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A soft breeze caressed and slightly ruffled his fur as he stood overlooking the valley below him. Night covered it in a mantle of darkness, a plethora of stars shining down from the moonless sky. The twinkling of the stars seemed to make the light blue pattern on his fur glimmer in return, and the small blue beads on his extended antennae glowed softly in the darkness, barely illuminating the path ahead.

It had taken him weeks to find this place, guided by instinct and what few rumors he had gleaned from other xweetoks. The fabled Xweetok Forest. Now, he stood on the very edge of its domain, and he knew he at last had found Home.

The lush forest spread out below him, a vast valley full of tall trees, evergreens, and bushes. To one side, the waters of a large lake twinkled in a mirror image of the stars above it. To the other side, he could see the crags and cliffs dominated by a large waterfall, and many smaller ones from a collection of surrounding rivers. If he listened carefully, he could hear the thunderous sound of crashing water even from this side of the surrounding mountains.

Smiling softly to himself, he bounded down the side of the mountain, taking flight, and soaring down into the awaiting boughs of the Xweetok Forest.

His new home. At last.

Basic Stats

Name: Gilaxy (Gil)
Gender: Male
Clan: Lune sora
Age: 26
Color: faerie
Personality: soft-spoken, calm, gentle
Status: His heart is taken, although he still waits to let her know.
Family: none
Element: Space


Gilaxy is a soft-spoken gentle creature of the night. Hardly ever seen during day-time, he roams the forests during the nights, finding himself more at home among the fireflies and stars, than the glare of the sun. He never raises his voice above a soft murmur, and is very calm, hardly ever angering. He is quick to laugh though, and a very good friend to those he meets.

He is a gentleman among females, smooth-talking and courteous towards them, with a ready smile and solicitus paw. While he does not actively do this, he causes a great impression on any females he meets, and goes by the rule that you should never hit a female. He also tends to defend them no matter what, if they were to fall under attack from another.

Always respectful, his calm attitude always makes him a good mediator in discussions and a good diffuser of battles. He is always interested in hearing everyone's point of view, and trying to 'put himself in the other's shoes', inviting others to do the same with their peers.


His affinity to the stars grants him mystical powers. A power he rarely uses - only to defend himself or others in harm's way. His powers are strongest during the night, when the stars are at their brightest, and faintest at midday, where he can hardly use them.

He can call upon him a protective shield that covers his body, making him glow a soft blue, which absorbs any energy attacks and most physical contact. Since this shield is personal, if he intends to protect others he has to intercept the attacker, and take the blow himself, something he has no qualms in doing.


Princess Verende

I wasn't searching for it, and I didn't quite realize when it began. But by her side, my heart rate quickens, and yet I feel more complete than ever before.


Gilaxy looked in mild amusement at the young 8-year-old xweetok looking up at him, with slightly awed violet eyes, red-striped tail swishing behind her.

What do you like best of all?" she asked curiously.

Gil took on a look of concentration. "Well, let's see..." he grinned down at the creamy-colored xweetok. "I'd have to say stars, of course. Starry nights. I also enjoy looking at the moon, and the silence of the night."

Vaetur pondered on this for a while, then she grinned also, "How 'bout food? What do you like to eat best?"

Gil chuckled, "Have you ever tried Blue Moon Sundae?"

Vaetur shook her head, "Never heard of it!"

Well, it's the best flavor ice cream, with a bit of moonlight sprinkling." He commented.

Oh! I'll have to ask Xarnya to make me some someday then!" She said happily, before continuing her barrage of questions. "Now, what things *don't* you like?"

Gilaxy laughed softly, "Well, I admit I don't like the sun much."

Vaetur scrunched her nose, she loved the sun, but to each their own! "What else?"

Well, heat, in quantities, cheese, I'm afraid I can't stand cheese, and too much noise... and questions..." He said, glancing down at Vae slyly.

Vaetur's mouth popped open, silent. Then they both laughed. "You've got very different tastes than me!" she replied.

