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Last Updated November 13th, 2010

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Team Moltara

Team Moltara is currently the newest team in the Altador Cup. Due to Moltara's addition, all teams are now able to participate!

Moltara is currently in last place, but that is due to the belief that "freeloaders" are lowering our averages... Read more

Today's Issue Is Brought to you By Ylana

... Because ANY Moltarian that has the same name as an intergalactic superhero deserves some recognition :3


Niku is a 1337 girl who loves Moltara and owns the group GEARS, as head leader. She loves to spend hours on end coding and playing Yooyuball. Niku is sometimes referred to as a 'Magma Mermaid Ninja Pirate', and according to legend, 'Joined Moltara because of her heritage.'

Niku is a huge fan of Abs, the hunky Moehog goalie. She is a proud member of The Abs Fan Club. She currently hosts half of Moltara's pages. She also has the power of 7 H-Bombs. Niku plans on taking over the world in 2012, with the help of Girl Scout Cookies and iPhones.

Some of Niku's BFFs on Neopets include Ardee, Cherry, Fiddo, Warp, Poet, Scott, Sharky, and Will.

If Moltara did not have a team, Niku would be a member of Maraqua, because of the Mermaid part of her. And if Maraqua was not there, she would join Shenkuu because of her ninja side, and if NONE of the other teams were there, she would join Krawk Island from her pirate side.

If Niku had never decided to host STEAM's webbie on that late night on April 1st (NOT A JOKE) , GEARS wouldn't be around. Moltara wouldn't have amazing members chatting. They might even be doing WORSE. Let's face it, Niku is basically your biggest Neo-Hero :3

Niku owns a bunch of Nintendo products, including a Nintendo 64, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo DS lite, 3DS, and a Wii. She has a Nintendo Twin, Abbie.

Niku enjoys collecting avatars and zapping pets with her newly-bought lab ray. Niku is considered very nice, because she adopts pets in the Pound that aren't wanted, zap them to a pretty color/state, and repounds them. Or if she likes the pet, she keeps it.

Niku always cracks jokes. All the time. After Brendan wet his pants from one of Niku's jokes, he made her a buzzer so that she could warn others when she was about to crack a joke.

Niku is one of the 5 Legends of Moltara, along with Cherry, Gilles, Warp, and Sharky.

Niku the Goddess

Niku has two forms; her mortal form, just Niku, and her immortal form, Niku the Goddess.

Niku as the Goddess was born in 446 BC, in Greece. She grew up in the town of Athens, unaware of her true form. Although she ate all the chicken she wanted and the sea could understand her, she thought this was normal. But by age 14, she was told by her "mother" that she was actually immortal, and that her father was Poseidon. She explained how she would now be "frozen in time" at age 15.

Niku then traveled to her home, Mt. Olympus, where she lived/worked/was treated as a goddess until December 31st, 2009 AD. On that day, she wished to start aging again, until she hit 30. Because they couldn't make her birthday the 31st, they made it January 1st. And because she had decided to age, Zeus decided to make Niku one of the 12 Gods/Goddesses of the Council.

Some of Niku's powers include controlling water and horses (Were created by Poseidon), and being able to summon chicken (Whether it be fried, uncooked, or live) and do as she commanded. She is also strong enough to summon anything and revive dead boards. And she's also discovered she can make blue orbs, with a usage unknown. But she has discovered another secret power of hers. So secret and deadly, only she can know...

After Niku started aging again, she returned back to earth, only to find it has transformed into Neopia. She went to the Neoboards, and after hard work, was able to become a Goddess of GEARS, steam, and steampunkness. She met some friends and made them immortal as well, including Cherry (Son of Athena) and Sal (Daughter of Demeter). She has made many immortal so far, but still has to make Gilles immortal.

Niku will be starring in a newly formed GEARS Roleplaying system called MOIR, or Moltara's Official Immortal Roleplayers. It is expected to be released by September or so, but who can be sure?


Warp is GEARS' resident Jell-O King and Crazy idea man. GEARS wouldn't be GEARS without him

Warp like to call himself The professional Carrot Sasser as he can do it without getting bitten

In his spare time away from GEARS Warp likes to listen to songs from Rock Horror, Quote Glee like crazy & mutter random spanish phrases to himself

Warp lives in a totally different timezone that's 12 hours ahead of most of us, and therefore Warp is always on Neopets chatting when it's insanely early or insanely late.

Warp used to be known by another name... *cough*

Warp is currently GEARS Vice President. So BOW DOWN if you feel like it


Ardee is well known for making almost all of the first GEARS boards early in the day. Usually they explode, but sometimes they last the full 24 hours!

Ardee has invented MSD (Magma Sports Drink) and the team Strategy Guide. He usually goes around on the boards and serves MSD to posters, and he also loves to think up witty titles.

Ardee in the past played for Roo Island and Shenkuu. But this year, he decided to go with the awesomest team in the AC, Moltara. If Moltara wasn't a team, he would probably join the faeries or become a Rooligan once more (Specially if Dayla returns!). Ardee's favorite colors are blue, violet, grey, black and white.

His Xanagram nickname is Xerade, and you can usually find him with 2 neopets; Ael and Aero. And something most people don't know about him is that firewood turns to dust when it touches him.

In real life, Ardee's about to graduate from high school this year. He hopes to finish with Gold ever since his fall to Third Honor last year. Ardee's pretty popular in school, but people have a hard time thinking of a topic to talk about with him due to his quirkiness and unpredictability.

Ardee, the one who started the Xanagram nicknames on GEARS, (although not as popular as the MSD) began on Neopia as a Quirky little Demon-Angel from Roo Island. He was able to enter Neopia before V 2 but did not get any UC pets. (A thing he would be haunted to this very day) When Lutari Island came into view, Ardee was immediately charmed by it's color and most importantly, FEATHERS! He decided to move there with dreams that the Island will one day join the Altador Cup but as of now, it is still unfulfilled.

Now a member of the AC's hottest team, Ardee is the resident quirky board maker. He often comes up with fun and random things like polls, exotic Magma-related dishes (i.e Lavasagna and Firefaits) , Xanagram nicknames and most importantly, MSD! Now more active on the boards since his Rooligan days, Ardee (or Xerade to his close friends) is now even better and ready to bring on the heat (and witty titles) to the AC!


