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Garden Catalog
This catalog includes only items that can be used in classic neohomes
  • Items whose name is in brackets are problems. See Problems
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Flowering Plants
Non-flowering Plants
Furniture - Benches - Chairs - Tables - Umbrellas - Other
Water Features
Miscellaneous - Buildings - Birdhouses - Trellises - Fences - Bridges - Paving stones - Playground - Ice rinks - Snow sculptures - Other

Flowering Plants

Yellow holly bush


Song flowers

Yellow poppies

Kau slips


Kissing stem

Autumn sunset daisy

Spotted daffodil

Savage daffodil

Yellow daffodil

Extra wild orchid

Yellow crocus

Mighty marigolds

Aurora lily


Feather weeds

Kougra lily


Colour lillies



Instant roses

Red poppies

Bleeding heart


Red holly bush

Snap draik

Scented hearts flower


Sunday bush

Mixed flowers

Pink lily

Rude daffodil

Pink poppies

Barrel cactus

Spring beauty

Pink cyclamen

Pink morning glory vines



Magenta tulips

Purple hydrangea


Pebeanjay flowers


Snake rose

Wocky glove


Large purple poppies

Purple poppies


Purple columbine






Blue columbine

Plurby bush

Electric daffodil

Glass roses

Swirlypop plant

Sillie daisy

Star of paradise flower





Olive bush

Colour changing tulips

Oozing tulip

Sea anemone

Rainbow morning flower

Exploding pod plant

White holly bush

Lily of the valley

White daffodil

White lulu

Perfume mallows


Dreary lily

Drabby rose



Black roses

Blue twister


Purple whirlygig

Jewel blossom

Fuzz collars

Golden fernsprout

[Spectral flower]

Petpetpet eating plant

Mysterious potted flower

Purple frillix



Gnome hat plant

Sleeping blosoms

Chartruse puffs

Blue fan flowers

Mutant yooyu flower

Snow yooyu flower

Fire yooyu flower

Faerie yooyu flower

Tropical flower plant



Plushie acara plant

Cloud meerca flower

Space faerie flower

[Faeriewing plant]
Non-flowering Plants

Swab bush


Lightning fern

Furry autumn bushes

Fire bush

Negg muncher

Tami veggie plant


Gurple bush

Rubber plant

Orb plant

Kollie flower


Pineapple plant

Spiky bush

Floating cactus flower

Ring vine

Spine vine

Twisting vines

Tuskaninny plant

Bonsai chia

Sword bush

Axe shrub

Bad seed

Large thorn growth


Illusens orb plant

Faerie bean plant

Strange bulb

Mistletoe plant

Cabbage plant

Potato plant

Raspberry bush

Rhubarb plant

Strawberry plant

Runner bean plant

Blackberry bush

Autumn blush

Mini pumpkin

Curly vine

Ice shrub

Flame bulb

Cheery plant

Plushie fungus

Cubical sea fungus

Cinder block sea fungus

Giant green kelp

Giant red kelp

Giant brown kelp

Magic crystalline kelp

Spongy algae

Grey sea fern

Starry sea fern

Prismatic sea fern

Shimmery seagrass

Darigan seaweed

Geraptiku fly trap

Spherical shrub

Ice covered bush

Snow covered bush

Rainbow anthurium

Rainbow carrot


Piece of hedge

Asparagus garden

Cabbage garden

Carrot garden

Marrow garden

Dark thorn vines

Skeletal bush

Purple garden coral

Twirly plant

Traphnoid palm

Tropical fern

Chocolate bush

Dwarf tree

Star tree

Heart fruit tree

Yellow eesa tree

Rose tree

Pink bonsai tree

Tree weed

Meepie tree

Broccoli tree

Rock tree

Cookie tree

Chocolate ice cream tree

Candy floss tree

Sandwich tree

Tongue tree

Slimy tree

All seeing tree

Gnarled stump

Snow covered tree

Poogle tree sculpture

Kau tree sculpture

[Grarrl tree sculpture]