Gil nodded, "Most xweetoks have different tastes, it's what makes the forest interesting.


A bright blue sphere of fire zips out of the sky, like a falling meteor. It quickly catches up with the silently flying figure of Gilaxy as he soars over the tops of the forest. As it comes alongside his owner, the baby fireball floats beside Gil, its blue glowing fire dancing along on the wind. Gil smiles as he looked over to him.

I was wondering where you had gone to." He said affectionately. "I need your light to help me find a good place to rest before the night is over."

Xweetok and petpet make their way to the forest floor, the small fireball lighting the way as Gil walks for the first time across the forest, soft padding feet making no noise on the pine-needle carpeted floor.

Shirak: This blue baby fireball was attracted to Gil when he was but a kit, barely 3 years old. The fireball had seen two glowing orbs floating in the distance, and had raced to meet what he thought was new friends. The orbs were not baby fireballs at a great distance, but the antennae of young Gil, only a short way away. Gilaxy quickly befriended the floating fireball, whose soft blue light could help illuminate even the darkest nights.

The Bug: Zwik, the Bumbluz

This little critter is Shirak's follower, a small bumbluz that jumped on him one day, much to our surprise, and would not get off, no matter what we tried. He's quite funny, to say the truth, and I admit it's fun to watch the small bug crawl along Shirak's spherical body, unperturbed by the flames, and quite content. The small times he's outside the flames, his glowing bulb and electrical antennae that seem to parody my own make me laugh in delight.

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My Past

I was born to a couple of normal-colored faerie xweetoks, in a comfortable den close to Brightvale, some 26 years ago. They were very much surprised (and my father quite dismayed) when they saw my tiny dark-blue body, crumpled wings and strange orb-tipped antennae. I had none of the markings that now grace my dark blue fur, and my parents just though it was extremely suspicious that I was so different from them. My father moreso. No matter how much my mother assured him that I was his son, he refused to believe her, and soon after I was born he had banished my mother and me out of the house.

It was about that time that my orb-tipped antennae glowed for the first time. I daresay it probably spooked my mother a lot, but scared more the people around her, and she was shunned by each household that she came to ask for shelter. But for all my uniqueness, she never stopped loving and caring for me, to the very day she died.

I was but three years old when she left me alone, the hunger and worries of her life had finally caught up with her. She had been feeding me without any regard to her own needs, and I know that even now she looks after me. But the fact was, at 3, I was alone, shunned by most respectable company, and quite hungry.

I met Shirak some weeks after wandering aimlessly through the haunted woods looking for food. I found that I could somehow communicate silently with him, and we started travelling together, mostly by night, when less eyes watched us pass. For the next 15 years, I grew in the wilderness, keeping to the night, hunting for my food using the magic that I came to master, a mystical power derived from the stars that illuminated my path. It was as I learned these powers that my markings started appearing, slowly growing into what they are now.

When I was full-grown and had enough power and presence to trust myself in society I started looking for others of my kind. I found that not all xweetoks were bothered by my strange looks, and some found them actually handsome. Among them, I started hearing of a rumor. A fabled forest where powerful and magical xweetoks lived. Many of them even asked me if I was not from there. I soon decided to quest for this magical forest. It took me 8 years of gathering information and travel to finally find it, but when I saw the faint glow of the magical stones upon the highest peak of the southern mountains, I knew they would guide me to the forest, and they did.


When I first wandered around the Xweetok forest, I met a family of four colorful xweetoks. They greeted me warmly, and offered me a place to stay. I'm sad to say that I had to reject their offer, since I sleep during the day, and they can be quite noisy.

Azrailen: A very bubbly, carefree young lad, who enjoys flying even more than I do, Azrai is fun to be with due to his carefree nature. He flys through the forest daily, always in the search of new friends, and is the closest to Vaetur... It's funny seeing those two fight. He commands wind powers and can form protective bubbles around himself and others, to shield them from harm.

