Can you feel the music tonight?
Can you feel the music tonight?


The half-beast who may strike fear in the hearts of weak and timid: a werelupe. He beams with energy, he possesses powers beyond those of average being. His paws equipped with sharp claws, under his shiny fur there are muscles ready to act. His eyes glow with inner flame and are fixed on one aim in his existence...

To be a star!

Character summary

Name: Hollygrove
(nicknamed: Holly, Grove, Grover, Stupid Dog or Idiot: depends who's addressing him)
Age: late 20s
Race: Werelupe (werewolf outside neopets universe)
Aim in life: to become a star
Tall and sporty, but not over packed with muscles. Dark brown fur, lighter shade on throat and belly.
Eyes: green.
Clothes: In quad form: none
In furry anthro: usually just pair of light blue jeans and a jeans vest or black leather jacket with addition of red bandana to complete the classic bad boy look.

Shapeshifting: normally Hollygrove has a human posture, walks on hind legs, has palms and wears clothes. He can change into quad form at which he looks something between wolf and large dog. When it this form he doesn't wear clothes. Because well.. it's hard to run on your 4 in a pair of thigh jeans. He doesn't really like to take this form, but sometimes uses it to his advantage.

High-speed regeneration and stamina: many tried, but no one has managed to kill him so far. Simple kicks and punches won't leave a bruise on him. Blades can cut through, but his body has the ability to regenerate so fast, even the deep wounds can turn to scratches within minutes and superficial cuts vanish within seconds.

Valentine's Day :-P
Other than that no special weaknesses recorder yet. Immune to garlic and kryptonite for sure.

Hobby: acting, singing, playing instruments (currently drums for the "Howl of Darkness"). It shall be noted that he HAS a talent, but some very bad luck too.

Dream: To become a famous SUPER STAR!

His character is listed at:

Howl of Darkness

His joy of finally being able to perform on a stage was short-lived. His visions of stepping out of the line and enchant the cheering crowd with his voice were confronted with the harsh reality. The band already had its dark and charismatic leader. Ok, he could be number 2, for a while... But what was that rejected hell hound doing there? The main vocalist?! Hollygrove realized where the name "Howl of Darkness" came from. He was really to surrender and with a bitter heart take the bass guitar. At least he was in the top 3! ...who was playing the guitar? Kicking out that cute zafara girl would be a sin (that innocent look in her eye!), but a kind and timid creature of her kind would surely like to swap the posts. That is, if the band manager didn't have her vicious eyes on her all the time. Yes, the unfortunate events seem to come in pairs, or even whole flocks. The hot-tempered Schlagring leader continues to torment Hollygrove outside the battlefield too. Since her only way of resolving conflicts is to set things on fire (regenerating burned tissue is no fun) Holly obediently took his place at the drums. But hey, they aren't half that bad. You've got to feel the rhythm, and this werelupe surely got it right, sweetie! So now, every time they play he does his best, beating the best out of those drums with furious rockstar's joy and hoping at least one soul out there is cheering for him only.


It's long way to the top. So you have to start with some petty roles that will get you onto the stage an after the curtain comes down, some elegant middle-age man will shake your paw saying "That was stunning, young man! Would you be interested in signing a contract with my performance company and go on a tour round Neopia?".


Getting on stage is one thing, being spotted and judged a "unpolished diamond in a bucket of coal" was another. It doesn't help when you stand in the background or pop in for a blink of an eye mixed with the crowd of supporting crowd. Hollygrove tried once to go against a scenario (or as he claimed "improve it") and shine. He was doing well, but apparently those who are already called stars don't like their glow to compete with a spark of other's talent. Getting kicked out of the troupe –delicately said. The other performances? Acting in a shape-shifted form or in a large, stuffed costume with just tiny holes meant for eyes and speaking as much as "Woof!" (meaning: "Yes, it's a great idea, let's go stroll through the forest together, Heidi!") or "Defenders. Destroy. Defenders. De- Ouch!" won't get you far. Neither will singing and telling jokes at some obscure inns where all you get as payment will be laughter (apparently they did like Holly's sense of humor... or that was audience reaction to those romantic bits in ballads), whistles, several rotten vegetables and maybe a mug of bubbly drink if you have luck and someone feels sorry for you. Plebeians – never understand true art!

