of mine on the site, eventually made a guild of my own. Because of these past troubles, I have devoted my time in making this guild directory, in order to help those avert the same problems I've faced when searching for the right guild! I hope, with the help of Connect, you'll be able to find the perfect guild, fit for you! And if you have any questions, feel free to neomail me, Claire!

A few rearranging and word changing, but hopefully you'll be able to see what we meant!

The last revisions are to be made in this paragraph below:

To the Moon and Back I remeber seeing To the Moon and back very early in its life so I can tell you that is is really growing. The layouts have gotten better, more members have joined, everything is working out for them now. I can tell you that To the Moon and Back is very active because of all this postive change day after day. So take a look at today's Guild of the Day, To the Moon and Back! Guild Link

Below, some corrections have been made- not only to the sentence structure, but to it's organization as well:

To the Moon and Back: I remember seeing To the Moon and Back very early in its life. Due to this fact, I can tell you that it is a really growing guild! Their layout quality has showed improvement, more members have joined and because of their improvement, To the Moon and Back has become very active day after day! So take a look at today's Guild of the Day, To the Moon and Back!

Along with sentence structure, the link has been put into the main title- above the paragraph.
As a suggestion, you may want to include more information about the guild- such as number of members, layout preview (or guild preview), and theme- just to give more an understanding of WHY it deserves to be guild of the day.

Originality: 4/5
Only one point has been deducted, due to the fact that it's another guild directory. Although this specific type of guild directory isn't as popular as say a link directory, it's still a growing category of site. To add more "umph", try adding an EXTRAS section that includes your Guild Finder, maybe some tips on what makes a good guild, etc. Just something that makes your directory shine differently than the rest!

Sitely: 7/10
First off; you don't have many link back buttons (2 actually). These may be site of interest:

Going through your affiliates, the following site has closed:

Paper Lantern

Your sitely section, overall, is way too overcrowded with buttons! This is the specific reason of why points were deducted. For a sitely section, it is recommended that link backs and affiliates are buttons- the rest are in written link form. This is intended to maintain organization, cleanliness and overall quality of the section.

Other Notes:
With some minor adjustments, Connect is guaranteed to become recommended everywhere! You're site does show potential, and is spot on when it comes to usefulness. Keep up the good work in running your site, and please take these suggestions into consideration.

Good Luck to Connect!

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Guild Directory
Reviewed On: August 5th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Sour Soup (35/100)

Positive Thoughts:
Your amount of content that you have, is a nice amount... but sadly, there are many things included in your site that need work.

Negative Thoughts:
I have merged together the negative thoughts and suggestions, so as not to repeat anything...

Layout & First Impression

First, upon entering, you have no specific home page. You immediately jump into rules, and there is no welcome message, or update box... the updates have been chosen to be on a separate page.

Aside from the home page, the layout color scheme is completely bland. Yes, Zebra Stripes, but you can add more color to the layout! The colors underneath could work well with the black/white theme:

Hover for color codes:

The above colors are recommended colors that can correspond with zebra stripes. They are a bit bold, so if you were to use them, use them wisely.

Your overall layout could use some work too. It looks a bit too amateur, and really could be made into something better. Either request a custom from the following places:

Or enhance the one you have now with a banner, or brighter more inviting colors.


The following rules need revising:

3.) have custom layout (well that one is not needed but it looks nicer)

This rule isn't needed at all. What's the point of a guild having a custom layout? Yes, it may look nicer, but you're only listing the guild, not reviewing it. So honestly it shouldn't matter whether or not they have a custom layout.

4.) please link back somewhere on the webbie / guild otherwise your guild is being taken off

The bolded text here is unneeded. There is also a hint of unwanted rudeness, which isn't necessary. A simple, Please link back to us would suffice.

Also if any guilds need to update member numbers and stuff, please neomail me in the morning or at night because it makes updating a whole lot easier!

What do you mean by morning or night? the customer will neomail you when they can. And what exactly is morning and night for you specifically? There are several different time zones here on Neopets. For you, it could be the afternoon, but for a client, it could be morning (or vice-versa).

Welcome Message

Currently 15 guilds listed!
After many days of wandering through pages on the GC , you have made it to an oasis where you can look through pages full of Roleplay , Neo-related,and much more without beng bothered by ads of guilds you don't want to see!

This isn't much of what you might call a welcoming message. First off, what's a "GC"? Not everyone would know the term. Second, you currently have no "Welcome to.." or "Zebra Stripes is...". You're site name isn't mentioned at all in the paragraph. It seems as though you started to make a welcoming message, but it never was finished.

