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    A daily posting will be made with the Gambit scores (A subgame under the Food Club Monthly Competition Board). Each day has the Round #, Day is the total points earned that day and Total is the current total points as of that round. (If there is no score for a particular day, it means I did not find a gambit posting that day)

    Scoring for the Gambit is easy. Pick the one pirate from each arena you think will win. Post them on the competion board (linked above)in arena order. At the end of the round the odds of any of the pirates that won are multiplied together. For example: 2 of your 5 pirates won, Gooblah at 2:1 and Ol'Stripey at 7:1 your total pts for that round would be 2 x 7 = 14pts.

    If you notice any errors for the day please let me know so I can correct it.

    NOTE: All posts must be made on the competition board no later than when results are actually announced (as of now that is around 3:13pm NST). Any posting made after results will not be able to be counted for the Gambit game.

    color guide:
    = no posting for the day
    = perfect score for the day, every pirate guessed correctly

    Please note: Closing odds will not be kept on this page anymore since I am doing them for the overall odds sheets that are kept over on Prippi's Page )

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