***Rules and Stuff.. :3***
1. Screenie Ideas... I dont steal yours, so dont steal mine :3
2. All these neopets I draw belong to ME unless otherwise stated. If they are not on this account, they are on a side. :3 Adoptables are at the bottom of the page!!
Newer screenies are at the bottom!! PLEASE look at ALL of them before rating. The top ones were done with a keypad on my laptos xD

*NEWS* I will be uploading about five more screenies next week. Sorry I haven't gotten new ones up in like- AGES.. I also have to say that I am NOT doing screenies adoptables anymore!! ...APRIL FOOLS xD (ok that was stupid lol)


Link Back!

Hisakii says that you must click this button, after all, youve already rolled your mouse over it anyways! X3

Something Has Happened!!!
Hisakii jumps up and down in front of you saying Visit my screenies!! They have adoptables!!


I got my screenie adoptable from HIsakii's petpage! Click here to get your own!

I got my screenie adoptable from Hisakii's petpage! Click here to get your own!