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Welcome to Hitakae's Directory

Here at Hitakae's Directory we are proud to host a large number of petpages. Due to the sheer amount of listed pages we list by text only links-this keeps the load time of the page down drastically.

Unlike some other guides out there, we firmly believe in giving you the option to choose which help guide is best suited to your needs, when you need them.

Looking for a Dailies page? Browse through our selection and see which one suits your tastes the best. Looking for a helpful reference or guide? Hopefully we will have it listed. If we don't, be sure to drop Merlynshade a neomail so that she can go and find the help page you need! Also, if you cannot wait to receive word from Shade, check out the Yellowpages section for a list of *gasp* the competition! With this many resources you are sure to find what you need in no time at all!

I do not rank petpages-as I know pages are always undergoing change, and I also know that while one person might not like a page due to it's layout or something else-others might love it.

Hitakae's Directory, formally known as "Faq's FAQs" has undergone a layout update and one last host shift. This page has shifted from many different hosts over the years, but plans have it remaining here, with Hitakae, permanently. Please be sure to update your bookmarks!

This page has a huge number of links, so it can be, at times very difficult to manage. If you come across any broken links please neomail me right away, so that the problem may be fixed. Also note that when you are requesting to be added, that I do NOT use imaged links, nor do I make exceptions to that rule in the main links sections of the page. I do this so that the page is easier to load for visitors and so that the page has a clean look and it not over-run with varied graphics.

How YOU can help

Hitakae's Directory is a really big project! Currently we need all the help we can get!

What we are looking for now is:

1) Owners of great petpages! Or a list of great petpages that you know of!

2) Broken/Bad or Repeated Link Finders. If you find a broken link on this page, a link to a page that is not of good quality, or a repeated link neomail Shade. Shade is human despite all rumors to the contrary and has been known to make mistakes sometimes. Anyone who finds a broken link will be added in the credits section!

3) Premium players with less than 5 invites handed out! I am going to list a max of 30 premium players who are still looking to hand out invites, and a link to neomail them, under the Premium FAQs. So if you have some invites to hand out this is for you! All I ask is that after you reach the first 5 invites you tell me so I can remove you from the list.

4) Button makers! One link back image just isn't enough! If you can design a great link back button, put it on one of your petpages and neomail Shade about it.

Thats it for now. But be sure to check out my other petpages, and if you have any suggestions on them let me know!

Please note that this petpage is under constant constuction. Petpages will be added or taken down on a weekly basis if possible, so please if a link does not take you to the desired page or if you know of a good petpage that should be added neomail Merlynshade and PLEASE title it "Hitakae's Directory". Appreciate it!

Thanks, and hope you enjoy the page!

About Hitakae

Hitakae was my first major dream pet. I created him as a red zafara and zapped him for awhile with my recently purchased lab ray. I had every intention from the start of making him into my ultimate dream pet. It took me 8 months of savings for his Draik Transmogrification potion (and this was back when they only cost 3.5 mil). It took me another 8 months to save for his Darigan Paint Brush, as I have always been a bit lazy about earning nps. He is named for one of my favorite anime/manga characters, Hatakae Kakashi.

Hita is the darling of my eye and will NEVER be up for adoption or trade, no matter what you have to offer. Do not even bother to ask.

He is a vain little guy, and above all else, loves fan art.

Hita's Dailies, Freebies and all around Handy Links

Labs (if you have them):

Lab Ray
Petpet lab ray

Free Food:

Free Omelette
Soup Kitchen


Petpet Park
Fruit Machine
Guess The Weight
Grumpy Old King
Wise Old King
Bank Interest
Symol Dive
Click slorg=50 nps!
Healing Springs (30 mins)
Coltzan's Shrine(12)
Monthly Freebie
Avent Calender (Dec. ONLY)
Money Tree
Deadly Dice
Shop of Mystery
Wishing Well
Lunar Temple (Guide)
King Altador
Meteor Crash Site
Quasalan Expellibox

Dailies that Cost:

Pick Your Own
Wheel Of Monotony
Wheel of Knowledge
Wheel of Mediocrity(40 mins)
Wheel of Excitement (2 hrs)
Wheel of Misfortune (2 hrs)
Buried Treasure (3 hrs)
Test Your Strength (6 hrs)
Desert Kiosk
Winter Kiosk
Haunted Kiosk

Site Contests

Caption Contest
Poetry Contest
Storytelling Contest
Random Contest
Art Gallery
Mystery Pic
Lenny Conundrum
Better than You
Gallery Spotlight
Userlookup Spotlight
Petpet spotlight
Pirate Caves Spotlight
Neopian Adventure Spotlight
Neohome Spotlight
Faerie Caves Spotlight
Beauty Contest
Neopian Times Submission
Book Awards
Petpet Protection League
Gourmet Club

Other Links

Terms And Conditions
Shop Till
Shop Wizard
Trading Post
Neopets TCG
Pet Quick Ref
Edit PetsPage
PetPage Stats
Treasure Maps
Help Center
Shop Ads
Faerie Quests Help
Avatar Help


Snow Faerie Quest
Edna's Quest
Brain Tree
Faerie Quest Page
Jhudora's Quests
Illusen's Quests
Employment Agency
Kitchen Quests


Wheel of Slime
NeoQuest 1 (Maps)
NeoQuest II (GUIDE)
Turdle Racing
Qasalan Caper
Scarab 21
Defender Trainer
Extreame Herder
Kiko Match
Ultimate Bulls Eye
Spell Or Starve
Wack A Kass
Destructo Match 2
Chemistry for Beginners
Faerie Crossword
Faerie Bubbles
Trouble at the Bank
Usuki Frenzy
Gummy Dice
Eye of the Storm
Gadsgads Game

Account and Anti-Scam FAQs

Please know NEOPET's RULES. Ignorence of them is no excuse for breaking them. There are NO cheats to neopets and no way to get around the rules as they were designed by the site.

And remember: if something sounds to good to be true, it is.

[Who Knew? -Information for Getting Your Account Back]
[Macky's Account Protection]
[cookieDefender's Block Cookie Grabbers!]
[CarpeDeum's Anti-Scam FAQ]
[Lost Birthday Information]
[Anti-Scam Guide]
[Akaunt's Side Account Guide]
[Aaulir's Guide to Keeping Your Account Safe]


Lalala_bites_your_face the Scary Meepit!

Aww, Ain't he cute?!

Adoptables are graphics made by other players for you to use. Often they are the player's origional artwork, and other times they are graphics such as Lalala up above.

Please note that players are not allowed to charge or ask for tips when it comes to HTML or image work.

The Adopted Adoptables List formerly on this page has been moved due to size. Look below for the link. Please note page is image heavy and may take time to load.
[Shade's Adopatables]
[Wyckid's Adoptables Listing]

Adoptables Directory
[Josh's Directory of Adoptables]

Adoptables Pages
[Sky's Draik adoptables-Now With Added Feathers!]
[Pen_Stripe's Adoptables]
[Rambi's Adoptables]
[YingHouChong's Xweetok Adoptables]
[starlightxeyes's Xweetok Adopatbles]
[Chinese Zodiac Neopet Adoptables]
[Akir's Multi Species Adoptables]
[Kosmikal's Multi Species Adoptables]
[Kaluki's Draik Adoptables]
[Pixel Nation Pixels]
[Shadow's Art Requests]
[Kaiyee's Uni Adoptables]
[Wink's Krawk Adoptables]
[Wink's Eyrie Adoptables]
[Origional Ogrin]
[Slorg Adoptables]
[Adatchi's Non-Neopet Adoptables]
[E-YEggs Adoptables]
[Erandur's Draik Adoptables]
[Chiinoumi's Adoptables]
[Jathir's Draik Adoptables]
[ErickaDishoin's Uni Adoptables
[Eirizin's Animated Cybunny Adopatables]
[Repainted and Proud Adoptables]
[Mao's Painted Petpetpet Adoptables]
[Dog Adoptables]
[Lenny Adoptables]
[Petri Adoptables]

Adoption Agencies

Adoption Agencies can be a great way to get neopets. Keep in mind that an adoption agency is not allowed to garuntee that you get a specific pet. Once a pet is in the pound, ANYONE can adopt it. Even if the pet was intended to go to you, if someone else adopts it you have no right to ask them for the pet. Once a player gets a pet from the pound it is thier's no matter what.
Adoption Agencies CAN ask for applications. Adoption Agencies CANNOT ask for gifts for the pet, neopoints, or items in exchange for a pet. Even if they hint at it, that is a reportable offense.

