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Under Construction. :)


About Delta
Name: Delta
Age: 18
Country: Australia

Real Life

Likes: Drawing, the beach, snow, birds, simple pretty things like bells, ribbons and feathers. : )
Dislikes: Anime, country music, people who kill spiders because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. : (
About real life Delta: I'm a high school student living in South Australia. I'm completing my high school education at University. I love drawing in my spare time and I use a tablet along with programs like Macromedia Flash and Adobe Photoshop. I spend a lot of time with my pets, especially my birds. I own an aviary and have 4 cockatiels, one of which were born in the aviary. Come October I'll begin breeding them again!


Years active on neopets: 8. My grandfathered side account was created on May 17, 2001.
Likes: Cybunnies and Ixis, Grey and Faerie pets before they were converted, the Ice Crystals shop.
Dislikes: Krawks of any colour and name, spotted pets, restocking, the way a lot of pet traders treat pets as if they were currency.

My Accounts
Note: Due to the questionable nature of one of my usernames, I cannot post the full name. The word is censored from Petpages, unfortunately. Sorry for any inconvenience.

This account is my main and has been since my old main's name was grandfathered. (More on that later.) I have the Lab Ray on this account.

This account was my main up until having the certain word in your name was considered taboo. ; ) The name is 'grandfathered' in, which means I'm allowed to have it because I made it before the current rules were in place. It was a joke, my name is not even Ann. I still chat on this account, however I moved to a new main to stem the flow of 'Your username is inappropriate!' neomails.

This is a fairly new account made simply for keeping pets.

A new account, made for the same reason as Dahred

I made this side account in 2004 and forgot about it! I found it a year ago, and was quite pleased with the convenience! : )

Thanks for reading. : )