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Hiello, guest! I'm Birdy. I assume you're here because you want to see my Gloatings. Or because you're bored. Or both. Or maybe Alien Aishas are forcing you to read this page as a form of torture. I don't know.
Anywho, whenever I get in the NT or STC (That's Neopian Times and Storytelling Contest), or win something else related to writing, I'll put it here. Or after I win and stop procrastinating.


January 12th, 2010; ??:?? PM, EST - Updated with an updated version of the petpage coding, as well as updated the "Status" page.
September 27th, 2009; 11:45 PM, EST - YAY! New layout! I like this one; much more organized. :3
July 29th, 2009; 1:14 PM, EST - Just got word back on a short story I'd submitted back on the 12th. Rejected for TMGE (too many good entries). I'll look it over again and resubmit when I stop procrastinating. x3
July 28th, 2009; 1:50 PM, EST - YAY! New page! =D It's been overdue for an update, so I just redid it all. xD Oh, and I've added some stuff to the recommended reading. =D

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Current Amount of Publications: Five

Currently Working On: A collab (eek, must write my part!), a short story I need to start really soon if I want a shot at the Jhudora issue, and other stuff.

Currently Need To Edit: Plenty.

Currently Submitted/Waiting to Hear Back On: Nothing.

Currently Held-Over: Nothing.

Short Stories

Here is where you will find all the short stories I've gotten published in the NT.

One Crazy Day

Work Type: Short Story

I sat at my desk, with a typewriter with a blank piece of paper sitting in front of me.

I looked at the blank piece of paper and frowned.

What can I write about? I wondered, leaning back in my chair.

I was just about to give up, when an idea began to form in my mind.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

I leaned forward to the typewriter, and started typing...

It all started with a mental image. A mental image of Magax and Hubrid Nox moving "faster than a snow pet on a concrete sidewalk on a hot summer's day".
And it just snowballed from there.

To be honest, I wasn't even going to submit this at the very first. I was writing it to get the mental image out of my head so it would leave me alone.
But then, I finished it, and posted it for review at the NTWF (Neopian Times Writer's Forum).
After I clicked "post", I realized, "Well, that was stupid. You don't even know if you're going to submit it!
But, the reviews came in, I edited, and edited some more, and finally, submitted. About a week later, I received a letter informing me that my story was held-over. I was grinning like a fool.
Then, after an entire month of waiting, I received the acceptance letter.

I was published.

I grimace when I think of how hyper I was, and how much I spazzed. I know I had to have made a complete fool of myself.

I also wince when I re-read this first work of mine. Not because it's bad, but because I see how I'd like to have written it differently. Ah, well. Live and learn, as they say.

All responses to this were positive. In fact, I got about eleven pieces of fanmail, and two of those included a request for a sequel and another person telling me I should write a book. O_o
It also got good reviews on the NTWF, which was cool. =D
In one of those NTWF reviews, I was told: "Way to break through the Fourth Wall, Birdy." K'hee. x3

And apparently, someone thought OCD was good enough to warrant a nomination in the 2008 Neopian times Awards! It didn't win, but hey! My first-ever piece got nominated! SQUEE!

The Journal of a Moody Faerie

Work Type: Short Story

15th day of Running, Y9

Not counting today, it's one day until Illusen Day. And Illusen Day means lots of pets coming and going, asking for quests or my autograph, and just trying to catch a glimpse of me. Already pets have started camping out in my Glade to try and be one of the first ones to get a quest. Fun. At least it's only once a year.

My second-published story, and first-ever collab was with kittygirl5170 for the Illuen Day issue of Y9.

This story told in journal-form, as if it was written throughout the day by Illusen. It involves her thoughts about her day, her questers, and what happens when an earth Faerie gets too stressed out by questers...

Hmm. I don't really have much to say about this one, except I really had fun collabing with Kitty. ^^ She's the one who came up with the title, too. I phail at titles, as my next story is sure to tell you.

This got less fanmail than OCD, but it was still all positive. I think it was about five pieces of mail? I don't remember, to be honest. ^^;
This alos got pretty good reviews on the NTWF, although a few people were wondering if she wsa so busy she couldn't grab a bite to eat, how was she writing all those journal entries.

A Story

Work Type: Short Story

The girl ripped the paper that contained the start of the story out of her typewriter, crumpled it into a ball, and then flung it over her shoulder.

Groaning, she fed another piece of paper into the machine and stared at it.

Another idea coming into her mind, she began typing.

Didn't I say I stink at coming up with titles? *pokes this one*

Yeah. Well. This was originally a story for a challenge in my guild, which was to write a story with the theme of music, which explains why so many of the "stories" had a musical theme.

This story tell the story of a frustrated young girl trying to write a story, getting part-way through, and either getting stuck of disliking the idea.

... I don't know what to say about this one, either. ^^; Except most all of the girl's complaints are some of my own.

