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Diabolical Box Requests

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Neo-related Stories: 4

Undercover Reviews / August 2013


You heard from a friend about a top-secret agency nestled deep in Neopia. A tall grand building towers over you as you double-check the address with a frown. Slowly, you approach the door and open it but no one other than darkness greets you. Just as you were about to turn around, a door on your left caught your attention and you open it instinctively. After galloping down three flights of stairs, another door blocks your path as well as a sign saying Undercover. Now curious, you push open the door and come upon a smiling girl. She greets you with a nod and says: welcome to Undercover Reviews.


If you want to have your guild reviewed, you first have to look through and agree with a few rules, Anna explains to you as she hands you a thin-looking handbook. You look at her incredulously and she smiles. Don't worry, it's not a lot. Please read through them thoroughly!

At the bottom of the rules page

You carefully read through the rules and nod as a sign of understanding. Anna puts the book away happily. Now that you've understood them, make your way to the review types and choose the rubric right for you!

Scope Review

Have you ever just wanted a quick review for the main points of your guild? Anna asks you. You tap your chin to think. The scope review is perfect for you, then. A quick and easy check over your guild's website and guild front- there's nothing else to it!

Microscope Review

You ask if there are a more in-depth version of the scope review and Anna says yes. If that's the case, then the microscope review is perfect. I'll look over your website, portal and two other pages of your liking. That's a great addition, isn't it?

Infiltrator Review

If an examination of your guild pages isn't enough, I'm more than happy to go undercover and take a look at the guild. Anna winks at you when you stare at her speechless. It'll only be for two days. You'll never know I was even there.

Secret Agent Review

Us secret agents must remain undetected when doing our work and if you need our services for a longer while, then I can play my role of secret agent with ease, Anna explains. This is for older guilds though so read through the requirements carefully!

Current Staff

As you walk down a hallway, you bump into someone who looks up at you with surprise. It quickly fades as she steps back. Oh, hello. I'm known as Overlord Pony and I work here. What's with that confused look? Of course there are other agents working here but not everyone can join us. We're a top-secret agency but we'd love for you to apply if you fulfill our requirements! She leads you to the other agents and introduces you to them one by one.

Apply for Staff

If you'd like to work with us, please do. We'd love to have new agents working among us, Overlord Pony tells you. Read through our requirements and if you meet every single one of them, send your application to Anna. She'd love to have you as well!


At long last, you complete your tour of the agency. Don't leave empty-handed, though! Anna insists. Take a button and spread the word or maybe look at our affiliates and listers or comments from our clients. Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed Undercover Reviews!

Tsunami / December 2013

Version 1:

A light snowfall drifts from the darkening sky, blanketing everything visible. Hills of snow were beginning to form and Alice looks up from her drawing pad, a swift movement catching her eye. A Polarchuck jumps in front of her window and she jumps in surprise, watching it scramble away. Hey! she exclaims. Where are you going? To discover the answer, she runs after it.

Version 2:

Underneath a light snowfall, Alice continues her walk through the town, admiring the different shops and decorations. She hears footsteps around her and looks down, seeing a Polarchuck standing in front of her. They stare at each other for a few seconds and then it scrambles off. Hey! Alice exclaims. Where are you going? without a moment to lose, she runs after it.

Smile / January 2014


A bustling street lined with dozens of shops greet you as well as pets jostling you from both sides. You try to shoulder your way through the street to safety but end up finding safety in front of a store. Want to list your store? the sign read. Come on in to Smile Shop Directory! You enter the store and see two girls behind the counter smiling at you. Happily, they introduce themselves as Abbie and Hanna and give you a warm welcome.


Abbie and Hanna take turns explaining the perks to listing your shop in their directory and you decide it's best to do so. They hand you a book that says Rules/ Guidelines on it and ask you to read them. You flip open the book to the first page.


After reading the rules, you nod and agree to the guidelines. Excitedly, Hanna hands you different pieces of paper and you scan them quickly to see which one is right for you...

