NeoQuest II

NeoQuest II is a game of adventure. In the game, you control a white Blumaroo called Rohane, and will meet 3 other characters on your journey through Neopia. You will start your journey from Rohane's home in Meridell, then fight monsters and bosses to gain experience and levels, and finally, free Queen Fyora from the terribly big, mean and ugly King Terask. On the way, you will go through Meridell, Terror Mountain, Lost Desert, Haunted Woods, and Faerieland. These five worlds are called five Chapters or Acts.

By winning fights, you can gain experience points, often referred to as XP. If you're too strong for your opponent, you will gain few or no experience points. Once you reach a certain amount of experience you gain a level. You will need more and more experience to gain levels as you level up.

You also get gold pieces as you win fights, which can be used to buy potions and weapons from shops.

Each character will gain one skill point along with every new level, which you could use to train your characters. Skill points are important in succeeding the game, so be sure to put them right.

Sometimes opponents will attack you in groups. The highest number of opponents attacking you at the same time will be four. However, you will not get more than 2 opponents attacking you until you get past White River City (where you get your second character Mipsy), and you will not be attacked by more than three until you reach Talinia (your third character). You can pick up your final character Velm in the Lost Desert, which is the 3rd Chapter.

Bosses are monsters that you can see on the map and actively challenge (You would not be able to see monsters on the map, as they challenge you randomly). Bosses usually fight you alone. There are two exceptions however. They are the Revenant and his two Possessed Skeletons in the Lost Desert, and The Four Faeries in Haunted Woods.

There are 3 difficulty levels in NQ2, Normal, Evil!, and InSaNe!. You will only be able to play Evil Mode after you finish on Normal, and Insane after Evil. As the difficulty gets higher, monsters and bosses will have higher HP, and potions, weapons, armor and inns cost more. On Normal and Evil, if your whole party dies, you will return to the last place where you have rested, or to the beginning of the chapter if you haven't rested at an inn yet. However, if you die on Insane, it's GAME OVER. If one or some of your party members die, and there's still one or some members alive, you could give the dead member a resurrect potion or drag them to an inn to rest.

Be sure to read the rules given by the game if it's your first time playing---many tend to overlook it, but it helps a lot!

Before You Begin

There are several things you should know before you begin your journey through NeoQuest II.

  • Try to read through at least one guide. I know it takes time, but it will make your road ahead clearer. Also it gives you an understanding of the game, which will help you make your own choices when the time comes.
  • Find Maps. Vitally important!! A great on-site NQ2 map would be located here. It features a simple walkthrough too. Other maps exist in places I'm not allowed to mention ; )
  • Be cautious, always. At the beginning of the game, you have to work up your caution so you won't regret it in the end. If you think it's alright to lose to Zombom and have to walk back to fight again, wait till you're before the final boss in Insane.
  • Be ready to ask questions. The NeoQuest+NeoQuest II Board is a nice place to ask a question. The board goes very slowly, so do not bump your question-It will be answered within 24 hours. You can also put in your question in the Chat/Help/Play topic of that board, where experts of NQ and NQ2 lurks around the clock.
  • Be prepared to spend lots of time on it. You don't have to finish it all in one day and you won't the first time. The game takes me a week or two to finish when I'm in the mood. Your game will be automatically saved, so feel free to come back to it after a few months.
  • Trust yourself. Do make up your own decisions, and don't let anything (even this guide) make you believe one thing or another is definitely wrong or right. Make up your own mind and not just go blindly after others. Don't be afraid to experiment different things on your own.
  • Skills

    Each skill has 15 levels, and each character has 7 areas/skills where you can put skill points in. Each skill point can raise a skill one level. Each character will gain a skill point every time they gain a level, meaning each will have a total of 59 skill points to spend. Also, weapons and armor dropped by bosses (and sometimes monsters in Evil and Insane) can give out skill bonuses, though the weapons and armor bought in shops can't.

    Do you max out a skill early in the game? I used to think, of course. Even though the final boss is hard, there are a lot more fights along the way that will need good skills. So although almost every guide suggested me to save about ten skill points till before the final battle, when you know what your final weapons are, I went out and got several important skills to level 15 early. I finished Insane without a single character dying this way. However when I started my second Evil game, I found that saving skill points gives you a lot more options, despite the fact that I can't help but miss my old level 15 Direct Damage. So I've worked out my own way of spending skill points, which is explained later.

    I divide skills into three categories, Offense, Defense, and Speed-altering. The first two should be clear enough, and the last are skills that change the time interval between turns. Speed-altering skills are both offensive and defensive at the same time (attack more, get hit less, more chances to heal). Each category is also divided into single skills and group skills, according to the number of subjects.

    Here is a list of the skills for each character and my opinions of the skills. My opinions are, of course, probably not THAT objective. However, they are based on the latest discoveries of the NQC and my 7 games covering all but one of the 24 skills, so they should give you some idea of what each skill really does. Once you finish your game, please try out different skill sets, as this makes the game way more interesting!


  • Critical Attacks: Single Offense skill. Gives you the chance of scoring a critical hit, which deals more damage than your normal attack. The higher its level, the higher chances it will happen. The max hit of your Critical attack also depends on your average damage (see Damage Increase).

  • Damage Increase: Single Offense skill. Increases your average melee damage. The higher its level, the more damage you'll do. Your average damage also increases as you level up. One point in Damage Increase is worth slightly more than one point in Weapon Damage. The mechanism behind this skill is currently unevaluated, but the increase in damage as you train in this skill can be observed.

  • Innate Melee Haste:Single Speed-altering skill. Your turns come faster, giving you more chances to hit the enemy. More turns=more chances of attacking=more chances of using potions=less chances of dying. My current favorite skill. Rohane's initial speed is around 5.4s per turn. At level 2 with one point in Haste, the average recharge time is reduced to 5.0s, and at level 11 with 10 in this skill, the average is 3.6s. Most enemies you will encounter has an average speed of 5.4-5.7s per turn, so as you are hasted, you will be getting lots of consecutive turns.

  • Innate Magic Resistance: Single Defense skill. Makes Rohane more resistant to magic spells. It does increase the chance of resisting spells, but you can't really expect it to happen if it's not at a high level.

