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This really the place? You thought aloud to yourself, checking your map again. I guess so, you thought. Answering your own question and letting out a resigned sigh, you trudged inland. This small island couldn't be the place for... an army. You looked around, the forested hills and ancient ruins covered in wildflowers made this place seem far too peaceful. You heard voices up ahead, though, and quickly ran up the rest of the steep hill, fire searing through your legs as the incline got steeper.

Charlise! Go locate my father, will you? I have no idea what he's doing these days. Aneurin, take the new refugees to the fort and give them food and new clothing. Thanks. A commanding voice barked, although not too rudely. This voice belonged to a female and as you looked to find the owner you saw a flaxen haired beauty ordering two others around, and the one called 'Aneurin' taking what appeared to be a group of freed slaves to an ancient temple that still appeared to be standing (however haphazardly.) She must be one of the higher ranking officers, you thought. Perhaps she would be ordering you around some more in a battle formation later...

This blonde, brown furred kacheek turned to you once you approached her. She looked at you scrutinizingly, and was tapping a scroll against her other hand impatiently. And you would be...?

quartziferous. You replied. She raised a fine eyebrow and crossed her arms. I'm one of the mercenary soldiers that was requested here. With this her glare faltered slightly, but not by much.

You've arrived a week late. She said dryly, turning away from you and opening her scroll. She looked down a list, muttering to herself. quartziferous... quartziferous... aha. From The continent of Ervash, huh? Interesting... As said louder as you nodded in response to her inquiry. Follow where I sent Captain Aneurin, the other mercenaries are there as well.

Ah. Okay, thanks. You said, and turned to walk off when you suddenly remembered a question you wanted to ask earlier. By the way, do you think I'll get to meet Princess Ginadii? I mean, she was the one who signed the letters of request and such...

The kacheek sighed and placed one hand on her hip, shaking her head. You couldn't quite tell if she was amused or annoyed, but her mixed visage became clear as to why when she replied,'re talking to her.

Name: Ginadii Redea Kierna (Gee-nuh-dee Reh-day-uh Kee-air-nuh)
Nickname: Gina, somtimes Gi
Gender: Female
Age: 23
DOB: December 17th (or the 17th day of Monthaes Aquiitas in the Rogathe calendar)
Species: Kacheek
Paint: Royal Girl/Brown crosspaint
Height: 5'6
Weight: 124lb
Build: Slim, but muscular
Family: Iulsiia Kierna nee Zaheun (deceased), Jethrae Kierna
Heritage: Rogathe
Homeland: Rogathe (currently Eulbania)
Current Residence: Quet'zen Island
Occupation: Princess/Commander in Chief
Accent: Most likened to that of a British accent (however some things are pronounced differently due to the ancient Rogathe language)
Theme Songs: A Moment's Rest (Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack), The Princess's Vision (Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack), Easy As Life (Aida Original Broadway Cast), Stray (Steve Conte, Wolf's Rain Original Soundtrack), Peace of Me (Natasha Bedingfield), Love Story (Taylor Swift)
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After the awkward silence that had ensued passed, and Gina told you a bit about herself, she turned away in a bit of a huff. I suppose that's all you really need to know. She said, with an emphasis on the word 'need'. You opened your mouth to speak to her- while you came since the pay was very good for your average mercenary, you couldn't help but wonder what was being planned. All you knew it was some sort of coup d'etat, a revolution of sorts. However, that in itself was the problem- it was an extremely quiet uprising. Almost too quiet. There had to be some story behind this, some reason as to why you heard of an army assembling on this island through the underground, the black market, the double-agents, exiled rulers, shifty merchants, pirates and the like. As you did this, however, Gina shook her head of platinum blonde hair. Shouldn't you be leaving to where I sent Captain Aneurin by now? I believe I already ordered you to do so.

For a moment, you felt rather inclined to give this bossy Princess your nastiest glare, but decided not to- you needed the pay and the job she was offering you. Turning on your heel, you headed off towards the ancient, crumbled building.

You took deep calming breaths as you laid spread-eagled across the fine dirt on the ground, hearing the wind ripple through your ears and the waves of the ocean from a distance. You kept focusing on your breath- a yoga technique. The training had been hard and tiresome and you needed some rest and relaxation, and finally had the chance to grab some. You, jumped, though, as you heard light footsteps trudge through the dirt and grass. Scrambling onto your hands and knees and sitting yourself up, you blinked, surprised to see Princess Gina. Good afternoon, Your Majesty. You greeted politely, and she gave you a curt nod in response. She looked tired, you noted, as you watched her look out over the horizon. A storm was brewing in the distance, near where the large island of Tsujeta would be, lightning flashing in the sky.

This all started... you know, with a storm... along with a revolution, not too unlike this one. Gina muttered, trapped in a faraway gaze. You swallowed, your mouth dry- you had been waiting for this story. Through all the yelling from her and fight practices over the past couple months she had come to trust you enough to hear the history of whatever legacy she was fighting for in its entirety. It never occured to you to even question that she wasn't really royalty, but looking at how grim she looked now... maybe it was the quickly approaching storm? You gave a start as Gina unexpectedly spoke again. Eulbania caught Rogathe off guard, many years ago, forcing us out of our country, or keeping us enslaved. You stared in wonder. Rogathe- the country that is now Eulbania, the country that could've ruled the entire world of Dalynium if it wanted to? The place was the work of legends... It fell centuries ago. Why a revolution now? She chuckled. I see you are skeptical. Let me tell you what's not in the myths. C'mon, as we walk back to the fortress, I don't want to get caught in this storm.

Wind ripped through the island of Rogathe, the trees bending to its will, the waves surging and thundering onto the shore. Lightning crackled in the distance, the air, when calm, was sticky and humid. A hurricane was about to hit the largely populated island and the people were bracing themselves, most in the safe comfort of their homes, blissfully unaware of other dangers that lurked in the waters.

King Tanocus was one of the many blissfully unaware. His wife, Kashea, daughter Nadria, and all of his servants and high ranking officers were safely within the confinements of the large, white, beautiful marble palace that rested on the crest of a hilltop over looking the town. His brown hair was pushed back against his striped rusty brown fur on his face as he stood on the edge of the hill's drop-off behind the palace to get a better look at the coming storm. He narrowed his eyes; this would be one of the worst hurricanes to hit Rogathe in over two decades. Tanocus knew Rogathe would pull through, however, as the love between him and his people was mutual, and all would strive to repair the broken country if need be.

