A Tale of Four Faeries

In ancient times, there existed four powerful faeries who controlled the seasons. Their names were Summer, Autumn, Spring, and Winter. The faeries split up the year into four equal parts so each could share their unique gifts with the world. To help them, each faerie began training an elite group of mages to master their magic and bring in the seasons each year.

But not all was well.

While Summer, Spring, and Autumn were adored and relished, the people began to hate Winter because of the cold, sickness, and death she brought. As war loomed on the horizon, the faeries' mistrust and envy of each other acclimated. In the end, all four fought for power, destroying the delicate balance of nature and throwing the world into chaos.

When the mages realized what was happening, they rebelled against the faeries and put them into an enchanted sleep. The took the duties of bringing the seasons upon themselves and vowed never to put the world in jeopardy again.

Years passed. The mages worked to bring in the seasons, passing their knowledge along to their children. But it is said that history repeats itself. Today, hostility has arisen towards the Winter Mages, who are seen as bearers of cold, foul weather, sickness, and death. A group of mages has arisen, the Antihiems, who wish to destroy winter forever. But winter is important to life. Without it, there can be no renewal. Without it, the other seasons would mean nothing.

I am Hibernus, loyal servant of Winter. Long have we been hunted. So few of us remain. But the Winter Mages must survive, or the world as we know it will cease to exist.

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The Winter Mage

Basic Information

Name: Hibernus

Nickname: Bern

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Wocky

Color: Royal

Fur: Slate grey

Markings: White around eyes and back paws, white stripes on tail, black tufts on tips of ears

Eyes: Bright turquoise

Weight: 165lbs

Height: 5 feet, 10 inches


Level: 4

Strength: 10

Defense: 8

Health: 9

Movement: 9

Intelligence: 12


Bern has had a relatively normal, happy childhood until the acts of the Antihiems tore that away from him. He has aged a lot in the past few months. He is not very good at concealing his emotions. He's somewhat socially awkward, having had few good friends as a child. He's quiet, attentive, and very smart - but he's still learning how to apply his knowledge in real life. Although he is techically an adult, he still looks up to others for guidance. He needs to have someone to lean on and depend on. Despite this, he has a hard time making friends. Once he has befriended someone, however, he becomes fiercely protective and will fight to keep them safe.

  • Snow
  • Ice
  • The Cold
  • The color blue
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Practicing magic
  • Spending time with his family
  • Exploring
  • Reading
  • Playing pretend
  • Daydreaming
  • Seeing new things
  • Traitors
  • The Antihiems
  • Feeling trapped
  • The dark
  • Stereotypical people
  • Feeling alone
  • Heights
  • Extreme heat
  • Losing
  • Showing weakness
  • Being looked down upon
  • Not knowing what the future holds
  • Brief History

    Hibernus is a Winter Mage, one of four groups of elite mages whose task is to bring in the seasons. After many years of peace, hostility arose toward the Winter Mages, who were wrongfully accused as being bearers of cold, sickness, and death. A group of mages called the Antihiems rose up against them, seeking to eliminate winter by destroying the Winter Mages-blocked-ed by Dairyn Crawford, an airship officer, Bern journeys toward Terror Mountain in hopes of finding a way to save winter.

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    Bern's Family and Friends

    Hello! This is Bern speaking. As a Winter Mage, I've met lots of interesting people. A few in particular have had big influences on my life. Let me tell you a little about them.


    Dairyn Crawford is an officer on board the Aeronaut Celestium. I met her when my father and I stowed away to escape the pursuing Antihiems. She saved my life when the Antihiems attacked the airship, but when we escaped, we found ourselves stranded in the middle of the wilderness with no way to return.
    Dair has proved an irreplaceable friend for me. She refuses to let anyone boss her around, and she even loathes to accept help. But somehow we've learned to work as a team.
    Dair has promised to help me defend winter, but I can see she misses being onboard the Aeronaut Celestium. Flying is a dream of hers. She belongs at home, in the sky. I'll help her return once this is all over.