  • Battle Taunt: Group Defense skill. It is a casting spell, meaning you have to use a turn to cast it. It makes opponents attack Rohane more instead of the other characters, and as Rohane has the highest HP it could save a party member's life if used properly. I do not have a lot of experience with this skill, but I know that one or two points probably won't attract the enemies' attention for long. If you cast this spell when it's at a high level, though, you have to watch Rohane's HP carefully. It's a good skill to have a few points in for the final battle, just to be careful.

  • Stunning Strikes: Single Speed-altering skill. Gives you the chance of stunning your opponent for 5 seconds, and the more points in this skill the higher the chances are. I consider this the most dangerous skill that could work against me, though its effects are more fancy than handy in most monster fights.

  • Combat Focus: Makes Rohane more defensive, but he will also be less offensive. A note on how effective it is: In the Haunted Woods, Rohane's Critical Hits were at 121 HP. Against a focused enemy (Heart of Nox), he was only able to hit Criticals for 41 HP. The decrease in offense of the caster is less observable though. This is the only skill I haven't ever used, but I know of some good strategies featuring this skill.

  • Mipsy:

  • Direct Damage: Single Offense skill. A cast spell that hits the opponent for a max attack of 100 damage, capped by Mipsy's HP. The good thing about this skill is that Mipsy comes out very early in the game, so it will be dealing 100 dmg while Rohane is still doing his 20's. But Mipsy's HP will only reach 100 at level 23, so you probably won't be hitting 100 till the second Chapter, if you max it out.

  • Group Direct Damage: Group Offense skill. This skill does 64 damage to every opponent at level 15. It is much slower than Direct Damage against several enemies though. When enemies without Haste cast this against my four party members, their recharge time could be more than 10 seconds. When Mipsy with near full Casting Haste casts this against four enemies, the recharge time is around 7 seconds. In 7 seconds, you'll probably only be able to hit with DD twice, causing no more than 200 damage total, to no more than 2 enemies.
    So, does that mean GDD is better? Not necessarily. As GDD is so slow, Mipsy could easily be killed in the long interval before she could heal. And while 256 damage to all enemies sounds good, it doesn't seriously damage any enemy, while 200 damage to one could almost kill an enemy. My current conclusion is that DD is absolutely better than GDD in the beginning, but after you get Velm, using the two together is a good strategy.

  • Innate Casting Haste: Single Speed-altering skill. Makes Mipsy's turn come faster. Important for preserving Mipsy's health in the beginning, and important for damaging the enemies later on. Only works on casting spells, including DD, GDD, Group Haste, Damage Shields and Slowing, NOT including Melee attack and potions.

  • Innate Melee Defense: Single Defense skill. As Mipsy has the least HP, you would probably need this skill, especially if you are not careful. It is most useful in two places, in the beginning when Mipsy has low HP, and in the final battle against KT2. If you get Casting Haste up early and is very careful, you probably won't need it in the beginning, and can concentrate on other skills till the end.

  • Slowing: Single Speed-altering skill. Slows an opponent by 62% max, which delays the opponent's turn. It is faster to cast than Direct Damage. At level 3 (26% slow), it already have a visible effect. Casting it in normal fights is fun, but you'd lose Mipsy's attack power for a while, so it's not entirely worth it. Against bosses though, keep in mind that throwing slow potions is A LOT slower than casting this spell, but Bosses resist both a lot. I'd still go with potions, as not only Mipsy can throw them, but it is a personal choice.

  • Damage Shield: Group Offense skill. This skill does damage to the attacker if and only if it hits you with melee. If they used a magic attack or missed it won't work. It hits the opponent back by 22 damage at level 15. Good in long battles, especially Boss fights and fights against monsters that can Focus. The damage is constant, so it ignores Melee defense and the sort.

  • Group Haste: Group Speed-altering skill. It hastes the party by 38% at level 15. It reduces Rohane's recharge time from 3.2s to 2.4s near the end of my last game. Only thing is, this skill makes Mipsy's next turn come slower, so it's probably not wise to cast it in short battles, or when you don't have Velm's healing powers. It lasts for 40 seconds at max level.

  • Talinia:

  • Increased Bow Damage: Single Offense skill. Works like Rohane's Damage Increase. Talinia's attack starts out pretty bad, and she is an offensive Eyrie, so you'll need it. You probably don't need to max it right at the start though, as her final weapons may have bonuses.

  • Multiple Targets: Group Offense skill. Does damage to four opponents at level 11-15, three at 6-10, and two at 1-5. It seems that you would be able to cast it once every 10-15 seconds, and the actual amount of damage depends on Talinia's level, weapons and Increased Bow Damage. When the characters and monsters get faster, you won't be able to cast it a lot.

  • Shockwave: Group Speed-altering skill. Gives the chance to stun ALL opponents for 2 seconds. The higher level, the higher chances. At level 15, it happens quite often. This one seems to happen more often than stunning against bosses though. It could work against KT2, but doesn't stun the full 2 seconds, somehow.

  • Slowing Strike: Single Speed-altering skill. Slows an opponent by 5% every hit at max level. The slow may get resisted by monsters, and may often be resisted by bosses. It lasts for 15 seconds(?). To make a difference, you generally need to have at least a 10% slow. I am unsure of how I appreciate this skill, but I certainly don't like this one working against me ; )

  • Ranged Attack: Single Speed-altering skill. Stuns an opponent whenever they aim at Talinia, either with melee attacks or magic spells. It will take effect even if the opponent missed. At level 5 or so, it can delay an opponent by 2-3 seconds, making their turn come more than 7 seconds from their previous attack.

  • Innate Melee Haste: The same as Rohane's

  • Innate Magic Resistance: The same as Rohane's

  • Velm:

  • Healing: Single Defense skill. Heals a single party member for 150 HP at level 15. Faster than Group Heal so Velm will be threatened less and can attack more. Like DD compared to GDD, Healing is more focused and strategic, as you can change subjects in between two heals. Another use is to use it to break mesmerization, healing only the one mesmerized.