The kacheek king returned to his lavish home, and was about to go tell his daughter good night before going off to bed when one of the palace sentries frantically sprinted down the corridor. King Tanocus, sir! Come quick to the lookout tower, there's something you need to see! We're surrounded! There aren't too many ships in number though- the Captain wants to know if you think it's an invasion.

Tanocus's eyes widened. What!? He cried, and slammed open one of the castle's windows instead. Sure enough, ships had surrounded the island, quite a few creeping into the bay area. The king turned to look at the terrified sentry, Of course it's an invasion! How daft is Captain Que'se? Sound the alarm to wake the city, we'll need all army volunteers, this can't be pirates or a weak invasion if they've decided to show in this weather!

The young sentry scurried off in a panic, and Tanocus went to grab his armor and sword, but not before speaking to whom he had planned to before news of the unexpected assault. Tiptoeing into a room decorated in baubles, he carefully made sure to not trip over any toys strewn on the floor… and to think he yelled at her earlier for not picking thm up. He may never see her again. Princess Nadria was curled up under her blankets, clutching a plushie kacheek dressed in royal finery to her chest. Tanocus put a hand on his daughter's shoulder and shook her awake. Nadria. He said, quietly, his eyes full of sorrow, yet there was a glint of hope that rested within them. Wake up.

Hm? What is it, daddy? Nadria said, yawning as she spoke so her speech came out slurred. She blinked drowsily as she sat up, her dark brown hair falling neatly to the sides of her face. It's not morning... The young girl said as she looked around, eyelids heavy with sleep.

Nadria, I need you to listen to me. Tanocus said, in a voice that he felt was almost not his... or a least a voice he never used with his daughter. It was commanding, almost as if he was talking to his army. Nadria sat up straight, aware that something must be wrong. I need you to get your mother, and go alert as many women and children of Rogathe as you can... we are under attack. Once you have done that, I need you all to get to the ships, and get far from here. My army and I will find you once we have won... is that understood?

Nadria nodded, and turned to sit on the side of the bed with her feet dangling off. The young princess knew better than to question an order such as this. She was about to stand up and go off to get her mother when she turned to her father, perplexed. But... we aren't at war with anyone. ...Why then-

Tanocus cut her off. It doesn't matter, sweetie. He kissed her lightly on the forehead. What you need to know is that if something, or someone, threatens the life of your people then they are the enemy. Always remember that, and teach it to your family when your mother and I are gone.

Nadria clung to her father, eyes misted with tears. Daddy, be careful tonight! I don't want you to not come... she trailed off. Back. Death was a hard concept for a girl as young as her, it always would be. She wondered if she would be able to handle it, but she figured when she was her father's age she would be able to.

I will. But please, Nadria, remember what I said. Thunder cracked after he spoke, and Tanocus stood up and walked out the room.

Princess Nadria and Queen Kashea escaped that night, along with many other women and children from Rogathe. The group that attacked Rogathe called themselves the Eulbanians, and was a wandering tribe of outlaws that wanted to create a parliamentary democracy, and destroy the monarchy that was Rogathe. Tanocus and his men fought to the death, and those that didn't die were taken into slavery. Rogathe was then burned to the ground, and the country of Eulbania was built on its ruins.

Princess Nadria never did forget her father's words. Generation after generation, the hate and scorn for Eulbania was passed down, however, no rebellion occurred. The Rogathes were scattered across Dalynium, some even venturing into the world that was called Neopia that could be accessed by various hidden portals across the globe. It wasn't until two hundred years later that the true heir saw the weak state that Eulbania was in, and remembering the stories of his ancestors, sought to find any and all with Rogathe heritage to ban together and take back what was rightfully theirs.

The heir is a kacheek... whose determination has led him to wait until the exact moment when Eulbania is in utmost turmoil. The turmoil has arrived, but he is now at the point where he is close to passing on the torch, so to speak, and letting one far younger and more capable take over.

That kacheek is my father, Jethrae Kierna... and he is soon giving up the crown to me. Princess Ginadii.

That is, if I can take it back in time for him to rightly pass it along.

other image here

My father is ill. He has been for a while now, and is too stubborn to admit it. He's not on his deathbed, just yet, but he has been coughing and hacking for months, as if he as a perpetual flu. I figured I would have to take over even if he wasn't willing to let me do so, but thankfully he found it to be a good idea. I mean, he had personally trained me my entire life- I'm a great fencer, mind you. He hadn't been too willing to let my mom help though... but I guess that's understandable. My mom was almost always sick- I never really got to know her. Her name was Iulsiia. She died when I was a baby... I barely remember her. In any case, I've only heard stories; apparently she was very ill before I was born.

Speaking of stories, this is mine, right? Not to sound self-centered, but I suspect you're not patiently listening for me to tell you how I never knew my mother. I guess I do have to start with my father, however, as he is the King of Rogathe. Well, would be if we still had our island. Two hundred years later... can you believe our people still retain their culture and heritage? Well... actually, the ones we've found have. Most that were initially put into slavery are still generations of slaves; those that escaped used the transport crystals littered throughout Dalynium to get to Neopia. The army I have is small- but we are the radicals, the ones that remember who we are. ...There are also mercenaries, and they can't hurt, can they? Of course you'd think that, quartziferous, you are one.

All of that aside, my father has been pulling together an army for quite some time now, our 'base' on Quet'zan Island, just north of Eulbania and Tsujeta. I have to say I applaud his patience- I would have attacked Eulbania by now, despite the fact our army's size has only recently hit a reasonable amount of warriors. Eulbania, once a band of rogues, flourished after it took Rogathe for its own. It's easy to see why if you knew about the northeastern region of Dalynium. I suppose I should explain this to you, as it's why I have been rambling, I don't quite know what you do and don't know... for your sake, quartziferous, I'll mention all that is necessary to tell my tale.

In the northeastern region of Dalynium, many small islands are scattered among two larger ones, the island of Eul- ...Rogathe and Tsujeta. All of these islands in the northeast sector of Dalynium are abundant with glowing crystals of various colors, almost all humming with magic. These crystals are called Aura. Tsujeta and Rogathe were formed around the same time and learned that the Aura would grant each person who obtained a piece one of twelve elements. (For the sake of time and explanation, please, just take this scroll on Rogathe customs, I don't fancy sitting here all day explaining everything to you.) Soon, the Rogathes and Tsujetans figured out a way to control their elements without having it on one's person. The Tsujetans, a peaceful group of mainly four-legged reptiles, mainly used the elements to categorize territories and form a hierarchy. Rogathe, however, had far different intentions.