Emerging from her lair to join Neopets in July of 2005, Gilles joined the ranks of the Darigan Citadel AC team the following summer and hasn't stopped participating in the AC since. A hardened cup veteran, she's well-honed her skills in Yooyuball since retiring as a Darigan player in 2009 to become a Krawk Island KILLer. She's also known for generally making a lot of noise, as well-shown by her Make Some Noise stats in 2009. Nowadays, she's managed to obtain some experience shooting Yooyus past a Chia that happens to look like Dr. Tran, but not so much in slinging slushies due to a low attention span and patience level for such a silly thing as serving drinks to impatient customers.

In the most recent cup, she joined the ranks of Moltara, offering her skills in hopes of helping the new team find their way during their debut year. Even though the team did not go far in the standings, she climbed through the personal ranks to reach All-Star status before the first round robin was even completed. There are surely other Moltaran All-Stars that gained their status before her, but as far as she knows, she is the first, if not one of the first, Moltaran All-Stars to ever post on the boards. She is also currently listed as one of the top Moltaran players, as noted on Yoris list of all stars. She has also become one of the GEARS leaders, and plans to remain there at least for the next year or two, or however long Niku and the other GEARS leaders decide to keep her in her position. It was during this time that she somehow obtained a secondary personality known as Xillseg (pronounced ZILL-seg), which she states to be her Darigan Symol counterpart, while her normal self roams as a Halloween Draik.

Which teams she will participate with in future cups is uncertain, however; rumor has it that she once said that she'd once again don her Darigan uniform in the sixth cup, but only if the Darigan team were to get a new goalie (she's not the biggest fan of Jetsams for some reason) and her Molten allies also decide to change loyalties, both of which appear to be fairly unlikely at this point. She also takes pride in the fact that overall, she's ranked higher with the Moltara team than when she has with KI and DC, which may also be a large factor in her team loyalty decisions in future cups. There have also been rumors that her love of zombies may lead her to the Haunted Woods team in the next cup. However, she says that at this point, it is uncertain that her decision will all depend on if/when she gets included on SOTAC's member page (Yes, she's at least applied, and yes, she'll still chat with GEARS!) and which team they decide to join in next year's cup.

Without the Moltaran team, she says that she's not quite sure which team she would have joined this past cup. Legend has it she may have joined the Haunted Woods team this year if Moltara hadn't been introduced, or perhaps returned to her Darigan team to redeem herself after not getting past rank 11 for that team in the second cup, or maybe even become a pirate again! One thing for sure, though - one of her team colors definitely would have been black. In real life, she's a college student who's going into her fifth semester at her local community college in the fall of 2010. She has plans on one day becoming a forensic scientist so that she can make a living at poking at dead things. She's been told that she's a good writer - partially because of this, she's decided to take a creative writing class during the upcoming fall semester, as well as because she needs the class to fulfill an art credit requirement that a counselor told her she needed.

When she's not participating in the AC, in class, or looking for people to help her understand chemistry, she can most likely be seen lurking and posting on the boards, collecting avatars, doing her dailies both on Neopets and other sites she goes on, occasionally playing video games when the mood strikes her, listening to music, or watching TV. She occasionally does get a life and go out shopping or something every once in a while, even if it's just to go on a trip to the grocery store or buying something like a soda at her local Wendy's just to get herself a free Junior Frosty to go with it.


Cherry is a certified (maybe not) surgeon who the day before the altador cup, removed something from Game's stomach. Cherry enjoys spending time playing YYB and waiting for his BFFs Gilles and Niku to come on.

Cherry could be classified as the basketcase of the group. He's kinda quirky but fun and energetic. He likes to laugh maniacally. Fiddo is his surgeon assistant. He has also made the Quadrillio, which consists of him, Fiddo, Gilles, and Game.

He has also made most of the acronyms such as PECS, ABS, etc.

Feel free to talk to him on the GEARS boards, and say hi. He will be quirky and energetic.

Cherry is just a legend of GEARS. Remember him.
Do it.


Game is one of the original members of GEARS. he has since left though (because of something I shall not explain) , and hates us all. Even though it was a joke, Game will NOT let go of the past. He'll just continue to sass us to all his dolled-up friends at NSoD.

Though many have tried to convince him to return (He was pretty cool before he left) , it seems Game will never come back. And even though he wants all traces of him removed, he probably won't. Why? Game has been too big of a part of GEARS to just throw away like that. And a big influence too.


Legends speak of a great and terrible beast that lurks beneath the earth. We have no idea what this has to do with Ryke, but it's better to just play along. Seemingly harmless, this loony character strikes fear into the hearts of the unprepared with his awful parodies, bad writing, terrible art and dreadful sense of humor.

Joining the ranks of Moltara after a long inexplicable disappearance from the world of Neopia, he enjoys long walks on the magma beaches, delicious piping-hot Moltarian pasta (especially lasagna), and showing off his 'work' to unsuspecting victims. He sometimes enjoys working on a few steam inventions in his spare time. Most of them explode.


A person only known by one name! Aaron :P

He is a person that dose not lose spirit! Also known as lime_air or onimax_ He is the official team motivator for Moltara! But on one day, Aaron tried a stunt which as many Moltarian members say "A day that they would never forget" , Aaron pretended to be a lost desert team member ...which resulted in Lost Desert making Moltara feel bad :( ,but everyone loved it (mostly everyone...) ! It was "entertaining" they say...

In another story, He usually like chatting with people and xerade :P He has has played for many teams in the past, such as MD, KL, and more on another accounts.

Aaron sometimes makes COGS boards and marathon boards. Some of the boards he made uses these witty tittles: "if we had 1np everytime we lost...we would be RICH"..."*CALLS DR.SLOTH* WE ARE GOING TO BURN DOWN THE SPACE STATION!"...and more!

His history and current state is unknown... all we know is he loves Lady Gaga, Moltara and helping people! He adopts all his pets from the pound and one day wants to turn one of his pets magma and rule Moltara!