[Stop Insane Pet Adoption Rules!]

[Pets are Priceless]
Adoption Agency Directories:
[Cieque's Adoptions]

Adopt Without an Application:
[n_'s Lost Pets]
[ChancesMyAngel's Dream Pet Adoptions]
[The World of YumYums Guild Agency]
[One Week Adoptions]
[Good Karma Adoption Agency]
[Painted Pets for All]

Adoption Application Guide:
[AmiyasPrincess's So You Want to Adopt?]
[Petpage App Guide]
[Masterpiece Petpage App Guide]
[ForcedSmile's Petpage App Guide]

Applications Requested or Prefered:
[Karasu's Adoption Agency]
[QuiggleyQuiggler's Adoptions]
[Spotty's Adoption Center]
[Hearts to Homes Adoptions]

Advent Calender

The Advent Calendar only works in the Month of Celebrating (December). Every day you can go here to get a daily free gift. It may be Neopoints, an Item, or it may be random!

[Past AC Items List]

Altador Cup

Once a year the Great Altador Cup Returns to Neopia.

Are you ready?

[AC Guide]

Art Guides

Guides listed here will show you how to improve your artwork!

Such pages are put up purely for assistance. Theft of a person's artwork is a reportable offense.

Coming Soon.

Avatar FAQs

Avatars are little 60x60 images that you unlock throughout the site by various methods. Your active avatar appears next to your messages in neomail, on the message boards and in your guild. Your active avatar also appears when a person searches for your username in the neopets search engine. You can see the list of avatars that you own here Sidebars are the navigation areas of most pages in Neopia. If you unlock one you can use it through out the site. The petpages below will teach you how to unlock the many avatars and sidebars in neopia.

[Avvy's Avatars]
[The_Pet_eater's Avatars]
[tropator's Avatar Games Guide]
[Stevo's Avatar Guide]
[2dog2's Avatars]
[Seguey's Avatars]
[Bolletje_Haar's Avatars]
[Azdajis' Avatar Guide]

Single Avatar Guides:
[HerRoyalHighness's Stamp Avatars Guide]
[quiggie_60_2004's Pack Rat Avatar List]
[Packrat Avatar 'Cheap' Items List]
[Pachebel's Packrat List]
[Packrat Avatar Guide]

[GrundoMoody's Sidebar Guide]
[Smoking_Fish's Sidebar Guide]

Book Guides

Books when read increase your pet's intelligence; which can help it equip specific Battledome Weapons, and can earn them a trophy if their intelligence becomes great enough.

[SerintySmiles' Book List]
[MumboGrundo's Fantastic Book Guide]
[Shebear's Book List]

Cross Painted Pets

These pets are painted first with a color that gives them an article of clothing. They are then painted a non-clothing color and are dressed in the clothes from the previous paintbrush.

[Double and Triple Painted Pets]
[Rhoku's Cross-Painted Pets]

Cooking Pot Recipies

The Cooking Pot can be found here. The Chef Bantou Cooking pot can be found here.

[KioNemo's Recipies]
[Cooking Pot Recipe List]

Creative Contest FAQs

Creative Contests are contests generated by Neopets that allows you to express your creativity. These contests vary in what they require you to do to participate, and in their rewards. In contests where no HTML skills are required, all levels of artistic skill are accepted.

The Creative Contests can all be found here.

