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Hello and welcome in Pandora Graphics, my name is Amelie and I'll be your host here. I am a big Japan lover and I enjoy making graphics. Here I provide icons based on animes and movies I like. Maybe I'll extend the fun to series, who knows ? My previous neopets related badges and stickers are now located in the portfolio section (link available in my lookup, or in the request page).

You are free to put my icons wherever you want as long you follow the main rule : You MUST credit me. Concerning the site in general, I am still looking for affilates, if you listed me please let me know. Last but not least Requests are open so enjoy !

10.21.2018 :

I'm not dead, just really busy because of school, but I made a new layout to celebrate Halloween - New affilate : Hajime, another icon site :)

07.17.2018 :

I'm back from my holidays in London - New affilate : Sweeters CAFE, a cute graphics and request site !

06.06.2018 :

New affilate : Ningyo, a wonderful custom anime request site ! I'll also add some icons soon

05.19.2018 :

New affilate : 8bit Fonts

05.13.2018 :

New affilate : PETA

05.10.2018 :

I cleared some things, and the portfolio is finished.

05.06.2018 :

updates cleared & new layout : Chihiro from Spirited Away.

04.16.2018 :

requests are Open / New affilates : Mint, Simplified & Quartz!

04.12.2018 :

New affilates : Confectionery, SALT & Landscape!

04.09.2018 :

First anime icons : Spirited Away / Also feel free to rate Pandora at Refresh


Please, if you enjoyed your time here, and if you still have some time to waste, feel free to rate Pandora at Refresh, thanking you in advance




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Please, do not steal, copy or modify my icons

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let me know if you catch someone breaking my rules

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