Grundo tree sculpture

Quiggle tree sculpture

Mynci tree sculpture

Kacheek tree sculpture

Shoyru tree sculpture

Slorg-shaped topiary

Nimmo topiary

Meerca-shaped topiary

Apricot baubletop

Amber cloud

Blazing frooble shrub

Wither tree

Droopy maple bush

Shedding tree

Autumnal bonsai

Pastel snowflake tree

Ice cube tree

Rainbow fruit tree

Bonsai rock garden

[Dead tree]

Bent tree

Screaming tree

Dead pine tree

Holiday tiki palm

Holiday tiki tree

Corn tree

Smoking tree

Jelly tree

Faux braintree

Jellybean tree

Leaning tree

Negg tree

[Snot holiday tree]
(room perspective)

Garden bench

Pebble bench

Leafy bench

Monumental bench

Spooky bench

Straw bench

Stone garden bench

Golden garden bench

Faerieland garden bench

Wooden garden bench

Pebble patio chair

Pink tile patio chair

Wooden patio chair

Spooky patio chair

Straw patio chair

[Autumn garden chair]

Yellow lounger

Wooden sun lounger

Red checkered lounger

Blue sun lounger

Goldy sun lounger

Goldy swinging chair

[Autumn garden lounger]

Pebble patio table

Pink tile patio table

Wooden patio table

Spooky patio table

Straw patio table

Brickwork patio table

Heavy stone patio table

Mosaic patio table

Pink camouflage patio table

Fire picnic table

Goldy picnic bench

Traditional picnic table

Round spotted round table

Stone picnic table

Disco picnic table

Coral patio table

Gothic patio table

Pebble umbrella

Pink tile umbrella

Checkered umbrella

Spooky umbrella

Straw umbrella

Royal umbrella

Green umbrella

Cloud umbrella

Goldy garden umbrella

Rainbow umbrella

Pink and yellow parasol

Red and green parasol

Green striped parasol

Yellow and pink spotted parasol

Chocolate umbrella

Biscuit umbrella

Fire umbrella

Web umbrella

Green picnic blanket

Purple picnic blanket

Red picnic blanket

Blue picnic blanket

Fire barbecue

Disco barbecue

Faerie barbecue

Robot barbecue

Clay chimney

Hand painted chimney

Mutant chimney

(Some gnomes are in more than one category.)
With flowers

Prancing uni gnome

Curious moehog gnome

Flower picking kiko gnome

Flower picking gelert gnome

Flower picking bori gnome

Flower picking xweetok gnome

Korbat flower gnome

Green poogle gnome

Orange yurble gnome

Balancing moehog gnome

Green kau gnome

Yellow chomby gnome

Bat thing gnome

Lord kass gnome

Morris gnome

Halloween acara gnome

Halloween tonu gnome

Halloween meerca gnome

Halloween cybunny gnome

Halloween aisha gnome

Halloween bruce gnome

Halloween blumaroo gnome

Jeran gnome

Blugthak gnome

Von roo gnome

Leaf carrying bori gnome

Lucky slorg gnome

Surprised jubjub gnome

Blue meerca gnome

Mutant chia gnome
With critters

Curious jubjub gnome

Curious blumaroo gnome

Curious bori gnome

Sulky ixi gnome
With toadstools

Happy yurble fishing gnome

Sitting aisha gnome

Sitting bruce gnome

Green hissi gnome

Blue draik gnome

Musical lupe gnome

Snow grundo gnome

Snow bruce gnome

Sleeping hissi gnome

Pouting ona gnome

Chocolate chia gnome
(wearable only)
Gardening or working

Gardening grundo gnome

Digging kiko gnome

Purple zafara gnome

Purple peophin gnome

Blue ruki gnome

Raking bori gnome

Digging lupe gnome

Digging gnorbu gnome

Morguss gnome

Moving house kyrii gnome

Gardening lenny gnome

[Angry techo garden gnome]