Recommended Malls

You notice an area that is reserved on the wall. Abbie explains it is where recommended malls are displayed for everyone to see. The requirements are easy to meet but only a few can be recommended! You hope your shop can meet the requirements in the future.

Shop of the Month

Beside the recommended malls display you see the shop of the month. Hanna begins to chat excitedly about them and you become curious as to how it can be achieved...


Finally, it is time for you to leave. Abbie hands you a huge basket filled with goodies and smiles. Come again! she says happily as you exit the store. You stand outside in front of the door and begin to look through the basket...

Chimerrie / January 2014

Version 1

Walking down the streets of Neopia Central, you can't help but notice a crowd gathering in front of one particular shop. Pets walk passed you holding bags and chatting with one another excitedly, their words catching your attention. You start walking toward the crowd and manage to fight your way through. At the front of the shop is a girl, whose broad smile catches your attention. She catches your eye and gives you a warm welcome. Welcome to Chimerrie, your customization headquarters!

Version 2

Dressing up for a party would've been easy, but only if you knew what to wear! You find yourself running around town in hopes of finding clothes for the perfect outfit for you and your pets but none have stuck out so far. As you walk down the street, two pets pass you, both of them speaking about a new shop offering customizations. Curious, you continue walking and notice a new shop and enter it. Greeting you is a girl, whose broad smile is warm and welcome. Her voice is friendly when she says, Welcome to Chimerrie, your customization headquarters!

Version 3

In hopes of finding new outfits for you and your pets, you walk down the streets of Neopia Central. A large crowd had gathered in front of a particular shop and you notice pets walking passed you with bags in their paws and smiles broad as they spoke about a new customization shop. Curious, you walk toward the crowd and fight your way through. At the front of the shop is a girl, whose broad smile is warm and welcome. She catches your eye and gives you a warm welcome. Welcome to Chimerrie, your customization headquarters!

Wishes and Dreams / May 2014

Version 1

The endless blue sky was filled with fluffy white clouds, strong enough for someone to step on them or to sleep on them. Megan sits on her cloud as it drifts away, drowsiness beginning to set in. Before she could fall asleep, her sister Melody joined her by jumping on her cloud! Sharing a laugh, the sisters sat back down on the cloud, enjoying the view together.

Version 2

Fluffy white clouds filled the endless blue sky, inviting everyone to fall asleep on them. Megan took the invitation and jumped on a soft cloud, watching it drift away higher and higher in the sky. She noticed her sister Melody on another cloud not too far from her and jumped onto it to join her. They shared a laugh and the sisters sat back down to enjoy the view together.

Version 3

Stretching endlessly above everyone's head was a blue sky filled with white clouds. Many people were jumping and sleeping on them, Megan included. She wandered over the clouds, jumping from one to another easily, finding her sister Melody along the way. They decided to explore together and they began jumping around to enjoy the view together.

A Snow Queen's Tale- December 2013

Rita had found her beloved Ziori at the Adoption Center as a young Kyrii, closed off from the rest of Neopia. There were two reasons why she adopted her: one was because it was the wish from a friend and the other was because of Ziori's story.

I didn't adopt you by chance, she told Ziori one snowy evening. A friend of mine asked me to. She's not just any friend- she's your mother.

Ziori stared at her with astonished eyes. Really? Then why was I adopted you?

You were born and raised in the Snow Palace, hidden in Terror Mountain. You were supposed to be named the Snow Queen but then the Snow Palace became frozen in a huge block of ice. Your mother managed to flee safely with you and she left you at the Adoption Center so she could restore the palace. Unfortunately, it couldn't be saved but the spirit of it will always live, so long you're here. Rita took out a box from beneath her chair. Your mother told me if you want to become the Snow Queen, all I have to do is paint you.

Rita opened the box and showed it to Ziori. It was a Royal Paint Brush, to truly allow her to live up to her title of Snow Queen. Ziori vowed at that moment to never disappoint her owner of her mother and to always make them proud.