  • Group Healing: Group Defense skill. Heals ALL party members for 90 HP at level 15. It could be a life-saver at times. The downside is it is slow when healing multiple characters, so Velm could be in trouble. It takes longer as you need to heal more characters. Also, 90HP heal at level 15 is not enough to heal the full extent of Obliterate (100 HP direct damage) and some stronger melee hits. My Velm gets hit and stunned a lot, and he dies the most, so I've switched to Healing just so he'd be safer. But if you find that your Velm is generally safe, while the others are threatened a lot, this skill could be better :)

  • Mesmerize: Single Speed-altering skill. Stuns an enemy for a long period of time, could be up to 50 seconds at level 15. However, the enemy recovers once its HP changes in whatever way, and it can be resisted often, and some bosses are simply immune to it. Can be used in normal battles in advanced ways that avoids groups of enemies hitting you, but like the stunning skills, it's not necessary. A good use of it would be to get some bosses out of the way and prepare your party, or mesmerize the healer of a group. The downside is, its recharge time is long, and Velm would be vulnerable like with Group Heal. You have Velm when Mipsy's lagging: you have no one (Except Rohane's Taunt?) when Velm is.

  • Celestial Hammer: Single Offense and Speed-altering skill. It does 45 damage and stuns the opponent for 3 seconds at level 15. Reaches 2s stun at level 7, and 3s stun at level 13. It's the only offensive skill Velm has. It's a casting spell, meaning it will be faster than Melee when Velm has Innate Casting Haste. I find the stunning is worth more than the damage, but damage is also good.

  • Group Shield: Group Defense skill. It increases all party member's Melee and Magic resistance. It works. It really works, probably not as well as I would have liked, but then that's me asking to much. It decreases enemy's Critical Hits, average damage, damage spells, slowing spells, mesmerizing spells, Celestial Hammer, etc. At level 15, it lasts for about 40 seconds.

  • Innate Casting Haste: Same as Mipsy's.

  • Innate Melee Defense: Same as Mipsy's.

  • My NEW recommendation for the skills

    Okay so after more testing and discussion, here is my regular skillset. It works best for me, though when I actually use it, I may change it a little. I do not claim that it is the best skillset though. I can only claim that you can win the game without too much struggle with it.

  • Rohane:
  • 1-10 Innate Melee Haste
    11-20 Critical Attacks
    21-30 Damage Increase
    31-40 Stunning Strikes
    If you use the Father's Sword in the end, max out Criticals and Damage Increase now. Otherwise, leave the skills till the end, or just throw in a few into CA, DI, and Haste if you like.
    When you get your final weapons, max out Critical Attacks, Damage Increase and Innate Melee Haste according to bonuses. Put the rest into Taunt or Magic Resistance, according to your preference.

  • Mipsy
  • 1-5 Direct Damage
    6-13 Innate Casting Haste
    14-19 Direct Damage (11 total)
    20-22 Innate Casting Haste (11 total)
    23-34 Group Direct Damage (12 total)
    35-45 Group Haste (11 total)
    Start saving points from now on.
    In the end, after you get your best weapon and armor, max out Direct Damage, Innate Casting Haste and Group Haste, and put the rest into Innate Melee Defense. You can decide that one weapon is the best Mipsy will ever get, and max out skills accordingly in the middle of the game, and that is perfectly fine :)

  • Talinia
  • 1-10 Increased Bow Damage
    11-20 Innate Melee Haste
    21-30 Ranged Attacks
    31-40 Shockwave
    Start saving points from now on, or just throw in one or two in IBD or Haste or anything else if you like.
    After your final equipment, max Increased Bow Damage and Innate Melee Haste. Other points should be spread between Ranged Attacks, Innate Magic Resistance and Shockwave, according to your preferences.

  • Velm
  • 1-11 Healing
    12-22 Innate Casting Haste
    23-29 Celestial Hammer (7 total)
    30-32 Innate Melee Defense (3 total)
    33-43 Group Shield
    Start saving points and searching for final equipment
    The best weapon for this set is the Staff of Love (Fallen Angel), followed closely by the Staff of Vengeance (Faerie Thief). If you find either, count that your final staff and place in your final offensive skills. When you get all your equipment, you should max out Healing, Innate Casting Haste and Group Shield. Spare points should go to Celestial Hammer and Defense according to your preferences.

    My OLD Recommendation of the Skills

    This part is directly copied from the older version of my guide, so people who are following that set can still use it. It is also a set that works, and for some people it may even work better than the new set. If you are interested, why not try both? ; )

    My Recommendation for Rohane's skills:

    Critical Attacks: 15
    Damage Increase: 15
    Innate Melee Haste: 10
    Stunning Strikes: 10
    Battle Taunt: 5
    Innate Magic Resistance

    The general order is Criticals-Damage-Stunning-Haste, while the others should fit between, depending on your next enemies.

    Or if you like it the more exact way:
    1-2 Critical Attacks
    3 Innate Melee Haste
    4 Stunning Strikes
    5-15 Damage Increase
    16 Innate Magic Resistance
    17-25 Critical Attacks
    26-31 Stunning Strikes
    32-34 Battle Taunt
    35-44 Innate Melee Haste
    46-47 Innate Magic Resistance
    48-51 Critical Attack
    52-55 Damage Increase
    And the rest in Haste or Magic Resistance or Stunning or Taunt. Make up your mind, note that you can win even without putting in these skills, but you also have to learn to think.

    *Note* Recently I've found Criticals to be more useful at the beginning.

    My recommendations for Mipsy's skills:

    Direct Damage: 15
    Group Haste: 15
    Innate Casting Haste: 10
    Innate Melee Defence: 10
    Damage Shields: 9

    General order: Direct Damage first, Damage Shields last. When putting another skill point in Direct Damage is a waste due to Mipsy's low HP, stick a few points in Casting Haste and/or Group Haste. Your weapons along the way may have a +3 bonus in both Direct Damage and Group Shield, so you may not want to max both or any of them early.

