Sup how are you doing zombiesrock1991? Seems you've stumbled upon F.A.E. or Faerie's Always Exceed. What's FAE exactly? Glad you asked! We're a page dedicated entirely to team Faerieland during the Altador Cup. So you have a team? Yes? No? Well either way stick around, relax and come hang out with me. Oh! I'm Horizon by the way and I'll be you're guide throughout this page. And hey if you don't know what the Altador Cup is no biggie. Theres a ton of helpful pages towards the bottom of the page.

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The Team
Themed Items

The Basics,

Team Faerieland is one out of the original sixteen Altador Cup teams and has been around since the first AC. Through out the cups we haven't moved much place wise. However if you consider new additions and changes in teams, we placed our highest during AC V getting fifteenth out of eighteen teams. In the past Faerieland has been known for exceeling at Slushie Slinger, particularly in the second Altador Cup. As of now Yooyuball has the second most wins for the team's history with Slushie Slinger being first. Some believe that Team Faerieland is actually a pretty big team, member wise, but the sheer number of freeloaders brings us down. Though most of the Faerieland'ers I know personally, on the boards, play their hearts out.

We have our fair share of drama, bashers and sterotypes, like any other team. Most FL'ers and even members from other teams will be the first to tell you none of those typical labels are true. Any drama on the boards is usually dealt with quickly and n00bs/trolls are ignored. Team Faerieland may not be the best team, though in my opinion we're one of the most friendly and close knit communities out there. We're always there to help and support eachother and never give up no matter what.

Faerie Facts,

Team Faerieland,

Name: Elbin Kroe
Gender: Male
Species: Shoyru
Position: Left Forward
Strengths: Tenacity, Stealing the ball, Passing
Weaknesses: Injury-prone, Consistency

Team Capatin
Name: Kakoni Worrill
Gender: Male
Species: Bruce
Position: Right Forward
Strengths: Passing, Running Plays, Quickness
Weaknesses: Scoring, Strength

Name: Valtonous Rea
Gender: Female
Species: Uni
Position: Goalkeeper
Strengths: Consistency, Passing, Craftiness
Weaknesses: Speed

Name: Delma Harrence
Gender: Female
Species: Zafara
Position: Left Defender
Strengths: Guarding, Stamina, Craftiness
Weaknesses: Speed

Name: Ciona Broan
Gender: Female
Species: Kyrii
Position: Right Defender
Strengths: Blocking, Tackling, Toughness
Weaknesses: Stealing the ball, Lack of concentration

Older, retired members

Name: Babolino
Species: Kacheek
Position: Left Forward
Strengths: Scoring, Speed, Energy
Weaknesses: Tenacity, Lack of concentration

Name: Elbin Towse
Species: Tuskaninny
Position: Right Forward
Strengths: Speed, Scoring
Weaknesses: Size, Strength, Fatige

Name: Palia Alback
Species: Xweetok
Position: Right Defender
Strengths: Speed, Craftiness, Scoring
Weaknesses: Size, strength

(Thanks jacksongirl_2 for helping with Palia ^___^)

Themed Items,

** in item name indicates a NC item

Faerieland Altador Cup Media Book

Faerieland Customisation,

So you're all ready to support team Faerieland, but wait aren't you forgetting something? You need a spiffy outfit for your pets to show off their support~! Ofcourse you don't NEED to have a spiffy outfit, but its a nice touch right? Esepcially when your standing in the stadium rooting for your team. Whether you only have access to Neopoints or even Neocash, theres a ton of ways to show off your support. Even for those male Neopets out there. o:

Here are two lists of possible items you can use to help dress up your Neopets. Ofcourse I've only listed a few, but there are a ton more out there. Even a Neopet species custom outfits have som nice items that work too. It's all about searching and find what looks best.

