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Hello! Welcome to IMPRINTED!
This is a premades site run by Snowiestar!
Also, although it's pretty plain now, i'll improve! :D


» Do not remove the credits
» Do not claim my premades as yours.
If you've edited them , please put a link somewhere.
» Spread the word! :3

#11 June 12: Back to neo for a little whilee. Site rebuilding in progress!
Changed the layout and added one petpage as well! :D

#15 September 11: Going on a hiatus. :O
sorry to those who requested layouts, but I really don't have the time for neo nowadays. Sorry!

#12 August 11: New lister! :)

#8 August 11: Yay! Finished Mara's request :D . Such a pretty layout xD . Interested see here :3

#7 August 11: Busybusy these days. Received a few requests, and being me, I've accepted them :P .
Anyway, updated affies list and added a new sister site! ^^

#5 August 11: Oopsies! Sorry for the missing site yesterday :X . Was doing some pet transferring. :D
Updated affies list! ^^

#19 July 11:
Added a new Image-Based userlookup and
Updated Affies list!

#16 July 11:
Added one new Image-based layout! :D

#11 July 11: Updated Affies list!

#1st July 11: Sorry for not updating much :( I have quite a number of personal issues lately.. so yeah..
For those whom i owe requests to, i'm sorry there'll be delays :/
Anyway, 4 new lovely link-back buttons! :D

#21 June 11:
Got spotted @ I.C.U! :O
Fixed live previews , & links will be up soon (:

#18 June 11:
Yay! Imprinted has a new layout! :D

#17 June 11: Finally! My Gimp text function works! Anyway, i've went for some photoshop lessons sooo, hopefully i'll get some layouts out soon! :D
Also added 2 affies ;) . But no longer affies with TKM
Finished Diamond Review's Request!(:

#13 June 11: Sooo, i haven't really had much time to do layout stuff anymore.. althought i had only opened this site for a short time, my computer was weird - I cant use Gimp or paint :/ . Anyway, i wont be updating this site much anymore till announced. If you would like to remove me from your affliates, feel free to do so but i'll leave you up here :) .

#7 June 11: Not sister sites with Shock anymore. Sadly, reviewers didn't really like my site. :( . Awell, now shock's a new affie! (:

#5 June 11: So.. I've found an alternative for updating, but i can't make layouts atm. :/ .
However, updated my affies list & a new affliate - Plastic Shadow :)

#3 June 11: So sorry for not updating :( . My computer broke down.. so yeah.. Sorry cos requests won't be finished on time :(

#24 May 11: Got another requests! For now, requests are closed till i've finished the two requests :)

Lovely new button from Utopia! ^^

#23 May 11: Yay we're being featured at TFC! :D . & So is Shock! ^^ Anyway, got my first request!
& cleared some affies who didnt reply me but did update :(

#21 May 11: New button from Kimono! :3
Wasn't able to update yesterday though .
Slightly busy these days :(

#19 May 11: Imprinted has a new sister site - Shock ! Go check it out!
Also added a new image-based layout! :3
& I just realised today that my layout doesn't work on IE . Boo. :(

#18 May 11: Added 4 new affies! Also, look out for cool new petpages! :D

#17 May 11: Revamped the whole page! :3 . I'm slightly better at graphics now! :P Also added 5 userlookups!

#16 May 11: Thank you to the lovely Withe and Belly Buttons for making these lovely buttons! Also added a few affies today :)

#15 May 11: Imprinted is officially open!

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If you've read the rules, type Krawk Island somewhere in your request form xD
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Credits on the lovely buttons!^^


Listed at

Layout by me, Snowiestar :)
Resources from Foomanshu
Background from 49 Days
Textures from Swimchick

Userlookups - Image Based

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Note that some look better full-sized

Grey Day


Userlookups - Style One





Userlookups - Style Two



Image-Based Petpages

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If you cant click/find the save button, press ctrl & +/- until you're able to click the save button.

Credits to VanillaBean for the lovely brushes!

CSS Petpages - Style One


CSS Petpages - Style Two




UFT-UFA Petpages

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