    Exact Directions:
    1-9 Direct Damage
    10 Innate Casting Haste
    11 Direct Damage (10 total)
    12 Innate Casting Haste
    13 Direct Damage(11)
    14 Group Haste
    15-16 Direct Damage(13)
    17 Group Haste
    18 Direct Damage(14)
    19 Group Haste
    20 Direct Damage(15)
    21-30 Innate Casting Haste (12)
    31-42 Group Haste(15)
    43-48 Innate Melee Defense
    49-59 Damage Shields

    *Note* If you get a wand along the way that brings any skill to 15, then do not spend more in that skill. Instead, just move on and spend the extra points in Damage Shields at last. If any robe you get from Devilpuss on has bonus that brings Casting Haste to max, move those points to Damage Shields.

    My skill recommendations for Talinia:

    Increased Bow Damage: 13
    Ranged Attacks: 13
    Shockwave: 13
    Innate Melee Haste: 13
    Innate Magic Resistance: 5
    Final two points depends on her weapon bonuses, bring IBD to max and if any remains, in Ranged Attacks.

    General Order: Increased Bow Damage-Ranged and Shockwave-Melee Haste. A few haste/Magic Resistance at the start is good. Magic Resistance should be spread out according to monsters you will encounter. bring up Ranged and Shockwave evenly.

    1-11 Increased Bow Damage
    12-14 Innate Magic Resistance
    15-17 Innate Melee Haste
    18-37 Ranged Attacks and Shockwave-10 each
    38-47 Innate Melee Haste
    48-50 Innate Magic Resistance
    And the rest in Shockwave and/or Ranged. Ranged more important than Shockwave at this point.

    My skill recommendations for Velm:

    Group Healing: 15
    Group Shielding: 15
    Innate Casting Haste: 10
    Celestial Hammer: 10
    Innate Melee Defence: 6
    Mesmerize: 2

    General Order: Group Heal-Haste-Group Shield-Hammer. Defence throughout. Mesmerize should be put in before level 45 (the four faeries). Best Weapon is Staff of Mettle, gotten at the end of Haunted Woods, with +4 in Group Heal or Group Shield. You can decide to put Heal and Shield to 11 till Faerieland, so if you get that staff then spend the extra skill points in Celestial Hammer.

    1-15 Group Healing
    16-27 Innate Casting Haste
    28-30 Mesmerize
    31-33 Innate Melee Defence
    34-48 Group Shielding
    49-59 Celestial Hammer
    Same with Mipsy, if a staff maxes out Group Shielding, spend the points in Celestial Hammer or Defence.

    Making Your Own Skill Sets

    This is necessary if you want to understand and enjoy the game. You get nothing out of following a guide and not thinking about what you're doing. Here's a basic guide of what and how to do.
    Find out what enemies are coming up. For example, before Ramtor's Tower at the end of Chapter One, you know that the enemies can slow you and the boss Ramtor can Mesmerize and do other magic attacks. So it may be a good idea to put a point or two in Rohane's Innate Magic Resistance before that area. At the start of Chapter Two, if you get Group Direct, you may feel that Mipsy is healing too often. So put a few in Defence. When you get Velm, you might not want to max Group Healing right away. Instead, 11 would be enough. The monsters don't hit that hard yet. You can spend the points in Haste or Shields first, and if you get a staff with a +3 Group Heal bonus, hey, you would only need one more point in it!
    Just mess the skills around---You'll find what works best with you sooner or later.


    There are several ways of completing the game. Really.
    The Hardest Way: Don't use a map. Nor a guide. Find your way around, talk to everyone you see on the map, and learn what to do. Don't complain. When the game was first released, it was the only way.
    The Hard Way: Use a guide, but don't refer to the walkthrough. Instead explore the land with only the map and the NPCs who will give you instructions.
    The Easy Way: Follow this guide. It will tell you what to do. You don't have to talk to a single unnecessary guy. Waste time only on comprehending this guide.

    This section tells you all about how to get through the HUGE world of NeoQuest2---The easy way. The levels mentioned blow are for normal difficulty. If you feel comfortable leveling up on easy monster groups, go ahead. On evil mode you can just follow the normal mode levels, or level up a bit more if you're cautious.

    Directions in Italics are optional, but all optional parts of the game are strongly recommended!

    Terror Mountain
    Lost Desert
    Haunted Woods

    Chatper 1: Meridell

    First, click here to go to the NeoQuest II game page.

    Go left/west 3 or 4 steps, and you'll find tht the map zooms out, making the village of Trestin just a small square. Switch your travel mode from "Normal" to "Hunting". This way you'll meet more monsters, and level up faster.

    Walk around, fight Plains Lupes. Don't panic if they attack you two at a time. Check the Battle section for help if needed. Lose to the lupes to get the avatar. You could go north a bit to the Hills to fight Plains Aishas, or south into the woods to fight Forest Bearogs, they are a little harder to beat but give out more experience. If you need healing, don't use the potions, but enter the village from the left side and talk to Mother. She will heal you full for free.

    Once at level 4 or 5, head for the Dark Caves. Use a map to find your way there. Get to level 7, and plan your healers. When you have 50 or more HP, you will be able to heal one HP with every step you take, for 7 steps after each battle. Take advantage of that and use less potions. On Insane it may be better to level up to 6 near Trestin and normal walk in the cave. Hunt through the cave to the Miner Foreman. Heal full if needed. Then walk to the Miner Foreman. He will challenge you if you walk onto the blocks around him. Fight him.

    For the levels you need to be to fight bosses, and strategies in taking them out, refer to the Bosses section.

    After you win, you should walk on the teleporter behind him, and you'll be at the entrance to the caves. Walk east, and go into the Northern Marches. Go to the White River City, and buy a new sword, at least 10 Blast Potions, and rest in the inn if you're on your first game, or is worried about the next section. If you die anywhere, you'll wake at the last spot you've rested, so resting can sort of save your progress. Don't sell anything, though, unless you need the gold to buy upgrades. Also, don't sell your Father's Sword! This goes for all future restocks. After that train to gain another level.

    A note on buying weapons and armor: You will NOT need to buy everything you see. You don't buy wands for Mipsy and Staffs for Velm, as they won't use Melee. This means you will equip the wand/staff with the best skill bonus, not the highest damage. For Rohane and Talinia, only buy weapons if they are obviously better than the one you're currently using. I seem to find that Skill Points are worth more than the weapon stats, so if Rohane's current skill is Damage Increase 11, his current weapon is 20+1DI, and his next weapon is 21 with no bonus, it is better to use your current weapon. Only buy weapons or armor if there's a significant difference.