As for now, Aaron is just lurking in the shadows spreading all his contagious happiness and motivation to people. He is a really active player and everybody in Moltara knows him!

He has many friends in Moltara and out of it :P He runs a very successful guild called N.G.E(NEO,GAGA,EVERYTHING) . Aaron lurks in the shadows in Neopia and calls Moltara his current home (He was not born there... he was born in...)

Now ready to set Moltara's opposing team on fire, he is on everyday! He could be anywhere; You just have to wait and see! BTW, VIVA LA MOLTARA!


Yori is a seemingly calm person, but have a hot temper when it goes in supporting Moltara. Unknown to most he's actually from Germany (duh!). He loves hoarding NP and playing games to hoard even more. While Yori almost never spends them, some users reported that they've got items from him for unknown reasons. Don't be surprised, if you find an item from him in your inventory!

In Real Life Yori works in the office of a bakery company and eats cakes and pies all day(but is still underweigthed). He has a life but trys to ignore it to play on Neopets and rock the Altador Cup. His hobbys includes collecting rocks(gems, crystals, volcano rocks), owls and things that would make you probably laugh at him. Maybe because of his ROCK-obsession a dream became true for Yori when Moltara was released. No wonder he collects obsidians and metal there like crazy and fuses them, while convincing Igneot to give him the Honorary Member of Moltara-Status. In fact he is the proud owner of a Vaggendotra 5000!

Since Yori is a obsessive player you will most likely find him posting on a Moltarathon-board, but lately he was seen trying to socialise with other members on the GEARS-board. His most recent friends are Onimax and Niku. He's known for always being PUMPED for another Yooyuball-game no matter how hard Moltara was swept, believing every day for a win. Because of this he is able to max out YYB or ShSd or play Slushie Slinger for five hours straight despite needing to sleep some when. The only thing that brings him down are team-members that regret being part of Moltara and throw insults around them instead of working for a better result next time...

Since the first Altador Cup this guy has always chosen a team, that won the Cup at gold postion and this for the last four years! This year however he chose the team, that was connected to his favourite location: Moltara! And this time Yori fights for his team and not only a shiny trophy. Given that dedication, you will definitely see him playing for Moltara in the next AC!

Currently he's trying to get his hands on a Moltara-T-Shirt, to advertise the hottest team in Germany! Yay!


Will is TBA soon


Abbie is known for being the only Dark Faerie in Moltara. Whether she relates to The Darkest Faerie or not is currently unknown.

In her freetime, Abbie enjoys throwing sporks at things and entering rooms in a Kool-Aid man-like fashion.

Abbie claims to also be the mastermind behind the merging of the Moltara chat groups to form GEARS.

Abbie has a pet lupe, Flame, and she runs a cafe featuring Moltarian Cuisine on the GEARS boards.

When not on Neopets, she likes to obsessively play her DSi (Mostly playing Professor Layton games) and with the Wii. She is also considered a "Nintendo Twin" to Niku.

Abbie also enjoys reading books like Harry Potter, Eragon, The Hunger Games, and Warriors.


Alex has been on Neopia for all eternity since the land and sea came together. Another Asian GEAR, Alex likes hanging out at GEARS when Americans would rather sleep or be at parties. What many do not know is that Alex is left-handed, which grants her super right-brained abilities related to art and stories.

As a Neopian world traveler, Alex has lived all over Neopia. Her Aisha, Mimi, studied in Brightvale, works as a fashion design apprentice in Moltara, and wanted to be a faerie. Mimi hosts ROOT, a Moltara fanpage. Alex's Chia, Fyora, is a faerie wannabe who does a lot of begging to go to Faerieland. As a result, Alex can sometimes be seen with pink sparkles on her. Imponachi is Alex's Gnorbu, and he is the reason that Alex owns a teahouse in the heart of Shenkuu that will sell pixels one day in the future. Also, that's why Alex has an army of Sandans. Yes, you should be scared. Her last permie is Lucky, the female Peophin pirate captain, who has a ship that docks at Krawk Island. She bribed Alex to make her username something to do with Pirate Paint Brushes, or else Alex would walk the plank. We think she was only kidding.

While on a holiday in Altador, Alex was relaxing when a volcano erupted. All would be lost, had Alex not been made for Moltara. That moment she instantly loved the place and knew from that very moment onwards that she would play for their AC team and join an all-Moltara chatgroup.

Alex's fursona is a dark pink Wocky with Moltaran clothing, goggles, fancy pirate earrings, a Shenkuu cutlass and winged Shenkuu sandals. She has lime green eyes and a black neck ruff. And lots of pink sparkles. Just in case you wanted to know

A fan of Mario, Cog and anime, Alex spends her time off Neopia doing photography and drawing. In Neopia, she's a coding fan who does a lot of customizing. If you greet Alex, she usually uses 'Greetings, Moltarans' because she is grammar-obsessed and believes it is the correct spelling. She poofs out of the boards by melting, then evaporating, or just Apparating. Flatfruit is her favorite fruit, so smoothies are nice. Beware the Sandans.

- Alex


Moltara is a neopian land located deep in the core of Neopia. Here, it is always warm. Moltara is known for being advanced in machinery and gadgets. All of their machines are eco-friendly, as they run off steam instead of coal or oil.

Moltara was hidden from Neopia until The 12th day in The Month of Gathering (November) , Y11 (2009) . It was discovered by Clara Chatham (and her sidekick, Roxton Colchester III) because Neopia was suffering. It turned out that Neopia's core was unstable. So, after it was fixed, Neopia was saved and Moltara was open to the public.

Moltara got their own AC team a while later, and it was named Team Moltara. Currently, that team is very popular.

Team Moltara

Team Moltara is currently the newest team in the Altador Cup. Due to Moltara's addition, all teams are now able to participate! Moltara is currently in last, but there's no specific cause for this. Moltara is actually considered to have the largest fan base this year! But most people agree on Moltara's freeloaders. They have been swept by both powerhouses and underdogs. But even through all this tough time the AC is giving them, most of the Moltarians have not yet given up and are still working hard to get out of last place.

