The Underworld

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You know where you are, but you're hiding it. The flames give away the location, but you hope that it's not true. Demons of all kinds lurk this realm, and you can only think that this is a nightmare...A horrible thought that entered your mind...But you know deep down, this is indeed that place, the realm of which evildoers enter upon death...And you can't escape...

Hmph, what are you doing here? Do you have any idea where you are? a large, muscular ghoul cut into your thoughts with a hateful voice and piercing glare.

You jump and can only stare back at him in shock and fear as you take notice of him sitting in a fiery, red throne with his hands held together in front of himself as if he were in thought.

No? Well, I suppose not. the ghoul growled, never taking his gaze off of you, even though loud shrieks from bats sounded outside, No one would ever recognize the fiery depths of the Underworld, even if their face was burned off from it!

You began to shiver as the ghoul stood up and went toward you, then stammered nervously, W-Who are you? And w-why am I he-here? A-Am I...D-Dead?

He gave you a slight smirk and stopped right in front of you, then got his face into yours and replied, What would YOU want to know about me? You're still alive, but only just. I haven't decided your fate yet, so you'd best be HAPPY that you're still here.

He pulled away from you and nudged you aside, then continued down the room with his hands now behind his back, and spoke up again.
If you're really willing to learn about me, come with me. Otherwise, I'll just dispose of you now.

You nodded quickly and raced after him, leaving the room you were in and entering another.
The ghoul stops you in front of a large wall of fire, then swung one hand to the side, causing the flames to move aside like a sliding door, and gestured toward what looked like books or sheets of metal that laid stacked inside, saying, You'll find information on me here. You won't find my full story yet, as the book has yet to be written completely.

You get the feeling that you wouldn't want to hear his story anyway, as he was in a very terrifying place, but take a sheet of metal with words scratched into it and read it.

About the Ruler of the Underworld

Stupid worms...

Name: Ghostoastar
Alias: Toasty, Punky Junior, Evil Punky, Hothead
Age: 18 years
Gender: Male
Race: Ghoul
Element: Dark/Fire
Skylands Element: Undead

You hear a low growl and a sound like crumbling rocks and glance over at Ghostoastar, of whom had his hands together again with a scowl, then look back toward the rest of the information and tilted your head slightly as you picked up another piece of metal, of which was slightly burned this time.



  • Fire
  • Obedience
  • Death
  • Destruction
  • His rule over the Underworld


You look up at Ghostoastar as you put the sheet away and see that his chained tail is swinging viciously side-to-side, then wonder why he was so angry.

My brother...Was a fool. he snarled softly as if he read your mind, He left me, he hated me, and he...Never did anything I wanted. And he never gave me a chance...He never payed attention to me as we lived together. And...I hate him...Above everyone else.

Surely you don't mean that. you reply, still keeping your distance as he seemed to be getting closer to attack mode, I mean, you've been through so much together, how could you-
NO! We haven't been through ANYTHING together! Toasty roared, turning toward you sharply, All we've been through has been CHAOS! We've never done anything together, we never had any FUN! All we've done is FIGHT! And HE always had his way!

You decide to stop talking about his brother then, but couldn't help but wonder on WHO he was and found a book in the storage with the metal sheets, then pulled it out and opened it, seeing that only a few pages were filled.

History of the Undead Ruler:

Part 1: Brotherly...Love?

Ghostoastar waited anxiously for his brother, hoping that they would finally have some time to play, and stood up on his tail for a split second, only to fall onto the ground hard on his back.

Bu-bu... he sniffled, feeling alone and pained by the fall, Whydo no ear?

A loud laugh suddenly filled the air, causing the young ghoul to turn and catch sight of his brother's figure standing with another a few tombstones away. Toasty smiled and waved to him, calling out, Bu-bu! BU-BU! ME EAR! ME OBER EAR!

His brother, Ghost Punkhar, turned and looked at him, then took another glance at the other figure and bid farewell before coming toward his younger sibling.
When his brother was close enough, Toasty ran and gave him a hug, only to be pushed away from him with a snort of anger.

You know what you DID just now? Punky growled, walking past him, You just HUMILIATED me in front of my FRIENDS!

Toasty looked up at him quizzically, wondering why he was suddenly so angry at him, and squeaked in confusion, Wad dat?

What's humiliation? his brother snorted, It's being STUCK with a worthless BRAT LIKE YOU! I was having a good time with my gang, until YOU came and cried with your little 'Bu-bu! Me ober ear!' nonsense!

Toasty couldn't believe what he was hearing; His brother didn't LIKE his calling to him? He looked down at the ground, coiling his tail around himself, and sniffled, Me sowwy...Bud, me wanna...Me wanna pway wid yew, Bu-bu...

His brother turned toward him, a fierce glint showing in his eyes, and shouted, Then how about a game of GET LOST? with his hands ready for an attack.

Toasty didn't like the sound of his brother's voice, but stayed put and shook his head, saying, No no no...Me wanna pway...Uh...
As Toasty continued to think, his brother spoke up again, this time drawing nearer as he growled threateningly, PLAY DEAD!

Again, Toasty shook his head, for he didn't understand what his brother was meaning to tell him, and he continued to ponder on a game until his brother was in his face, with a fist against his chin.

You see THIS? Punky spoke, holding his fist in his view, If I don't see you RUNNING FOR THOSE TOMBSTONES, I'm gonna have THIS UPSIDE YOUR HEAD!

Toasty squeaked in surprise, and then nodded, saying, DAT IT! WE PWAY DAT! He then tapped his brother and squealed, DAG! then took off toward the tombstones his brother was pointing out...

More coming soon!

Humph. SEE? Toasty growled angrily, still glaring at you with his piercing, red eyes, I TOLD you that it hasn't been written completely yet, so WHY BOTHER with it?