It was, of course, like any newly obtained power, put to its limits through the use of war. Rogathe soon took captive of almost all the small islands in the vicinity, and ruled the oceans around them with their exceptional navy. Tsujeta was left unconquered- my ancestors felt it best to be at peace with them. At this time, however, my ancestors' advisors found out that they were depleting the Aura too quickly, through using it in weapons, ships, hovercrafts, and powering the city. After careful study a method was soon discovered into extracting minimal energy to use for power. What is this method? I have no idea. As a precaution when the Eulbanians invaded Rogathe, King Tanocus burned down the Rogathe Library, every last scroll. The secrets... all gone. I figure it was actually part of the reason why the Eulbanian tribe attacked Rogathe... not just to gain land, but the mystical power that came with it. I currently have a band of researchers trying to rediscover the secret, but to no avail. Us Rogathes have progressed a little bit farther than the Eulbanians, though. While none of us true Rogathes (no offense to you mercenaries, quartziferous,) need to have Aura decorating or on the inside of our weapons to wield our elements, the Eulbanians still have to. I suppose it's part of the reason why one of my father's plans is to disarm the country.

That's just part of the huge scheme of things, though. I helped revise my father's main plan after receiving news from a scout of a very interesting piece of information regarding Eulbania. Around nineteen years ago, Tsujeta was no more, taken in as a province of Eulbania. A surprise attack that was just as uncalled for and unforeseen as the one on Rogathe two hundred years ago. Most were taken into slavery, if not all that weren't killed. Just recently, however, news of an underground organization has formed, called the 'Tsujetan Resistance', a group of freed or escaped Tsujetans that are banning together and recruiting others in preparation for a war on Eulbania to get their homeland back.

And that's not the good part of the whole fiasco.

Just as the Resistance was beginning to be formed, Eulbania's Emperor, Dulcius, was thinking of granting freedom to all Tsujetans. (He probably forgot about the Rogathes. Hmph. That or he just didn't care.) Eulbania's only reason for supporting their large army was out of fear of rebellion of their slaves. Also at this time, the Aura was becoming harder and harder to find on Tsujeta or Eulbania- if not careful, they would use up their only energy source. Dulcius's plan was to set all Tsujetans free so they could return to their island, and instead of focusing on keeping the army strong with the tax money, look for new energy sources or improve the efficiency of the Aura. This plan, however brilliant, met opposition with some of the higher-class citizens. No one knows who did it, but Emperor Dulcius was murdered. Some point their fingers at the parliament- but there is no proof that any of the members did the deed. Luciva, Dulcius's twelve year old daughter, was then forced to ascend to the throne.

With a country at the brink of rebellion, a young Empress, and a corrupt parliament, the opportune moment to get Rogathe back has arrived. This is where my explanation stops, and my story begins.

My father's plan was simple: I was the daughter of a king from a small territory in between Shenkuu and Altador call Suconat. (Tanocus backwards, by the way.) Most Eulbanians never went to Neopia through the use of the crystals that dotted Dalynium, so my 'fake' identity was airtight. To avoid not responding to an alias, I was to use my real name. It's not likely that I'd forget to, just-

Ginaaaa~! You ready?! Gosh, I'm so excited; I actually get to set foot on Rogathe! A peppy voice cried, belonging to a wocky by the name of Charlise. Ah, yes, if anyone would forget to not call me Gina, it would be Charlie. She's my best friend. Her family also avidly kept records of their Rogathe heiritage and had been moving from island to island until my father started up his army... her father and mother were some of his original recruits. Since then, Charlie's brother Aneurin has taken over being Captain of the army, and Charlie, well, she'd rather just standby and watch the drama commence. She's the eyes and ears of Rogathe- it was her who found out what was happening in Eulbania. I suppose her chattiness comes in handy.

You can't call it Rogathe once we're there, Char. I said as I straightened my circlet, looking at my reflection in the cabin mirror, feeling rather font of my jewlery and sparkling dress. I didn't wear royal garb too often considering that until I claimed my throne I wasn't really a princess... Actually, no, scratch that. I am a princess. Just... forgotten, along with my people.

Charlie looked at me, sweeping her copper-toned hair out of her face. I know that, Gi! I'm just sayin'! She said, looking out a porthole at the open ocean. I glanced as well- we were passing Tsujeta,. Almost there... almost. It's a shame your dad couldn't come. Not that you're not going trick the Eulbanians just as well, or anything... but, you know. Charlie said, almost as if she were coaxing my thoughts on the current situation out of me. Earlier today my father had a very bad coughing fit. I cringe every single time that happens- does she really need to ask me how I feel?

Yes, it's a shame. I dodged her prompting and continued to pretend I was distracted with my formal appearance. I glanced out the window again- the shore of Eul... Rogathe was now in sight.

After docking in the royal port Charlie, Aneurin, and some other high ranking army members walked down a polished marble pathway to have an audience with Empress Luciva. She was a cute little zafara child, despite the fact I hate her on principle. While I wasn't expecting her to be of an adult's size, it was quite odd to see her sitting in such a large throne with a staff and crown. It made her look dwarfed.

I am Princess Ginadii of Suconat, a territory in between Shenkuu and Altador in Neopia. It is an honor to meet you, Your Excellency. I said as I bowed, hearing the clink of armor as Aneurin and his soldiers did the same behind me. As I stood straight up once more I looked at those that accompanied Luci. Two of what I believe to be captains of some sort, flanked her throne on her left and on the right sat a very large dragon- a draik, in fact. She had to be Tsujetan. Her green eyes were trying to pierce right through me, I think. It was very discomforting.

The little Empress seemed to beam with excitement- I supposed she hadn't really gotten any visitors from other countries in Dalynium, let alone another world. With the gleam of her smile and the bright orange of her robes, she reminded me of a sun beam. You may rise. The child empress said cheerfully in her small, yet peppy voice. What brings you to Eulbania, Princess Ginadii?

Empress Luciva was trained in formalities very well, at the least. I bring a gesture of friendship between our two countries, I said, sounding as eloquent and friendly as I could to a Eulbanian I hated on circumstance, Suconat is much like your Eulbania, I believe. I am merely in Dalynium to obtain allies and to map out this world, and report my findings back to my father, the king. I explained, as Luci nodded her head to my words.