Based on the boards (before the AC) , Moltara had a HUGE fanbase. But after all Moltara's losses, the number has seem to shrink down to a medium-large. It is guessed that about half of all Moltarians are freeloaders, though. But the other half that do play are amazing players, which results in some wins/draws.

Some of the players for Moltara are Captain and Forwards Pecs (Aldric Beign) and Ylana (Tulah Kisner) , defense Quads (Vere Polnicek) and Biceps (Zax Bannet) , and the legendary goalie, ABS (Mor Gollog).

In order, Captain Aldric Beign, Tulah Kisner, Vere Polnicek, Zax Bannet, and Goalie Mor "The ABS" Gollog

Pecs (Aldric Beign)

Pecs is Team Moltara's current captain, and he plays as a forward. He has been a member of Team Moltara ever since they had a team.

Pecs is married to his best friend from childhood, Ylana (Tulah) , and his nephew is named Roasbjohr, which means "Magmacore" in arabic.

After Pecs lost his job as Igneot's Assistant, he asked his nephew about some job suggestions. After Roasbjohr told Pecs and Ylana that The Altador Cup Committee was looking for some players for Team Moltara, Pecs and Ylana tried out and made the team. Pecs even ended up becoming the team captain!

Pecs currently has his own brand of milk, and it is named the very creative name of "Pecs Milk". No, it's not what you think. It's just Kau milk with Pecs' name on it. When Pecs Milk is added to ABS Flakes, they make a health food so powerful, it is recommended by doctors (Like Cherry) to lose weight.

Ylana (Tulah Kisner)

Ylana is currently playing Right Forward for Team Moltara. She has been a member of Team Moltara ever since they had a team.

Ylana is married to her best friend from childhood, Pecs (Aldric), and her nephew is named Roasbjohr, which means "Magmacore" in arabic.

After Pecs lost his job as Igneot's Assistant, he asked his nephew about some job suggestions. After Roasbjohr told Pecs and Ylana that The Altador Cup Committee was looking for some players for Team Moltara, Pecs and Ylana tried out and made the team. Ylana ended up playing a forward, alongside Pecs.

Ylana has a secret sister who happens to be Ylana Skyfire. But Ylana's mother abandoned her as an infant, and Skyfire ended up being raised by Dr. Sloth. But after Ylana's mother moved to magma caves, she cared for the Ylana that would soon be joining Moltara's team.

Ylana has a brand of silverware, inspired by Pecs' brand of milk. Ylana's Silverware consists of spoons, knives, and forks. But when you press the tiny button at the top of each spoon or fork of knife, it transforms into YYB related material! Spoons turn into YYB slings, Forks become uniforms, and Knives become pads! Every single member of the Moltara team has one of Ylana's silverware, and they come in handy! Because, would you rather pack a spoon, fork, and knife, or a full YYB sling, full uniform, and padding?

Quads (Vere Polnicek)

Quads currently plays a Left Defense position. She (We will call Quads a she) has been a member of Team Moltara ever since they had a team.

Quads' family is unknown, due to her being an orphan.

Quads grew up in the slums of Neopia, right behind the food shop, where she could smell the delicious food and sometimes get scraps. She lived by herself, and grew up learning to fend for herself and trust nobody. Some people would try to become her friend, but because she couldn't trust anyone, she was hated throughout Neopia.

Then one day, she saw some people playing Yooyuball, but using milk cartons for slings and a tinfoil ball for a yooyu. She asked if she could play, and they agreed. Quads was a natural. She played 1 against 5, and she won 16-0. The others were amazed, and mad as well. So, they said as a reward, they'd take her someplace special.

They went to the wishing well, and they told Quads to look deep inside it. Then, they pushed her in, falling, falling, falling. But she didn't hit the bottom. Instead, she kept on falling, falling, falling, fa-SMASH! She hit the ground finally. She was amazed at what she saw. There was a whole steampunk city, a place known as Moltara. Here, she could start her life over!

She then went to apply for a job. There was doctor, lawyer, engineer... and then she saw it. there were openings for Moltara's Yooyuball team. She remember how natural she was in neopia. She signed up, and pwned her tryout session. "Wow. That was AWESOME!". She turned, and for the first time, met Biceps. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Zax Bannet. But everyone calls me Biceps. Nice playing! I made it too! I'll see you on the team!" And with that, Biceps left.

Quads thought, Y'Know, I think I'm gonna like it here, after all...

Biceps (Zax Bannet)

Biceps currently plays a Right Defense position. He has been a member of Team Moltara ever since they had a team.

Biceps' mother is thought to be Abby Bannet, and his father is Bryan Bannet.

Biceps lived the high life, but not the way he wanted. His father, Bryan Bannet, owned all of the marketplace, and as a result, became rich beyond imagination. This enabled Bryan, Abby, and Zax to lived in a huge Mansion on Lutari Island, the only place in the whole of Neopia that was exclusive to the richest of the rich. And they also had 2 "Vacation" mansions on Kreludor and deep in Maraqua.

But even though they were rich, Biceps was always treated like a child. Even when he turned 16, he was still not allowed to leave the Mansion without supervision, and have no phones or laptops or anything that would enable him access to the outside world. Biceps was ok with this, because he didn't know that his parents were restricting him.

One day, though, Bryan left his laptop unguarded, and Biceps was able to sneak a peek. There, he saw all the wonders of the outside world. But when Bryan saw Biceps on the computer, Bryan grounded him for 3 years. Biceps was mad at what his parents kept from him, and he ran away as a result. He ran into his yard, and somehow fell into his well. He kept on falling, falling, falling... SMASH! Biceps hit solid ground. He found Moltara!

After searching for a while, he came across Team Moltara tryouts. He signed up, and he went to his tryout session. Since he didn't know what Yooyuball was, he has the judges explain to him. Then, he totally whipped through auditions, and was made right defender! After auditions, he met Quads. They were instant friends! And they started to do everything together.

And finally, Biceps was given his glimpse of the outside world.

ABS (Mor Gollog)


The Legendary Jello

Jello has played an important part in Moltaran history. It is a little known fact that Roxton gave carrot jello to Igneot to reconcile the Magma tribe and the city folk. Also one of the hobbies of the Mayor of Moltara is making Jello!