[Raven's Poetry Guide]
[WhatIsStolenArt's What is Stolen Art]

The Beauty Contest (aka BC) can be found here.
The BC is a contest of art and advertising. Drawing an awesome picture is not going to automatically grant you first place. Advertising on the Beauty Contest Board (aka BC (confused yet?)) can get you votes for your artwork. Please read the guide below for more information on this.

**Please note:

1) It is agisnt the rules to Trade/Buy votes. ("If you vote for my pet I'll....").

2) Making boards on message boards other than the BC asking for votes is conisdered by most to be both cheating and spamming-the BC board is there for a reason!

3) It is alright to put a request for a vote in your siggy, shop, petpages, lookup etc.

Good luck and don't get discouraged if you don't win gold on your first try. There are alot of other players trying to win as well.
[Xailania's BC Basics]
[Froststar's Beauty Contest Guide]
[Mawsi's Beauty Contest Guide]


The Neopets Team often answers user's questions in the Neopian Times Editorials. Check the news to find a link to the latest updated Neopian Times.

[locked_topic's Editorial FAQs]
[Kalais's NT Editorials]


This font section is of pages dedicated to helping you create a nice font for use on the Neoboards.

[Fontz's Font Help]
[ Ennaig's Font Help ]
[Kaybigan's Font Help]


These are some petpages on Galleries and some truly amazing galleries!

Please do NOT beg players for items in their galleires. This section was added for players to reference if they are searching for items. Nothing more.

Coming soon

Gourmet Foods

Special foods for your special pets.

[Gourmet Food Guide]
[Bim's Gourmet Food Guide]

Guilds FAQs

Guild listings, Directories and FAQs.

[Marshmallows of DOOM Guild Homepage]
[Neo___Buzz's Guild Directory]
[On Starting a Guild]

Hex Color Charts

Hex Color Codes: Hex charts are used for HTML work. You can use one of these 6-digit codes in place of long color names.

[Interactive Color Wheel
[Drappastar's Color Chart]
[Tableborders' Color Chart]
[Rantimaru's Hex Chart]
[Bubble's Color Chart]
[DoodleBop's Color Chart]

Lab Ray Logs

These are personal Lab Ray Logs made by other players to share their experiences with the lab rays.

[Kurioth's Lab Log]
[Tekkoshi's Lab Log]
[Velaxi's Lab Logs]
[Jerringston's Lab Guide]


Magical, odd and sometimes scary neggs..

[_totoro_'s Negg FAQ]

Neoboard FAQs and Dictionaries!

Please remember to treat your fellow Neopians with common courtesy. Also, DO NOT share any personalized information (such as real name, location, phone numbers, etc) with ANYONE on the internet for your own safety.

Be aware of NEOPETS RULES!

[Chauwmbeh's Common HC FAQs]
[Chompstomp's FAQs]
[Raeona's Learn Neo Slang!]
[Heavehnly's Guide to the Help Chat]
[Common Neo Help Questions]
[Froach's What HC Flammer Are You?]
[Hitchhiker's Guide to Neopia]
[ Neo Ettiquete ]
[Zaphod4's HC FAQ]

Neopian Characters

Some pages dedicated to various Neopet personalities we've all come to love.

[Neopian Faeries]

Neopian History

Some pages dedicated to what Neopia used to be like.

[Neopets Remember When]
[Old Neopet Looks]
[Old Neopia-(Includes Old Maps)]

Neopian Locations

These are pages dedicated to various Neopian Locations, from the well known to the exotic!

[Lutari Island FAQ]
[Shenkuu Guide]
[ Mallowmeow's World]
[Meridell Guide]

Neopian Myths

[Neopian MythBusters]


Neohomes are virtual houses you can build in Neopia. See here to get started on your own NeoHome.

[joeylomu's Neohome Guide]
[Bibliaphila's Neohome Guide]
[Neohome v1 Tile Guide]
[NPT's Furniture Catelouge]

Neopoint FAQs

See Also: Games and Freebies, Restocking Guides, and Stockmarket Guides

PLEASE REMEMBER: Neopets is an online game site. Earn your own things and do not ask others for donations. If you are found creating message boards asking for donations you can be reported. Besides, if you earn things for yourself they will mean much more to you in the end.

