Hi! I'm Kristen and this is my project page.

I am pining away for MiniPah the uc faerie shoyru.

I did try this, but I think it would be better for me to get Mini, before the city runs out of chocolate. ^_^

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I was never a huge fan of uc faerie shoyrus. They were pretty but not really my type of pet. And then I got Mini.

It didn't take more than a day or two to get very very attached to Mini.

But I traded Mini, because I had a goal I'd been working towards for over a year.
I instantly regretted it, and still do.

About Me

I'm pretty cool.

And I love cats.

And I'm an oldie here. 15 years!

And I love cats!


PDE Custom + 3m

220hsd labbed

+1.3m to Behu

224 hsd

Uncommon Hebrew Name

578hsd (trained to 1244)



Text Wall

I consider this to be a less boring version of what I'd usually do. Who doesn't love funny relatable gifs? I really really want MiniPah back, and he'll be my final pet to complete all of my accounts. He'll end up on callmedreamer with Karraat, Wulfric and ImAPurplePlum. It took me 18 months last time, and I'm afraid something will happen to Mini if it takes me that long again, so this time around I'm willing to take any help anyone wants to give me, lol.

So maybe not a wall. A small fence perhaps?

But now, it's time to bounce!