Vaetur: This young girl is the smallest of the siblings, barely 8 years old. She loves asking questions about everything she can think of, I suspect she will be an intelligent one! Vaetur is quite mischievous - often very selfish at such a tender age. I guess she'll grow out of it soon - hopefully. She commands fire powers, but has yet to master then properly. She can create small bursts of flame at a whim.

Tatsuromi: An 18 year old, he has taken the role of master of the household, although he cannot boss Xarnya around. He is serious and distrustful, and tends to brood a lot on occasion. Xarnya tells me he wasn't always like this, but that recent events in the forest have changed him. He commands earth powers, and can summon large vines from the ground to attack and defend.

Xarnya: She is the oldest of the family, and recently chosen as Valtera of the Shui clan. She is calm and respectful, and very tender with the younger ones. Like any demanding mother she can be strict with her siblings, her foster children, and keeps peace in the forest when she can. She controls water powers of healing, her magical rain showers regenerate wounds and replendish energies lost in battle.

Nonae: This stunning white lady I met on my first night in the forest. She accidentally bumped into me and fell, twisting her paw. I gladly helped her to her feet, and ministered to her injury, and I daresay she was a bit... quiet while she looked at me. I had a great time chatting with her, and I daresay I hope we meet again.



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Roleplay Archive

In the following section you can read RP sessions I've had playing Gilaxy in the forest.

Welcome to the Forest
Sealing the North Pass
Battle at Norumbega
Verende's Sacrifice

Wee sighed and buzzed her wine-colored wings, curling her tail up tighter against herself as the rain poured down around her. She appeared to be freezing, and was soaking wet, but determined as she shivered and watched both the sky and the ground. " This constant rain does not agree with me," she muttered, rubbing her paws together, trying to warm herself. Meanwhile, two pairs of eyes watched her from under the protection of a hollow birch tree, illuminated by the full moon that hovered in the sky over them. Wee shook her head, annoyed, as she heard the owners of the ears whispering to each other. " You do know I can hear you, correct?" she called down at them, still scanning the area.

Gil walked slowly through the forest. He didn't seem to mind the persistent rain, since he was already quite wet. His wings glittered in the moonlight, seeming to glow and sparkle, and his antennae orbs hung low in front of his face, their soft glow visible from a distance. His companion, a blue firey orb seemed diminished and downright miserable, as it fought to keep it's blue flames from completly drenching out in the rain.

They were both looking for shelter from the water, but had so far found none suitable for the fireball's needs.

The maroon Faerie noticed the blue one right away and jumped up. Her bright eyes watched him, then she sighed as she realized he was not who she was looking for. " Get a hold of yourself, dude," she muttered before flitting down close to him, her wings drooping and sticking together at times. She stopped a few feet away, looking slightly wary, but pleasently so. She bowed gently and said softly, " Welcome.." She looked at the firey orb and smiled slightly. " I can't help but notice that you are in need of shelter," she said, still smirking at the orb, flicking her ears as she heard more whispering from the tree behind her. She glanced angerly over her shoulder and shook her head, antennae glowing a soft maroon.

Nonae plopped on some soft grass and stared at the moon. Her milky white fur blew in the wind."If I were to the midst of night and to see you know,to see that you witnessed it,would you care?" Nonae recited as a poem.

Gilaxy stopped and looked to his left. He thought he had heard something from the bushes, but couldn't be sure. The noise of the falling rain on the leaves of the trees made smaller sounds muffled and far away.

He looked at Shirak with a worried -disallowed_word-(AN: *PAFF!*)) He'd hit it in a crouch, and by the time the sand cleared he was standing straight again, his blades held out before him, goggled eyes cold slits.

Gilaxy heard the sound, turning in surprise, the ball of energy still in his hands as he hovered above the ground. As he looked down, he saw the glint of Drestal's wings as the light he gave off reflected off the metal and the glass of the goggles. He dissipated the sphere and flew downwards. "Who...?" He asked, the glow around his body also disappearing as the only light became the two orbs on the tips of his antennae.

Drestallerix didn't answer the stupid question. Instead he flared his wings and charged, beating his wings to add speed so that he was half-running, half-flying, one blade ahead of his torso, preapared to impale his enemy.