Pink pteri gnome

Fishing jetsam gnome

Fishing kiko gnome

Happy yurble fishing gnome

Happy poogle fishing gnome

Straining aisha fishing gnome

Unlucky usul fishing gnome

Day dreaming xweetok gnome

Sleeping chia gnome

Snow bruce gnome

Sleeping hissi gnome

Daydreaming nimmo gnome

Blue kacheek gnome

Red chia gnome

Blue wocky gnome

Leaf carrying bori gnome

Gardening grundo gnome

Yellow kiko gnome

Yellow scorchio gnome

Playful kougra gnome

Year six lupe gnome

Year 7 gnome

Face pulling kiko gnome

Face pulling grundo gnome

Cheeky yellow poogle gnome

Nose picking mycni gnome

Cheeky blue acara gnome

Pouting ona gnome

Morris gnome

Snow grundo gnome

Snow bruce gnome

Pouting ona gnome

Morguss gnome

Blue wocky gnome

Year six lupe gnome

Court dancer gnome

[Carnival of terror clown gnome]

Halloween acara gnome

Halloween tonu gnome

Halloween meerca gnome

Halloween cybunny gnome

Halloween aisha gnome

Halloween bruce gnome

Halloween blumaroo gnome

Floating ghostkerchief gnome

Halloween zafara gnome

Halloween ruki gnome

Halloween moehog gnome

Halloween lenny gnome

Seasonal shoyru gnome

Snow grundo gnome

Snow shoyru gnome

Snow mynci gnome

Snow bruce gnome

[Ice chia gnome]
(goes in rooms)

[Winter fun cybunny gnome]

[Winter fun usul gnome]

Green techo gnome

Cheeky cybunny gnome

Happy tonu gnome

Happy acara gnome

Joyous ogrin gnome

Tyrannian nimmo gnome

Hunting grarrl gnome

Welcoming lupe gnome

King skarl gnome

[Mika gnome]

[Carassa gnome]

Sitting elephante gnome

Acrobatic mynci gnome

Evil fuzzle gnome

Mr chuckles gnome

Pant devil gnome

Snowager gnome

[Carnival of terror clown gnome]

Rainbow cybunny gnome

[Faerie chia gnome]
(goes in rooms)

Usul statue

Techo statue

Blumaroo statue

Chia statue

Eyrie statue

Shoyru statue

Grundo statue

Quiggle statue

Swimming flotsam statue

Scorchio water carrier statue

Lost desert kyrii statue

Zafara guardian statue

Fishing meepit statue

Stone anubis

Cheerful wocky statue

Nimmo athlete statue

[Chia warrior statue]

Kacheek axemaster statue

King roo statue

Jhudora statue

Chocolate chia statue

Feepit garden statue

Chomby sand statue

Elephante sand statue

Skeith sand statue

Tonu sand statue

Meerca chase statue
Water Features

Grundo statue

Quiggle statue

Stylishly simple pond

Pastel perfection pond

Tropical delight pond

Blue paradise pond

Red rock pond

Techo fountain pond

Mini waterfall pond

Volcanic pond

Bubbling swamp

Tiered pond

Curved pond

Corrupted pond

Stone waterfall pond

Rainbow brick pond

Wooden border pond

Nimmo lily pond

Chocolate pond

[Autumn pond]

Snorkle paddling pool

Kookith paddling pool

Slorg paddling pool

Turdle paddling pool

Pink fountain

Dr sloth pond

Refreshing kyrii fountain

Floating ball fountain

Sparkling flotsam fountain

Cascading gold fountain

Shell fountain

Koi fountain

Light faerie fountain

Bronze noil fountain

Tiered rock fountain

Pink slorg fountain

Eye of jhudora fountain

Water rock garden

Jelly garden fountain

Jelly river

Pink pteri fountain

Green garden shed

Fire shed

Cloud shed

Brick shed

Rainbow shed

[Leaf covered shed]

[Garden pavilion]


Snow gazebo

Decorated gazebo

Vine-covered gazebo

Colourful gazebo

Lost desert tent


Sand castle

Sand fort

Simple tree house

Deluxe tree house

Faerieland tree house

Mystery island tree house

Illusens glad treehouse

Chocolate tree house

Nimmo garden lounge

Yellow birdhouse

White birdhouse

Hand painted birdhouse

Disco birdhouse

Floral birdhouse

Natural wood birdhouse

Angelpuss birdhouse

Red barn birdhouse

Gourd birdhouse

Fyoras birdhouse

Faerie birdhouse

Cheese birdhouse

Burger birdhouse

Red brick birdhouse

Pteri house

Rustic twig trellis

Deluxe gold trellis

Copper trellis

Red wooden trellis

Blue wooden arbor

White wood pergola

Coral arbor

White picket fence

Slatted fence

Iron fence

Tribal fence

Pine fence

Decrepit stone wall

[Snowy stone wall]