Before the cup began, Neva, Face, and Warp were bored on a GEARS board. Face pushed Warp into the Magma pool, and to stop from being killed, Warp turned the magma pool into the Jello Pool. Everyone in Moltara enjoyed what they called "Jello Day" and ever since then Warp has had an uncontrollable urge to eat Jello.

The same incident happened again when Ziggy was bored one night. This time though the caves were turned into endless piles of Tacos.

It became part of Moltaran law that if you didn't like Jello you would be cast out of the city!

The Jelly Chia Goalie

No one knows truly where the Jelly Chia Goalie originates some crazies believe he is from Jelly World but we all now that there is no such thing a that...

Others believe he is the spawn of Rick Astley and a some Durian Chia from west Neopia Central. This is far more likely as recently love letters have been found between the two dating back 20 years ago.

In Y11 the JCG's medical records were leaked to the public, which showed he had no brain and that was the reason he laughs at you when he loses in SoSD.

If you play excessive amounts of SoSD it could cause a syndrome known as Hyper Intensive Hatred of Goalies or HIHG. Symptoms of this are:

A compulsive need to move around at an incredibly fast rate
- Mood Swings
- Randomly bashing your keyboard
- Crying every time you see a goalie
- And a strange affinity with wheelie chairs

Luckily there are some precautions you can take to prevent you from getting the syndrome and still play excessive amounts of SoSD:

- Imagine him like Santa when he laughs big and jolly!
- Eat jelly while you play
- Create a story about his 'mysterious' disappearance...


Altador is the ancient Greek/Roman-themed Altador Cup team. To date, they are one of the worst teams to have ever participated in the cup for at least a year, along with Faerieland - despite being the home team for the annual event, they can't seem to get out of the fourth tier, which is reserved for those teams ranked 12th to 16th. Despite their terrible standings, supporters keep their hopes and spirits high for that one year they get lucky enough to get above 13th place. In AC V, they managed to (sadly) defeat Moltara and stay out of last place, finally standing at 17th place overall. The same thing happened in the latest cup, AC VI.

Based on the boards, this team appears to have a small to medium-sized team, a good chunk of which may be freeloaders (the people who join a team for the sake of getting a good trophy, then don't play at all). Like Moltara, however, there are a good lot of Altadorians who still play, which allows the team to get in a few wins or draws against similarly-sized and -ranked teams throughout the season.

The current members of team Altador include forward Winberto Seliz; defenders Timu, Lyvon Cibaire, and captain "Trapper" Remis; and goalie Salayne Ritad. So far, their only former member is Cawley Embith.

In order, Captain "Trapper" Remis, Winberto Seliz, Timu, Lyvon Cibaire, and Goalie Salayne Ritad

AC I Defeated 1st round, 14th place
AC II 13th place
AC III 13th place
AC IV 15th place
AC V 17th place
AC VI 17th place


Brightvale is the knowledge-seeking team of the Altador Cup. They have a somewhat low ranking, with their lowest ranking being last place and their highest being 8th place. This year, they lost to Team Roo Island and obtained a final standing of 12th overall. They have participated in every cup except for the fourth due to King Hagan's observation of "lack of studious behavior" amongst their supporters in previous cups. In the past, their players have been said to be cheaters, although this may have changed for the better in more recent years.

Based on the boards, they have a somewhat small fanbase, and although a good amount of the supporters in that fanbase appear to be playing as much as they can, they cannot seem to bring their team much higher than a low-third-tier ranking. Due to this, they are not considered to be a "powerhouse" team, although it is apparent this year that, with enough motivation, they can easily hold their own against "powerhouse" teams such as team Darigan Citadel.

The current members of team Brightvale include forwards Reb Weemelott and Kayn Hireck, defenders Montecito and team captain "Squeaky" Tressif, and goalie Orie Dinelle. At this time, their only former member is Erli Quinnock, who now plays for team Kiko Lake after Brightvale's last place showing.

In order, Captain "Squeaky" Tressif, Reb Weemelott, Montecito, Kayn Hireck, and Goalie Orie Dinelle

AC I Defeated 2nd round, 8th place
AC II 12th place
AC III 16th place (last)
AC IV Didn't participate
AC V 13th place
AC VI 12th place

Darigan Citadel

Darigan Citadel is a more evil-themed team in the Altador Cup. This team has a generally high ranking - they've never fallen below seventh place. The highest placement they've received is 1st, which they achieved in the ACII after defeating Roo Island. They first appeared in the cup in 2006 when the cup was first introduced, and have participated in every cup since. After getting a 3rd place last year, they've since dropped back down to 7th place.

Based on the boards, they have a fairly large fanbase, and are considered to be one of the "powerhouse" teams because a lot of people included in this fanbase play well enough for this team to win a lot of their games and matches.

The current members of team Darigan Citadel include forwards Tandrak Shaye and top-scoring team captain Layton Vickles, defenders Kep Bonnefie and Tormo "The Terror" Frein, and goalie Reshar Collifey. At this time, their only previous member is ACI goalie Mungo Lifler.

In order, Captain Layton Vickles, Tandrak Shaye, Kep Bonnefie, Tormo "The Terror" Frein, and Goalie Reshar Collifey

AC I Defeated 4nd round, 2nd place
AC II 1st place (Won!)
AC III 7th place
AC IV 7th place
AC V 3rd place
AC VI 7th place


Faerieland is, quite obviously, the faerie-themed team of the Altador Cup. To date, they are statistically one of the worst teams to participate in the Altador Cup for at least a year next to Altador - to date, this team has not been able to get higher than 15th in the overall standings. Faerieland supporters, like Altador supporters, have high hopes of getting out of their problematic low-placing streak. This year, they managed to, once again, defeat Kiko Lake and once again place 15th overall.

Based on the boards, this team appears to have a small to medium-sized fanbase. However, like Altador and Moltara, most of this fanbase appears to consist of young girls and/or freeloaders (people who join for the sake of a trophy, then don't play after joining despite logging in every so often to see how their team is doing). There are, however, a nice amount of people who still are dedicated to playing to support their team, which allows Faerieland to manage a few draws and wins here and there.