What..." Gilaxy stepped back in surprise, as he saw the tiny body run towards him with the blade glinting in the low light of his antennae. "Wait! ...Drestal?" He He said as he launched into the air to avoid being impaled.

Drestallerix scowled. Where did all these people keep gettting his name from?! He jumped into the air and twisted, inverting himself to slash at Gilaxy's retreating form. He missed, and let go of the blade to let it sail through the air at the bizarre glowing xweetok.

Gilaxy felt the razor slash his left hind leg and he turned with a cry, to look down at the kid soldier in surprise... he was serious! He began glowing as he put up his shield, "What are you doing? Why are you attacking me!?" He demanded.

What kind of question was that? Why was he attacking him?! Because he was the enemy! Drestallerix pulled back the chain with a swift yank, rethrew, but it was deflected by the shield. He stayed in the air, hovering. "Nomad!" he snarled, perhaps in explanation, perhaps in accusation. It certainly wasn't very friendly-sounding.

Gilaxy pulled back, but frowned as Drestal spoke. "Nomad? I'm not a nomad!" He shouted back. This guy was jsut a kit! By size and tone of voice no more than 10 and maybe less, but his movements and attacks were better than anything Gilaxy could do.

Drestallerixeliarath remained in the air, metal wings thrumming as they made the monotonous back-and-over motion required for hovering. "Magic!" he shouted, angry. He couldn't get to this nomad, and it bothered him greatly. His tail lashed back and forth in the air, and he swung the razor flail around and around, as though waiting.

Gilaxy sighed, as he shook his head in exhasperation. "Nomads aren't the only ones who know magic!" He insisted. He was glad Drestal wasn't testing his shield, because he knew physical attacks were only blocked by half, as it was designed to withstand and absorb magical attacks. He kept a wary distance as he flew looking at Drestal and his flail.

Drestallerix circled Gilaxy as the older xweetok flew, his eyes seeking some sort of phycial vulnerability to exploit. "Norumbegans don't have magic," he spat at gilaxy, as though somehow cleanly defied the male's protests.

Gilaxy turned to keep facing Drestal as he groaned at the other's response, "You may not have magic, but that doesn't make all magic users your enemies!" He insisted. The glow of his shield covered his whole body, making it seem as if he himself was alight, as it was molded to his form. But the glow was weaker on his wings.

Drestallerix saw it, but didn't strike yet. Instead he circled again. "ALL nomads are my enemy!" he snarled, and swung out with a blade, attempting to pierce the barrier with those words.

Gilaxy was ready this time, and he swerved away from the blade, not letting it hit him. "But I'm *not* a Nomad!" He said exhasperated.

Drestal dove under the larger xweetok, kicking out with his hindlegs at Gilaxy's underbelly. "Then what are you!?" Drestallerix snarled. He threw the knife in an arc, allowing it to swing wide and curve in again, falling to Gilaxy's back.

Gilaxy felt the kick, but it was duller, half-absorbed by his shield. But as he concentrated on Drestal passing beneath him he didn't see the knife as it fell towards him, the blade ripping through the thin membrane of his wing. He cried out as he fell from the sky, falling to the ground like a rock, the shield momentarily blinking out as he fell.

Drestallerix flipped over and fell after him, a controlled dive, knife poised to embed itself in thn Gilaxy's back.

Gilaxy landed with a thud, and he quickly looked up, seeing the other diving at him, he scrambled forward, as Drestal fell, hitting his tail instead. Gilaxy cried out again as he jerked back and fell on the floor again.

It was an awkward place to attack from, the tail. But Drestal knew what to do. He struck out, slicing through the air, attempting to hamstring his larger enemy, bring him down to his size and prevent him from escaping. The adult with the fan had been right, there were nomads to the east!

Gilaxy yelled out as he felt pain erupt from his hind leg, as he struggled to get up, but not getting very far. He grimaced, "I..told you...I'm not... even from... the desert!" He said, as he finally sent a shockwave of energy towards Drestal to take him off his tail.