    At level 8 or 9 or so, go through the forest to fight Woodland Bearogs, and into the cave to fight Ogres. Don't go too far into the cave though, as the Skeletons there hits harder than you might think. Go through the cave on normal at level 10. Train to level 11 when you get to the 3rd level of the tower. Save Healing Flasks and Healing Potions--use the Vials only.

    You should fight Zombom at level 10 or 11 on normal mode(check the boss strategies). Before you fight, make sure you have a full stock of Healing Flasks and at least 3 Healing Potions. Once you've defeated him, take the teleporter back to the island and walk back to White River City.

    Go across the river to pick up Mipsy. Put her skills in. Restock on potions if you need to. Buy 3-10 Awakening Potions, depending on which difficulty you're on, and the gold you have left, AND your usual carelessness rate. You will NOT buy resurrection potions in the future unless absolutely necessary, so if you are worried, stock up now. Don't touch the haste and slow potions, though, until you get to the third chapter.

    Continue going south, and find the Lakeside. Restock there, rest in an inn, and using the map, find the hermit. Talk to him, and he'll give you the secret word to the Lost City of Phorofor.

    Go to the Lost City at level 14 or 15. Talk to the ghost, and he'll let you in. Find the Giant Sand Grundo at the southwest corner and fight him. Then take the teleporter to the tower on a hill. It's better to normal walk in the city because the monsters hit pretty hard, but if you can beat them without healing too much, they give out good experience.

    Find your way through the tower. You may not want to hunt, because the wockies there mean trouble. However, I usually try to be at level 16 before leaving the tower. Use a map to get outside.

    Get to the Seaside. Buy upgrades, but before you buy potions, talk to the potion seller Ulthare, then go find his brother on the docks, talk to him, and go back to buy potions for a discount. Then go south and fight Ramtor for the first time after you train up a little more in Meridell Castle. You can fight at low levels but leveling up here makes your journey onward easier. Do not worry about your HP much, and don't use potions if you can help it. Guard Thyet from where you just entered the castle offers free healing after you fight Ramtor for the first time. You only have to reduce his HP by half this time.

    At level 18 or 19, go to Ramtor's Tower. You have to go downstairs first to reach Ramtor. Train to level 20 before going up to the second floor, and normal walk on there, because the Demonic Grarrls there...Well you can see for yourself. Fight Ramtor for the second time and end the act. This is also the only part of the game you'll have to fight two bosses one after another, so leveling up enough is necessary on the whole.

    Chatper 2: Terror Mountain

    First of all, do NOT go into the town you see. It's called Chia Oscuro and you won't be able to understand the Chias for now. Normal walk along the right side and you will enter a damp smelly cave. Fight Leximp to get the wordstone to understand the Chias.

    Once you win, go back to Chia Oscuro to get upgrades and replenish your potions.

    Hunt along the South Pass until you get to the cave at the end.

    Enter the cave. You shouldn't have trouble with the monsters in there if you hunted all the way, but if you do have trouble, hunt outside till you get to a comfortable level. The frozen skeletons in the cave can do 28 damage GDD, and the rock grarrls are so large that you have to scroll down to see your HP. Do just that, this scrolling is nothing compared to the final battle, but seeing your HP after every hit is necessary. Get through the cave, and go northeast once outside. You should be able to see Mountainside Inn. Now you should be at level 23 or 24.

    Talinia will be waiting for you a little to the south in the inn. She's the green Eyrie, and you talk to her to let her join your party. The inn keeper will let you rest.

    Don't forget to put the right skills to Talinia. After you exit the inn, go northwest. If you look at the map of the whole of the Eastern Pass, you will see that it is a big circle. Hunt around the circle. You will soon meet the next boss, Kolvars.

    You should be at at least level 25 by now if you hunted all the way. Kolvars is easy to beat, even at level 22. Kill him to get going.

    A little to the south of Kolvars is Happy Valley. Talk to Jualie first, go find Niacha, and you'd get a discount in all the shops. Get upgrades, replenish potions, and rest in the inn if you need. After that just keep moving south, then east, along the circle.

    The Adventurer's Camp is right near the entrace to the caves. Good news: It is a free esting spot. So you could try to train around it without too much potion usage. Get to level 27 or 28, and enter the cave.

    From now on the task is to reach the Snowager on the fourth level, and fight Scuzzy on the mountain top. Beware of the dervishes in the caves coming 4 at a time, and the ghostlike creatures that cast mesmerization. I find stunning to be more of a problem than Mesmerization. You can hunt in the cave if you feel the enemies are easy for you. Talk to the Snowager once you reach him, and finish all the training on the snowager's level. Be at level 30 before you go up to the mountain top.

    Normal walk all the way to Scuzzy. Not because the enemies are hard, but because victory is in the air;) Beat Scuzzy. Been having fun? Your adventure to the mountains is now over!

    Chatper 3: Lost Desert

    You are inside Sakhmet City at the beginning. Walk out of the city, and buy upgrades from the huts near the city. From now on, buy 10 of every slow potion you see. But don't use them when fighting normal monsters. In fact I've found I have never used them in any of my games, but I do still buy them. So I guess you don't have to buy them. Train up to level 32 before doing anything else.

    The next thing to do is to go to the Temple of the Sky to fight Siliclast. However, like the rest parts in the Lost Desert, you will soon lose your sense of direction once you're in the middle of the desert. Walk along the river until you are directly west of the Temple, then start heading east.

    Once you're at the Temple, make your way through it and get to the second floor. Find Siliclast in the middle, and fight him at level 32 or 33. You might have trouble with the grundos on the second floor, so kill them first.

    Take the teleporter and you're back at the starting place. This time, make your way along the river to the Ruined Temple. Go to the FOURTH floor to find and fight Gerbarn II. After beating him, you should be at level 34.

    Again, take the teleporter. And AGAIN, you're back at Sakhmet City. Go north to the ruined temple once more, but this time, notice the gaps that opened up beside the Temple. Go through the gaps and go north. You will soon see four huts.

