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♥ Introduction
♥ Hobbies
♥ Likes
♥ Dislikes
♥ Family

♥ My owner
♥ My awards

♥ Welcome to Happy_Bailey's page ♥

♥ Introduction ♥

Hello guest, and welcome to my lovely page!
I'm Happy_Bailey and I'm currently 142872 hours old and at level 12.
I used to be a Blue Grundo but that's already years ago.
My owner always wanted a Cybunny but as they were limited pets, she couldn't get a hold of one.
My owner talked about it with Kat (violet345) and before she knew it, Kat had already sent my mommy a Blue Cybunny Morphing Potion which made her very very happy of course!
She then wondered what to do with me as she wanted to paint me but didn't want to use the ray as I might have changed species then =(
After long and hard thinking my mommy decided she wanted to paint me in a nice Starry colour and she started saving.
Big was the surprise when it was her birthday and she got a Starry Paint Brush from some very nice guild members who wanted to surprise her!
That's the whole story on how I became a Starry Cybunny, all thanks to the Charmed Ones Guild!

♥ Hobbies ♥

I have a lot of different hobbies that I like to do with my mommy or with my brother and my sisters!
The most important one is hiking, I just love to walk in the woods or on the beach and if we get to set up our tent there, I'm truly the happiest Cybunny in the world.
I also enjoy travelling because that gives me the chance to meet new people and new cultures, I especially love it when we're going on vacation to Mystery Island, I just love a good mystery lol
Another hobby of mine is playing games with my mommy, I especially love to play Kou-Jong, a very nifty game indeed!
When my sisters and my brother are outside and it's quiet in the house, I always like to read books, I hope to become the smartest neopet around!

♥ Likes ♥

I'm a huge Starry fan, that's why I love everything Kauvara related (I hope to get a Kauvara themed room one day) and I hope that one day my mommy will get me a lovely Starry petpet as well.

♥ Dislikes ♥

I detest everything Baby-like, just too cute for me and I'm a real boy, baby stuff is for girls not for boys like me! I'm also not very fond of dolls, my sisters always play with them but I don't like them.

♥ Family ♥

I just love my little family, I always miss them when they're not around. Want to meet them?

Magical_Kiefer is my younger sister and she's really nice, I'm always looking after her, making sure nothing aweful will happen to her!

_Ton_Ton_ is my younger brother and I love playing with him. Because he's a boy, he likes to play with me instead of with our sisters as he doesn't like dolls either.

_Zenga_ is my younger sister and she really is adorable, I know she looks a bit terrifying but she really is the sweetest girl in Neopia!

♥ About my owner ♥

My mommy is the best owner in the world, she always looks after us and makes sure we go on vacation every 2 months. She always reads us bedtime stories and nothing is ever too expensive when it comes to something we want =)
She's currently a council member in the Charmed Ones Guild and she often tells me how much he enjoys being in that guild, she met a lot of friends there and she never wants to leave!

♥ Charmed Ones Guild ♥

The Charmed Ones Guild is truly the best (Charmed) guild around, they have everything there: great members, amazing graphics, a cool website and the best forum in the world!

If you want to join or just look around, simply click on the banner below:

If you joined and you're still bored than maybe joining one of the 3 rooms is something for you!
You can choose from Piper, Phoebe or Paige and I have to say that Paige Room is the best and I'm not only saying that because my owner is the leader of that room lol

If you still have some free time left after that, maybe you would like to take one of the classes at Magic School, they're very interesting especially the one my owner teaches: the Power Class!

♥ My awards ♥

I won the Familiar Of The Month competition in the Charmed Ones Guild in February 2007! With getting that title, I earned a shiny trophy to go on my pages, doesn't it look great?

Thanks to SpongieCutie for the tables!