Faerieland's logo and teammates got a redraw after The Faeries' Ruin plot forced Faerieland to fall out of the sky and onto the ground. The logo is now more earth-like, and has shades of green.

Current members of Team Faerieland include forwards Elbin Kroe and team captain Kakoni Worrill, defenders Delma Harrence and Ciona Broan, and goalie Valtonous Rea. Past members include Elbin Towse, Palia Alback and fan-favorite Babolino.

In order, Captain Kakoni Worrill, Elbin Kroe, Delma Harrence, Ciona Broan, and Goalie Valtonous Rea

AC I Defeated 1st round, 16th place (Last)
AC II 15th place
AC III 15th place
AC IV 16th place (Last)
AC V 15th place
AC VI 15th place

Haunted Woods

Haunted Woods is the Halloween-themed team of the Altador Cup. They're a generally good team, with their lowest placement being tenth while their highest being firs. They won the first ever Altador Cup, after defeating the Darigan Citadel team by approximately 30,000 points. After winning the first cup, the have not been able to regain a top-four ranking. This year, they won against to Brightvale in the last two days of the finals, which earned them 11th place.

Based on the boards, they appear to have a medium-sized fanbase. They have enough supporters who play the games to keep them in the third tier three years in a row, but not enough to give this team a "powerhouse" team status.

The current members of team Haunted Woods include only forward Zo Junior; defenders Wan Dirx, newcomer "Brains" Mortigan, and team captain Krell Vitor; and goalie Fanetti. Former members include Autrey Fulse and ACI player Chelo Binay.

In order, Captain Krell Vitor, Zo Junior, "Brains" Mortigan, Wan Dirx, and Goalie Fanetti

AC I Undefeated, 1st place (Won!)
AC II 7th place
AC III 8th place
AC IV 10th place
AC V 12th place
AC VI 11th place

Krawk Island

Krawk Island is the pirate-themed team in the Altador Cup. They've been in the cup since the ACI, and, with the exception of the ACV, have generally been able to stay in the top four. Their highest ranking achievement is 1st, which they achieved last year in the ACIV when they defeated Shenkuu. This year, they regained all their strength and climbed all the way back up to 2nd place, only losing to Virtupets.

Based on the boards, this team appears to have a fairly large amount of supporters. They are considered to be one of the "powerhouse" teams by the people on the Altador Cup boards due to the fact that most of the people included in their fanbase plays enough for them to win at least most of their games and matches.

The current members of team Krawk Island include forwards Ealyn Hawkshanks and Feldon "Dinksy" Collibridge, defenders Zayle Sufhaux and Nitri Cassale, and goalie Garven Hale who also happens to be the team captain. Previous members include Hoke Lemtry, and fan-favorite "Dasher" Soley.

In order, Captain and Goalie Garyen Hale, Feldon "Dinksy" Collibridge, Ealyn Hawkshanks, Nitri Cassale, and Zayle Sufhaux

AC I Defeated 3rd Round, 3rd place
AC II 4th place
AC III 2nd place
AC IV 1st place (Won!)
AC V 7th place
AC VI 2nd place

Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake is the (quite obviously) Kiko-themed team of the Altador Cup. Like teams such as Faerieland and Altador, this team has yet to place higher than the fourth tier; their highest placement is 13th while their lowest is 16th. In the most recent cup, they lost to Faerieland and placed 16th overall, yet again. To date, they have participated in every cup except for the AC III due to a rock slide that left them unable to reach the Colosseum in time to participate.

Based on the boards, this team appears to have a small-sized fanbase. Like supporters of Altador, Faerieland, and Moltara, they have their own share of dedicated players, but not enough to get them a nice overall standing.

Current members of Team Kiko Lake include goalie Erli Quinnock (who has also played for Team Brightvale for a short period of time), forwards Holbie Pinnock and Meela Kitah, and defenders Ditan Colb and team captain "Poke" Cellers. Former members include Helmo Timm, Relle Felson, and Moni Vyshan.

In order, Captain "Poke" Cellars, Holbie Pinnock, Meela Kitah, Ditan Colb, and Goalie Erli Quinnock

AC I Defeated 1st Round, 13st place
AC II 14th place
AC III Didn't Participate
AC IV 14th place
AC V 16th place
AC VI 16th place


Kreludor is one of the space-themed teams next to Virtupets (and, in a way, also the Grundo-themed team!). They are one of the better teams in the cup - their worst placement is 9th while their best is 2nd, the latter of which they achieved in AC V. To date, they have participated in every cup except for the second cup due to gravity complications during the practice season.

Based on the boards, they appear to have a fairly large fanbase, most of which seems to be composed of people who play pretty well. Some of these supporters can be found on the KFC (Kreludor For the Cup) boards.

Current members of Team Kreludor include forwards Zenor Kevix and Qyldae Wegg, defenders Coco Metrone and team captain Derlyn Fonnet, and goalie Jurin T. . Former players include Vignacio and Xila Kitae.

In order, Captain Derlyn Fonnet, Zenor Kevix, Coco Metrone, Qyldae Wegg, and Goalie Jurin T.

AC I Defeated 1st Round, 9th place
AC II Didn't Participate
AC III 6th place
AC IV 4th place
AC V 2nd place
AC VI 3rd place

Lost Desert

Lost Desert is the Ancient-Egypt-themed Altador Cup team. They achieved 1st place in AC V, but in the next year, suffered a drop farther than any other team had seen before - down to 13th. So far, this team has participated in all of the cups.

Based on the boards, they have a huge fanbase, a large portion of which appears to lie in groups such as SANDY (Scoring And Naturally Dominating Yooyuballers) and SoLiD (Supporters of Lost Desert in Domination). Another newely formed group which seems to host some LD players is tOFA. Like Team Kreludor, most of their supporters also appear to be able to play all four games fairly well and fairly often.

Current members of Team Lost Desert include defenders Luvea Trivon and Rhee Solters, forwards Vonde Cayle and Derbi Azar, and goalie and team captain Leera Heggle. Former members include "Dirty" Navers, Wyett Tuggins and Lamelle Turow (Who is now on Team Maraqua).