    Velm is in the bottom right hut. Pick him up. You will also find upgrades in the other huts. Don't get the upgrades unless you absolutely must, for there's another discount.

    Go along the mountains on the left side, until you meet with a gap. Find your way by following the mountains. Palace of the Ancient Kings it is.

    Get to level 2 of the palace. Note that the stair is actually a bed. Fight the Revenant and his skeletons. You can completely ignore the skeletons, as they die when the Revenant dies.

    Talk to Lifira after you beat the Revenant. Then take the teleporter and go back to Waset Village. In one of the huts you will see Lifira again. Talk to her again, get upgrades, and head for the Hermit.

    Find the hermit using the same method as you found the Temple of the Sky. Talk to him, and do as he tells you to to find the second piece of the Medallion.

    Follow the mountains. You will be going southeast, south, west, then a little north. But one day, you will see Akhten-Ka. Go through it to fight Coltzan's Ghost, then talk to him, and collect the center piece of the Medallion. By now you should be at level 38 or 39.

    Walk all the way out again. Using the map, find the Gemstone, then go south through the gaps south of Waset Village, and (somehow) find Zakharukh's Pyramid.

    Walk on normal mode all around the HUGE maze here. Use the map--how can you survive without one? It's better if you trace your route before you go anywhere.

    Go up to the second, then third level. Fight Anubits at level 40 or 41 and end your journey through Lost Desert.

    Chatper 4: Haunted Woods

    You can see the starting town, Shadow Gulch. Buy upgrades, and buy 20 of every single slow/haste/damage potion you see from now on. Still, I've never used these potions, but that's only because I do not like potions. Using them is great help though, so you SHOULD get these potions.

    Walk around the trees, and enter Von Roo's castle. Go upstairs to fight Meuka, and talk to Von Roo, then take the teleporter back downstairs.

    Go west into and through the swamp, then enter the Cave of Dark Things. At the end of the cave is the Spider Grundo, the second boss of the act. You should be at around level 45, maybe a little less than that. Train to level 44 or 45 if you're not there yet, then fight him.

    Walk out of the cave, talk to Balthazar. Go north throught the "Happy Fun Non-Haunted House", and talk to the Brain Tree and rest at Augur Faunt near the tree. Buy some potions also. Buy 20 of the damage, slow, and haste potions. You'll actually be using them, and soon. Then take the shortcut by one side of the haunted house to go back to face the faeries. You can also walk directly behind the Brain Tree for the same effect.

    Be at level 47 before the faeries if you're cautious. You can beat them at 46 on evil without too much difficulty. Then defeat them according to the Boss Strategies.

    Replenish your potions at Augur Faunt after the fight (take the shortcut), then continue off to Nox's Fortress.

    You can just skip off the whole Nox thing, or you can risk being obliterated by the Hands of Nox and get experience, weapons, and perhaps a big chunk of gold. If you decide to fight Nox, walk all the way up to Hubrid. At level 6 and higher of the tower there are Hands of Nox, they cast Obliterate(100 Damage) and if they attack 4 at a time you're more likely dead than not. Fighting Nox is actually a whole lot easier. However with Velm's Group Shield, even the Hands are not too much problem.

    If you decided to skip, or have just teleported down from the fight of Hubrid, you should walk along the path, all the way along Goo Bog, and fight the Esophagor to end the act at level 50.

    Chatper 5: Faerieland

    Yeah, Faerieland. Beautiful, huh? Let's not get distracted by the fluffy white clouds and just move on.

    Go along the clouds and enter the Northern Watchtower. On the first and second floors you can buy upgrades, rest, and get a basic storyline. Exit the tower from the south side, and continue walking along the clouds (you may need a map). The first boss of the act, the Fallen Angel, is in the way. Fight her at level 51 or higher.

    After that, you have to make your way through the rest of the cloud path, the Underclouds which is just ahead, and the town Cumulonimbus. Train up in these areas: Training may be a lot more boring later on.

    At the end of Cumulonimbus is the Devilpuss, fight him at level 53 or 54 to exit the town and get a new avatar. Make your way north to the next town, Cirrus, and get upgrades and a good rest if you're not on Insane. This stop is VERY important: It's the last place you can buy weapons, the second to last place to buy potions, and the third to last place to rest. The next place to rest would be after a loooong way around Faerie City and Faerie Palace, and the next potion stop is right before the final boss, so you should MAKE SURE you got everything (honestly, do you want to walk all the way from the Northern Watchtower back here again?)

    After Cirrus you may be meeting some Bionic Cybunnies, which grants you the last NQ2 avatar if you win. After you get out of the Underclouds and follow the path to the Faerie City, take a deep breath and start on the Faerie Thief.

    The Faerie Thief has 3 hiding places, the map tells you where they are and how to get there. You need to go to her first hiding place, reduce her HP by a third, then go to her 2nd hiding place, and reduce her HP by two thirds, and finally you meet her at the gates to Faerie Palace and you get to defeat her. You should be around level 56 or 57 by now.

    The Faerie Palace is another huge maze. You will need a map, as there are lots of stairs leading up but only one you can get through. That staircase is at the north of the palace. Your main direction would be north, southwest, north, and east.

    On the second floor you will meet Vitrini, who offers free rest. Rest over there, then head for the Northeast or Northwest towers.

    On each one of these towers is a Pant Devil, and each Pant Devil has a half of the Silver Key. You need to fight both of them at level 57 or 58, get both keys, and talk to Vitrini to put the keys together.

    Now that you have the key, go to the Southeast Tower. Hopefully, you will be at level 60 already, so you needn't more leveling up, and can just normal walk. If you're not, you can still normal walk, but make sure you level to 59 before Teriask I and 60 after.

    Fight Terask I at the top and win, take the teleporter (yeah, a real working Teleporter!)back down, talk to Vitrini if you need rest, and get yourself up to the Southwest Tower.

    Climb up the stairs, and on the fourth level of the whole palace you will see Lyra, your last resting spot(free) and your last potion stop. Get everything you need and don't need: Haste Potions, Slow Potions and Damage Potions. Spend any remaining skill points, and equip your Father's Sword. Remember it? Climb up the stairs once more, and find King Terask 2, the final and the most evil boss of NQ2.