Also, that Currently 15 guilds listed... shouldn't be at the top of your page, but in your updates or status box.
Overall, your updates should be where your rules are, and your rules should be where your updates are.


15 guilds so far isn't bad, but it's not splendid either. Advertise your site on the Guild Neoboard. I'm sure you're listings will rise higher and higher that way.
The way you set up your navigation- several guilds can be categorized under OTHER. In the future, the organization may become confusing to future passerby.

Sitely & Credits

Your sitely section has too many buttons! It is highly recommended, that only link backs and affiliates should be buttons- the rest in written link form.
As for your link backs, they lengthen the page- which isn't necessary. If you could bring the textarea to sit beside the button like so:

That may help reduce the amount of space taken by them.

Speaking of which, your link backs aren't very stunning either, for they too look amateurish. To maybe (slightly) help this issue, below is a created button specifically for you to use:

It's not a wonderful button, but it certainly looks better than the other that you have. The following be sites of interest:

Last Words

You do have quite a bit of work to do. But don't fret! Everything mentioned can be fixed easily, with a little determination. Good luck !

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Button Request
Reviewed On: August 3rd, 2011
Soup Ordered: Miso Soup (80/100)

First Impression: 13/15
Upon entering, first impressions were actually pleasant! Your layout radiated a peaceful feel, and gave the overall site a wonderful first impression. Your introductory paragraph was short, simple and to the point, but could have used some work- which will be mentioned in a later section.

Layout: 23/25
As stated above, your layout radiates a nice, peaceful feeling- which adds a great deal of quality to your site. It does not turn away any clientele or passerby at first glance- which is usually a large look for in a layout. The color scheme chosen, as well, works wonders with the style and main image. And, overall, it fits all your content nicely.

Content: 20/30
The button that you provide require some form of work. (Although a wonderful start) there are parts of some of your buttons that could use some work, be it the animation or the overall button itself.

This may be the absolute best button out of all in your portfolio. You used the combination of different texts well, the picture nicely positioned and the animation, although little, was just enough for this specific type of button.

The detailed border, textures, colors and the image itself look wonderful. However, the problem here is the animation. The sparkles are moving a rapid pace, when they should be smoothly transitioning from one area to another.
The sparkles aren't horrible, but they don't make this specific button shine to its fullest.

You have some work to do, but nothing a little more practice and experience can't help with! Your extras section does need work as well, but you've already announced it's under construction...

Organization: 10/10
Your site is quite organized! Neat, tidy and no surfing required!

Grammar & Spelling: 4/5
As I mentioned above, your welcome message could use some fixing. Try something like this:

Welcome to Let Go, a button request site by Lottie. Let Go was opened on July 16 and strives to create simple yet gorgeous buttons for everyone and everything! The buttons we make are made to suit you and your every need. Enjoy!


Welcome to Let Go, a button request site by Lottie, which opened its doors on July 16. We strive to create simple yet gorgeous buttons for everyone and everything and are made to suit you and your every need. Request and enjoy!

Doesn't have to be word for word, but you understand the idea.

Originality: 3/5
There are numerous button request sites out there. When searching for originality, try creating something that your site, and only your site, provides. Be it a different border design or a newly created animation, try to make Let Go stand above the rest.

Sitely: 7/10
Your link back buttons are lacking. They seem a tad bit plain, aside from the newly made creation you've supplied for the current layout. But aside from that predicament, your sitely section is quite tidy, alongside the rest of your site.

Other Notes:
Neat, simple, clean... the three greatest qualities that shine through your site. These are the makings of a site with potential, and hopefully, with some work, you'll make them grow. The best of luck to Let Go!

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Reviewed On: August 2nd, 2011
Soup Ordered: Chicken Soup (100/100)

Positive Thoughts:
Your layout works beautifully! The color scheme works wonders, and fits all your content perfectly! Upon entering, there were no unwanted errors or bold, bright colors that take away from the site's quality! The homepage was nicely laid out, and provided enough information on how the site works and runs. There were no problems with the site navigation- no unwanted surfing required. Your neatness and organization skills are superb- for everything is neatly organized and easy to find.
As far as originality goes, you've practically nailed it. There aren't many sites that specifically are used for advertising, so kudos for you!

Negative Thoughts:
This is a very rare predicament- so take note that this doesn't happen very often.... but there were absolutely no negative thoughts. (I must be getting soft.)

Only two suggestions:

You may want to add some BACK links to the bottoms of the Older and Oldest pages of your The Pages section.