Altador Cup Faerieland Frame
Altador Cup II Team Background - Faerieland
Altador Cup Background - Faerieland
Faerieland Cloud Background
Faerieland Gazebo Background
Pretty Fyora Potted Flowers
Valentine Fyora
Beautiful Columns Foreground
Purple Feather Boa
Dueling Decks Purple Head Bandana
Pink Quiggle Scarf
Pink Knit Purse
Pink Dance Ribbon
Fancy Pink Gown
Colourful Cherry Blossom Necklace
Altador Cup Aftermath Background
Altador Archway Background
Altador Cup Brooch
Altador Cup Faerieland Frame
Altador Pillars Foreground
Oranella Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap
Slushie Slinger Background
Yooyuball Topiary Yooyuball Stuck in a Tree Yooyuball Shoulder Armour Yooyuball Blindfold
Faerieland Team Cuffs
New Faerieland Altador Cup Jersey
New Faerieland Altador Cup Team Spirit Banners
Colorful Pom-poms
Pink and Purple Striped Hoodie
Faerie Dust Shower
Faerieland Altador Cup Jersey
Faerie Make-up
Faerieland Altador Cup Team Spirit Banners
Sugar Plum Faerie Shoes
Sugar Plum Faerie
Twirly Dancing Skirt
Figure Skating Cuff Bracelet
Figure Skating Wig
Pink Lulu Contacts
MME6-S1: Magical Shapes Bubble Wand
Pink Heart Hot Air Balloon
Pretty Pastel Shoes & Tights
Lulus Y13 Shoes
Layered Purple Faerie Skirt
2010 Games Master Challenge NC Challenge Lulu Shirt
Short Purple Wig
Pretty Pink Bow Wig
Adorable Pink Heart Wig
Fancy Collared Shirt
Rag Doll Yooyu Plushie
Yooyu Thought Bubble
Altador Cup Banner Skirt
Altador Colosseum Background
Altador Cup Binoculars Staff
Altador Cup Cheerleader Bench Background
Altador Cup Face Paint
Altador Cup Pillars Foreground
Altador Cup V MVP Skirt
Beaded Floral Headwreath
Faerie Yooyu Headband
Faerieland Team Scarf
Faerieland Team Jester Hat
Faerieland Team Vuvuzela
Faerieland Team Sport Shirt
Faerieland Team Hat
Faerieland Team Foam Finger
Faerieland Team Mask
Altador Cup Faerieland Frame
New Faerieland Altador Cup Team Spirit
New Faerieland Altador Cup Jersey
Pink Pencil Skirt
Slushie Slinger Table Top
Stylish Altador Cup Wig
Aethias Collectors Shield
Balthazars Bag of Bottled Faeries
Brilliant Purple Faerie Wings
Brilliant Green Faerie Wings
Dazzling Faerie Rainbow
Faerieland Altador Cup Locker Room Background


Neomail me if you have any Fl themed art you'd like to share. Drag and drop to current tab to full view. Hover over an image for the artists name.


Neomail me if you have any FL themed cheers you wanna share. ^-^

By kari_c

We are Faerieland and we will always Fly High,
Fly Higher and Higher
Always and Forever
Whether its yooyuball we will be playing,
its towards your goal post that we'll be soaring
From Slushie Slinger we'll continue our conquering,
to Shootout Showdown we will still be scoring
All the way in Make Some Noise we'll keep roaring
Laugh at us and we just might take you all on a wild ride
Then you'll be the ones sorry and may be forced to hide
Don't matter if you try to put us down, we don't really care as we'll still always be here
Back up we get, yes no matter what, we'll always stand up together to defend our pride and honour
We are fearless, so don't ever underestimate us
We are fighters, and we are here to take back what rightfully belongs to us
Team Faerieland is who we are
You can think and choose whatever bad things to say
Mind we won't, because we are here to play
Even though we may be, but we won't boast
that we are faster and smarter
or that we are mightier and stronger
We are Team Faerieland, so we will try and do our best as that's what counts the most
We have and will always cheer louder
We have and always will play harder
So hear and remember our name
and be ready to play against us in the game Win or lose, it doesn't matter
We are Faerieland and we will Fly High,
Fly Higher and Higher,
Always and Forever

By neogirlwholovesitall

Faerieland, Faerieland, going in to fight
Yooyuball and Make Some Noise, SS is our light
We may not be the greatest, but we'll never give up hope
And one day when we win we'll say that we had always known
Faerieland's the greatest, it just takes a while to win
The year we do will fill this world with all our happy grins!

By Zombiesrock1991

You wont break us
We wont stand down
Faced with losses we don't fuss
Always ready to rebound
Don't make any asumptions
We wont run away
We're ready for our redemption,
us mighty power faes
Faerieland is here to stay

By FireNicxa

Just because we're girly
Doesn't mean we're bad
You wouldn't be in luck
If you got us mad.
We don't bash you butts
Just because you're "tough
Listen when we roar
Because we've had enough!

Is the clan
We're gonna kick you in the can
We're gonna cook you in a frying pan
We're gonna push you in a fan (umm..)
Gooooo Faerieland! WOOOO!

Don't mess with the best cuz the best don't mess
Don't fool with the cool cuz the cool don't fool
From East to West
Faerieland is the best!

By darkrose278

We will fight!
Fight till the end!
Fight for the glory of Faerieland!

By frogsrule8

Faerieland, Faerieland
C'mon people, clap your hands
We wont ever give up
We're gonna win the Altador Cup

If you don't think we can
We'll show you, cause we're Faerieland
If you think we can't do it
You're gonna lose cause you blew it!

Faerieland is strong
We'll show the other teams that there wrong
Dont judge a book by its cover
We'll make you cry for your mother

When we start we can't stop
We're going all the way to the top
We will win the Altador Cup
So you should just give up!