    But where is he? He is exactly 3 steps northwest of Queen Fyora, who you could see once you walked several steps. Make sure you're ready for KT2 when you see Fyora, as you CAN'T FLEE FROM KT2. Just walk towards her, and soon the ugly monster would "Jump down from the ceiling".

    Fight(you will try to win, will you?) and end the whole game. Your item prize will be in your inventory, but not informed of on the prizes page.


    Here are some fighting strategies that you may use during the game.

    With Rohane Only:

    You can't really do anything except attack, heal and use potions. Do not heal unless you're in the yellow zone, and do not use damage potions unless you're fighting Zombom. Attack otherwise.

    Rohane and Mipsy:

    Let Mipsy cast Direct Damage/Group Direct Damage. It's not the red attack button, but a link on the side of the page. Rohane should attack. Both should heal when their HP is down to half. Do not use damage potions unless you're fighting major bosses(check the boss strategies). Let Mipsy cast Group Haste if you have it, when you are facing bosses. Casting it makes Mipsy slower, so for regular monsters, don't do group haste.

    Rohane, Mipsy and Talinia:

    Attack as usual. If you have Multiple Targets, take advantage of it. During a boss fight, Talinia will be the worst attacker until Velm, so let her use potions if you want.

    Rohane, Mipsy, Talinia and Velm:

    Let Velm Heal or Group Heal every turn your party is not all at full health. If your enemy can mesmerize, you can choose not to heal till your party is seriously injured or one member is mesmerized, but that would mean Velm gets slower. Otherwise, either let him attack, mesmerize an enemy, or cast a group power-up. Celestial Hammer comes to use here. Use Group Shield every turn you are facing an enemy that can use magic(damage, mesmerize, slow, etc.) or hit criticals. Also, you could also use the "waiting"option to avoid attacking with Melee for Velm, as that would mean a loooong period of waiting time until his next turn. Others should attack as usual, and only use healers when their HP drops to the yellow zone, or Velm's turn is a long time away and you're pretty seriously hurt.


    This will be an encyclopedia of monsters, listing their HP and abilities. Meanwhile, why not take a look at this page, which is also in progress but already has a lot of information?


    Miner Foreman-optional
    Normal: 6; Evil: 7; Insane: 8-9
    Attack. Heal when in the Yellow.

    Normal: 9-11; Evil: 11-12; Insane: 12-14
    For Zombom, the hardest part is actually training to the required level. He may be the only boss that you need to do some special training for, and he's one of the hardest boss in the game. If you are at level 11 on normal, 12 on evil, and 14 on Insane, you shouldn't worry about him. Just take 10-20 Blast Potions, 20 Healing Flasks, and as many Healing Potions as you can get. 3 is the minimum amount of healing potions you should have for him. Hit him with a Blast Potion every turn, and heal more than often. His max attack range is 31 HP, and he seems to have two turns in a row very often, but if you have some skills in haste this will no longer be significant. Keep your HP above 63 and you should have no problems, and I would usually have my HP above 50. Also note that he can heal himself for 40HP, as well as haste himself by 18%.

    Sand Grundo
    Normal: 14; Evil: 15; Insane: 16-17
    Just remember to watch your HP. Attack as usual. He could hit hard, at level 16 (which is pretty much overlevelled) he can hit Mipsy for 30+ damage.

    Ramtor I
    Normal: 16; Evil: 16-18; Insane: 17-20
    Easy, but try to train up before him as training later on gets harder.

    Ramtor II
    Normal: 19-20; Evil: 20-21; Insane: 22-23
    Ramtor is not hard to beat. However, if you beat him prior to level 20 on normal mode, you will be dying A LOT once you reach Terror Mountain. And since you can't buy healing potions before you fight Leximp, and he is pretty tough, it's better to level up.

    Normal: 19-20; Evil: 20-21; Insane: 22-23
    Fight him the same level you fight Ramtor II. Use group haste if you have it. He resist magic and potions so just use melee attack for Rohane. Mipsy should still cast spells. Both should heal with care.

    Normal: 23-25; Evil: 25-26; Insane: 26-29
    Easy. He doesn't attack much, but can hit up to 50-60. You don't have to level up too much as there's a free rest stop later, so feel free to beat him at way lower levels. After him the monster will start coming in groups of four though, so you may have to watch out for that.

    Normal: 29-30; Evil: 30-31; Insane: 32-34
    Same as Ramtor II. The Lost Desert enemies can hurt you even when you're at level 32. Be trained up to AT LEAST level 30 for Scuzzy. On Insane it's better to be at at least level 32 before Scuzzy, 34 or 35 if you can stand it.

    Normal: 31-32; Evil: 32-34; Insane: 35-36
    He's not too difficult if you're leveled up. He can cast 44 damage group damage, so watch your HP. Heal lots, use group haste, and if you want you can try to slow him using a potion.

    Gebarn II
    Normal: 34; Evil: 35; Insane: 36-38
    He can do lots of tricks, but doesn't use them that often. Just attack and heal, eventually you'll defeat him.

    The Revenant
    Normal: 35; Evil: 36; Insane: 38-39
    Easy. He group heals, so if you have Multiple targets, use that to try and get him group healing. Once he does he'd be slow, so you'd have an advantage. Ignore the skeletons, they die when the Revenant dies.

    Coltzan's Ghost
    Normal: 37; Evil: 38-39; Insane: 39-41
    Easy. He doesn't do as much as the monsters in his city. You can beat him at lower levels if you like, and his place is great for levelling up.

    Normal: 39-40; Evil: 40-41; Insane: 41-43
    Slow him if you like. He can heal but doesn't heal much.

    Normal: 41; Evil: 41-43; Insane: 42-44
    Also does 44 Group Damage. Snotty. If you're underlevelled then he may hit hard.

    Spider Grundo
    Normal: 43-44; Evil: 44-45; Insane: 45-48-
    Things start to get tougher here. He stuns and is immune to stunning, semi-resists magic, and heals. But you should have no problem with Velm around. If you find him healing lots, just think how the spider feels fighting a party with Velm.

