Welcome guest to my screenies page! I usually won't take screenshots of chat boards.. but if there's a really funny or interesting one.. my finger might just slip on the PrtSc button =P

Feel free to neomail me and enjoy!

oh my gosh I didn't get hit with arrows :o

:o haaa sloth thinks i'm worthy B-)

i love nps. even it's only 50nps

i like this petpet! :))


yeah i know it's not the biggest price difference, but it's my first so far. 0:-)

yes i drew that, it's my gnorbu. it was inspired from neopets' drawings. don't copy/take. it's my attempt/shot at the random contest picture perfect. :)

oh my gosh! :o i still can't believe it :D

you know the altador plot? and how at one point the mean old quiggle teaches you how to juggle? well the picture before this he was mad and serious and look at this pic :D.. yes, *i* find it funny :):)

i love fan mail, makes me feel loved :D and skilled lol