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Even a man
Who's pure at heart
And says his prayers by night
Fears, the changing foot prints
On the night
When the wolfs bane blooms
Under the bright beams
Of a full moons light.

Hello, my name is Hikaru Luna, and well I am moms first pet. Sounds crazy right? Now mom isn't one to play favorites but I think I am the one. Don't tell Soul that she might blow up my room On this page you can find some information about me, and of course what good is a petpage without some custom lupe adoptables. Just remember to follow the rules around here and behave. Thanks.

Name: Hikaru Luna
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 Lbs
Species: Wolf
Eye color: Blue
Power: Earth
Preference: Girls
Relationship: None

I really don't have a special story, ever since mom created me I was a werelupe and have lived in her house in the haunted woods ever since. I think I am the one with the least problems in the house, which is sad considering all the things people say about werelupes. What else can you expect though? Mom adopted my brother and sisters from bad situations, and well, we don't care about their little problems. Its a nice, slightly insane, home. Oh mom loves to chat with people and rp so just drop a neomail her way, she doesn't bite. She may bite if you ask for an art request though because she 'doesn't roll that way'. Mom is rather strange.

This is me with my petpet Jax, he thinks he is much bigger than he really is. Jax tends to attack people at random, but don't worry all he does is make a lot of noise and cling to your head for a little while. DanDan teeth aren't all that sharp.

Well I guess the popular thing to do anymore is to have likes and dislikes...so here they are.

* Halloween
* Strange Wardrobes
* Reading

* Drama
* Fangirls
* Haters
* Reality T.V.
* The color pink

Thank you so much for stopping by my page! I am glad you were at least a little interested in boring ol' me. Oh! If you are a furry, or just enjoy a good anthro roleplay you should check out my moms brand new guild Straight Jacket Society

Welcome to the custom area, just follow the rules below and fill out the right forms and you shall be set. Stealing is not tolerated around here.

Adoptable Rules:
1. Do not alter or redistribute.
2. Do not claim as your own.
3. Do not remove my name.
4. Do not take someone else's adoptable.
See those are simple enough right? If you do not follow these rules mom will report you immediately and make sure that your account is frozen forever!

Hikaru Reference

Requests: CLOSED
Trades: CLOSED

Just fill out this form:
1. Color of hat
2. Color of hat band
3. Color of star.
4. Reference picture is required.*
*If you do not have a reference picture I will not make you a adoptable*

If the image is shrunken down that means it is taken

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