    The Four Faeries
    Normal: 45-47; Evil: 46-48; Insane: 48-50
    Now this is a harder one. The four faeries are Fire, Dark, Water and Earth, and they all have different skills. Fire can do Obliterate(hits single opponent by 100) and can hit Anarchic Wind (56 group damage). Dark can Mesmerize, group haste, and slow. Water does both single heal and group heal, and Earth has Critical Attacks and Stunning Strike and a high HP, and is also immune to mesmerization. They seem to have every skill you have plus more, so be grateful of their greatest weakness: They're nothing near magic resistant.
    Before you fight, make sure you have 20 of the Slow, Haste and Damage potions bought at Augur Faunt by the Brain Tree. When you fight, first let Talinia and Rohane try to slow the faeries using slow potions, Mipsy Group haste, and Velm try to mesmerize the Water. If you get the water mesmerized then don't use Talinia's Multiple Targets as that breaks Mesmerization. If you failed to mesmerize, however, don't try it again--Velm will be too busy healing. Also-Get the group shields up!

    When you attack, divide the damage potions between the faeries. Finish them off in the order of Fire, Dark, Water, Earth, or Fire, Dark, Earth, Water if you've mesmerized the Water Faerie. Watch your HP: If one of your character's HP is in the yellow use a healing potion. Use Battle Taunt to draw opponent's attention to Rohane when needed. Also, start throwing Slow Potions at the faeries about 25 seconds into the fight, and renew them once every 25 seconds. If one of your character is slowed, you use a haste potion. It's a good idea to haste Velm at the start of the fight, or just rely on Group Haste.
    Keep hitting the faeries with the damage potions and Obliterate, and they'll be done in no time.

    Hubrid Nox-optional
    Normal: 48-49; Evil: 48-50; Insane: 50-52
    Nox is very tough, but only because he heals like crazy: you can get him all the way down to 100 HP and see him heal back full again. According to current statistics, he heals once every 5-7 seconds. The best strategy against him is to hit with Melee all the time and let Mipsy use her best Magic attack. Hubrid resists damage potions and slowing potions nearly all the time, so if you can't slow him after two or three tries it's best just to leave him. He might cast Slowing on your party, either use Group Haste (preferred) or Haste Potions. If you use the Haste Potions, save your time by only hasting the slowed members. It's also possible to survive without Haste and Slow at all, I managed it my first time. He doesn't hit that hard: nothing Group Heal can't handle. He doesn't even hit that often. Just have the patience to keep hitting him.

    A somewhat weird way to defeat him would be for Rohane to have high magic resistance, plus damage shields, against him. He tends to haste himself first, then slow your members one by one from Rohane to Velm, while occasionally healing. So if he can't even slow Rohane, your other characters are shielded from slowing, and are unlikely to get hit. Of course, in a battle lasting 100+ seconds, Rohane is all too likely to still be slowed. And having high Magic Resistance is not that practical anyway.

    Normal: 49-50; Evil: 50-51; Insane: 51-53
    After all those you've been through, he's easy, though he can hit hard criticals. Heal with potions if needed.

    Fallen Angel
    Normal: 50-51; Evil: 51-53; Insane: 52-55
    Can do 64 group damage, but that slows her. Not much worth noting.

    Normal: 53-54; Evil: 54-55; Insane: 56-57
    Kind of like the Esophagor. Easy, hits hard, pretty fast. He doesn't resist magic much, but Melee damage is reduced by half. Rohane does 60+ Criticals instead of 140+.

    Faerie Thief-3 times
    Normal: 54-56; Evil: 55-57; Insane: 56-59
    Just be at level 56/57/58 before Faerie Palace. You can level up anytime in the Faerie City. I tend to go overlevelled fighting her the first time, then normal walk. She's kind of like the Fallen Angel. You reduce her HP by one thirds, then two thirds, then beat her. She does resist Melee though, and can hit hard, up to 110 damage, in that way she's like Devilpuss.

    Pant Devils
    Normal: 56-58; Evil: 57-59; Insane: 58-60
    They can probably hit hard, and they can Obliterate(100 Direct Damage). Does not resist Melee, but is a bit resistant to magic. Celestial Hammer resisted most of the time.

    Terask I
    Normal: 57-59; Evil: 59; Insane: 60
    Easy because you can use the potions you got from Cirrus, as you can replenish them before the final battle. He shouldn't be harder than the faeries. Does 120+ criticals: even with Group Shield on.

    Terask II
    Normal: 58-60; Evil: 60; Insane: 60
    I only put him here because after all, he is the final boss. You can't flee from him, and that's disaster already, and he has a lot of HP. But if you just fight him as you would fight any other boss, he's not really frustrating. Be sure to equip your Father's Sword, it's great. And spend any skill points you may have saved, equip your best weapons for everyone, restock on potions, take a rest, and walk up to Fyora. He does damage of 110+ to your party when you have Group Shield on, has a lot of magic tricks and will try most of them, but when he does not have his shields on, potions and magic actually have a chance to get through.

    Do not use any of the potions bought from the guy near the Brain Tree or any later merchants, unless you are fighting the Faeries, or King Terask. Use the Lost Desert ones and Shadow Gulch ones if you need, or if you want to walk back to restock on potions. I've never actually needed potions from the Northern Watchtower and before, but they may be needed just in case. Against KTII, you should have A LOT OF potions. Maybe every single healing potion from Healing Vials on. USE THEM if you need.

    Data Analysis

    This section will be about the quantitive analysis of how certain skills and potions work. Coming soon!


    This section will list other interesting stuff around NQ2. Coming soon!


    Normal Mode:
  • NeoQuest2 Normal Trophy
  • 10,000NP
  • Rohanes Armour Polish OR Talinias Whittling Knife OR Mipsys Charm Bracelet OR Velms Healing Potion.

    Evil Mode:

  • NeoQuest2 Evil Trophy
  • 30,000NP
  • Halo of Devilpuss OR Tooth of Terask OR Scuzzys Comb OR Ramtors Spellbook

    InSaNe Mode:

  • NeoQuest2 InSaNe Trophy
  • 50,000NP
  • Sword of Apocalypse OR Wand of Reality OR Bow of Destiny OR Staff of Righteous Fury

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