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    What can I help you with?

    Hostia, I'm looking for Food Club betting pages
    I found 37 pages... 28 of them were recently updated. Never forget these bettors of old ---˃
    previous to round 6650

    inspired by

    Last update:
    December 7, 2017 (Round 6789)

    Notes About Food Club

    Round results are out around 3:08 P.M NST
    When collecting, it can take time for NP amounts to update (on hand) so you didn't lose neopoints
    The Winnings Calculator Total Odds may show 1:1 but it will correct itself after making a bet
    There was a glitch allowing some users to make an 11th (or more?) bet, knowingly abusing a glitch can get you frozen
    The round isn't over yet
    We've still got a chance to place our bets
    We both made a little mess
    Nothing our two heads can't put back
    I'll never love you less
    Don't let your worries second guess
    We'll start over fresh, living a life with no regrets
    Living a life with no regrets

    If you would like to be added, mail me* and I'll list you or if you know of someone that isn't here and you follow them, mail me please

    *alternate mail link

    Food Club Bettors

    You follow these bets at your own risk!
    If the bets lose, it's *your* Neopoints down the drain. If the bets win, it's yours to spend however you see fit.

    Active betting pages (Garet) - by 12 A.M. NST (Lucy) - by 6 A.M. NST (Sidney) - by 6 A.M. NST (Phoenix) - by 12 A.M. NST unlimited bets (Jake) - by 6 A.M. NST (Justin) - by 12 A.M. NST
    comparison of the above 6 bettors

    by midnight (12 A.M) NST (Kelly) (Petra)

    by 6 A.M NST (Riley) (Azusa) (Chorkz) (Kate) (Heather) (Art)

    after 6 A.M NST (Kayla) (Rainer) (Jada) (Derf) (Max) (Mae) (Marie) (Sam) (Chad) (Anthony)

    6787 (Greg)

    6784 (Becky) (Jose)

    6782 (Liz)

    Closed Until Further Notice (Wally)

    INACTIVE pages (Jess) - 6781 (Steve) - 6775 (Vicki) - 6774 (Jess) - 6762 (Kozy) - 6750 (Merc) - 6747 (Rachel) - 6746 (Chloe) - 6741 (gmdaddy) - 6731 (Amber) - 6671

    (PREMIUM) Charter: Main - Food Club

    Help Chat Do you play Food Club? Poster Stats & Bets

    Food Club Competitions and Chat Topic Poster Bets

    These users post their bets on the Help Chat and FCC & Chat Topic (links above) and may not have a petpage. Double or triple click their username, hold Ctrl and C to copy, go to the Chat Topic, start with the latest page and go backward, hold Ctrl and F to search, hold Ctrl and V to paste

    Things To Know/F.A.Qs

  • Revenge's Complete Guide and Bon's guide to Really Lazy Food Club plus Sir Hatter's guide to gambling in the food club
  • What is Food Club? It's like horse racing but instead of horses, it's pirates and instead of racing, it's eating food.
    Food Club in a nutshell: 20 hungry pirates randomly assigned to 5 arenas daily. One pirate from each arena will win in each match. In order to collect winnings, all of the pirates in one bet have to win!
  • What is gambit? Gambit is a daily side game taking place on the Food Club Competitions and Chat Topic in which you make ONE virtual bet before results come out, choosing a pirate from each arena you believe will win. See here for more information.
  • You CAN follow someone's bets
  • If you do follow bets, make all 10 bets like they do and
    DO NOT mix and match between different bettors or miss any of their bets
  • Using their bets does not put you under any obligation to thank, reward, or even pay(*) them.
    (*) Gifting is allowed on Neopets, but paying for services is not. Please don't put your -and their- account at risk by crossing this line!
  • You can alter/modify someone's bet if you feel like it
  • You can completely make up your own bets if you want to
  • Odds go from 2:1 through to 13:1 and MAY change throughout the day, you get paid based off closing odds, not opening
  • You DO NOT have to bet YOUR maximum amount (number of days you've had your account times 2 NP plus an additional 50 NP on top of that)
  • Gates close between 1:45 pm and 2:15 pm NST EVERY DAY (can't view/do anything)
  • If you're holding/going for the trophy, it's 8 rounds (count 'em on your fingers 6779, 6780, 6781, 6782, 6783, 6784, 6785, 6786)
    Collect after the 8th round (6786) results come out (after 3 pm NST) and before trophy time
    (8 pm NST)
  • Trophy run starts on the 25th of every month that has 31 days, the 24th of every month that has 30 days and the 22nd for February only (the 23rd of February if it's a leap year, i.e 2020, 2024, 2028, etc.)
    Thirty days hath September,
    All the rest I can't remember.

    Haha! JK

    Thirty days hath September,
    April, June, and November;
    Thirty-one the others date,
    Except in February, twenty-eight;
    But in leap year we assign
    February, twenty-nine.

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