Keep growing! Your affiliates section is lacking- although it's only the beginning. Advertise yourself elsewhere, find affiliates, list yourself in several places... there are several things that can be done in order to get yourself out there.

Since I gave you no negative comments, I expect great things from your site. (Don't make me write something in that section! :3 )

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended (Highly) || Not Recommended

Link Directory
Reviewed On: July 30th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Miso's Soup (92/100)

First Impression: 13/15
First impressions, when entering, were actually quite pleasing! You could tell immediately upon site entry, what ever you provided, it would be presented in a neat and organized manner. However, when looking at the top of the layout, under Featured Sites of the Week, your message box is cut off. A shorter message should fix this problem, but if that isn't a possibility, then you could add overflow instead of hiding it.

The counter, underneath Statistics, seems a bit large, as well as distracting. A simple "numbers-only" counter- meaning no image (dragon in this case)- should do the trick.

Layout: 24/25
The current layout you have is lovely. Nicely put together and is of high-quality. Although, the top of your layout- that contains your banner, link back and featured sites- seem a bit crowded. If the link back section could be moved to a different area, and your featured sites section became aligned more with your layout, that would look a tad bit better.

Content: 28/30
As a link directory, you provide numerous amounts of links that connect to sites all around Neopia. The current link total you have, although impressive at 300, should be a bit more. You are a link directory after all, thousands of links should be spread over each section! No problem though, what you have is great! Keep growing... and a little secret- you may not always need permission to list a site. Once you list them though, a nice, small neomail to the owner, explaining that you listed their site, would work.

Organization: 9/10
Link directories NEED organization, right? It's an essential trait, especially when running one of high quality. However, your site impresses in organization, and nothing needed to be hunted in order to be found! Your link, Classifieds, actually, seemed to not be working... the cause unknown- but it is something that needs to be looked into.

Grammar & Spelling: 5/5
No problems found here!

Originality: 4/5
Although there are quite a few link directories out there, Zioned seems very original- from its layout to organization.

Sitely: 9/10
Although small, it's neat and tidy like the rest of your site. Push for more affiliates- they can only help you. And your Credits section... it's not aligned like all the other sections.

Other Notes:
Zioned is a quickly growing, high-quality site, that was impressive even at first glance! We see great potential in your site as a link directory! Good luck to you! :3

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Reviewed On: July 22th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Minestrone (78/100)

First Impression: 10/15
When first entering, impressions were overestimated. According to the definition of luminosity, something that is bright, shining or illuminated. Sadly, upon entering, nothing was very luminous. No no color, just gray and white. Aside from that neopets banner, everything seemed dull and boring.

Your front page also, needed only a slight bit of work. For instance, the header at the top of your front page still says Header.

Layout: 18/25
Although the layout fits your content perfectly, it proves your theme of luminosity, wrong. It's gray, dull and boring- which are not the factors that make up any luminous object. For the color scheme, the colors below are only minor examples of luminous colors to choose from:

Hover for color codes

Also, that yellow Neopets banner at the top of your site isn't very pleasant to see, and takes away from the quality of your site as a whole. The code below should help with this problem:

Put this in your style tags:

Content: 25/30
Your reviews seem very thorough, by which you give your honest opinions on how certain sites are compared to others. You give excellent advise, and suggestions when needed. The total amount of reviews that you currently have are impressive!

On your Extras page, however, you could use some work. Here are some common pages that can be seen on most review sites, categorized under Extras:

Your choice on which sites deserve any recommendation, or some of YOUR personal favorite sites.

Your positive and negative traits as a reviewer.

Types on Running a Great Site:
Any unique tips that you could share that can make a site better and more of high quality.

The list can go on and on, but you get the idea...

Something else that was spotted was, that on pages Request and Criteria you have unwanted width scrolls. Something on each page is exceeding the width of your overall text width....

Organization: 10/10
Aside from the problems stated above, the overall organization is excellent. No problems in finding what needed to be found; no ultimate surfing required!

Grammar & Spelling: 4/5
Although most of your grammar and spelling are good, the introductory paragraph could use some work:

Hello. Welcome to Luminosity, a review site by myself, Hannah. After taking a long break im ready to jump right back into reviewing. I know I'll help you out with your site to the best of my ability with constructive criticism and compliments.


Hello and welcome to Luminosity, a review site run by myself, Hannah. After taking a long break, I'm ready to jump right back in and continue to review. With constructive criticism and helpful compliments and suggestions, I'll help you with your site to the best of my ability, making it the best it can be!

Originality: 3/5
Your originality needs some work as well. Supply something that most review sites don't have! For example, The Teahouse bases their reviews off of certain types of tea (like we base our reviews off of certain types of soup), which adds uniqueness and originality to the highest! Even if it's your own tips or suggestions, add something that makes your site shine!