Fearless Friendship- January 2014

A sunny morning greeted Lornea as she and her siblings made their way to school through the tropical pathways laid out on Mystery Island. Her footsteps made distinct shapes in the sand while walking passed the beach, greeting several of her classmates along the way but none of them responded to her. Much time has passed since her arrival at the school and yet every pet was still frightened of her. Lornea could cope with that but she couldn't help but wish for a friend.

Her siblings said good-bye to her as they reached the schoolyard. Various pets of all species and colors were running rampant in the yard, waiting for the bell to ring so class could begin. Once Lornea entered the yard, all eyes were focused on her. She was out of place, being as large as a Mutant Grundo was, but she simply swept the crowd with a friendly look. Good morning, she said to them. The pets began to slowly move away from her and resumed their usual chatter, leaving a clear path for her to the doorway of the school. This was a regular routine for her so she walked toward it, ready for what the day will bring.

Before she could open the door, a shove unbalanced her but she caught herself in time to see Danny the Yellow Grarrl standing behind her. She was taller than him so his intimidating gaze didn't faze her at all- in fact, he had to look up to meet her. Lornea picked up the book that fell from her paws, politely saying to Danny, Good morning.

Shouldn't you be in Kreludor by now? Isn't Dr. Sloth waiting for you to obey him? a taunt was in Danny's voice. This was a regular routine too. No one asked you to be here, big guy.

Lornea shrugged. I live here with my family. We like it here. If you don't mind, Danny, I'm trying to get to class.

I know that. Danny sounded bored. But I wanted to bother you, you know? I just wanted to say how big you were and that you barely fit through the doorway that your brothers had to push you through-

Danny- Lornea was cut off. Since she was tall, she had a clear view of the entire schoolyard and she could clearly see a Brown Ogrin- a short one, to be honest- and Danny's friends, Buzz, who was a Blue Buzz, and Blue, an Orange Lenny. The Ogrin was new to Lornea, which meant he was new to the school and apparently, he was being picked on. She brushed past Danny to approach them.

I bet he'd need help trying to get cookies from the cookie jar, Lornea could hear Buzz's teasing voice clearly as she walked nearer. He's too short to even reach it.

Blue was laughing. It's probably true, isn't it, shorty?

The Ogrin opened his mouth to reply but Lornea cut him off. She stood up straight and halted beside him, glaring at Buzz and Blue. You two shouldn't tease someone who is new, she said sternly. Go away. Picking on other pets won't help anyone.

Before either of them could reply, the bell rang, signaling the beginning of the school day. Buzz glared at Lornea. You got lucky this time but don't think this is the end of this. He and Blue began to walk away, joining Danny on the way into the school.

The Ogrin avoided her eye when Lornea looked down at him. He was really short- shorter than Ogrin standards. She pushed aside his height and gently asked, Are you okay?

He looked up at her somewhat fearfully. W-why w-would you say that? A-aren't you going to e-eat me?

Lornea had received this type of reaction before. She was unfazed by it. I know I look scary because I'm big- a big Mutant Grundo, but I really mean it. Those pets- they bully me all the time.

Really? the Orgin's shoulders began to relax slightly.

Really. But I ignore them and move on. Lornea shrugged. Pets should never get picked on but those bullies don't know any better and it won't do anything if we fight back. All we can do is work together. Don't you think so?

Y-yes. I think so. The Ogrin let out a breath. I got bullied a lot too at my old school because I'm short, so I guess we have something in common.

Lornea smiled. We do. What's your name?

Oh! I'm Wyatt. He stuck out his paw and tilted his head back to look at her. I hope we can be friends. We can show those bullies they don't own us.

I couldn't agree more, Wyatt. Lornea wrapped her paw around his and shook it twice. I couldn't agree more. Walking side by side, they entered the school building. One was a tall, huge Mutant Grundo and the other was a timid and short Ogrin. It would be an interesting friendship, Lornea reflected, but a friendship regardless. That was all that mattered.

News From Beyond

The moment Boulevardier and Boardwalk stepped out from their spaceship and onto the Supply Deck of the Virtupets Space Station, she knew trouble was afoot. No matter where they went for vacation, their senses were attuned to any news that may be lingering around them.