    Glacialis, sometimes known as "The Hailstorm", is my father and one of the most experienced Winter Mages. I learned how to channel my powers from him. He homeschooled me and, from early on, taught me everything there is to know about magic. I remember training with him, leaning how to conjure snow and ice, harness the cold, and summon the powers of the North Wind. When he took me to my first Winter Bringing - a gathering where us Winter Mages use our powers to end autumn and begin winter, I was awestruck by the wonder of our secret world.
    Then our lives changed when the other mages turned against us. We were forced to flee. Father led me to safety, and never once did I doubt his judgement. When the Antihiems captured him, I felt lost and alone, unsure of where to go or what to do.
    I know one thing for certain: I have to find him. And I will.


    Nix is my mother. She's unusual, for she was not born a Winter Mage. When she met my father, he taught her about our world and trained her to become one of us. She learned easily, for wielding magic seemed to come naturally to her. When I was little, she used to tell me stories, legends about the ancient faeries, monsters, and heroes. I used to wish I could be a hero, wonder what it'd be like to save lives and defend the innocent.
    But in the end, I wasn't the hero - she was. I should have been there to help. I should have battled at her side.
    I miss her dearly, but I will try to make her proud.


    That's his full name, but he sometimes goes by "North". Aquilo is my uncle and godfather - the brother of my father. Every family has that one crazy individual who manages to make a farce out of every occasion - and Aquilo is ours. He's wild, reckless, and rebellious. Some think his brain is a bit addled, tainted by an unnatural love for trouble. Me? I think he's brilliant. In addition to livening up every family get-together, he's witty and far smarter than he lets on. I've seen him use magic. Few can compare with his skill. I've seen him angry too, and it's positively frightening.
    I haven't seen or heard from him lately, but if anyone can escape the Antihiems, it's him. When I make it to Terror Mountain with Dairyn, I hope to find him there. I know he'll help me rescue my father.


    Caleo is my friend. Or, at least, he used to be.
    We grew up together, Caleo and I. He was a Summer Mage. We met during the yearly Mage Counsel and became fast friends ever since. We practiced magic together, played together, and shared secrets with each other. We were brothers in all but blood.
    When hostility began to arise between Winter Mages and the others, our friendship fell apart somewhat. Seeing each other became difficult, but we tried to keep in contact.
    Dark thoughts have arisen. No, I cannot believe them. Caleo couldn't have betrayed us. He couldn't be one of them. Could he? No. I have to believe he is still my friend.
    But in light of recent events, I no longer know what to believe.

    The Frost Dragon

    They say Frost Dragons are the servants of Winter herself. I don't know if that's true or not, but this one certainly seems to like me. It found Dairyn and I while on our way to Terror Mountain and started following us. I don't know why, for it has kept silent all this time. Perhaps soon I'll find out its intent.

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    Hibernus's Journey to Terror Mountain

    Chapter One: Aeronaut Celestium

    The airship blotted out half the sky, its motors roaring and lights blinking like stars. Through the purple hues of twilight, I could just make out the name painted on her side in shiny, gold letters: Aeronaut Celestium.

    Beside me, my father crouched low, his ears pricked and alert. I could see tension in his face, pain etched into the contours of his jaw. Our recent battle with the Antiheims had taken its toll on his strength.

    Our eyes met, and it didn't take words for me to know what he was thinking. We'd better keep moving.

    I turned by attention back to the airship again. Her bow was pointed north - bound for Terror Mountain, I hoped. She was stopped to refuel, probably. From our position at the edge of the landing field, I could just barely make out crewmen running about the ground, dwarfed in comparison to the Aeronaut Celestium above.

    My father laid a hand on my shoulder. We have to get on board, he said.

    I stared at him. You mean, stow away?

    Yes. But we must act now, or else we'll be out of time. He pointed. See the cargo hatch? It's open. When I give the signal, we'll make a run for it.

    But what about the crew? Won't they see us?

    They won't. Trust me.

    I wet my lips and nodded. It sounded like dad had a trick up his sleeve. As usual. So, when he waved his arm, I bolted toward the airship without a second throught.