Sitely: 8/10
Although your sitely section is organized, it's overcrowded with buttons! It is recommended that only link backs and affiliates are buttons; the rest in written link form.

Other Notes:
Your review site, Hannah, has soo much potential! I mean, 47 reviews?! That's impressive! All that's needed is just a few changes, and that number should sky rocket- exceeded your goal for 2011!!

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Reviewed On: July 22th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Minestrone (70/100)

Positive Thoughts:
The amount of content you have so far is impressive, and quite helpful! There is tons of information on just the neoboards themselves that you provide.
Also, your site itself is very organized! Everything was found easily, no constant surfing required. Also, your new layout looks nice (and better than your old layout).

Negative Thoughts:
The content you provide, although helpful, only includes information on the neoboards themselves. Also, the layout image is a tad bit pixelated, and for the shape of the layout- would better off be centered.

On the Old Boards page, you also spelled Ancients wrong.

As for your content, specifically on the Neoboards page, you could try adding something along the lines of Neoboard Lingo, which includes all the terms and abbreviations that can sometimes confuse a new Neopian.

The last sentence in your introductory paragraph can use a few revisions, as well. Try something like this:

This guide will help you and tell you all about the NeoBoards.


This guide is specially designed to help and tell you all about them.

With a few changes, your guide should be a more helpful, better guide for any new Neopian!

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Master Seibun

Tofu Rice


Hi Jaelyo! Can we ask you a few questions?
Sure! Ask away! I don't think I was assigned anything...

Okey dokey. First, how did you come about Miso's Soup?
Well, let's see. It had to have been August of 2010 when I first joined. I was in need of a new adventure... somethin' to keep me on my toes. You see, I had to live a sheltered life, and never saw much of the outside Neopian world. So when this 'Ingredient Hunter' job came up, I thought I might get away and try it.

Well, how do you like the job so far?
Why, thanks to you, I'm able to see places I've only dreamt of seeing! Now, I can use that cool board I got a couple months ago... it helps me deliver spices and such in no time!

Well, glad to have changed your life!.. By the way... Where did you get that board?
Oh, well, I got it from a Qasalian shop owner. He seemed awful glad to get rid of it...

He probably couldn't handle its speed like you can..
Haha! Probably.

Let's see...Random question... What's your favorite food?
My favorite food? Hmm... probably the Cucumber Kimchee.

And your favorite drink...?
Definitely that River Wave Breeze slushie thing that that exotic foods Nimmo gives out down the way.

Last but not least... favorite Petpet.
*GASP* A JUMA! I absolutely love them!

Ok. Well thank-
They're so cute and cuddly and did you know that they're OOBER fast?! I mean wicked fast... they, like, travel-

Better leave her to frolic in her thoughts alone...

Miss Lorna


Chef Minchi

Hello Chef Minchi! Mind if we ask some questions?
Sure. Ask away.. Just make it quick. I've got some soup boiling and I don't want it to burn.

No worries. This will only take a moment...
Yeah. Okay...

Alright. Chef Minchi. Tell us your story... how'd you discover Miso's Soup?
Well, I came about around the first time the shop opened... which was- I think- April 11 of the year 2010. I was just (once again) turned down by the Shenkuu Warrior Association, and they wouldn't let me become a warrior...

Why wouldn't they let you become a Warrior?
Eh.. I don't really know. Maybe my awesome swords intimidated them or something, to be honest. But whatever...

Yeah, well anyway... since I couldn't figure out what I would do with my swords, I was beginning to think of throwing them away. But that's when you, Miso, came in.

Ah! Right! I remember...
I never properly thanked you for stopping me- so, thanks.

Haha! No problem.
Once you stopped me, I remember you asked me what I was doing, and why... then you took me to your shop and said you need a mincer, and that I looked perfect for the job. I took the job, honestly not knowing what a mincer actually was... and then you told me that I could use whatever cool warrior-sword-method I could to 'mince' the ingredients.

And that was it. The beginning of my part here..

And that's how you got your name... Chef Minchi.
Suppose so.

Do you ever plan on trying to become a Warrior again?
Aha. Don't make me laugh.

...Ok. Nevermind. How about your favorite food?
My favorite food? You came over here just to ask me what my favorite food is..?! *Sigh* If you must know... I like Purplum Buns.

How about a favorite drink?
........ Stramberry Juice.

Favorite Petpet..?
I don't know! A Razumi?

How about...
You know, my soup is gonna burn soon... I gotta go.