But one of Hollygrove's many mottos is: Never give up! ..even when life throws rotten tomato at you.

Career portfolio:

Play performances:

Heidi: The Chia from High Mountains"
Role: shepherd dog

Grundos' Uprising Against Dr. Sloth
Role: Evil Sloth Clone #32, #177 and #238

Judge Hog and Defenders of Neopia: Live Action Performance" Role: Stuntman I

Evil Forces attack! The Defenders of Neopia Save the Day! Live Action Performance
Role: Stuntman I, Stuntman II, Stuntman III

Various performances in Meridell's and Darigan Citadel's Inns: from singing ballads to stand-up comedy.

Music themes

Something to listen when you read about Hollygrove, will help you get into the right mood ;)

With a Little Bit of Luck (from My Fair Lady) – luck is what he actually needs
Footloose (from Footloose)
Bless my Soul performed by Meat Loaf (from Rocky Horror Picture Show)
A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley
I Feel Good – James Brown
Moving Pictures – The Cribs


Entering Flames

That evening in the inn located on the edge of Meridell wasn't all that bad for Hollygrove: he had an audience, although they paid him only partial attention, managed to get some guest smile or even laugh at his jokes. He thought that maybe he could try singing something to show everyone something he was truly good at. But then than last jokes about skeiths did not work so well. Apparently several of them felt offended and did not take that lightly. Not only rotten vegetables, but also glass and one or two daggers flew onto the stage. It launched the chain reaction: the commotion broke into a regular battle inside the inn, curses and blades cut the air.
Hollygrove backed out behind the narrow, provisory stage and awaited the right moment to run away. Focused on the exit, he managed to duck when a barrel flew above his head and crushed on the wall, but he did not pay enough attention to avoid the chair that someone smashed on his head. He collapsed onto floor and saw one of the skeiths standing above him with a triumphant grin and remains of chair's leg in his paw. The brute probably didn't find Hollygrove's joke funny nor was he satisfied enough with his revenge, as he charged once more. Hollygrove felt sharp pain between his ribs. In the roar of the fight very few heard someone shouting "Fire!". A blow of hot air flew through the room braking the glass in the windows, the tongues of fire already started devouring the wooden construction. Someone probably knocked down some candles and the wood soaked in spilled liquids immediately caught the flames. That would be a reasonable explanation ,except that no one noticed the fire starting. But there was no time to ponder over it. The mob escaped through the doors and broken windows.
Hollygrove was still lying on the floor. He noticed the open backdoor through which the employee escaped and tried to reach them as fast as he could, still feeling dizzy. The supporting pillars, chipped by the fire, did not support the weight of the construction. It collapsed.


The werelupe was resting by a barn. He rubbed his ribs, but didn't find any wound. His paw ran through his mane shaking out ash from the burned inn. The cool night breeze was a relief after the scorching air. He found some milk in a pot, left probably for a cat, and was drinking it hastily, when a dark shape landed in front of him. Some of the milk made a way back through his nostrils. He did not affront any winged pets in his jokes, he thought. Before he ran away (just in case he did offend any) the purple-black eyrie spoke:
Follow me. I have a job for you."
This was unexpected. Hollygrove raised and rubbed off drops of milk that were stuck under his nose.
I suppose it is my lucky day after, all eh? Or should I say night?" he smiled brightly but seeing no reaction from the stranger he continued a bit put off the scent "Did you see me in the inn, by any chance? You know, the one on the end of the street where there's a huge pile of charcoal and ashes lying now."
That's why I want to hire you." Replied the eyrie. She didn't feel like chitchatting.
Hollygrove felt reassured "You liked my performance? Wonderful! Now, what is this job you're talking about? You want me to sing? I can play instruments too."
Instead of answering directly the eyrie turned around "I said come with me. The details of your pac... contract will be revealed soon.", she said in a harsh tone.
Something told Hollygrove that hiding in the barn and drinking cat's milk was much safer option, but he shrugged his arms to chase the negative feelings away and followed the eyrie.
But hey, it will require acting, eh?"