This time, it was Boulevardier who caught the air of a potential scoop in the midst. Are the Fuzzles even allowed to be out and about here? she pointed to a group of Fuzzles bouncing down the hallway in front of them. No one seemed to be stopping them at all.

Boardwalk let out a yawn, drowsy from their flight up to the space station. Why can't be go on a real vacation? It's always one scoop after another.

At least Hoofing It Quarterly will be able to publish something this time, Boulevardier told him. She began to follow the Fuzzles. Let's go!

Without complaint, Boardwalk followed his companion, struggling to reach for his camera. He was capable of taking photos anywhere, no matter what the situation was. Together, they watched the Fuzzles march forward to the Robo-Petpet Shop, freeing them from their display cages. Its shopkeeper was nowhere to be seen.

Boulevardier nudged Boardwalk forward. Go ask them what they're doing and where everyone else is. There were no other Grundos in sight, other than the two of them. It was definitely suspicious.

Nodding, Boardwalk bounded over to them. The multi-colored Fuzzles were mingling among the various Petpets assembled, their voices and cries mingling together. Boardwalk tapped on a blue Fuzzle. Excuse me! We're visitors here, Boulevardier and I. Do you know what's happening?

The blue Fuzzle stared at Boardwalk as if he was the most fascinating Petpet on Neopia. You'll do! he exclaimed. He began shoving the Polarchuck in the opposite direction. Come on, let's go!

H-hey! Wait! Boulevardier! Boardwalk cried aloud as he became swarmed by the other space Petpets and Fuzzles. They marched passed Boulevardier and she watched them go with mild amusement. She could never lose sight of her beloved Petpet so she followed the crowd. She questioned the Avabot and red Fuzzle near the end of the group.

Where are you going? Do you know where the other pets who work here are? she asked them.

The Avabot sounded excited. We're gonna solve the mystery behind the Lever of Doom!

Yeah! And everyone else is gone because they're trying to solve it too! the red Fuzzle added.

Boulevardier knew what they were talking about. The Lever of Doom was a nonsense sort of thing where Neopians lost millions of Neopoints over to claim a silly avatar or item. No one knew where the lost Neopoints went to. She could see the headlines now- Virtupets Space Station Keeping Neopoints for Maintenance. What a scoop!

Still, before she could begin writing, she would need more facts. Then why are all of you working separately?

The red Fuzzle looked angry- but they always did so it made no difference to Boulevardier. We know something they don't! We're going to solve the mystery first!

This caught Boulevardier's attention. What is it? What do you know?

You'll find out! both the Avabot and red Fuzzle chimed in unison.

Boulevardier allowed them to walk ahead of her. Her mind was still whirring to conjure a suitable article for this. At the head of the line, Boardwalk was snapping photos as inconspicuously as he could while the blue Fuzzle rambled on about their theories behind the Lever of Doom. Boulevardier wished Boardwalk was listening so she could record them but that was proven to be unnecessary since the blue Fuzzle announced them to the rest of the group when they arrived in front of the lever.

The lever was on a section on the wall beside the Space Armor shop, which was empty as well with its goods locked and concealed from the public. A sign that read Do not Pull was on top of the lever, taunting everyone to pull it. Boulevardier walked around the crowd so she could stand closer to the red Fuzzle to hear his speech.

We've watched so many Neopians lose their Neopoints over this ol' rusty thing! Those Grundos pretend they don't know where all the Neopoints go but we know where they go!

Everyone started whispering amongst themselves excitedly. Boardwalk lowered his camera to listen to him attentively and Boulevardier watched the Fuzzle pace back and forth in front of the lever.

Yes! It's Sloth! Dr. Sloth is the one who takes all the Neopoints! He's planning his revenge using all of these Neopoints!

A headline flashed in Boulevardier's mind: Sloth Returns (Again) from Lever of Doom! It definitely sounded like a good read.

Those Grundos don't want to think it's Sloth! They want to make us think it's them! They're giving the Neopoints to Sloth! They really want him back!

Another headline shouted in her mind: Grundo Servants Bring Back Sloth (Again) with Lever of Doom Funds! That would cause uproar for sure.