Better leave him be...

Reviewed On: July 17th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Miso Soup (95/100)

Dear Julia,
To make our letter more organized and easier to understand, we broke it up in parts:

First Impressions & Layout:

The imagery of your layout worked well with the theme that you chose for your site. It complimented your island theme well and made a very good first impression. However, the yellow banner at the very top, took away some of the quality of the layout itself and immediately became noticeable because of that yellow color.

Put this in your style tags:

The code above will help rid of that unwanted yellow banner at the top of your layout.


Your introduction was short, well written and cut straight to the point- that you provided fonts. The fact that you added the definition at the very beginning added a nice touch of uniqueness and originality (especially your definition number three). However, your definition is a bit close to your header- nothing a nice break tag can't fix.

The last sentence in your introductory...
I currently offer 42 fonts to choose from.
could be centered; so that it stands out more.


First, between the header and your rules, you may want to add another break tag, so they aren't so close together, same with the The Fonts header and the content underneath that.

Picture Fonts:
The picture fonts that you provide are quite impressive and show outstanding effort! Since most of them require a NB Pen, could it possible that you can create some that don't? Just for those who currently do not own an NB Pen...

You do have, though, two back links on this page, when really only one is required at the very bottom of the page.

Text Fonts:
As the same for your picture fonts, your text fonts as well show outstanding effort, being quite impressive and show that you have amazing talent when making any font in general! Also, the way you've organized this page is perfect, and easy to follow!

The same statement as above applies to the back links on this page.

Customizable Fonts:
The customizable font that you have now is wonderful and creative, however, a few more is highly recommended! You have one, and although that's fine (and it looks great!), more would be appreciated!

BC Spam Fonts:
These fonts are highly original, and are rarely seen in any other font site! The idea and organization of the font works perfectly well, and seems as though it would succeed in getting any vote! However, a bit more is recommended here too- for instance, one font for every style of Neopet?

The same statement applies to the back links here, but if you wish to keep them both, you should put a break tag between it and the header (at the very least).


First, a break tag between your header and text...

Font Requests:
All that needs to be suggested here is another break tag between your rules header and the text itself, as goes for the waiting list (also, the waiting list should be centered). A back link, as well, should be added.

Font Reviews:
A break tag in between headers and text, and a centered waiting list is all that needs to be done here! Your idea for a font review, however, is very unique and also a big responsibility! It's impressive that you chose to do such... and your reviews are very precise and helpful.


Let's break this up into sections as well...

It's not often you see a font site with rankings, and it certainly is interesting! But the site's you chose to rank are of high quality and display efforts that other sites sometimes don't show- so to conclude, you ranked well! (You even ranked us! Aww.. we are quite honored!!)

My Awards & Achievements:
All that needs here is a good center tag! (You've got quite the achievements! Keep up the good work!)

Sitely Section:

Your sitely section is VERY organized and neat. Such to the point, that there is really nothing to critique! It's very amazing how you chose to organize this section... making it easy for any customer (or reviewer) to navigate through! Well. It's very impressive...

Your site shows effort and uniqueness to the highest level! From your fonts to your reviews, you bestow great works to those who ask for it! Keep up the wonderful work and we look forward to serving you our soup in the future!

Kindest Regards,
Miso's Soup

Revisit (Definitely) || No Revisit
Recommended (Always!) || Not Recommended

Reviewed On: July 14th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Minestrone (79/100)

First Impression: 11/15
When first entering, opinions were disappointing. All attention went immediately to the layout, which will be stated later in the layout section. Basically, the layout would be the cause for apprehension, causing valuable customers to turn away.

Layout: 15/25
Many things were evident when examining the layout. First, the rounded corners are very jagged. ALL of them are. They should be smooth, and nicely circle around any corner. Sadly, the rounded corners do not fulfill this notion, rather go against it.
The next issue can be found to the far left of the image itself. The border has been cut off, and is completely flat on that side. It's unknown if this was an intentional effect or not, but it is clearly noticeable.
Another problem found was that the blossoms in the far left corner can easily be distinguished and can easily be found that that is not a part of the overall picture, whatsoever. This does not quite work with the layout design that you have created, and although not a humongous issue, is definitely noticeable and a reason why I deducted points in this section.

It is highly recommended that you request for a new layout. Here are a few sites of interest:

If you wish, I would be happy to create a layout for you to the best of my ability! Just drop me a neomail and I'll see what I can do!!

Content: 27/30
It is easily seen in this aspect, why you are recommended! The glitters and shields that you provide are phenomenal! Efforts and skill are quickly shown when it comes to your graphics. A few more premades would be nice, but you've already acknowledged that you'd be making more.

