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Welcome to Drifting Dreams

Welcome to Drifting Dreams! Drifting Dreams is a review site that reviews nearly all types of petpages.If you have any questions feel free to neomail me.


Sempetember 4, 2010

Yes the computer is fixed!! DDR will be up and running again soon once I complete some minor text editing and delete some non-existant sites from affie listings and such so I will probably finish the reviews tomorrow :)

Site Began on December 12, 2009


Who Can Be Reviewed?
Almost everyone can be reviewed! I review screenies, petpages, directories, pixels, adoptables, guides, dailies, graphics,music, request sites, and even other review sites. The only sites that I cannot review are off neopets sites, Sorry :(, and sites not in english sorry again because I know that there are great non-english petpage sites but I just can't review them properly unless I speak the language, so translators just don't do it for me sorry.

Review Application
1. You must use the form below if you wish to be reviewed.
2. Include my favorite ice cream flavor (vanilla of course!)
3. Feel free to apply for a re-review!
4. Please do not apply for a review if reviews are closed!
If you have read these rules feel free to apply! ( But only if reviews are open!)

Reviews are currently:

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Here are the pending reviews...


A Review Example

This! ^^ Also if you are reviewed you will win an award based on your rating ^^

Total Score 100/100
Review #

First Impression 10/10
Is your site organized, well made, and friendly or is it dark, damp, and ugly like an old basement? Obviously if the first I will want to return, if the latter, well let's not go there... literally.

Layout 20/20
Is your layout cluttered? Does it make your head spin, or is it calming or just plain well put together? Non-premade layouts are best but premade layouts are okay too.

Content 50/50
Perhaps the most important section of all! Sure you may have a beautiful site that is well organized with the best grammar but if the content just isn't good then expect to lose some serious pointage!

Originality 10/10
Is your site new and exicting or have I see it so many times that if I never saw another one like it it would be to soon?

Grammar/Spelling 5/5
Grammar is my pet peeve. I don't like it and no one I know does either. Though it is sometimes tedious you definitely seem to be missing some IQ points...sorry it's the truth. :(

Link Back Buttons 5/5
Not terribly important but if you don't have them no one can come back to your site, GASP! Quantity is not as important as quality in these buttons though as I said they are not terribly important.

Would I Return? +3
BONUS! Is your site so amazing that I keep coming back again and again? if so you may earn the some bonus points!

The Reviews

Due to a neo glitch several reviews were affected they will be fixed soon, sorry for any inconvience.

From newest to oldest.
Reviews done: 25

Total Score 55/100
Review #25
September 4, 2010

First Impression 5/10
So what is this? Not a great thing for someone to read first. This could be a good start to the paragraph beneath the title but I would make the title the name of your site. Also I would put credits on your credit page and be sure to keep the link on that amazing picture. The only thing really keeping you from a good first impression score is the immediate lack of clarity of what your site actually is, a banner will help :)

Layout 20/20
I love the background, so cute! I would make the content box longer and equally as wide as the navigation bar. All of your links seem to be working :)

Content 20/50
You don't seem to have a lot of content :( A directory really should have upwards of 150 sites at least. You don't have to wait for people to request to be listed, ask them. Ask a lot of people! The more links you have the better your directory, as long as you can keep it organized that is. Also I would use text as the link because it looks neater. Also consider having a special symbol that shows higher quality sites.

Originality 10/10
You have certainly given this site a creative theme for a directory. Good job :)

Grammar/Spelling 5/5
Everything checks out here :)

Link Back Buttons 4/5
All of them are high quality and readable but I would get one more.

Would I Return? +1
All of the sites you list are of high quality but there are not enough of them. If you were to add more I would definitely return.

Congratulations! You have won the award below!

Total Score 84.5/100
Review #24
February 11, 2010

First Impression 10/10
Your site looks neat and well put together. Your theme is very consistent and nice. Your site makes a good first impression.

Layout 20/20
Your layout is nice because of its uniqueness. All the links seem to be in working order and it looks nice too.

Content 35/50
Some of your buttons bases and borders aren't showing up. Personally I think only being able to chose from the button bases you have is a bit limiting. Also you probably could have finished a few more buttons than you have.

Originality 10/10
I love your site name, it's very creative and fits well with your site. Good job!

Grammar/Spelling 5/5
Everything checks out okay :)

Link Back Buttons 3/5
You have quite a few buttons but none are really that high quality. Perhaps request a few?

Would I Return? +1.5
Maybe. My biggest hesitation with this site is that you have preset bases. Not all sites will be able to use similar bases. If that is fixed I expect you will get many more requests.

Congratulations you have won the award below!

Total Score 87.5/100
Review #23
January 30, 2010

First Impression 10/10
Your site has a really good first impression. Your site appears organized and well made. Great job!

Layout 19/20
Your layout is well organized and well put together. I would consider putting a bigger banner on top of the main layout section. Other than that great job!

Content 40/50
Whenever I look at directories I have always preferred to have the sites listed in words, as opposed to buttons. Perhaps you should consider making the switch (and use a cupcake pixel for recommended sites). You have a fair amount of sites but you could definitely add many more. Ask popular sites if they want to be listed and have them put up your button to help you both add listings and gain popularity.

Originality 8/10
I love your cupcake theme! One thing I would suggest is that you have different cupcake pixels other than other various bakery items, because your site is called Cupcake not The Bakery.

Grammar/Spelling 4/5
At the beginning of your site listing you wrote, Types of Cupcake, you should make Cupcake plural.

Link Back Buttons 3.5/5
Except for one of your buttons all are of high quality! Perhaps request one more from Viridescent.

Would I Return? +3
Good work! Keep working towards getting more sites and your directory will definitely become one of the best!

Congratulations you have won the award below!

Total Score 68/100
Review #22
January 29, 2010

First Impression 4/10
Your site seems to not really have anything to have to do with a shock (except the shoryu's face the need to know section) down a section and make it the same as the how to adopt section's header. Great job!

Layout 17/20
Your layout is much improved! Everything is organized and nice. I would however make all of the headers in the main body section like the "How to Adopt" section. Also I would make navigation for the pets available section so people can easily navigate through the different species.

Content 50/50
You have loads of different species and colors, and are by far one of the best adoption agencies I have seen. Again, great job!

Originality 10/10
You have a pretty original site theme, good work.

Grammar/Spelling 5/5
Checks out okay :)

Link Back Buttons 5/5
You have plenty of cute link back buttons so again good job :)

Would I Return? +3
Definitely if I ever adopt a pet I'll go to you! Your site is much improved from last time, keep up the good work!

Congratulations you have won the below award for your fabulous site!

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Drifting Dreams is an awesome review site owned by the lovely Sam! Sam does unique and high detail reviews for all types of sites and tries very hard to give you what you need and want to hear! The layout, which she got from Foomanshu is really cool and the link back buttons are cute as well! The banner is brilliant and so is the rest of the site! Keep up those great reviews Sam, we all love 'em!

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This layout was made by Rebecca and Amy at Foomanshu for Drifting Dreams only! Navigation coding from Apartment 9.Some pixels were created by Expressions. The button base for the link back button was created by The Goodie Box Also the envelope and wing pixels were created by Amber's Pixels. To the top button by Live.Laugh.Love. The banner below was created by Viridescent. Icons in the updates section are from Expressions. Aerofusion made the buttons for the review sites, that are now closed, who reviewed Drifting Dreams. Thank you to everyone who has supported Drifting Dreams and a special thanks to Viridescent who helped my site by donating several buttons and for requesting Drifting Dreams' first review.