The blue Fuzzle started bouncing on his feet. So, you see? All of the Neopians are helping Sloth without them even realizing it! We'll be bringing Sloth back this time!

Every Petpet and Fuzzle started cheering at this aspect. Boulevardier was utterly confused, unsure whether or not this source was accurate. As far as she was concerned, Dr. Sloth had been defeated and was left forgotten, floating in the endless galaxy sealed inside the Space Faerie's amulet. Would he even be released because of the funds the Lever of Doom made?

Boardwalk lifted his camera and snapped a photo of the lever, its flash blinding the Petpets and Fuzzles around him. When the light vanished, Boardwalk realized he had done something wrong. Uh-oh…

The lights around the lever began flashing wildly. Everyone, including Boulevardier, watched them light up like fireworks in the night sky. Then, the lights stopped. A small mechanical voice boomed over them in the silence.

Avatar rarity decreased from 1.23% to 0.0054%.

Whoops. All eyes turned to Boardwalk as he sheepishly hid his camera. Boulevardier was about to move to retrieve her pesky little Polarchuck but then voices in the distance stopped her.

Did you hear that? Someone made the Lever of Doom malfunction!

We better get there and fix it!

All of the Fuzzles and Petpets began to flee. Run! Don't let them see you! the blue Fuzzle exclaimed. The Fuzzles disappeared into the Hangar. Soon after their departure, the Grundos hurried into the Supply Deck.

Boardwalk looked up at Boulevardier. I didn't mean to do that, he said. I just wanted a picture! Or something to put in the article when you write one!

Smiling, Boulevardier picked him up. I don't know. Maybe we shouldn't write an article.

Why not? her Polarchuck asked.

Because we don't really need other Neopians to know it was thanks to you that we made the avatar rarer than before. Thanks for making it rarer than before, Boardwalk.

His cheeks turned red with embarrassment. You're welcome, Boulevardier. So, now what? Are we going to on vacation here?

Actually…let's go to Kreludor instead. More Grundos but at least there's nothing there you can make malfunction there…except maybe the soda machine, Boulevardier chuckled.

Maybe I'll put my camera away for once too, Boardwalk said as they walked toward the Hangar, so it'd feel like an actual vacation.

Let's hope we finally get one, Boardwalk, Boulevardier said. A vacation without articles and malfunctions. Wouldn't that be fun?

The Pirate's Partner

Alphinarose had lived on Krawk Island for as long as she knew. Every day, she was surrounded by pirates and fantastic stories of their discoveries and adventures. Many pirates traveled in glorious ships and were feared by various pets on the island. But Alphinarose wanted nothing more than being a pirate. She wanted the life of excitement, adventure and treasure. Not even for the treasure, she thought, but for the fame pirates had.

Her parents never allowed her to run away and become a pirate because of the dangers that accompanied it but she wanted to follow her dream.

After a day of boring lessons about the history of Krawk Island and a test on the biggest figures on the island, Alphinarose ran out of the school building and onto the familiar pathway that led to her neohome on the other side of the island. She never liked school but she lost every argument she had with her parents when it came to leaving. History never helped pirates so it shouldn't help her either.

Under the small forested area leading to the small cluster of neohomes came a nice, salty breeze, taunting Alphinarose to abandon everything and jump into the ocean as fast as she could. Sailing seemed fun- she had seen pets on boats more times than she could count. There were dozens of unexplored islands and deserted ones as well that called for her but she was stuck on the island. There was no way for her to get off and explore. Not alone, anyway.

Slightly movement to her right caught her eye. She jumped in surprise and hesitated, wondering what was the best course of action to take. She could attack it, ignore it or lure it out. It could be a harmless Petpet or just the wind getting to her imagination. She decided to lure it out.

Reaching into her backpack, she took out some Pirate Potato Crisps. I've got some food here, she called out toward the bushes. Do you want any?

Instantly, a shadow popped out of the bush and slammed into her, making her drop the pieces of food on the ground. That was no problem for the Petpet that started devouring them though. It was a Warf, his light yellow fur dirty and unkempt. He must've been left behind by his pet.