Organization: 9/10
Your site organization is superb! No faults here that were seen. Everything was easily to navigate through, no surfing required.

Grammar & Spelling: 5/5
No problems here that need acknowledging!

Originality: 5/5
Your site is quite original! There are very few glitter, shield and divider sites out there in our little Neopian world. Overall, a unique and notable site!

Sitely: 7/10
There seems to be a large bombardment of buttons on this page. It is suggested that you have you affiliates and link backs remain buttons, while listers and achievements are in the written link form.

Other Notes:
The amount of graphics that you provide is impressive, and shows how much effort you include in each one you make. However, a new layout is HIGHLY recommended and encouraged, for- unfortunately- the current layout you have is taking away from the quality of your site.
Continue working on your graphics though! They're wonderful and deserve to be recognized.

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Reviewed On: July 14th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Minestrone (75/100)

Positive Thoughts:
Upon entering, your layout is very.. cute! Based on the style and decoration that you chose, one can immediately tell that Halcyon is a pixel site. The color scheme that you've chosen works well, meaning it isn't too hard on the eyes.

The pixels and resources that you provide- so far- are adorable and show that you've put some effort into them. And the fact that you're site is so organized is a gigantic plus!

Also, you've added a little game- The Hidden Pixel- which is unique and a factor that you don't find in most pixel sites.

Negative Thoughts:
Let's start with a first impression:

Although your layout looks wonderful, you're background does not. It's a tad bit bland, and boring for the type of site that it is. Here is a place that may be of interest:

Also, you still have the yellow banner above. Not only does it not look very good with your layout, it also makes your site look of low quality! You wouldn't want that... use the code below in order to get rid of the banner:
Put this in your style tags:

On your homepage, the text above the updates box is overlapping. A simple break tag should hopefully do the trick.

When it comes to content, although what you have now is great, you should work on more! More pixels and resources should help a lot. But other than what is stated above, you have the makings of a good site! Just keep working on your site!

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

I'm still looking for that hidden pixel!

Reviewed On: July 14th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Miso's Soup (91/100)

First Impression: 13/15
Upon entering, opinions were mixed. First and foremost, the most prominent feature was your banner. Something other than the name of the site jumped immediately out which was Layout * Coding by Alice | Textures by Swimchick. It's easily noticeable, and is actually quite distracting. This should be blended in more to your banner, making it's not as noticeable or mention it in your credits section instead.

Although your background seems a bit bland, the fact that you added a purple color scheme adds a nice touch to your site, along with more color. About your site ads, however, it would look a tad better if that section were centered.

Layout: 23/25
Your layout works well, and looks as though it fits all your content nicely. However, at the very top, behind your banner, that strip of white... the drop shadow behind it isn't balanced well- there is more on the left then there is on the right and there is the essence of a black stripe behind it on the left side as well, that isn't present on the right side. I'm not sure what this was from, or what it is for, but it IS noticeable.

When going through the navigation, your Home doesn't seem to take the viewer back to Home. The probable cause is unknown, but it can be fixed.

Content: 28/30
Overall, your content is clever, cute and fun. What you provide is something that would interest anyone! However, your index could use some work.

Instead of having ALL of your content on the same page, why not use this little trick?

To make a page link within your site, you can use something like this:

[div class='whatever'] is where you would put your text class.

[a name='whateveryouwant'] this is the name of your link page.

For example, by using the code above, I can do this:
The explanation above.. is well.. not the best.. but hopefully you'll be able to understand what it means. Also, make most if not all of your content centered. This way, it looks nicer and not all piled on one side.

Organization: 9/10
Your site is quite easy to navigate through. All that needs changing is your HOME link, which was mentioned above.

Grammar & Spelling: 5/5
No mistakes were found!

Originality: 5/5
When it comes to originality, Neostar's Magazine rises to the top! From beginning to end, your site is unique and fun!

Sitely: 8/10
Your sitely section is overcrowded with buttons! There are too many colors and animations all on one page. You may just want to include written links for your listers and achievements and have only your affiliates and link backs be buttons. This section, as well, should be centered.

Other Notes:
As a whole, your site is quite impressive. It's nicely put together and shows effort. Only a few items need changing, but the rest is perfect to continue on!
I would definitely recommend Neostar's Magazine to anyone in need of a magazine to read!

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

Reviewed On: July 6th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Goulash (50/100)

Positive Thoughts:
Your seasonal and flag fonts are quite cute! The flag fonts are VERY unique and simple, which are a notable point in your site. Your seasonal fonts, also, are original (and cute as well).
You're site is nicely organized and neat, and shows the workings of a soon to be, high quality site.