[Qatis_ixi's Free Neopoints!]
[Atablicryon's Neomillionair Guide]
[IceyDreams's NP Guide]
[Saving NP Guide]
[NP Guide]
[Tarla Check]
[SilverCyanide's Petpage]
[Jazzyion's NP Making Guide]
[Riddle's NP Guide]
[Lobster's Guide to Making Neopoints]
[Guide to 1 Million]
[Guide to Earning Nps]
[NP's NP Guide]
[Grana's Way to NP]

Newbie FAQs

New to Neopets? Then this is the right place for you! Check out these guides, and others on the page. If you still need help, feel free to neomail me and ask for help.

[Complete Newbie Guide]
[Draco's Guide to Neopia]
[Kalenteth's Guide to Starting Neopets]
[Faeril_Twiggins's What not to do in Neopia]
[Lutael's Guide to Neopia]
[JubbyJubJack's Guide to Neoopia]

Other Food Guides

Various food items that do not fit in other categories.

[Jelly FAQ]
[Jelly Guide]

Other Reference

This area has a variety of FAQs listed. They are here only because they do not fit in another area as of yet. They may move in the future.

[Marvin_The_Droid's HitchHiker's Guide to Neopia]
[Noob Vs. Newbie]
[I HAte Edna Listing]
[TCG Prize List]
[Neo News Guide]
[Hitchhiker's Guide to Neopia]
[Adults Play Neopets Too!]
[Adult Neopians]
[Random Events Guide]
[Neo Cures]
[Krieger_Horst's FAQ: Galery]

Pet Transfer Guides

TNT states that there is no safe way to transfer a pet. Once a pet is in the pound ANYONE has the right to adopt it. I highly suggest that you DO NOT try to transfer a pet unless you are willing to take the risk of loosing it, because that IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU TRANSFER. If another person adopts the pet while it is being transfered you have NO RIGHT to try to make them give the pet back. That said, read these guides as well.

[Orlioo's Transfer Guide]
[Pound Guide]
[Quick Manual Transfer Guide]
[Stop Pet Trade Scamming]
[Not for Trade Banners]

Pet Baiting

Pet Baiting is, sadly, something that some players seem to think is fun, when it is just mean. There is something that some players need to remember. There are children on Neopets. Please read on for more.

[My Personal Thoughts on Pet Baiting]

Plot Guides

The Neopets Team puts a lot of work into creating interesting and engaging plots for Neopia to solve. Here are some guides to help you through the plots. Note that with the exception of the Altador plot, once a plot is over you cannot finish it.

Multiple Plot Listing:
[Aardax's Plot Guide]
[Mobian_Lily's Plot Guide]
[Neopian Plot Archives]

[Ma_Belle_Michelle's Altador Plot]
[Arrazetti's Plot Guide]

Premade Pet Lookups and Pages

Free layouts for you to use-just do not claim them as your own and give credit to the original layout makers.

[Alwinta's Premade Pet Lookups]
[Winged_Warrior's Premade Petpages]
[Dark Faerie Sisters Premade Petpages]
[Ickle Pengu's Premade Petpages]

Premium FAQs

Premium Is a pay to play version of Neopets. For a small amount of money each month you can enjoy neopets with added features.

For More information on Premium check out the FAQs!

[Leto's Premium Guide]
[LeenaLu's Premium Guide]
[Flosset's Premium Guide]

Premium Invites

Below is a list of players who would be more than happy to send you an invite if you wish to give premium a trial.


Premium Member Pages

The pages listed here are various pages designed for use by Premium Memebers. If you are not a Premium Member you can still look at them-they are made by normal players after all-but you are unlikely to be allowed to be added to them.

