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This story is just to introduce you to Hoolphal and her world. Someday I hope to finish it up with colors and more detailed artwork, but since I have a chronic case of starting projects and not finishing them, that might not happen.

I... don't actually know how this elevator works.

Thanks for reading!

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--Standalone picture of Phal--

Looking for me?

This is the original design for Hoolphal, created by another Neopets user, Sai. After Sai put Hoolphal up for adoption, she found her way here to a new account and a new look and story.

In her former life, Hoolphal was a very small cat-like alien who was discovered by scientists and kept in a laboratory.

(Original Hoolphal concept used with permission of Sai)

This is the design I used when I first applied for Hoolphal. It's very similar to how she looks now, but her backstory was different.

Back then she lived on a sandy desert planet with lots of canyons. She reflective metal on the palms of her gloves were for signalling others over long distances. She made sandals for a living.

Art by me:

Art by others:

copycatcat | Lilly | Erin | Tawnia

Ripsi | Shevi | Toolate | Giselle

Giselle | Tinkor | Deja | Poogle

Sandy Dunes
by paperxhearts

Sandy Dunes,
sandy barrens,
both exist in my world.
Here the towns,
the houses,
are all built like sand castles.

The wind blows,
making sand soar,
flying towards the towns,
and the barrens.
They collect in our clothes,
and in our hair.

The sand,
although harsh,
attacking our eyes,
our faces,
is also quite soft,
gently lapping at our feet.

The sea,
there is none,
but the sea of sand.
An endless dune,
of soft, brown grains,
collecting on this beautiful planet.

Erin | Indreadcold


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