Then allies we shall be! The little auburn haired zafara exclaimed, and clapped her hands together. You and your guards may stay in the palace. I hope you'll stay through this week, our summer festival is about to begin and it'd be nice if you stayed. Luciva said, and as she mentioned the festival her speech quickened in excitement. Captain Jasoir! Show them all to the third floor, will you? That's where they'll be staying. Oh! And try to take the route that passes the library- if they're mapping they're going to probably want to see some of ours. The Empress said to one of the army officials on her left, a brown haired usul with a mischievous sort of smirk on his face. I refrained from rolling my eyes- the usual, egotistic Eulbania. What did he have to smirk about anyway?

Of course, Your Excellency. He said, swishing his hair out of his face as if he had just achieved some admirable feat. I couldn't even understand as to why he seemed so arrogant- does he realize he's taking orders from a twelve year old girl? He motioned for my group and me to follow him.

So Suconat, huh? Never heard of it.Captain Jasoir' said nonchalantly. I was in Altador a couple months ago on vacation. Are your people like, all recluses or something? Jasoir said with a cheeky grin. He infuriated me more by the second. No way would any respectable princess let some arrogant jerk insult her country! Okay, so Suconat isn't a real place- but it's practically synonymous with Rogathe, at least to me. Plus, this guy needs put in his place.

And I was more than happy to do so.

Are most Eulbanians idiots like you? I feel bad for your Empress, having to babysit you. I retorted snidely, and I heard Aneurin elbow Charlise so she wouldn't giggle. I felt triumphant.

Jasoir shrugged it off. Ah, so you're not recluses... just snippy. No wonder no one's heard of your town or whatever- no one wants to go there. He threw it right back in my face. I could just... urg! Forget the Eulbanian royalty- he'll be the first on my list to be punished once I take over.

Pushing past him with a disgusted sigh (and making sure I accidentally on purpose stepped on his foot in the process), I stormed off up the stairs. I figured I could find the library and my room on my own. Hah! As if I needed the help of some moron to show me through the palace.

Wait. The palace? No...

My palace.

other image here

A day or so had passed since my arrival, and mainly I was working on gaining the trust of those around me. This, however, proved difficult in the fact that the annual summer festival was just days away and almost everyone was busy getting ready. I spent my days in the library or garden. They assumed I was also here to 'research' and I did, a little, but looking at maps gets boring after a while. The royal garden here is lovely, though. I really like flowers. They make the world seem... peaceful.

Today I scoured the library to look for something to pretend to read. I found an interesting looking scroll and picked it up to take outside to the garden when I turned around to see Rami.

Rami is the big, stoic draik with the piercing, stare I mentioned earlier. I was surprised to find out that she's Empress Luci's personal body guard- seeing as Rami is Tsujetan.

Hello Miss Gina. Reading again? The large dragon said in her thick accent, her r's rolling along with her speech. She was also often in the library, as Luci had taught her how to read, resulting in Rami finding a favorite hobby. Well, at least it seemed like her favorite hobby. I haven't really spoken too her too much, not that she talks often in the first place. Also, another bit that adds to Rami's creepiness is how... formal she speaks. I guess she's just accustomed to it, being a slave all her life. Even I found it bizarre to be constantly addressed as Princess Ginadii. I guess I'm just so used to all my Rogathe friends calling me Gina.

Yes. Your world is just so different from mine, it's very intriguing. I said, feigning excitement.

Rami merely shrugged, indifferent to my feelings. I suppose. She said, trying to get a peek at what I held in my hands. With a soft hmph she turned around to go about her own business, but then stopped. Miss Gina, would you like to see something... extraordinary? The tall draik said slowly with a tilt of her head. Well, extraordinary for you, at the least... She murmured, almost to herself. I raised an eyebrow- what did she think I'd find interesting?

What is this 'something'? I questioned, setting the scroll back on the shelf, crossing my arms.

Why, the Aura, Miss Gina. Rami said, Surely you do not have it in Neopia, as it is exclusive to only the northeastern region of Dalynium. I can assume you have read about it these past couple days...?

Yes, of course I have. I replied. I wanted to laugh considering what my true identity was, but I didn't. No, we don't. So... what, are you going to show me where it's harvested, perhaps? I really hoped not, considering a tour of Eulbanian Aura mines would be bland with a tour guide with even the most vibrant of personalities... but with Rami? Eugh.

Oh, no, Miss Luci is tutored in learning how to use it for battle every day with Commander Zulken, and she was hoping you would join them to watch. I was actually sent to fetch you. Rami said while blinking slowly.

I had no need to fake curiosity anymore. The Aura has twelve elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Electricity, Light, Darkness, Time, Mind, Manipulation, Form, and Protection, each corresponding with a different month, in a calendar that the Rogathes and Tsujetans shared... and the Eulbanians adapted. Whatever month someone's born in signifies which element they can master in combat. (Again, see that scroll I gave you. Honestly, quartziferous, I'm trying to tell a story, not about culture.) I was now very interested in the Eulbanian methods of fighting- not to mention I also kind of wanted to know what element Luci has. It's good to know an enemy's strengths, right?

I'd love to come. I said, a grin beginning to form and widen on my face. I'll grab my sword from my room and see you there- I'd love a sparring match if there's time.

But of course. Rami said with a nod, and turned around to pad out the door.

I arrived in the practice field after obtaining my father's sword. I spotted Rami immediately and waved, and she swished her tail side to side, motioning for me to come over. It was then I saw Luci and Zulken fencing. I have to admit, for a kid, she wasn't bad. I had to withhold a sneer when I saw Jasoir standing next to Rami though. Arrogant little-

Princess Gina~! Luci squealed happily, stopping in mid spar to wave hello. I chuckled as Zulken chastised her, telling her to pay attention.

One more attempt and you may have a break, Your Excellency. The battle scarred eyrie chortled.

Luci nodded eagerly. Closing her eyes, she raised her sword and slashed the air. Fire and sparks sputtered along the blade as she did so, but nothing more. Opening her eyes, she looked sheepishly at Zulken as he sighed. Well, this is why we practice. He said and then offered her a smile.

Luci nodded to her commander and proceeded to skip over to me. Sorry I'm not too good, but do you get the general idea of how to fight with Aura? She said as she stuck her sword in the ground. I nodded slowly, pretending I was new to all of this. Just concentrate and your element will come to you... that is, if you want to try. The Empress said as I unsheathed my sword.

