The word hieroglyphic, similar to hieroglyph, comes from the Greek adjective ἱερογλυφικός (hieroglyphikos), a compound of ἱερός ('sacred') and γλύφω ('Ι carve, engrave'). The glyphs themselves were called τὰ ἱερογλυφικὰ γράμματα ('the sacred engraved letters').

From the entry above, hieroglyph can be translated into "sacred engraved letters" or perhaps, "sacred writing". These "sacred writings" have been on this Earth quite some time; they could be ancient.

In the dictionary, it says hieroglyphs are hard to decipher. Here at Ancient Hieroglyphs KT has collected an assortment of Neopian Times articles to help you learn how to write or draw! Should it be stories for the NT, Story Telling Competitions, novels or even artwork, the collection of NT articles will surely help you!


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  • General Writing

  • 10 Dos and Don'ts of Neopian Authorship
  • A Final Story Seminar
  • A Guide For Future NT Stars
  • A Guide to Writing a Series
  • A Little Friendly Poetry Contest Advice
  • A Most Serious Guide to Writing Epic Novels
  • A Story Seminar
  • A Word on Description
  • A Writer On Writing
  • Ah! It's Alive!
  • An Inconspicuous Guide: How to Write Well
  • Another Story Seminar
  • Avoiding Capital Punishment
  • Be A Star
  • Becoming a Neopian Times Writer
  • Being a Neo-Writer
  • Blocked Writing
  • Blocking Out Writer's Block
  • Character Creation and Development
  • Character Creations: How to Make Your Own Character
  • Complete Guide to Writing Neopet Short Stories
  • Complete Guide to Writing Neopet Short Stories (Pt2)
  • Coping With Writer's Block
  • Eight Tips for Getting Published in the NT
  • Fleur's Guide to creating Neopets Characters
  • Generating A Cool Adventure: How To Make Supporting Characters
  • Getting Published: A Guide to Writing for the Neopian Times
  • Gone by the Stroke of a Pen...
  • Guide to Making an ORIGINAL Character For the Role Play Boards!
  • How to get your Neo-Poetry Featured!
  • How to Smash Writer's Block
  • How to Win the Poetry Competition
  • How to Write a Short Story
  • How To Write a Successful Series
  • I Can't Finish My Work!
  • Improving Your Story
  • Insert Title Here
  • Lirila's Brief Guide to Fudging Grammar
  • Live From the Author's Desk!
  • Making Your Story Fly
  • Mauled by a Thesaurus
  • Neopian Times Story: Yet to Have A Title
  • Recommended Strategies for the NEXT Milestone Issue!
  • Reflections from a Neopian Times Author
  • Setting Your Setting
  • Short Story Writing Workshop
  • Six Simple Steps to Help You Write a Story for the Neopian Times
  • So You Finished Writing, Now What?
  • So You Want To Be a Writer?
  • So You Want To Become A Great Writer: Part One
  • So You Want To Become A Great Writer: Part Two
  • So You Want to Write a Guide
  • So You Want to Write a Story
  • Some Strings Attached
  • Stop it and Just Write!
  • TC's Tutorials: Create that Character!
  • The Editor's Quill
  • The Horrors of the Block
  • The Writer's Insight on Writing
  • What Makes A Good Writer?
  • What Sparks Your Story?
  • Writer's Block? No Problem
  • Writing a Great Story
  • Writing a Short Story
  • Writing a Story: The Beginners Guide
  • Writing Hard, Or Hardly Writing?
  • Writing Well for the Times
  • Your Guide To Writing Fiction
  • You've Mastered the Basics--Now What? Part 1
  • You've Mastered the Basics--Now What? Part 2
  • You've Mastered the Basics--Now What? Part 3
  • NT specific

  • Article Writing Workshop
  • Common Myths About Writing for the Neopian Times
  • Getting Accepted Into The Neopian Times
  • How To Come Up With Original Topics To Write About
  • How to Get Published in the Neopian Times
  • How To Get Your Article Published In The Neopian Times
  • Writing an Article for the Neopian Times
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