In order, Captain and Goalie Leera Heggle, Luvea Trivon, Rhee Solters, Vonde Cayle, and Derbi Azar

AC I Defeated 2nd Round, 5th place
AC II 5th place
AC III 3rd place
AC IV 3rd place
AC V 1st place (Won!)
AC VI 13th place


Maraqua is the Underwater-kingdom-themed Altador Cup team. This team was once considered a "strong" underdog, but is now considered a strong Powerhouse. They have gotten 10th before, but this year they finally reached the Top Tier and got 4th place overall. So far, this team has participated in all of the cups.

Based on the boards, they have a huge fanbase, which a lot of those members hang out at WAM, or We Are Maraqua. Maraqua had the best Yooyuball record in the Altador Cup V. They are strong at Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger, but are weaker at Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown.

Current members of Team Maraqua include defenders Oten Runeu, Lamelle Turow, and Barit Jones, forward and captain Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis, and goalie Tonie Plessix. Former members include Filo Desenz and Jair Tollet (Who is now on Roo Island) .

In order, Captain Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis, Oten Runeu, Lamelle Turow, Barit Jowes, and Goalie Tonie Plessix

AC I Defeated 1st Round, 10th place
AC II 9th place
AC III 10th place
AC IV 5th place
AC V 5th place
AC VI 4th place


Meridell is the Camelot-kingdom team of the Altador Cup, with a theme that resembles the Middle Ages. Meridell preforms fairly well in the Altador Cup. Once they managed 5th place, but then they fell back down to 11th, then back up to 8th, then again to 5th. They are not considered a powerhouse, but more like a "strong underdog".

Based on the boards, Meridell has a medium-sized fanbase. Most of their members hang out at either MAK or KoM. Most members also consider themselves "knights", as a reference to Meridell's kingdom theme. Their members are strong at Yooyuball, but are about average when it comes to Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown, resulting in not too bad of placings.

Current members of Team Meridell include center forward and captain "Wizard" Windelle, forwards Fiorina and Gregorio Maille, defender Ilsa Ellits, and Goalie Yoris Obbles. Former members include Sir Pollonaire Freidl and Vitri Sitol. Some people question how Yoris Obbles can be goalie when he has no hands, but he seems to manage well without them.

In order, Captain "Wizard" Windelle, Ilsa Ellits, Fiorina, Gregorgio Maille, and Goalie Yoris Obbles

AC I Defeated 2nd Round, 7th place
AC II 8th place
AC III 5th place
AC IV 11th place
AC V 8th place
AC VI 5th place

Mystery Island

Mystery Island is the jungle/tropical island themed team of the Altador Cup. Mystery Island preforms quite well in the Altador Cup, and is considered a very-powerful underdog. In the AC VI, however, they sadly came in 14th place; the same result as the year before. In the past, they usually came in 6th-9th place, however.

Based on the boards, Mystery Island has a large fanbase. Most of these supporters hang out at MIYP, which is indeed pronounced "Meep". Mystery Island has a good chunk of people who play, but it seems as in the AC V they also got a bunch of freeloaders, and their score dropped as a result. They are great at Yooyuball, but they are about average at Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. They aren't that great at Slushie Slinger.

Some of the players for Mystery Island include right-forward and captain Volgoth, forwards Teylor Nix and Bertie Shurtz, defender Vela Binal, and goalie Lor Benneveldt. Former members include Maital Koric and Yaniq Avaan. Some people seem to question how the goalie can possibly have fingers, when Benneveldt is clearly a flotsam, and flotsams have fins. The world may never know why.

In order, Captain Volgoth, Teylor Nix, Bertie Shurtz, Vela Binal, and Goalie Lor Benneveldt

AC I Defeated 2nd round, 6th place
AC II 6th place
AC III 9th place
AC IV 6th place
AC V 14th place
AC VI 14th place

Practice Team

Practice Team (Jelly World) is the non-existing, well, practice team, of the Altador Cup. They're the team you play against before the Altador Cup actually starts, in the practice rounds. Since they've never actually shown up in the Altador Cup as participants, there is no way to judge them on how good/bad they are. But considering that every player beats them for practice in the practice rounds, the Practice Team would probably be considered the worst team in the Altador Cup.

Based on the boards, the Practice Team has very little to almost no people in it's fanbase. There is one chat group made for the Practice Team, but even they support a different team during the Altador Cup. The one chat group is called JeWLD, and they officially do not exist. The Practice team preforms poorly in Yooyuball. They don't participate in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. Their goalie partipates in Shootout Showdown (As the goalie), but he preforms poorly there. The Practice Team supporters can be found either at the non existing JeWLD or on their official team's chat board.

Some of the players for the Practice Team include the 5 jelly chias. One of these chias plays center forward, 3 others play defense, and the last one plays goalie. Some former members include a jelly kougra (goalie), a jelly kau, a jelly techo, a jelly blumaroo, and a jelly usul.

In order, captain Jelly Chia, Jelly Chia, Jelly Chia, Jelly Chia, and goalie Jelly Chia.

AC I Didn't participate
AC II Didn't participate
AC III Didn't participate
AC IV Didn't participate
AC V Didn't participate
AC VI Didn't participate

Roo Island

Roo Island is the Happy-Go-Lucky, Blumaroo-Joker-Themed team in the Altador Cup. Roo Island is filled (obviously) with blumaroos, although their AC team has only 1 blumaroo. Roo Island is a strong team. They won the gold in AC III and were able to rebound from the Winner's Curse in AC V, but have since dropped back down to 9th place.

Based on the boards, Roo Island has a medium-sized fanbase. Although they aren't as big as Darigan Citadel or Krawk Island, Roo Island still manages a good amount of wins, for most of their supporters are playing hard. They are about average in all the games, but Roo Island seems to use this to their advantage, to rise where other teams are weak. Most of Roo Island's supporters hang out at Rooligans.

Some of the players for Roo Island include right forward and captain (And the only blumaroo) Lilo Blumario, left forward Jair Tollet (Formerly of Maraqua), defenders Gordo Gunnels and Fenny Vail, and goalie Clutch Billaban. The only former member to date is Dayla.