Of course I do. I said. This would be a piece of cake for me. I raised my sword to twirl it and-

You know nothing's going to happen, right? Jasoir finally spoke up, smirking all the while. Your sword's not Eulbanian, I'm assuming. There's no Aura in it- you could swing it around for days and you wouldn't get so much a spark.

In a way I was kind of glad he was a jerk- I would've blown my cover if I had continued. I glared at him, and Luci giggled.

Sorry Princess! Forgot to tell you~ The cheerful child said and pulled her sword out of the ground and handed it to me. There you go. I'll take yours for now.

After swapping swords I contemplated on how to do this without showing I was from northeastern Dalynium yet again- Rogathes could easily control the Aura without the crystal being infused in the weapon itself... supposedly, according to legend, it's in our blood, same with the Tsujetans. I looked over at Rami and she gave me a quizzical look... well at least I think that's what it was. You can never really tell with her.

You going to take all day? Jasoir said and Zulken shh'd him. I clenched the handle- forget being careful. I was going to knock the sandals off everyone in the vicinity. Maybe if I stunned him speechless, he'd finally keep his moronic mouth shut.

I stroked the air upwards, and as I did so, an arc of water appeared. Letting go I let Luci's sword flip in the air, catching it in my left hand as the water turned into ice and shattered on the ground.

Heh. I chucked, amused. I masted my element, water, around the age of ten. That was fun. I handed the young empress's sword back to her, taking pleasure in everyone's amazement. Rami was actually showing emotion, and I was pretty sure if Zulken's jaw could drop any lower it'd go right through the ground. Jasoir was at the borderline between shocked and sulky, whereas Luci was amazed and rapt with admiration.

Princess Gina! That was amazing! Luci said clapping her hands, as Zulken and Rami tried to recover from their surprise. Jasoir had moved on to a full-on pout. Fitting.

Thanks. I said with a grin. It felt good to be talented.

Of course, I should've expected the unexpected. I knew one of them was going to pester me about today, but I didn't think it'd be... him.

You're not from Neopia, are you? Jasoir said, leaning against my doorframe as I brushed my hair before I went to bed. I turned around, trying hard to keep my voice calm.

What are you talking about? I replied innocently, and he rolled his eyes, as if I was the idiot, and not him.

The Aura. Today. He said, narrowing his blue eyes. No one's who's exposed to it for the first time can have that level of mastery.

Maybe I'm just a prodigy. I said with a sneer and Jasoir shook his head, and walked over to me.

The Empress is a prodigy- and you saw her skill level. He glared at me but I continued to keep my straight face. You're lying. You're not from Neopia and I'm going to find out what you're really doing here. Jasoir took one more step forward and stared down at me. I consider it as part of my job as captain.

He was trying to intimidate me, and for someone who grew up around rowdy mercenaries, that was just not going to work. I too took a step forward and completely closed the gap between us and met his furious gaze. Well then, I said, if you haven't figured it out yet... I trailed off and smirked. ...Then I consider you not very good at your job.

Glowering at me for a couple more seconds, Jasoir finally let out a hmph and walked out of my room. Hah! Figure out where I'm from. I'd like to see him try...

other image here




I awoke to this really annoying call to find out that it was the middle of the night. Whoever was waking me up better have a good reason... I soon figured out who it was though as this person then began to chuck pebbles at my window and began to call my name.

Psssssst! Ginaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I heard the voice of Charlise say, the 'psst' no longer being a whisper but almost a shout. With a groggy sigh and a stretch I stood up and walked over to the window and opened it.

Charlie, don't throw pebbles, you'll scratch the -blocked- Furthermore, I deadpanned grumpy, why are you down there? Your room is on the same floor; you could've just walked down the hall and knocked. I would've been cranky that she woke me up regardless, but I was really confused right now. What warranted her to stand outside my window and try and get my attention that way?

Charlie looked thoughtful. Ooh, I could've done that, couldn't I? Maybe that's why mom says Aneurin's the smart one- you know, that reminds me of the time when we went sailing and-

What do you want, Charlie? I said, crossing my arms and giving her a stern look. She tended to go off on random tangents sometimes. I was not about to stand around to hear one of those when I could be sleeping, her being my best friend or not.

Charlie then looked serious, which scared me, to say the least. I had never seen her so grim. There's something you need to see.

I got dressed and tiptoed out the castle, glad the guards had fallen asleep at their posts. Charlie said I should've climbed down from the window, but I was on the third floor. There was no way that was happening.

In any case, I followed Charlie into town- it was eerily quiet, almost ghost-like. Ducking through alleyways and narrow passageways between the buildings, I was beginning to wonder if she was leading me on some mysterious wild goose chase. Charlie, where are we-

Ssssh. Hold on. She said and cringed as she took out a dagger and pricked her thumb. I opened my mouth to ask her why the heck did she just do that when she smeared the blood on an aura stone embedded in what was seemingly a dead end of an alleyway. The large stone wall faded to reveal a large room. Charlie beckoned for me to come on and when I followed, I saw a sight that made my heart leap out of my chest. How did you find...?

Rounding them up was easier than you'd think. Charlie said, grinning at me. She then looked out over the room. And we thought they had all forgotten their heritage... Charlie breathed, the glow of her healing her thumb with her element lighting up the room full of Rogathe slaves.

Princess Ginadii. One older slave, a lupe, said as he stepped forward, it is an honor. As he spoke those words the entire crowd bowed. I tried to speak, say something, anything, to my people, but the words just wouldn't come.

The reason why we barely have an army... Aneurin said slowly, stepping out of the shadows to join his sister and me, because our would-be army is here.

As he said this the crowd began to rise and murmur in what began as excitement and then quickly turned into a frenzy. Voices overlapped, but I was able to pick out a handful of cries and shouts.

We'll rebel and fight!

Just tell us when!

All hail King Jethrae! All hail Princess Ginadii!

Down with Eulbania!

Yeah! Down with Empress Luciva!

I felt dizzy and overwhelmed from the moment I walked in but the rowdiness of the mob had caught me completely off guard- particularly that last cry. Down with Luci? I said, giving the slave who shouted it a quizzical look. The Empress was just a little girl! There was barely anything she could do that concerned ruling her country until she turned eighteen by Eulbanian law. Even so, the Parliament had gained a lot of control in the time of her father. You surely don't think she's behind all of this-

She's the Empress!