Drestallerixeliarath was blow backwards, and he landed on his back, skidding back through the sand. He inadvertantly yelped as the coarse granules scraped away at the skin over the scars on his back. He rolled over, swinging the flail. "I'll kill you!" he promised Gilaxy, infuriated. His back had been relatively sensitive since the accident--and he didn't like being reminded. Still, he had his doubts. Not from the desert? He threw the flail, trying to wrap the chain around the neck of his enemy.

Gilaxy winced when he heard the yelp, the thought of hurting such a small kit, even if he had been attacked, wasn't pleasant. He sat up, and turned to look at Drestal as the flail flew towards him, and he reactivated his shield, and lifted a hand to try and block the knife, as it wrapped around his arm instead.

Drestal yanked on it, more to unbalance his enemy than pull him over. He was strong for his size, but Gilaxy was a lot bigger. He kicked off from the sand and bullrushed the other winged xweetok--the xweetok who claimed to be from outside of the desert.

Gilaxy teetered forward with the yank before he pulled back. He couldn't get up, his bleeding hind leg useless and a torn wing making flight impossible. He looked at the rushing xweetok, and waited puright till he was about to hit him, then suddenly dropped as flat as he could on the ground, one paw protectively over his head and antennae.

Drestal wound up flipping right over him and skidded on his hindpaws in the sand. Improvising, he kicked off again to Gilaxy's side, winding the chain around the adult.

Gilaxy felt the pull of the chain that still wound around his other arm, and he sat up, trying to disentangle it as Drestal ran. "Look, I don't want to hurt you, Drestal, I'm not your enemy! He tried again.

Drestallerixeliarath skidded, then skipped, hopping up into the air, wrapping the chain around Gilaxy's neck. "You lie!"

Gilaxy choked slightly as the chain wrapped around his neck, as he uplled at it with both hands, keping it from tightening. "If I... wanted to... hurt you, I could have already!" He insisted.

Drestallerix flipped the second blade into his paw and eyed gilaxy, hesitating. It may have been a point, but, of course, he couldn't be sure. He charged in.

Gilaxy looked at Drestal charge with the knife, and he braced himself, ready to try again to drop out of the blade's way.

Drestal put both hands behind the hilt and jumped, trying to drive the blade into gilaxy's heart and end the battle.

Gilaxy dropped to the ground and rolled out of the way as Drestal jumped, as he rolled he managed to untangle the chain from around his neck, but he gasped as he felt pain shoot up his hind leg.

Drestal was getting annoyed. This..stranger...enemy...was jumping around in the most aggravating way. He spun around and leapt up to land on Gilaxy's back.

Gilaxy was getting tired, and as he struggled to get to his feet, he fell back down as Drestal landed on his back.

Drestal plunged his knife into Gilaxy's back, between the shoulderblades. He used both paws to back up the blow so it would be guaranteed to cut deep. He gritted his teeth and spread his wings to allow for balance.

Gilaxy gasped as he felt the knife plung in and he choked, coughing up blood as the knife narrowly missed his heart, cutting into his lung. His head fell forward onto the ground as he struggled against the pain, his breathing suddenly ragged and gurgling, blood trickling down his mouth.

Drestal jumped from the collapsing adult's back and glanced at him. He should perform a finishing blow now. Rather than killing Gilaxy outright with a guaranteed blow, though, he just stabbed him in the back again before pulling the knife out of the male's body with a sickening sound. As he did, a figure in the rubble moved, drawn by the commotion and shouting caused by the battle.

Gilaxy cried out weakly at the second stab, as he slipped into unconsciousness, ragged breathing becoming weaker as he lay there.

The figure in the rubble gasped and began to run out, but Drestal had already spread his wings and taken off, rising with rapid wingbeats into the night sky. The desert would take care of the rest.

Down below, Urba ran to Gilaxy's side, watched the retreating image of her son for a moment, then knealt to check the winged male's pulse. Still there...barely. "Hang in there, she muttered.