Hey there, Alphinarose addressed him. Do you have a name?

At first he didn't respond because he was too busy eating. Once he had his share, he sat down and looked up at her. Tesoro.

I'm Alphinarose. Tesoro, do you have an owner of some sort?

He shook his head. Nope. I remember he was a pirate of some sort but then he left. He wouldn't bring me along.

Why not? Alphinarose frowned. A tough little Warf like him would have made for an excellent sidekick.

I don't know. He never told me, Tesoro shrugged, not seeming to care. Thanks for the food. I guess I won't bother you now.

Wait! she called him back. She wanted him as her Petpet but most importantly, as her partner. They could have so many adventures together- she could tell. I…always wanted to be a pirate. My parents never let me. They said it would be too dangerous but if I had someone go with me like you then we might be able to join a pirate as their apprentice. What do you say?

Tesoro looked skeptical. Really? Would it be that easy?

I don't know. I guess we'll find out. Alphinarose offered him a small and her paw. So? What do you think?

For several minutes, he was quiet. Then, he nodded and shook her paw. Okay. We'll work together.

Although it took a few months of friendly arguing and lots of introductions, Alphinarose's parents finally allowed her and Tesoro leave and live the life they had always dreamed of. One of the well-known pirates at The Golden Dubloon was nice enough to take them on as his apprentices and the two of them were happy to accept any task given to them- cleaning dirty floors, working the sails or navigating with the map and compass. Everything was a learning experience for them.

They even found their first treasure shortly after being recruited to the pirate's crew. It wasn't anything impressive as any of them had found before but it was the item that reaffirmed Alphinarose's friendship with Tesoro. Without him, she wouldn't have ever fulfilled her dream and without her, Tesoro wouldn't have fulfilled his. Both were full-fledged pirates and that was their life from now on.

Route 10 Services

Someday in Ecstasy / Route 4 / July 2014

Welcome to Someday in Ecstasy, a request site dedicated to creating stunning and aesthetically pleasing buttons to help beautify both your site and those spreading the word about your site!
Correction: Welcome to Someday in Ecstasy, a button request site dedicated to creating stunning and aesthetically pleasing buttons to help beautify both your site and help spread the word!
Reason: Adding button to request site will tell visitors what type of request you offer. Instead of using your site twice, it can be shortened to and help spread the word for better flow.

Please carefully read the rules aka common sense terms of use before you continue on to filling out the form.
Correction: Please read the rules carefully (aka common terms of use) before you continue on to filling out the form.
Reason: Switching carefully to the end makes the sentence flow better. Common sense terms of use sounds somewhat confusing but if it's changed to common terms of use then it can relate to common sense.

Please only leave me one image choice for each button request and provide this image through a direct link or a petpage.
Correction: Please provide me with only one image of choice for each button as well as a direct link or petpage.
Reason: Provide me tells requesters that an image is mandatory along with the request, thus leading them to provide a link to the image or link to a petpage for said image. Shortening the sentence to as well as a direct link or petpage can cut details out and bring out the most important point.

Insight / Route 2 / July 2014



Egotistical / Route 2 / July 2014



Crumble / Route 2 / July 2014



Evenstar / Route 2 / July 2014



Ray of Light / Route 1 / July 2014

Your site layout had been made beautifully! The light faerie on the right is textured beautifully and so is the title of the site. The statistics at the bottom of the page show very important information and it seems like your site has been thriving lately!

The rules all make sense except for one- "Free incoming transfers only". I'm not too sure what this means and other visitors might not know either so be sure to clarify this. For the forms, providing a textarea for each would be convenient for those wanting to adopt or list.

You have a very decent amount of pets UFA. Spread the word of your site and get more UFA pets listed if you can! Browsing two pets at a time is fine for a small amount like 8 pets but once you list more, shrinking the size down to 3 pets a row would reduce space and time. But for now, the pets look very good on the page!

All of the pets currently being zapped have all of their images up to date! One suggestion here is to remove the background for the pets that do have one so it would not go with the new owner instead.