Declare war, Princess!

Kill her! Kill her!

I felt like I was going to be sick. I want to free my people, more than anything. I will not kill a little, innocent girl to do it though. I won't.


The group of slaves continued their roar, but Charlise and Aneurin heard me whisper to myself. Gina... what? Charlie said, and I shook my head.

I said no. I won't do it. I won't kill her. I know she has my throne and my people in chains but that's not her fault or within her power to fix. I said in a low voice, and Charlie tried to hush the crowd. Aneurin just gave me a funny look.

What did you think your father sent you here to do, Gina? He said with a hard stare.

I looked out at the wide, anxious, hopeful eyes of my people. Not this. My voice shook as I spoke, and I wasn't even sure if my friends could hear me over the clamor that still continues to ring in my ears.

other image here

After what happened last night... or rather, very early this morning, I couldn't sleep. I sat in the garden and just... thought. Thought about what I had lived for, worked for. I never saw myself as preparing to be a mere assassin along with being a princess. Was that really what all the sword fighting training from my father had been for? Was this really my father's vision for freedom? There had to be some other way. I admit I'm bias and I hate Eulbanians simply because they exist, but no innocent child should have to die in the Eulbanian-Rogathe crossfire- an Empress or not. I sat at the edge of a fountain and plucked petals off a rose only to chuck them in the water. Part of me felt betrayed... how could my father and friends believe I could do such an act? On the other hand, I also felt foolish: I was never betrayed. I was the traitor. Also, why didn't I see this as the solution when everyone else did? The training, my father recently giving me his title of Commander in Chief of the army... why didn't I see it? The petal-less rose was tossed into the fountain as I heard the voice of the person I least wanted to hear.

You look like you just saw a ghost and then got attacked by a tornado. Real classy. I like it. Jasoir said, looking at me with that usual dumb grin on his face. I must've been really tired because for a second I thought he actually looked a little concerned.

I tried to muster up a witty reply, but my heart wasn't in it. I just wanted to be left alone. Just go away. I muttered, looking away.

What? Was I wrong? Was it a hurricane instead of a tornado? Jasoir said with a light laugh and raised an eyebrow. What's wrong, Princess? Someone spill your tea? I could tell from his voice while he did make some slight insults and jibes he was... joking. I gave him a look mixed of confusion and hatred.

You know, I said, getting more and more agitated by the second, for as nasty as you've been to me, and my snippy remark telling you to leave, I at least expected a stinging remark or two. I swept my frizzy hair out of my face, and felt furious as he laughed yet again.

Jasoir shrugged, I'm only being nice 'cause you're miserable enough right now. At least it looks that way. If you really want to argue we can.

I crossed my arms. Either go away or tell me why you're bothering me in the first place.

Remember when I said I'm going to find out where you're really from and why you're here? Still trying to figure that out, actually. He said with a bit of a yawn.

And you never will. I said with a triumphant smile. I stood up and began to walk back towards the palace when Jasoir spoke again.

I like mysteries. At this I felt heat rise to my face and I spun around in an instant, outraged.

Was that a line!? I said, glaring at him, although my voice was mixed with anger and incredulity.

Jasoir smirked and leaned against one of the columns in the garden. I don't know... was it? Or was it me trying to find another way to agitate you and succeeding?

I glowered at him and couldn't even find a proper insult or response. Thus, I stormed off like any haughty princess should know how to. I didn't have time for his stupid mind games. The Eulbanian summer festival started today, and I was never one to miss a party.

The festival kickoff was entertaining, to say the least. Never had I seen so many beautiful fireworks. Little Luci was adorable as well, perched atop Rami's head for the whole start of the festival to get a better look at the crowd and sky.

After the initial ceremony, a ball was being held at the palace. Now while I said I couldn't miss a party, a ball is in a category all on its own. I can't dance to save my life. Never had lessons... I suppose my father figured fencing was far more important.

Speaking of which, what occurred the previous night was completely gone from my mind. I found that I was actually... enjoying myself. I hadn't had this much fun in... a long time.

It was getting rather stuffy in the ballroom though, so I left to go stand on the balcony that overlooked the garden. I smiled as the blumbuzes twinkled with the stars, and the cool air ruffled my hair. I felt like a princess, even though this wasn't my ball... or my palace. I felt at home. I thought that's why I was sent- to not only deceive the authorities but finally feel home.

View here is awesome in the summer, isn't it? I turned to see Jasoir joining me on the balcony. Great. Just when I was having fun.

Mhm. I said, biting back a sarcastic reply. I was not going to let him keep ruining my stay here.

I was quite surprised he didn't say much for a few minutes after that small exchange. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye- he seemed to be deep in thought. I turned to leave him on his own when he caught my hand. Wait. He said, and I spun back around, raising an eyebrow. You look beautiful, Gina.

I felt like my face was on fire again, and could barely stammer out a reply. W-what?!

I know you don't like me. He let go of my hand, The feeling isn't mutual, despite how I've treated you. What... huh? Was this his idea of a sick joke? I tried to reply but I felt as if all the air had been knocked out of my lungs. I 'hate' you because I have to. I can't love a girl from another country, allies with Eulbania or not. I've loved you since I met you, Gina.

Woah. I... just... wow. For a moment we just held each other's gaze- his of passion and mine of shock. I could see this was no joke. There was something, however, horribly wrong with what he just said.

I'm going to have to ruin your mystery. I said with a sad smile, referring to our quarrel earlier in the day. I'm not from Neopia, Suconat doesn't exist, and I am certainly not an ally of Eulbania. I took a deep breath, I am the Princess of the Rogathes. Your Empress has my throne. I stumbled over my words a bit as I finally choked out ...and I was sent here to kill her.

Are you going t- Jasoir started to say slowly, his eyes darkening with new found suspicion.

No! No. I can't kill a little girl. I said hurriedly, feeling relieved as his gaze lightened once more, ...but what I'm saying is, this'll never work. You and me.

No one has to know. Jasoir said, almost pleadingly. I fell into his embrace. They will eventually... I thought to myself, but didn't want to further ruin anything by voicing that aloud.

I sighed. In a matter of a day I managed to wrong the Rogathes and all I had previously stood for twice- by not complying with my father's plans and becoming what most people would dub a 'star-crossed lover'. I love my country and I love Jasoir- picking one makes me a hero while the other makes me happy. Glory and fame, treason and love. It's like comparing black and white. All I can hope for is that I can find a shade of gray.

