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Terms and Conditions

Please send the application in a Neomail, not in a Neoboard message. Send it to my fostering account, redpaperlanterns. You should include the Pledge of Good Ownership and answers to the questionnaire. Please just send it to one account, because my inbox on my main is usually quite full. x3

The account you want me to send the pet to must be at least 4 months old. This is because certain pets/species can only be adopted by accounts aged 4+ months. If you'd like to transfer the pet to a side account after it ages to 4 months, that's fine.

PLEASE only if you want to keep the pet! I'd like the pet to go to a forever home. I know that sometimes, people change their minds, and I'm okay with that. But, I'd like to see the pet go to a caring home. If the pet awards an avatar and you'd like to lend it, please see the let me know in your application so I don't assume that you just traded him/her away.

If you are applying with a petpage, include a link in the Neomail. Don't worry about layouts and such--- it's the application that matters. :)

If you've already applied for a pet here, don't apply for another one somewhere else. If you no longer wish to adopt my foster, then please tell me.

You MUST communicate with me in some way. If I send you the acceptance Neomail and I don't get a response within three weeks, I will pick a new owner for the pet.

You MUST leave your transfers open for the month following the deadline. I purposely set deadlines on the last day of each month so I can transfer pets over as soon as the owner is chosen (I only get 1 transfer per month).

More Info

I will be looking at your user lookups to see how your pets are treated. As long as they seem to be fed and healthy, you should be okay. Things like petpets, trophies, and drawings will probably add to my judgement, but I'm not being extremely picky. Almost all of my pets have petpets and all of them are well-fed, but I hardly have any trophies yet (I'm working on that).

I really like it when I see a pet with a back story. :D Here is a favorite of mine, linked with permission. This person didn't apply here; I just liked that story a lot. :D DO NOT ask DuKaciama's owner for him. He's not up for trade/adoption.


What are all of your current accounts on Neopets? This includes your main account and all side accounts. Which one will the foster pet live on?

Have you ever traded / adopted a pet before? If so, have you ever tried to do a pound transfer?

What plans do you have for the pet? Beauty Contest, training, Book Awards, roleplay, etc.

Why do you want to adopt this pet?

Do you plan to write a back story / personality for this pet? If so, I may ask for a brief description.

Have you ever been suspended / frozen / silenced before? If so, try to remember any reasons. If you can't, don't worry; I don't have the best memory myself.

Pledge of Good Ownership

This is a pledge that everyone applying for a TNO foster pet must take.

If I am chosen, I, [YOUR NAME], pledge to be the best owner I can be for my new Neopet, [PET NAME]. I understand all the sadness that he / she has already been through, and so I will provide everything he / she needs to be happy. I promise to be a friend to my new Neopet and never ever ever put him / her through the pain of neglect or abandonment again.

In the End...

When you're finished, the application might look like this:

Hello, I'm [your name], and I'm interested in adopting [petname]. My accounts are [accounts], [account name] being my main. My foster pet will live on [account]. I have/have not used up my transfer for that month. I have/have not transferred/adopted a pet before. I plan to [almost anything here, stuff like, "enter pet in beauty contest," etc]. I will/will not create a back story/personality for my pet. I have/have not been frozen/suspended before [if so, reasons here]. If I am chosen, I, [first name], pledge to be the best owner I can be for my new Neopet, [petname]. I understand all the sadness that he/she has already been through, and so I will provide everything he/she needs to be happy. I promise to be a friend to my new Neopet and never ever ever put him/her through the pain of neglect or abandonment again.

Please do not copy this word for word, with the exception of the pledge.

Pets UFA


Zubilewich the Male Desert Meerca

Zubilewich is one of the newest foster pets to arrive. His stats go as follows: Level 1; 37 Max HP; 7 Defence; 31 Strength; 11 Movement; and 39 intelligence. He also has Thomas the Christmas Weewoo as his petpet.

Zubilewich's name might be the English pronunciation of Zubilewicz, the last name of a Polish weatherman. It could be said as "Zoo-bee-leh-vee-ch".

Kaleniea the Female Desert Buzz

Kaleniea was recently adopted to be the a new foster pet in our family. Her stats go as follows: Level 1; Defence 12; Strength 31; Movement 40; Max HP 140; and Intelligence 27. She also has a Robot Blobagus named Spiffy.

Kaleniea's deadline will be decided upon once someone applies for her! If you're interested, please make an application using the rules above and send it in to Snowflower.

Torbau the Female Darigan Buzz

Torbau is the newest foster pet who is currently being zapped by the lab ray. Her stats go as follows: Level 9; Defence 26; Strength 35; Movement 27; Max HP 64; and Intelligence 27. She has a Rainbow Sauropod named Spree. Torbau's stats will change often, and I'm hoping to get them to a higher level.

Torbau is officially UFA! Feel free to apply for her!

Waiting to Come Home

The pets here are NO LONGER UP FOR ADOPTION. They're just waiting past the deadline to be transferred to their new homes. Probably because I only get two transfers per month, sadly. To the owners waiting to adopt these pets, I thank you tremendously for your patience!

No pets to see here!

In the Lab

No pets to see here!

Happily Homed Pets

Here are all of my past fosters who have gone to new homes! NOTE: Do NOT Neomail the new owners of these pets asking for them!

Happily Homed

It's in the rules; I do NOT want you trading the pets that you adopt from me.

Traded away... :(


Is it alright if...

...I keep the pet on a side account? Yes, as long as you go on often to care for the pet.

...I want to change the pet's color? That's perfectly fine. :)

...I change his/her gender? Yes, if you have the Lab Ray Scientist as a Battledome challenger.

...You change his/her gender? I don't have the BD challenger. Sure! Just ask me in your app. ^_^

...I want to trade the pet/put the pet up for adoption? I'd really like you to keep the pet. I want him/her to go to a forever home. I'll say this: It'll be okay to trade the pet if you change your mind, but I would NOT be happy with you applying for the pet, just so you could use it to trade for another pet. (What I mean by that is, the only reason you applied was to get the pet and re-trade it for a different one. You didn't even consider keeping the pet.)

...I Neofriend you? Only if it's for purposes regarding getting the pet to your account. Though I can't see why you'd need to Neofriend me for that...

...I use a premade layout for a petpage application? Sure! It's the application that counts, not the layout.

...I list my pet on this page? No, this is just for my foster pets. Maybe some day I'll allow other TNO foster parents, but for now, no.

...I lend the pet out if it's an avatar pet? That's up to you. Lending and trading are two different things: You (hopefully!) get the pet back when you're lending. When you trade, it's permanent. Always be careful, though, because pet lending can be risky!


There isn't much that goes into this section. ^_^