This got a whopping one piece of fanmail, and that was from a very good neofriend of mine, saying "Congrats!". But I'm not complaining, I'm glad I got at least one piece of mail...

This also got good reviews on the NTWF. One person even wondered it this was the sequel to One Crazy Day. (It's not, by the way.)
Quite a few people wanted to see the Gnome and Water Faerie storylines developed further, which was kinda freaky, since I was thinking of doing it anyway. o_o Those people scare me sometimes. (Especially when they get their silverware out...)


Here are all the articles I've gotten published.

What Type of Fangirl Are You?

Work Type: Article

Ahhh, Valentine's Day. The time when flowers are bought, chocolates are given, and fangirls run amuck.

Have you ever wondered what type of fangirl you were? Whether you were a calmer, more laid-back fangirl, or a true rabid-fangirl?

Well, if you take this quiz, you might just find out.

Yay, it's a quiz to determine how obsessed you are! xD

Yeah, I even thought to put in a disclaimer that just because the title said fanGIRL, that didn't mean that guys couldn't take it was well. I just used fangirl as a generic term.

... I can't think of anything to say, except that I'm a much calmer, more laid-back fangirl. Hence why I chose a faerie Pteri plushie for that one.
And this was my first-published article. =D

I also love the picture I got. Funny thing is, it used to be one of the ones I didn't like as much. Guess getting it for yourself changes things.
But I absolutely love the look on Sloth's face. xD

This also brought in fanmail and good reviews. In fact, I've never gotten a piece of hatemail yet. O_o

Oh yeah. And I got a Pink Petpet Paintbrush as a prize for getting in the Valentine's Day issue. Yay!

Article Spies - Illusen

Work Type: Article

Meridell. Five o'clock in the morning. It's Illusen Day, and two reporters (Christos and Birdy) are traveling towards the earth faerie's Glade, in hopes of catching a glimpse of the famous faerie on her special day.


Okay, so they're really planning on spying on her for the entire day, hence why they're up at such an unearthly hour.

Yay, sneaky spying! 8DD

This was my second collab, written with water_park1993. In it, we - in case it wasn't obvious by the title - decided to spy on Illusen. The results are shocking. Go read them for yourself.

No fanmail for this (that I can remember *coughs*), but people seemed to like it when they reviewed it at the NTWF. =D

And as a prize for getting into the Illusen Day issue, I got a pair of Earth Faerie Wings. n_n *glee*


None yet.


None yet.

Storytelling Contest Wins

Yes, I've actually managed to win twice (so far). Here are my wins, and the weeks I got them.

Week 185

Description: Torix, a Techo, and his Kacheek friend, Megan, are trying to enjoy a lovely day when it appears. The Stuff. A icky sticky glob of guck that absorbs everything in its path. Everything. Trees, stores, even... Pets. *shudder* And the only to get rid of it is to - ew - eat it. Will our heroes survive? Will they be able to save Neopia? Will The Stuff rule Neopia? Read the story and find out!

My Comments: My first-ever STC win, yay! I got in the 4th section here, and my entry had some editing done to it. The Editor pretty much just added in a bit more detail, which was fine, as when I look back, it needed it. And that's all.

Prize: Halloween Petpet Paintbrush

Week 386

Discription: Neovia has a new mayor, and everyone loves him. Like, enthralled with him. To the point where they're going to bring Sophie to justice. Yikes. Reginald, who manages to resist the charm of this new Meerca mayor, runs to warn Sophie, and tells her what's happening back at the town. Sophie refuses to believe him at first, but then the mob appears. So Sophie and Reginald (with the help of Illere) must find out what exactly the new mayor has done to the townsfolk and fix it. Hopefully without being tied to chairs and thrown down the well.

My Comments: A mere 201 contests later, I got in again. I was thrilled. This time I nabbed section two. I'm moving up the the world. x3
I wrote this entry at like, 10:00 at night. I was just sitting there, running the idea through my head until that snarky little voice in my head said, "Um, you know? You could actually write it..." to which I responded, "... Ohright. ^_^;" So I wrote it, submitted, and got in. I'm proud to say this had almost no editing. It wouldn't have had any at all, I think, except silly me typed that Sophie was "reading her staff" instead of "readying her staff". Oops. Although that does give me the amusing mental image of Sophie attempting to read a stick of wood...

Prize: Reptillior

Other Accomplishments

Here are other accomplishments I've made in my journeys through Neopia.

Site Spotlight #695

I won the 695th Site Spotlight. I put the page up on the 10th, submitted it on the 19th, and heard back on the 26th. ^^ When I got the message, my reaction was something like this: Hmm. That's a little short for a NT letter... owo Waiiiiit a minute... *looks closer* 8O OH MY WORD! *flips out*

All feedback I got about the page was positive.

All 50+ messages. XwX

The most common question was, "Why is my name on KoKo's petpage? D=

... I really should update that page... *procrastinates*

Recommended Reading for the NT

Coming Soon...

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