He left his home village years ago. His parents did not support his dreams. He had several "pals" with whom he sometimes hanged out, but who would probably leave him to die at the first possible occasion. The blabbering of the head shaman about a chosen indestructible hero that will victoriously lead them to victory over other tribes he heard over and over during the communal meetings irked and bored him. How many times one can listen to the same story. A hero – here? In the middle of nowhere? Besides, he thought that some kind of battle of voices could be a better idea to settle things down. He had no intention to go to war either. So the next time a traveling merchants passed by his homeland, he sneaked out and joined them on their way to another land. A brave new world awaited.

Little did he know that one day his tribe, tired of awaiting for their hero who did not show up, decided to attack the Rakka tribe, but despite their advantage at the battle paid a high price for starting it...

Hollygrove's current family is the Schlagring squad. Their headquarters is their home, hidden within the shadows of Darigan Citadel. They simply call it The Tower, most accordingly to the building's architecture.

Ostrodzioba (Sharpbeak) – she introduced him to the group. At first he thought she was a savior who was offering him a good job (travels around Neopia and meeting new people included in the offer), but soon she became his biggest nightmare. She seems to have little sympathy for him and always put his life at risk. As long as she also occupies the post of Howl of Darkness manager, Hollygrove must stick to drums and beat da best out of 'em during concerts or else he would earn himself a beating in the backstage. After witnessing her pyrokinetic abilities, Hollygrove became sure the fire in the inn the night they've met was not an accident....

Baranek – Ostrodzioba's petpet has developed a special relationship with Hollygrove, based on hatred. The babaa rams at him like a cannonball when it gets angry and even the mere sight of the poor werelupe ticks it off. Sooo... how did they go, al lthose sheep and wolf stories?

Danakar – the leader of Howl of Darkness, Ostrodzioba's brother and the leading (and only) necromancer in Schalgring team. It gives Hollygrove a hard time to figure out whether he should be glad or worried by the attitude Danakar expresses towards him. More friendly than his sister, Danakar has his owne eerie and patronizing way to treat Hollygrove. Maybe because he likes canines so much. Still, Hollygrove does not to have anythign in common with the dark magic and has strange suspicious from where Danakar takes the bones which he often offers to Holly. Also, the fact that Danakar would be happy to make a sacrifice out of Hollygrove's beloved kitty doesn't help the two to be on fully good terms.

Srebrzanka (Silverpaint) – Hollygrove often finds himself "babysitting" the zafara, under the wary supervision of Ostrodzioba. Not that he has something against Schalgring's youngest member. At firsr he was amazed how such normal being can even endure the company of those two darigan creeps. She is so innocent and cute. At least till she goes berserk. Which, Hollygrove learnt, makes her a vital yet dreadfully dangerous member of the squad. Just like the rest of the team Hollygrove does his best to prevent Srebrzanka from finding out what REALLY happens during her black outs. And little do they both know about what has happened between their tribes...

Esmelarda – Petpets are supposed to be nice, friendly and obey their owners, right? Well, not always. This Schnelly was rescued by Hollygrove during the first mission in Schlagring, but doesn't seem to have an idea what "repaying a debt" means. So scratches and hisses are the daily routine.


Hollygrove character was not created for nothing. Although he appears on board RPs and chatplays too, below I keep only the logs for the RPs over neomail I've used him for.

RP with Chlo
Chlo's character:Kyoshe
Status: finished.


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