You sigh and wonder on this "Ghost Punkhar" put the book back and looked for other sources of information.

Hmph. Typical human. Always so nosy and curious about the undead. Ghostoastar grumbled, They think that holding the information on everyone who has passed will save them from their own miserable deaths, but what happens to them ANYWAY?
You jump and look up at him nervously as he stomped toward you, then realized that he had suddenly grown a pair of legs under his body and blurt out, How'd you do that?

Toasty stopped inches away from you and looked down at the formed limbs as well, then smiled and looked back at you, answering, Oh, this? This is my Punk Body Suit, a half-body suit with legs attached to it. As you could see before, I can't walk on anything except my tail...But with this suit of armor, I can walk around for as long as I please...And without a problem at that!

You couldn't help but stare at his armor for a while longer, then stop and look back up at him as he then tells you, All this time, I've been telling about myself, yet I haven't heard a thing about you. All I know is that you're alive!

I-I'm...doominations. you answer, regaining your bravery as Toasty's anger began to leave his system for the time being, I was travelling around the world of Neopia, and suddenly...Wound up here.

So you did, eh? Ghostoastar said with a chuckle, Well, I have a form in this so-called "Neopia" as well...Although I'm rarely seen in it. Heck, I'm rarely seen at all! Must be because I stay here, where people say that "I belong". Heh, maybe I should go...Explore some more.

You follow him as he walks away, and are lead into another room, but full of statues and portraits this time.

These are replicas of me. Toasty spoke, gesturing toward the spread out images made of him, If anyone is to get out of here alive, they would be better off doing something of me and not just leaving unnoticed. As he said this, he gave you a smug smile and let you examine the artwork, of which was also sorted into three sections with two categories each.

By Dusk:


Humph. Anyone who tries to impress me gets this reaction, for there's NOTHING a living fool could do to amuse me...Except worship me.Foolish graveyards don't deserve to exist, and I seek vengeance on everyone who lived and LIVES in one to this day.One of the many times I have tried to get my foolish brother to play...And never had the chance to. This is also one of those times when you might consider me 'cute'.My Punk Body Suit. With this suit, I'm able to move with lightning speed and strike foes down with my powerful Gunblade, of which looks like my tail when not drawn in battle.Just like my pathetic brother, I have a Mega Monster Skull Rampage form...Only mine is a more frightening sight to behold.Myself and my stupid brother battling out in our MMSR forms, both of which are seemingly equal in strength.Do you know what makes my servants fear me as much as they do? Heh, wouldn't you LIKE to know?Dusk decided to do a sketch of me in my Punk Body Suit, and I am quite impressed with it as well. She's not a completely bad mortal, I guess...Heh, believe it or not, this is true.

Dusk had entered me in this so-called 'Beauty Contest' one week, and LOOK HOW SHE DREW ME! You fools are LUCKY I won this thing, because if I didn't...You were all going to suffer!
My second BC entry, and a very proud one at that! This one nabbed me first place as well!
Another entry that struck gold, even against another worthy entry, I show my true self in my home world.
Why yes, this DID nab my 4th gold. Heh, that was too easy.

By others:

If you want to do art of me, WHICH YOU SHOULD, you'd best Neomail Dusk on her active main and she'll get back to you!

I have GOT to find better soldiers...By coira_.A humanoid form of myself, eh? Pretty cool, if I must say so myself. By Mariya (maria1593).A piece of myself and my guardian, Zemies, done by Bamboo (snowstormer90).

Hmph, whoever knew someone could make me cute...By Shiny Paw (luxray_shiny_paw).Put your eye in front of my claw. I DARE YOU! Heh, heh! By angel_of_heaven84.Ah, my monstrous skull charge in action! By Tsuki (tsuki_moonlove).

Monstrous forms:
These are my pets. Toasty informs you, They are in relations with me, but they still serve me.

By Dusk:
Coming soon!

By Others:

If you want to do an adoptable, Neomail Dusk on the account linked above and say so!
None yet! Do an adoptable today!

Basic Neopian form:

Toasty then leads you into the hallway, talking more about what there is to see around his realm.
I have met other beings while I went around the world, all of whom are really inferior to me, and now, it's about time you left and bugged someone else for a change. he stopped for a second and gave another soft chuckle, then continued, Cause as much as I'd like to show you the Torture Room, I have the feeling that you wouldn't be able to take such gruesome images.

Got that right. you mutter, walking by the room he stopped next to...Of which WAS the torture room, I just wanna get out at this rate.

Toasty stopped a few rooms away from the Torture Room and motioned toward a closed door, where loud roars and shrieks could be coming from inside, saying Now I bet you have been wondering about my minions, yes? Yes, even the Ruler of the Underworld has mighty servants! Be warned, these servants have been taught to fight without hesitation, and they only obey me...So one false move, and I could command them to finish you off.

You brace yourself for the worst as he opens the door, showing you the vicious soldiers he commands.

Zemies is the Guardian of the Underworld, and is a very fierce fighter. He has yet to fail me, even once, and has been a worthy servant ever since we met.

Want to become a servant? Neomail Dusk here and she'll link you up!

He then closed the door, smiling as you shivered in fear from what you just saw, and lead you down the hallway, then finally stopped in front of a huge portal.

Well, here's the portal out. Toasty stopped you in front of a huge, yellow flaming hole and turned you toward it with a smile, This leads back to your precious world of Neopia. But, before you leave...Take this. Then you'll be able to come back...If you're up for a challenge.

You nod at him and bid him farewell, then leave through the fire and land back on normal ground, taking notice of other places you could possibly see linked to his realm.

None yet. Neomail Dusk's main account if you happen to be interested in link trades!
PLEASE make sure that your page is a for sure stay, as this page will ALWAYS be put back up if a transfer occurs!

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