She turned and waved to the ruined city, and three more figures, indistinguishable in the night, ran forward to help carry the injured xweetok to safety.

Verende's Sacrifice

Gilaxy's breath was ragged, as he coughed up more blood, weakly, fighting for each continued breath, barely trying to keep from slipping away completely.

Verende lay quietly by the skeleton of a grarrl, silent as the desert night cold drummed against her. She was still awake, silent and contemplating. This was where she was searching, based on what she had found about her father. But...would it be right? She sighed, then felt a jolt, something wrong. Looking down to her pendant, she could tell the spell she set on it was activating. Meaning, the feeling...Something felt horrible, made her feel sick.

Gilaxy...Gilaxy was in trouble!!

She sat up suddenly, wideeyed, staring at the pendant half. No... No... She had to find him!!! She stood, dashing out of the skeleton to look around. But....where was he? Back at the fauna siblings? No...she knew for a fact that he would come after her...In some way...

She couldn't think about it, taking off in some random direction. HOrrible thoughts filled her head, what if he died? She shook her head, trying not to imagine it. That couldn't happen...Never...

GILAXY!" She yelled into the dark, "PLEASE...Don't die..." she whimpered as she dashed forward, her imagination torturing her. Where...could he be...?

Urba was doing her best to stop the bloodflow. They had medical supplies, some of them, salvaged from the burnt remains of the base in the centre of the town. She was using those bandageds to bind him up, but it was clear that there was to his wounds than blood loss.

The internal bleeding to his lung was making it increasingly difficult to breathe, as he inhaled only short breaths, and exhaled with a bubbly noise, becoming weaker as the moments passed.

He's going to die at this rate," Urba murmured. She seemed oddly calm about this, distant. "Can you hear me?" she asked him, enunciating clearly.

Verende opened her eyes, and panicked, thought up some way to make it quicker. she looked around, breathing heavily, then, the feeling getting worse, she put a patheticly quick and weak healing spell through the pendant's links, hoping she had done right with making them so it would work.

With that she stood still, then suddenly ribbons all around her shot into the distance.

She focused all energy into them, spreading them farther, looking around. Some reached the ruins, but weren't close enough to Gil and Urba to really detect them.

Gilaxy didn't respond, but the pendant around his neck glowed imperceptibly for a second, and he took in a sudden clear breath, before again becoming weak. His brows furrrowed as he fought to stay alive.

He's back!" Urba was surprised. "Hang in there, please." She was weirdly polite and calm for the situation. "None of us are trained medical personnel, but we're doing what we can." It was the kind of statement you'd only hear in a military town.

Verende stretched the ribbons more, as she concentrated, then suddenly, as the other pendant half recieved the spell, her ribbon detected it, and all others vanished, as Verende looked up. "Gil..."

Concentrating, she set a small spell on the area, then the ribon vanished, as she stood, closing her eyes, detecting the far off spell, then vanishing with a flurry of flower petals. She appeared in the ruins, falling forward in surprise as she looked around, blinking, then struggled up and yelled, "GILAXY!?!?!" She looked desperate as she looked around, too swiftly to notice Urba and Gil a distance away.

Urba was checking the state of Gilaxy's other wounds. "Stabbed in the back...twice?"

Gilaxy's breathing was becoming faint again, as his strenght began to fail.

Verende dashed around, sending another spell through the link to him, and yelling again, "GILAXY...GILAXY WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?" Panic filled her as she ran haphazardly across the ruins, tripping and stumbling, looking around desperately

Urba lifted her head. That certainly wasn't a voice she knew. "Stay here," she ordered a male Techo, and poked her head out of the building. "Hello?!"

Again, as the pendant glowed, Gilaxy moaned, "Verende." He mumbled faintly, coughing up blood weakly.

Verende looked over, breathing heavily, dashing towards where she heard the voice, falling slightly and saying, weak from using so many spells, "Gilaxy...Where....A male...with a blue pelt and sparkles on it... have you seen him?"