[Premium Pet Trades]
[Charter Clothing Exchange Wishlist]
[Charter Clothing Exchange List]
[Charter Mass Collectors]

Quest Guides

The Faeries of Neopia have decided to award the most adventurous and courageous pets with special gifts. If you think your pet is up to one of their challenges, then it may well be granted extra experience, strength, health, immense riches, or even a stash of rare items. All you need to do is complete their challenge. Each one requires a certain item which you must find and then return to them in order to complete your quest. On completion of your Quest, the Faerie will decide which of your pets is worthy of her reward. The Main Quest page can be found here

[Marchegai's Quest Guide]
[Electrisitee's Quest Guide]
[Quest Meter]

Also you can sign up to do Some Quests from other Faeries. Here are some guides to their quests:

[Dark Faerie Quest Items]


Please note that every player is subject to the official rules of this site. When you joined neopets, you agreed to follow the Terms and Conditions. Ignorence of the rules is not a valid excuse for breaking them. If you are unfamiliar with Neopet's Rules please become familiar with them before you do anything else on the site.

[Neo's Chat Rules]
[Terms and Conditions]
[T&C's FAQs]
[Wall of Shame]
[Neo's Safety Tips]

Rule pages made by Neopians:
[Eldrakkyn's Rules Guide]
[7777_wings's Dont Feed the n00bs]
[ipokepeople's The Duped Items Incedent]
[locked_topic's Locked Topics]
[NoYouWereNotHacked's You were not hacked]
[Akaunts's Account Rules]


Tarla Is a little red ixi who randomly gives things out to players who have downloaded the neopets toolbar. For more information on Tarla and her prizes, see below.

[Tarla, Neopets Toolbar & Alert button Info]
[Xoe676's Toolbar Guide]


Neopets changed the look of the old-style pets to allow the dressing of Neopets, or Customization.

Unconverted Pet FAQs
[Koneko's UC Pets FAQ]
[Raz's Guide to UC pets]

UC Pet Directories:
[Grandfathered Pets]
[Grandfathered-Directory and Guide]
[Porkifishy's UC Directory]
[UC Pet Directory]
[Basic UC Pet List]

Converted Pet Images:
[ Jauzlin 's Converted Pet Images-Species]
[Converted Pet Emotion Faces]
[Shieboo's Converted Pet Images-Color]

Hita's Toy box

Hita has a big head and thinks he is so very handsome. With some reason, sadly.

Don't encourage him people!

Hitakae by Merlynshade

Steal any of the images below and face my wrath. They are my personal work.

Hitakae by Others

FanArt by talented people!

Collected Adoptables




6/24/09: Total Layout Overhaul-Hope you like!

2/13/09: Complete layout overhaul. Hope you like the new look!

12/28/08: Major Update-Added over 120 links.

9/25/08: Latest Major Update. Added more sections, Main a main Premium section, added at least 40 pages.

4/12/08: Consolidated some sections, added lab logs, screenies and more. Added new pages, removed old ones. Now up to 360 pages listed total. I want another 140 at least! XD

12/4/07: Wow! The major update is finished! Designing, coding and researching for this page took over 18 hours in total. Hope you appreciate the hard work!


HTML work done by merlynshade.

A huge thanks to Terrafria for making a button for this page when I was too dazed from coding to do so!

Also a MAJOR thanks to naughtyweniwanab for helping me out when I lost a week's worth of material to a stupid user error on my part.

Big thanks also to courtjestmai1 for providing me with a mind boggeling amount of links!

A big thanks to those players who helped me find these FAQs!
The memebers of Tribe 4.2 in Premium Surivor!

**Please note that the petpages are listed in order that they were added, nothing more.

If you wish to know more about Merlynshade and her pets and petpages, go here. Thanks again for stopping by!


I take credit for anything that I have written on my petpages (Hitakae, and Xanjie). I do not take credit for anything that others have written. On all of my pages I follow the Terms and Conditions and NeoRules to the best of my ability. On my pages I try to link to only petpages that follow this policy. Please if a link here leads you to a petpage that breaks the rules in anyway, please report that petpage and neomail me and alert me of its presence on my pages. Please include the petpage url and which petpage of mine I have the link on. Hopefully there will be no need for this.

Please be sure to follow the Neopet Rules And keep in mind that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

~Merlynshade V.


Link Back?

Thank you crazy_holly_ii!

Thank you crazy_holly_ii!


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