Two hundred years ago, the kingdom of Rogathe was overthrown by a tribe called the Eulbanians. The Eulbanians lived and prospered in their new home, while the Rogathes that didn't escape were forced into slavery. Many, many years later, Gina's father, the heir to the throne, started up an army to take the island back. It took many years for King Jethrae to build up an army, not to mention raise his daughter Gina. When Eulbania was vulnerable due to a recent assassination of the Emperor, subsequently placing his twelve year old daughter Luciva on the throne, King Jethrae sent Gina and some other Rogathes to pretend they were from the fictional Suconat, a kingdom in Neopia. (Neopia is accessable through portals that are throughout Dalynium.) Upon arrival, Gina takes an immediate dislike to the Captain of the Eulbanian army, Jasoir, after they exchange insults in the hallway.

Gina is then later invited to an Aura fighting practice held by Empress Luciva. Aura is a stone found throughout northeastern Dalynium, and grants an element to those that can control it. Rogathes and Tsujetans do not need the stone on them to use their element because supposedly the substance is within their blood. Gina almost blows her cover by using a sword not enfused with Aura- although after Jasoir insults her yet again, she uses her skill of her element to the fullest, which is far beyond what is expected of someone who has had no previous training. This makes Jasoir suspicious, and he later vows to figure out where Gina's from and why she's here.

Gina is then awoken in the middle of the night by her friend Charlise, who leads her to a secret meeting room packed with Rogathe slaves who want to meet their princess. Gina is at first happy to see them until she finds that not only they but her father and friends expect her to kill the Empress Luciva in order to take her throne back. Gina refuses- while war is on the horizon she would rather have a surrender than the death of a little girl.

Later on that day, Gina and Jasoir have another argument in the garden, where he reveals he may not actually hate her. Gina storms off and gets ready for the Eulbanian summer festival. She enjoys herself at the festival, really feeling like a princess. It is when she is on the balcony for a breath of fresh air that Jasoir reveals he pretends to hate her because he can't love her- seeing as she's from another country. Gina reveals who she truly is and the forbidden lovers embrace- knowing that this won't end well.

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My mother... I don't remember her. Those that knew her though say she was the most beautiful and compassionate queen to have ever lived. Even though I never really met her, I wish she was still alive.

My father. I love him dearly but I can't believe that he'd want me to kill a little girl- is that really what his plan was? I'll have to ask him... but how would even one ask a question such as that? -sighs- I just... I can't believe it.

img here

Charlise has been my best friend ever since I can remember. Her father was the captain in my father's army. She may be a little dense at times, but that's what makes her loveable.

img here

Aneurin is Charlie's twin, and is the smart one, to say the least. He's very quiet but skilled in battle, hence why he's replaced his father as captain.

Luci's really just a normal little girl at heart. I don't quite understand how she can be so peppy though considering her duties.

Rami is a draik of very few words. Apparently she was a gladiator in the Eulbanian Colosseum before Luci asked her to be her body guard. If there's someone to fear finding out my true identity, it's her.

I haven't really talked to Commander Zulken too much. He used to be the Captain of the Eulbanian army, but when Luci became Empress, he became Commander-in-Chief in her stead until she turns eighteen. He's blind in his one eye from a fight, apparently. That's one story in particular I'm not sure I want to hear.


Jasoir. I don't quite know what to say about him. Sometimes I would give anything to be near him, other times I'd just like to slap him upside the head.

Tikai the kepru

Tikai is my kepru! I wish I didn't have to leave her back on Quet'zen Island with my dad, but I figure she's well taken care of there. She's a special breed of kepru, you know. A Rogathe Kepru, originally bred to sniff out and dig up Aura. The only thing Tikai likes to dig up though, unfortunately, are flowers.


Gina & Nix's Versai

An irritable kacheek tried to tame her blonde hair that kept whipping about her face as she waited on one of the cliffs for a mercenary that was supposed to come today... hopefully to become a member of her army. If they were flying or sailing in Gina could see why they were late- the wind was just so fierce! The princess wished she had a ribbon to tie her hair back... Finally making the decision to go back to the fort and get one, Gina turned around and blinked in surprise as she heard someone approaching.

The wind whipped fiercely around Versailles's body, tossing her from side to side. She struggled to keep herself upright, aiming for the cliff that was so, so close. There was a moment of stillness as the wind died down, and she shot forward through the air. Just before touching down on the cliff, the wind crashed into her, sending her tumbling head-over-heel to land in an ungraceful heap a ways down the cliff. Smothering curses as she smoothed her fur out, Versai straightened up and started back heading up the cliff. She paused, seeing another figure coming down, and then blinked warily, waiting for them.

With her quick, purposeful pace, it wasn't long before Gina came face to face with the scarred xweetok. Was this the mercenary? She said she'd be flying in... why was she at the bottom of the cliff then? Gina shrugged to herself- it didn't really matter. While the arrival of a new soldier cheered her up a little, she didn't visibly show it in the slightest.

You're late, but I'm assuming that's because of the wind?' Gina said, running a hand through her own windswept hair. She grimaced to herself, she probably looked like she just rolled out of bed. Ugh. 'I'm Princess Ginadii, and also your new commander-in-chief.' The brown kacheek said, with a proud smile.

Oh. I see. Your assumption was correct; I am Versailles, also known as your new mercenary, your new soldier.' Her voice came out soft and lilting, melodic. And then she smiled, but it was an odd sort of smile that was opposite of her appearance - a strange sort of almost cruel smile.

I offer my apologies for being late, and yet once again you are correct - the wind delayed my getting here. Flying in itself is not easy, but adding in the wind makes it downright dreadful.' She paused, golden eyes watching Ginadii intently. Her speech - slightly old-fashioned and very formal, combined with her voice and appearance sure made her one odd character.

I am ready to start straight away; perhaps you'd like to show me to our camp, and my quarters so that once personal things have been taken care of, we may get right to business?

Gina stared down at the xweetok in a bit of shock. It was like looking at and listening to a small and fluffy Rami. The princess wiped the surprise off her face though and nodded. That smile Versailles had was slightly menacing in a way, and made Gina a tad uneasy... at least Rami was void of emotion.

Of course, Versailles.' Gina began to walk past the beautiful xweetok and motioned for her to follow. 'Currently we are on the highest cliff of Quet'zen Island. Often times we have the occasional guard up here, although seeing as no other country knows of our presence here, the occasion for such is rare.