He's in here," Urba said, startled, her face wrinkling in surprise. "But how did you get here? And who are you?"

Verende's eyes widened as she rushed over, and said, "Can't explain, I'm Verende, IS HE ALRIGHT?!" She nearly yelled the last question, shaking.

Urba laid her ears back in vexation and gave Verende a very cross look. "Come see for yourself, young lady, and watch your tongue." Then she pulled back inside to go make sure he hadn't kicked it while she was talking.

Gilaxy's breathing was indeed very faint, as he slowly slipped closer to death.

Vernde followed, looking over and seeing Gilaxy.

She muffled a cry, hurrying over, saying, "What...What happened to him?!?" She looked at his wounds, her eyes widening, knowing there was no time to lose.

Listen," She said to Urba, quickly, raising her hands and delivering annother healing spell with a wince.

Urba's eyes widened and she resisted the urge to back away. The other pets in the room DID back away. "...listening."

Gilaxy teetered at the edge of death, kept back by Verende's healing spell, his own strength gone by now.

I'm about to perform a complex spell," Verende sounded commanding, but also frightened, knowing she herself was weak. "It will appeared I have died, but I won't have. I'll stay that way for a few days, possibly longer. Its to heal Gil. Please don't bury me or anything." She closed her eyes, as ribbons formed around her swirling arund. Opening her eyes, she took off her pendant, setting it on Urba looked at her. "We've barely begun to finish burying our own dead," she said with what composure she could.

Gilaxy next to his, hoping she could save him, and herself. The ribbons swirled, and then suddenly, like a flash, stabbed into ehr, and she choked, wincing, and falling over, the spell taking away a week of her current life, and shortening her total years by 3 years. If she had been conscious she would've been thankful she'd been practicing on transferring it to the end of her life, but now she was a still body on the floor.

Urba checked her pulse and pursed her lips. She decided she would keep the body above ground until it began to bloat.

Gilaxy suddenly coughed up quite a lot of blood, as he shook with the spasms. Once he'd coughed most of it up he gasped deeply, as his eyes opened wide, before falling back on the bedding exhausted, as he breathed more, wincing in pain, but half-conscious, eyes slightly glazed as he looked forward blankly.

Urba recoiled, then leaned forward, studying him. "Are you...are you alive?'

Gilaxy's eyes turned to look at Urba, as he continued just to breathe, still weak from bloodloss and pain. He nodded slightly, "Y...yeah..." He said in a hoarse whisper. He felt oddly comforted, but couldn't place the feeling.

Urba grabbed him by the ruff, totally disreagrding Verende's body and his previous nearness to death. "What was he like!?" she demanded.

Gilaxy's head lolled to the side weakly, as his brows furrowed in confusion. What? He tried to focus on Urba, but it was hard to keep awake, his battered body demanding rest.

Urba let go of him, struggled to control herself, reminded herself that he was injured. "What..what wass he like?" she asked again, more slowly.

Glaxy fell back onto the bed, "Obsessed..." He whispered finally. "Wants... to kill... nomads."

Urba looked mildly distressed, but not overly so. "I...see." She sat back. "You..need to rest," she said, stopping herself from asking anything more for now.

Gilaxy's eyes had already closed almost completely, but then he saw the two pieces of the pendant, and his eyes opened again. "V..Verende?" He struggled to lift his head, " How...?"

I don't know, dear," Urba said, sighing. "She just appeared and used magic and...died." She threw up her paws.

Gilaxy's eyes opened in alarm. That feeling... conforting.. she'd healed him! He struggled to stand, sit up, /lift his head/, but he was way too weak. "How long?" He asked finally, "For... how long?"

How long what, dear?" Then she remembered. "Oh, how long will she be dead?"

He nodded faintly, slipping slowly into unconsciousness, fighting to keep awake till he knew.

A few days, she said." Urba patted his head gently. "Get some sleep."

Gilaxy's eyes closed, "Take... care... of her... please." He said, as his voice trailed off and he fell asleep.

If you say so." she replied, half-reassuring him.

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