By caramelcreamsauce

With the cup in our hand
And victory in our land,
We're the boss,
And we get to decide who to toss,
So bow down,
And hand over the crown,
Faerieland is so cool,


If you want to get us down
If you try to taunt us away
You say
Oh you'll never win
But you know we'll come back again
We're comin' up
We're rising to the top
You ain't gonna stop us


We're all in this together!
So we gotta put our heads in the game and push it to the limit!
Because it's summer time!
Now let's fly!


The Altador Cup is a chance to win,
for Faerieland and their only team.
Kakoni, Ciona, Valtonous,
they're just one part of us!
Babolino, Delma and Palia,
don't forget Elbin and faerie Taelia.
She lives in Terror Mountain, it's true.
But she'll always support Faerieland too!
So come on with us and grab your gear,
and get ready for the next year!
We will win the Cup some day
and who knows, it could be today!


We are flyin' high
cuz' we are ,we are ,we are
FLUFF say who?
I said FLY !!!
We fly high !!!
We make your hair die
We don't lie
and you know it
because we are ballin' !!


Faerieland, faerieland.
It beats all the rest.
Faerieland faerieland.
Its the best of the best.
With a fluter of wings, Delma dives for the ball,
passing it off to Ciona
then to Babolino
then to Kakoni, for the wining goal.
Faerieland, faerieland.
Best of the best.
Faerieland faerieland
beating the rest!


Flying high we're never shy
Flying low we're never slow
We just want to show
And we want you to know
That we won't give up
In the Altador Cup!

FLYers show your spirit!
We wanna hear it!

GO GO GO! GO you mighty faeries!
FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! FIGHT you mighty faeries!
WIN WIN WIN! WIN you mighty faeries!
Your team is what? Dynamite! (repeat)
Your team is tick tick tick tick...BOOM! Dynamite!
Your team is what? Dynamite! (repeat)
Your team is tick tick tick tick...HOLD ON WAIT A MINUTE! They ain't got no BOOM in it!


Faerieland, let's rock the stand!
Go Faeries! Go Faeries!
Faerieland, all raise your hands!
Go Faeries! Go Faeries!
We'll Make Some Noise as we all cheer
Our Yooyu players have no fear!
We'll score those goals and you can bet
We'll give them a Showdown they won't forget
So Sling those Slushies and don't give up
Cause Faerieland's gonna win the Cup!!!




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Donated Banners

Thanks divine_designs! :D

Thanks eaglecloud! :D




All backgrounds are tiled.


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Oh wow ok. Awesome! :D My first update ever running this page. *giggles* Anyways~ Cleared out some broken images, affies etc. Gonna be looking for new afies soon enough. Only like.. 10 hours til sign ups start! Yay! Added some new graphics, updated the customization and FL themed item sections. I feel we need more glitters, dolls and icons... hmm.

Haha I have a really bad habit of not updating pages.. pfft. I'm back from my Neopets break and even if I wont be nearly as active as I used to be, I'm here to stay for now. With that being said I will still leave he FLUFF webpage to Sarah, however I will continue running FAE. Or- well more specifically; Horizon will. I feel it's about time she gets involved in her own page and quite frankly she's rather enthusiastic. So, this will be my last update and all your updates to the page will be done by Horizon herself. ;3 xoxo, Zombie

AC has come aorund again, time to update this page like I do yearly.. *brick'ed* You'll notice I'll an archives for my FL team member lists after the AC. It's just such a phassle to do anymore and quiet frankly I don't think I'll be able to keep up. I have however fixed the layout. Seems my original image host went down. I'm also working on getting the layout to look nice in all broswers, so hang in there a bit guys. Also making new graphics c:

I apologize for not updating this page sooner. With the AC and all I get a little caught up in that- x'D We've been doing aweseome so far htis year, lets keep it going and try to go up a place or two before it's all over :3 Adding a piece of artwork, a cheer and a handful of names to the lists. Awesome ^-^ Really appreciate it guys, we're always looking for people to add in on our fan base and lists, so don't hesitate to neomail me.

Signups and all of that good jazz is up now for the Altador Cup. :3 Added up the FL supporter list for this year, bring me your names~ Also still looking for people from the previous year as well. Looks like it's confirmed too. Babolino will be leaving us and has been replaced by Elbin, the striped shoyru. Elbin, oddly enough has the same first name as our old tuskainny. ;3 Going to add up a few more graphics and try to advertise for FAE and FLUFF some, especially to get my list moving 8D

Phew everything is updated and finished yay. I hope you like the new layout and content? :3 Looking for affies or anyone who's willing to donate graphics and/or any other nice stuff (artwork, cheers, etc..). I'd also love people to neomail their names for my lists, my AC V and IV are so small. :c I still need to go through for typos, but yesh everything is basically done. Aside from adding new graphics and sorting through/updating a few old ones.

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