Very excellent amount of pets sent home! Well done!

Your extras are very interesting to read! They are all fitting to the adoption agency image and are very helpful to those who are interested in helping out or simply curious.

You have a large variety of link-back buttons and resources! One suggestion- add a link-back button for zappers also so you can spread the word of your site even more! Everything else seems up to date.

Vestige / Route 2 / July 2014



Sirens / Route 6 / July 2014

Verdict: not recommended.


The Reef / Route 6 / August 2014

Verdict: not recommended.


Solstice / Route 6 / August 2014

Verdict: recommended.


Solstice is an excellent graphics site with lovely content available already. I will definitely revisit to use your graphics and maybe request if needed! (I was so excited to have found some Durarara!! icons too.)

Thank you for requesting! You are free to use this service however you would like. Linking-back is optional as well.

Vibra / Route 2 / August 2014



Vibra is a new up-and-coming button site, however, the quality of the buttons can be improved drastically. While I will keep an eye out for your site, I will not revisit it to request a button.

Where do you think you're going?

It was supposed to be a taunt but I thought as it as an attempt to act bold and superior. What can a human do to me? Not a lot, to be completely honest, without sounding cocky and superior. I was backed into a corner but that didn't scare me. There was one thing I could do that none of them couldn't and would never be capable of- flight.

They called me a humanoid Draik. Not exactly a human and not exactly a Draik. I was a mix of both. They referred to me as 'test subject' or 'experiment #193827' but not by my name. Come to think of it...I never did receive a name. To them, I was just another test subject, something to be researched. I was a phenomenon. But all I ever wanted to do was be free.

So, I let my Wraith wings materialize behind me, filling the air with dark-purple elegance. Flapping them once, I was lifted into the sky. The humans below started shouting but I couldn't hear what they were saying. The higher I was lifted upward, the smaller they became.

Escaping that night was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I never would have been able to find my freedom otherwise. Picking a direction at random, I flew away.

Unfortunately, my bold escape didn't last long. Something shot me- not me directly but my wing- and unbalanced me. It remained clipped on it until I no longer had control. Letting out a yelp of surprise, I plummeted to the ground.

Crash! Yes, I did land with a crash. The smelly dirt didn't help me determine where I was exactly and the night was closing in on me, the stars' light becoming dimmer and dimmer. I didn't know I was knocked unconscious until a while later.

When I came to my senses, I blinked open my eyes and found myself lying on my back staring at a gray-stoned ceiling. A fire was burning peacefully in its hearth across from me and a window allowed beams of light to shine on the floor. A wooden table was underneath it and a human girl was sitting in front of it, her pen moving elegantly across the table. She looked up suddenly and looked over her shoulder. Our eyes made contact.

Her black eyes bore into my own purple ones. She was wearing a dreary black dress and a pair of black thin gloves and shoes. A dainty top hat was perched on top of her head, her black hair barely touching her shoulders. The way she spoke made her sound so...detached. Mysterious. Cold.

Awake at last? She said in her quiet voice. It sounded a bit like a taunt but there was some concern in there, I could tell. I wouldn't move if I were you. Although nothing is broken, you will be sore for a while. That was an impressive crash-landing.

Ignoring her, I tried to sit up but winced in pain in the aches in my arms and back. This was pathetic. I was supposed to be some crazy humanoid Draik but apparently, it didn't mean I was impervious to pain. Who are you?

I am Malisha. How about yourself?

I lowered my gaze. I...have no name.

She looked at me curiously. Perhaps you can be given one. Perhaps you can be given a home. Perhaps you ought to remain here. Before I could open my mouth to refuse, she continued on. Don't think I don't know who you are, humanoid Draik. I saw your wings vanish into nothingness when you fell with a crash. I've heard the rumors but I didn't think they were true. What do you say?

That was just Malisha's way of doing things. It took some time but she convinced me to remain with her and Karia to watch the Archives. It was her way of protecting me.

And she gave me the name. Darrius. That's who I am. Not Experiment #193827. And that's how it's going to be.


Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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