Negative Thoughts:
Your layout, for one, looks bland and not of high quality. It's also quite dark and seems depressing for the theme of your site.

Your homepage... why does it have a personal blog? If you really want to add a "snit-bit" of your personal online neopets life, you can sneak a sentence or two into your site updates. However, visitors aren't really interested in personal life stories and more interested in what your providing.

Although you have a decent amount of fonts, you really do need more. And your requests? You only have one. Get yourself out there! Make more fonts, advertise... and the more you practice, the better your fonts will be (because they do need work).

I'll split this category into sections:

Layout: It is highly recommended that you get a NEW one. The one that you have now looks dull, boring and not of high quality. It takes away from first impressions and makes your overall site poor quality. Here are some sites of interest:

Homepage: Where your personal blog is? Make a key. Put all the necessary symbols, neomail links and best viewed in signs in a key. Your homepage would be more neat, as well as organized.
Rules: Rule number four:
You do not need to credit but if anyone asks if would be nice if you said they were from Bluebird
You absolutely, positively NEED credit. You made the font didn't you? Credit is appropriate to keep YOUR work safe from sticky paws. No credit equals easy steal... and nine times out of ten, customers usually forget who made the font when asked.
Content: You need more fonts! And it would help to get a lot more practice. What you have is colored text, sometimes with a fancy symbol, other times different font styles.. but it looks a bit amateur-ish. You're off to a good start, but they still need a bit more work! These could be important sites of interest:

With a little more work, your site could be recommended everywhere! Keep these suggestions in mind, and hopefully you'll use them in the future.
Good luck with Bluebird!

Reviewed On: July 5th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Minestrone (79/100)

First Impression: 12.5/15
Upon entering Lasting Impressions, first impressions were... alright. The layout wasn't horrible, but it wasn't astonishing either. When Maraqua comes to mind, you would see light blues, seafoam greens and coral pinks. Sadly, there was more gray than anything, which took away from the whole 'undersea' theme of the site. The banner, although colored beautifully, seemed a bit off, making the layout look awkward. If your content box was more aligned with the banner, the layout would look a tad bit better than it does now.

Also, although the update box looks quite cute and fits your updates perfectly, why not try switching your updates section with the Sites You Should Visit section. The sites-you-should-visit portion of your homepage takes up more room than it needs and should be stored in a smaller area.

Layout: 20/25
As mentioned up above, the color scheme of your site's layout doesn't quite work with the overall theme of your site. There are more colors under the sea than just gray, but your layout seems to disagree. Overall, you may eventually need to search for something new. What you have now seems a bit boring, defeating any lasting impressions on your site.

Content: 24/30
Let's start with your rules:

Rule 03. If you don't like your score then neomail me and I will do a re-do.

You should probably change this rule around. The purpose of a review site is for the reviewer to give his or her opinions on a site and score based on their opinions and/or suggestions. If the review-ee doesn't like their score, then too bad. (Harsh, yes, but true). However, if they have any questions regarding their review, such as What do you mean by... or statements such as: I did actually credit them. Their links were underneath. Did you not see? are fine and can be answered or fixed. But YOU score the site. If the review-ee doesn't like what you've written and feels the need to complain about it, use the three 'R's:

."You asked for my services, and I gave them to you. You may request another review AFTER you've fixed what needs to be fixed."

Use the same statement above, just reword it to make it sound a bit more forceful.

If they continue to complain, report them and, afterwards, forget the whole thing ever happened.

Continuing on to your review styles. Why are they based off of desserts? You're site is based on Maraqua, so use undersea terms. For example:
Smallest Review Style: The Fish Bubble
Medium Review Style: The Mermaid Purse
Largest Review Style: The Coral Reef
And so on..
Be sure to stick with your theme! It can be hard, but it will pay off in the end. And who knows... it could be fun!

Organization: 9.5/10
When it comes to organization, your site surely comes on top. All you need to do is fix up your front page a bit (as stated above).

Grammar & Spelling: 4/5
To start off, your Welcome message. There are a few things that need changing there. Try rewording to something like this:

As you glance at it's shimmery glow, you notice that you have found the treasure you have dreamed about in your dreams, After a while you begin to scream in excitement. Your eyes just glimmer at what you have found.
You glance at it's shimmery glow, realizing that you've finally found the fortune of your dreams. As you continue to gaze, you begin to scream in excitement, your eyes glimmering at the sight of your newly discovered treasure.
Also, you may want to reword this as well:
I would love to review your site because it gives me a chance to learn about you and your site so request! (:
I'd love to review your site! So, go on ahead and request!

