Birb's Abode

GodBirb 2017 On December 17th, 2017 a beautiful lady put GodChen the UC Baby Eyrie UFQA on the PC Boards. I posted a short and simple board post and sent a neomail showing my intentions to keep. Although, I do not have a screenshot of the actual neomail, the basics were that I had reiterated my interest for Birbs to be kept as a permanent pet, that I had customization/petpet plans for him and gave a short story synopsis of who Birb would be with me. Then I told her a little about myself and what I do off neo and on Neo. She asked me to show her the customization and petpet plans and well... here we are! *crying intensifies* Never UFA or UFT, in the history of ever.

A Feathery Existence

Rufflin' feathers since 2017This is a sacred land, a land for all birbs alike to unite in harmony. Now take those ruffled feathers and let us unite against the birb-haters. This page is a page dedicated to the birbs who love and adore being birbs. Vandagyres, Eyries, Pteris, Lennies, all the birbs. Let us show off our birbs of prey, birbs of cuddle, birbs of beauty.

Want to add your permanent birb or loyal non-birb subject? Please let God Birb know their full Neopets Name.
☆ ☆ Noting Species and Colour are optional for the time being.
☆ ☆ ☆ God Birb does not collect Bruces for his "feathery friends" because he's jealous that they can swim and he cannot. They can be added to "Loyal Subjects" if you so desire, though.

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A Badge of Birb

The most loyal of subjects, AbsurdistKat (queen_of_chenday), owner of Ludode the UC Baby Eyrie, has done us a great honour by sketching out some amazing things! So, please, let God Birb know if you want a Birb Badge to commemorate the addition of your birb to the flock!

Feathery Followers

** The section dedicated to the beautiful permanent birbs of neopia.

Loyal Subjects

** The section dedicated to the beautiful subjects of Birb that may not have feathers...

Birb's Birb Screenies