    The moment my boot touched the landing field, a gust of cold wind knifed through my back. A second later, the world turned white. Millions of tiny flakes, borne by the gust, swirled around me and engulfed the Aeronaut Celestium. I heard the crewmen give shouts of alarm, their voices muffled by the curtain of snow.

    My stride never faltered. The crewmen, I knew, would not be able to see in this squall. But I could. It was part of being a Winter Mage.

    Hopefully the Antiheims would remain ignorant of the freak snowstorm my father was conjuring.

    With the crewmen stumbling about, confused, slipping past them was easy. As I pulled myself into the cargo hold, the white turned to darkness. My eyes adjusted, taking in the sight of boxes and crates stacked neatly throughout. A moment later, my father climbed up next to me. The two of us retreated to the shadowy corners of the room and watched as the snowstorm outside faded.

    For a moment, we sat listening to the baffled crewmen. Holding perfectly still, we dared not breathe - until they apparently dismissed the issue. The hatch slid shut, enclosing us in blackness.

    We waited. The floor beneath us carried the tremors of the rumbling motors. I flinched whenever I heard footsteps thump across the ceiling over my head. I dug my nails into my palm, anxious for the airship to take off before they found us.

    It seemed like a lifetime before the engines finally gave a violent roar and the ground lurched beneath us. And, just like that, the great ship was airborne.

    My father's face appeared in front of me. Tendrils of Winter Magic swirled about his hand, bathing us both in an icy blue glow.

    What now? I asked.

    Terror Mountain, he replied. Land of Endless Winter. Those of us who escape will be gathering there.

    Those of us who escape. Those words hit me like a physical pain. How had it come to this? They had given us no warning - and now we were on the run.

    But there was no time for tears. We had to get to Terror Mountain before the Antihiems found us.

    Chapter Two: Stowaways

    Hiding in a cargo bay has its positives. We were rarely disturbed by the crewmen and easily able to hide on those rare occasions when they ventured below to fetch something from their stores. For many days, our presence remained undetected.

    Unfortunately, we were quick to discover that "cargo" and "food" are two separate categories. For, though we searched, we could find no trace of it anywhere.

    Weakened by thirst and driven by starvation, we were forced to consider sneaking above in search of something to eat.

    My father planned to make the trip himself, but I vouched to take his place. He was still weak from our battle, and I feared stealth would abandon him in his condition.

    So, before I had the chance to reconsider, I was creeping up the staircase, flexing my fingers around the cold doorknob, and slipping quietly into the hallway beyond.

    All was quiet, and the dimly lit corridor told me night had fallen. As I crept along, I took note of the fanciful decor, the bright, shining floor and pristine walls. This was no ordinary cargo ship. I could tell right away that she was made to entertain. The shining jewel of Neopia's airfleet.

    The first floor of rooms proved to be full of sleeping crew members. But where there were people, I knew there had to be food somewhere nearby. A flight of stairs took me to the floor above. It looked much like the first. Quiet snores emanated from the rooms surrounding me.

    I should have turned back, but hunger has a way of driving one to do irrational things. Instead, I continued on, weaving through corridors, ducking in and out of rooms until the darkness and daunting environment drove me to become hopelessly lost.

    Here, I made my second mistake: I panicked. My footfalls, carelessly placed, echoed through the narrow hall. They sounded like drumbeats, and with them my heart raced as I desperately tried to orient myself, locate the kitchen and return to my place of refuge before -

    What are you doing here?

    I stiffened. The voice came from behind, suddenly and void of sympathy. I knew I should spin around and attack with magic - now, before they alerted the whole ship. A flick of my wrist was all it would take to knock the speaker out cold - literally.

    With a resolved mind I flexed my fingers, took a deep breath, and turned...

    ...and found myself staring into the bright orange eyes of an island xweetok - a teenage girl dressed in the brown and gold uniform of an airship crewmember.

    She caught me off guard. I hesitated one moment too long, and by the time I readied my hand, she was glaring at me with an alert whistle an inch from her lips.

    My arm went slack. No, please, I choked. Don't.