Originality: 3/5
Your Extras page was quite unique. On your Ideas & Suggestions page, why not include some ideas and/or suggestions of your own? That will add more originality to the section, as well as your whole site, due to the fact that you've added your own personal thoughts on how to make something better or more understandable.

Sitely: 6/10
The Sitely section is overcrowded with buttons! This is strongly disapproved, due to the many colors and animations that are included in the button. This also takes away from the neatness of your sitely section, which is part of the reason why this part of the review was downgraded.

Other Notes:
Lasting Impressions has so much potential of becoming a Top 5 site. However, there are some aspects included that hold the site back and keep it from rising to the top. Make your necessary arrangements and changes, for those will really help your site grow!

Guild Directory
Reviewed On: July 4th, 2011
Soup Ordered: Miso's Soup (86/100)

First Impression: 12/15
When first entering Nite Time Guild Directory, first impressions can be clearly underestimated. When someone thinks of "night time", they may come to find themselves thinking of- yes, gray- but of deep purples, dark greens, navy blues and hints of light yellows due to stars or fireflies. Sadly, this theory was mistaken, since everything seemed so bland. There are rarely any colors, just different shades of gray, covering the front page. The culprit? Probably your background. The stars are perfect for the theme of your site, but that gray doesn't quite work. As mentioned up above, adding (if even in the slightest sense) a dash of color would add more of a 'spark' and make your site's first impressions a tad bit better.

Another issue is your main page. You have your welcoming introduction, but then you have the Get Listed section as well. When a visitor logs on to a site, they really only need to see a welcoming introduction of what your site has to offer, and then some recent updates or stats that relate to your site. In short, a site's homepage (in this case, yours) is recommended to not be bombarded with paragraphs and paragraphs of content that could easily be placed on a separate page.

Layout: 18/25
Although the layout nicely fits all your needed content, it's very much like your background- bland. Yes, the theme is NITE' TIME, but there are more colors included in the night other than gray and black. You do have some other colors, but their appearance in your layout is very limited and are quite unnoticeable. Overall, your layout resembles an unedited premade layout template. So, with that, it's best to suggest getting a New layout soon, by either making one yourself or getting a custom. Below are a list of sites that may be of interest:

Content: 28/30
You've got quite the stash of guilds there! It's impressive on how many guilds you've listed so far. However, your site has been listing guilds since June of 2009. Someone would expect a little bit more guilds listed, due to the fact that you've been around for two years.

Your Extras page, although, is quite impressive as well. The different guides that you provide and use to help those in need of some guild running, advice give some good tips and pointers on what to do and not what to do. Just some minor things that need minor adjustments:

On the page Guild Guides under NT ARTICLES: The section should, first, be centered. Advertising, Choosing a Guild, For Guild Members and For Guild Leaders, should be bolded or have their own header. The textareas that you have, should also be placed underneath their topics. For example:


This way, the section looks more organized and is easier to follow.

On the page What's in a Name: The names that you provide just need to be centered as well, under their paragraphs.

Organization: 9/10
As a whole, your site is perfectly organized. The only thing that needs to be addressed is your front page. Your Get Listed section can be (and should be) put on a different page to maintain the organization of that page, as well as making it more 'neat and tidy'.

Grammar & Spelling: 5/5
No mistakes in grammar or spelling; however, for your introduction paragraph, you may want to reword your first sentence. For example:

Hello, I'm Luna, and I am the owner of the Nite Time Guild Directory.
Hello, I'm Luna, the owner of Nite Time Guild Directory.

Originality: 5/5
Most of your site's uniqueness can be found in the Extras section. It contains guides and helpful hints that can not be provided in other guild directory sites. The two that I found most helpful and unique, were the quiz and 'Guild Jargon'.

By taking the quiz, I found out that my ideal guild is a roleplay guild and by looking over the Guild Jargon, I finally know what HP stands for!

Sitely: 10/10
Upon entering your sitely section, nothing seemed to stand out. You have an ideal amount of link back buttons and you've credited all that needs to be credited. Your achievements are all that needs to be centered, though.

Other Notes:
As a whole, your site is unique and overall of high quality. The main problem, though, is your layout. It takes away from this high quality that your site possesses, and in short, really just isn't that great.

For this reason, your site's score is lower than what it deserves.

Although, when it comes to use and helpfulness, Nite Time Guild Directory certainly stands out. I actually do remember frequently visiting your site when in need of a good guild!

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