Trudging along the path towards the temple-turned-camp Gina smiled as she realized they would have to pass through her garden. Flowers of many colors, shapes, and sizes bloomed and budded along the sides of the pathway, some even twining themselves around the ruins of the ancient city that once inhabited the island. 'This would be my garden- if I'm not at the camp or in Eulbania, this is where you'd find me if you needed to.' Gina said as she inhaled the strong scent of flowers.

It is very beautiful,' She commented, bending and daintily sniffing a snapdragon. She sighed gustily, eyes softening as she straightened up, gazing around the garden. 'I hail from a family of gardeners, actually. My surname is 'Gardenier'. Odd, hm?' She commented, blinking at the rest of the garden.

Quet'zen island. Do you have any maps of the area, preferably the most recent that you can manage?' The little xweetok glanced up at Gina. She found that she rather liked the Princess, and was actually excited to do this job. That in itself was odd.

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Rogathe is currently where Eulbania is, and from reading Gina's story, you can learn about its history. The customs, however, are stated here.

Much like Tsujeta Rogathe has months corresponding to the different element. Each has the prefix Monthaes ('Month of') and then the Rogathe god/goddess associated with that element. Here are the months, what they would equal to in a normal calendar, and the element they correspond with. Since the Rogathe months and Tsujetan months are so similar, many scholars believe that the Rogathes based their gods and goddesses off of the original Kzetian Teshkei, the high council of Tsujeta. For Rogathes, Tsujetans and Eulbanians alike, whatever month someone is born into is the element they have from the Aura.

Monthaes Temporii = January = Time
Monthaes Savioriia = February = Protection
Monthaes Aeronatiius = March = Wind
Monthaes Gaiiae = April = Earth
Monthaes Maniipultus = May = Manipulation
Monthaes Igniitiae = June = Fire
Monthaes Shinea = July = Light
Monthaes Shapetuus = August = Form
Monthaes Electriius = September = Electricity
Monthaes Noctinae = October = Darkness
Monthaes Wisdonitae = November = Mind
Monthaes Aquiitas = December = Water/Ice

While few customs of ancient Rogathe have been kept, the army of King Jethrae has upheld the tradition of having the sons or daughters be the succession of position, whether it be commander-in-chief, captain, lieutenant, etc. Also, all Rogathes have stripes somewhere in their fur pattern on their body, and are usually a range of browns, tans, and golds in fur color. It is not unheard of however, to also consist of white or cream.

The Rogathes also have an interersting way in pronounciation. As seen with the double i's, u's, and the ae's, the Rogathes love their dipthongs. At least, they did in the old language. Most of it is lost, but here is how to pronounce some of the differently spelled names.

Pronunciation Guide
ii = long e sound
ae = long a sound
ai = long a sound
uu = oo as in loose
iius = 'ee' then 'us
a = usually pronounced with an 'uh' or 'ah

Specific Words and Names
Rogathe = Row-goth
Ginadii = Gee-nuh-dee
Jethrae = Jeth-ray
Aneurin = An-oh-wrin
Charlise = Shar-lease
Tikai = Tee-kay
Temporii = Tem-pour-ee
Savioriia = Sa-vee-or-ee-uh
Aeronatiius = Air-oh-naw-tee-us
Gaiiae = Guy-a (long a)
Maniipultus = Man-ee-pull-tus
Igniitiae = Ig-nih-tee-a (long a)
Shinea = Shy-nee-a (long a)
Shapetuus = Shape-et-oos
Electriius = Eh-lec-tree-us
Noctinae = Nock-tin-a (long a)
Wisdonitae = Wiz-dun-ee-tay
Aquiitas = Ack-qwee-tas (a as in 'ah')

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Looking at pictures of me? Go ahead. Gina said, loving the attention. She then crossed her arms and glared. Just don't take what isn't yours though!

Shanny's Art
(From newest to oldest)

(The last one was from an old app of mine, I have swapped around the colors on her tail since, because with cream on her stomach it'd make more sense if the cream was at the base of the tail.)


and yes I mean legit fanart. I do not consider trades or requests fanart as they have their own sections here. I'd like to thank everyone that drew Gina for me without asking them. You're all wonderful. If I don't have your name here/linked for fan art, requests, or trades, please tell me your name/account! Thank you!

By Mads

By Helen

By Nix

By Yurre (Neopound)

By Rice

By Suiqu

By Robot (Neopound)

By Skye

Both By Icy

By Wormy

Both by Speck

Both by Pirate

By Mia

By Meep

Both by Hearty

By Bosco

By Hika

Art Trades

Both by Ikisscarrots

By Kori

Art Requests

The following images are from "Request Art For Another Person" boards on Neopound, and I'd like to thank Nix for requesting for me not only once, but twice. c: SHANNY LUFFS YOU.

By Jacqueline (Neopound)

By Whisper

By Cyntaxerror

Shanny's Adoptables... coming soon!

Adopts of Gina!

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Gina held up a rose. Roses are my favorite flower, you know. Elegant, but prickly. My father says they describe me perfectly. She laughed and you couldn't help but laugh as well. You stopped though as she then held up the flower in her other hand- it appeared to be a rose made of gold. This is my golden rose award, quartziferous. Do you think you're qualified to earn it? Gina said with a raise of her eyebrows as you continued to stare in awe.

How to Qualify:

You must have 5 of the 7 completed. That's fair enough, right? (Numbers with the ORs in them are worth double, so if you fulfill both that counts as two requirements!)

1. Your petpage has a decent layout. Doesn't have to be extremely complicated. This one isn't!
2. Three pieces of art done by yourself OR three works of poetry/short stories done by yourself. I know not everyone's an artist!
3. A completed or well thought out history/story. (The more original, the better!)
4. Role playing is shown OR you have adoptables
5. You have a link back buttons
6. Your pet has its own world/kingdom/business/etc. and it is explained in a section of the petpage OR friends and family are listed
7. You have your own award

Sky's App for Laemna
Vivian's app for Feyrinix

Pickup code!

For Kirzi

For Atai!

For Iowasi

For Laemna!

For Senbelle!

For Feyrinix!

Have I won an award? Hah! How could you think I haven't? Gina said with a flip of her hair.

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Well, I would best be off- I return to Eulbania tomorrow. I need to pack and such, since they think I come from a whole different world, you know. I'll see you again, though, right? Gina said, looking at you expectantly. Wouldn't want to disappoint the princess...

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