In order, Captain Lilo Blumario, Jair Tollet, Gordo Gunnels, Fenny Vail, and Goalie Clutch Billaban

AC I Defeated 3rd round, 4th place
AC II 2nd place
AC III 1st place (Won!)
AC IV 9th place
AC V 4th place
AC VI 9th place


Shenkuu is the Asian-cultural-themed team of the Altador Cup. Shenkuu only joined the Altador Cup in AC II, but they are already considered a powerhouse. They must have been one of the biggest (If not THE biggest) upsets in Altador Cup history. Not only did Shenkuu not place first in AC V (Hense breaking the "If team gets 2nd this year they'll get 1st next year" prediction) , but they dropped, and in AC VI got a result of 10th place. In the past, Shenkuu would place around 3rd, however.

Based on the boards, Shenkuu has a huge fanbase. Most of the members are all-stars, and therefore, Shenkuu does well. However, in AC V, lots of freeloaders came over to Shenkuu, and with that mix of Freeloaders and Allstars, Shenkuu dropped. It is most likely that there will be so many freeloaders in AC VI, and Shenkuu will do way better next year. Shenkuu is amazing at yooyuball, and are very good at Make Some Noise. They aren't as good in Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown, but they still preform well in these 2 games. Most Shenkuu supporters can be found at SoS, SK Scoreboard, SK Teahouse, and/or SK R & C.

Some of the players for Shenkuu include left defender and captain Mirsha Grelinek, right defender Larcy Phu, forwards Foltaggio and Antola Maeir, and goalie Xana DiLanche. The only former member currently is Turo Rafels.

In order, Captain Mirsha Grelinek, Foltaggio, Antola Maeir, Larcy Phu, and Goalie Xana DiLanche

AC I Didn't Participate
AC II 3rd place
AC III 4th place
AC IV 2nd place
AC V 11th place
AC VI 10th place

Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain is the Winter-wonderland themed team in the Altador Cup. All their players are wearing parkas, as Terror Mountain itself is covered in ice and snow. Terror Mountain is a (strong) underdog, but they were the #1 team when it came to Shootout Showdown in AC V! Their score of 36-0-2 wasn't only the best that year, but their score of 32-0-0 makes them the longest team to have a winning streak in AC history! In AC VI, they got 8th place, which is their highest score yet.

Based on the boards, Terror Mountain has a small to medium-small fanbase. Terror Mountain has a good chunk of Allstars, but they don't have enough to get high rankings. Terror Mountain isn't very good at Yooyuball. They're better at Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise, but still not that good. Their Shootout Showdown scores are AMAZING. They broke an AC record with their Shootout Showdown scores in the AC V, and may be able to do it again. Most supporters can be found at TOTM, which is one of the only AC boards found at the 'Other Worlds' boards instead of the Virtupets boards.

Some of the players for Terror Mountain include center defender and captain Prytariel, forwards Evrem Guilako (Formerly of Tyrannia) and Osielle Lidel, defender Rinok Fitel, and goalie Minae Mitora. Former members include Almadaira, Vaydo Pohz, Elbin Kroe (Now of Faerieland) , Selwick Phoss, and Tico Tems.

In order, Captain Prytariel, Evrem Guilako, Osielle Lidel, Rinok Fitel, and Goalie Minae Mitora

AC I Defeated 1st round, 15th place
AC II 10th place
AC III 12th place
AC IV 13th place
AC V 9th place
AC VI 8th place


Tyrannia is the prehistoric-caveman-themed team of the Altador Cup. Tyrannia may be way behind in Neopian technology, but they are actually ahead when it comes to Slushie Slinger. Tyrannia is known for scoring AMAZING results when it comes to Slushie Slinger, beating even the biggest of powerhouses. This allows them to place somewhere around 10th in the Altador Cup. This year, however, they achieved 6th place; their highest score yet.

Based on the boards, Tyrannia has a small to medium sized fanbase. Most of their team members appear to be playing, but it's due to their smallish size that they don't get extremely high scores. Tyrannia is considered the best team in the AC when it comes to Slushie Slinger. They are also very, very good at Make Some Noise. Tyrannia is about average when it comes to Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown, so they don't score that high, but enough to keep them out of the 4th tier. Most supporters can be found at the TIC-TAC boards.

Some of the players for Tyrannia include center forward and captain Loryche, forwards "Spikes" Barmie and Wila Benne, center defender "Scrap" Taggert, and goalie Harlis Neyhbol. Former members include Evrem Guilako (Who now plays for Terror Mountain) , and Elbin Kroe (Who plays for Faerieland) .

In order, Captain Loryche, "Spikes" Barmie, Wila Benne, "Scrap" Taggert, and Goalie Harlis Neyhbol

AC I Defeated 1st round, 10th place
AC II 11th place
AC III 11th place
AC IV 8th place
AC V 10th place
AC VI 6th place


Virtupets is the electronic-robotic team of the Altador Cup. Virtupets is the only team to have robots as players, as they have 2. They usually place around 15th, but in AC V, they shocked the whole of Neopia by coming in 6th. In AC VI, they pulled a super-huge-mega upset and came in 1st place! Only time will tell if Virtupets is to remain a powerhouse or be hit by the Winner's Curse.

Based on the boards, Virtupets has a small fanbase. With so little players, however, they are able to work together and achieve amazing results. They are amazing at Shootout Showdown, and has the top score in it in AC IV. They are about average at Make Some Noise, and they aren't so great in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger. Most Virtupets supporters can (obviously) be found at the Virtupets boards, and most of them hang out at a single group, ViPZ.

Some of the players for Virtupets include captain and right forward Keetra Deile, left forward XL Striker 3.8, defenders Sela Pretore and Weldar Xupenfarb, and goalie Goltron Mk I. Former members include Kerib Vickers and Z-4B Goalinator.

In order, Captain Keetra Deile, XL Striker 3.8, Sela Pretore, Weldar Xupenfarb, and goalie Goltron Mk I

AC I Defeated 1st round, 12th place
AC II 16th place (Last)
AC III 14th place
AC IV 12th place
AC V 6th place
AC VI 1st place (Won!)


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