    Those fiery eyes glared back at me through the darkness. Why shouldn't I? she hissed. Intruder! Stowaway. You're in violation of Neopia Air Travel Ethical Code #17.

    I know. I'm sorry. I'll find some way to repay you, but -

    It's too late for that! She pressed the whistle to her lips.

    My voice came out as a shout. No! If they find out we're here, they'll... As I waved my hand, the Winter Magic came out unbidden, wrapping my fingers in glowing blue tendrils.

    The xweetok's whistle dropped from her mouth as the light washed over her. Squinting, she stared, shocked. W-Who are you?

    Before I could explain, I heard a muffled voice come from a nearby door. My desperate shout must have awoken whoever lay inside. I let my magic dissipate and prepared to run.

    Mumbling something angrily to herself, the xweetok reached out and grabbed my hand. This way, she hissed, whisking me away down the hall.

    Chapter Three: Dairyn Crawford

    The xweetok took me to her room, up a floor and down the hall from where she found me. She said nothing along the way, but when she shoved me inside and made sure the door was securely locked, she rounded on me.

    All right, she said, crossing her arms. Start explaining. Who are you? And who's after you?

    I stared blankly at her for a moment, unsure of where to begin - or even if I was allowed to begin. Disclosing such information to a stranger was dangerous. The presence of us mages has remained secret for centuries. My father would not approve.

    Can you promise keep a secret? I ventured.

    To my dismay, she shook her head. I'm already violating Neopia Air Travel Ethical Code #39 by withholding you from my superiors. And if you don't give me a good reason, believe me, I will turn you right in.

    I sighed, afraid it might come to this. I really didn't have much of a choice.

    So I told her. I told her everything. How four powerful faeries in the days of old controlled the seasons. How these faeries passed on their knowledge to an elite group of mages. How these mages sealed them away after their feud threatened to destroy the world, and how the mages took charge of the seasons ever since. How I, Hibernus, was one of them.

    I also told her why I was running. I told her about the Antihiems, how they twisted the minds of the other mages to make them believe we were evil. How Winter Mages have been hunted down. How we were on the run.

    Now, we're trying to get to Terror Mountain, I finished. That's where your ship is headed, isn't it? If you don't tell anyone we're here, my father and I will just slip away when you land - no one will ever know. And we'll never bother you again, I promise.

    For a moment, she was silent, clearly still mulling over my words. I swallowed hard. She didn't believe me. I knew it. Now what was I going to do?

    Then, to my great surprise, her eyes softened and she nodded. I...I guess it wouldn't hurt. As long as you stay out of sight and don't bother anybody.

    I sighed. Thank you. How can I possibly -

    But don't you dare tell anyone I said that, she added, the fire returning to her eyes. I'm an officer. I have a reputation to uphold.

    Of course not. My smile morphed into a painful grimace when my stomach interrupted the silence with a mournful plea.

    The sound did not go unnoticed by the xweetok. Something seemed to click within her mind. So that's why you're up here.

    I nodded, feeling my cheeks redden.

    Wait here. I'll be right back. She must have seen alarm flash in my eyes, for she laughed. Relax. I'm just going to find you something to eat, okay? Crossing the room, she laid a hand on the doorknob.

    A sudden thought struck me. Wait! I...I never got your name.

    She turned back and gave me a polite nod. Captain Dairyn Crawford, she said.

    I watched as the tip of her tail disappeared through the open doorway. The lock clicked. In her absence, the room seemed oddly quiet. My eyes drifted to the -blocked- As I watched wisps of cloud drifting through the night, I wondered if perhaps I had found a new ally.

    Captain Dairyn Crawford.

    Chapter Four: Escape

    The words to chapter four have not yet been written.

    However, this chapter IS available in the form a comic!

    Please scroll down to view it.

    ***ARTIST'S NOTE***
    Hibernus had a slightly different design when I drew him in this comic. He had shorter ears, while his father Glacialis had longer ears. Which is why his ears are short in the comic. Sorry for the confusion. ^^
    Old art is old. From 2011. xD

    This might take a bit to load...sorry about that! It's worth your patience, though! :)

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