Roped bridge

Cobblestone bridge

Regal bridge

Sugar bridge

Stone bridge

Wooden bridge

Simple bridge

Rainbow bridge

Grassy bridge

Icy bridge

Glowing bridge

Steel bridge

Clay bridge

[Faerie bridge]

[Fire bridge]

Chocolate bridge
Paving stones

Cloud paving stone

Starry paving stone

White paving stone

Moon paving stone

Yellow paving stone

Pebble stepping stone

Square stepping stone

Heart stepping stone

Blue stepping stone

[Icy snowflake
paving stone]

[Sparkling snowflake
paving stone]

[Intricate snowflake
paving stone]

[Delicate snowflake
paving stone]

Destruct-o-match stepping stones

Nimmo lily stones

Rainbow paving stone

Golden dubloon paving stone

Blechy paving stones

Mosaic paving stones

Veggie paving stones

Virtupets paving stones

Blue trampoline

Yellow trampoline

Green trampoline

Red trampoline

Plushie trampoline

Tyrannian trampoline

Jelly trampoline

Glowing trampoline

Floral garden swing

Cloud garden swing

Pink garden swing

Rainbow garden swing

Jhudora swing

Outdoor hoop game


Cricket set

Yellow and red croquet set

[Uni shoe game]

[Minigolf hole]

Jumbo cell block board

Jumbo ultimate bullseye target

Jumbo shapeshifter board

Yooyuball field

Bagatelle outdoor play set

Coconut shy outdoor play set

Test your strength outdoor play set

Wheel of misfortune outdoor play set

Yellow roundabout

Wooden sandbox

Cherry red slide


Playground blocks

Playground bubbles

Playground tunnel

Covered slide

Mynci bars


Tether ball

Tire swing

[Carnival of terror trampoline]

Pteri spring ride
Ice rinks

Spiral ice skating rink

Curved ice skating rink

Star ice skating rink

Tiki skate pond
Snow sculptures


Snow bruce sculpture

Snow kacheek

Snow blumaroo

Snow grarrl

Snow chomby

Pink wheelbarrow

Blue wheelbarrow

Dirt shovel

Dirt seedling

Pile of dirt

Dirt hole

Sand pit

Bottomless pit

Leaf covered pit

Mud pit

Potting bench



[Hedge shears]

Pile of autumn leaves

Gigantic bonfire

Medium sized bonfire

Small bonfire

Dr sloth pumpkin

Meuka pumpkin

Pant devil pumpkin

Lord kass pumpkin

Gooey rotten pumpkin


Jack-o-lantern candle holder

Screaming jack-o-lantern

Ornamental cannon

Plastic lenny

Pirate warning sign

Pirate cannon

Outdoor pirate flag

Inflatable bouncy pirate ship

Flea grass

Mossy rock

Mini mountain


[Citronella candle]

Cave rock

Spooky rock

Tiered rock

Mushroom rock

Rock garden

Solitary rock garden

Mashed potato man

Gravy pond

Mashed potato fort

Mashed potato volcano

Snow angel

[Haunted woods flag]

[Maraqua flag]

[Mystery island flag]

[Space station flag]

Altador flag

Brightvale flag

Faerieland flag

Meridell flag

Tyrannia flag

Shenkuu flag

Terror mountain flag

Krawk island flag

Autumn planter

Bronze birdbath


Slorg signpost

Holiday tiki hammock

Inflatable squid

Beware of squid sign

Lava pit

Herder paddock

Whack-a-kass windsock

Sand mound

Sand boat

Giant jaw bone

Mini giant jelly

Squid sprinklers

Squid tentacle

Bonfire dummy

Bonfire barrell

Cloud shoyru stump

Burnt dummy

Dead bonfire

Exploded barrel

Weak bonfire

Deluxe garden catapult

Garden catapult

Snow garden catapult

Titanium garden catapult

[Autumn garden torch]

[Carnival of terror clown sprinkler]

[Carnival of terror tent]

Tar pit


[Snot ladder]
(room perspective)

Snow pyramid
(room perspective)