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I have decided to redo the layout of my Magax:Destroyer guide. It seems that a lot of people are using it so I want it to be a little nicer on the eyes and easier to navigate. I would like to say thank you to all of you who sent me Neomails letting me know that you were able to acheive your avatar when you thougt you would not be able to.

Note: I did not write this guide. It was written by Stolenart so please direct all questions and comments to her. I just redid the layout.



After years of effort, MAGAX has finally managed to thwart Hubrid Nox's horrid plans. He arrived at their usual battleground one night, just as he had so many nights before. The area was quiet, however, and MAGAX feared that Hubrid was developing new plans... man, how he hates being right all the time. Your mission is to once again guide MAGAX against the evil forces of Hubrid Nox.


He floats silently above the graves, with all the menace of a shadowy angel. The tombstones below him move by slowly, his eye watchful, looking for any movement, any disturbance.

He stops for a moment, gazing at a long shadow under a dead weeping willow, his red eyes glowing in the dark. One of the branches is caught on a fence, banging against the iron. He turns away, floating forward, his eyes focusing ahead of him.

It's a sad, lonely place, the ancient graveyard hidden in the heart of the Haunted Woods. No one really knows where it came from, but he guards it now, guards those who want to get in... and those who want to get out.

He is Magax, and his soul is older than the tallest trees, older than the greatest mountains. As he floats through the graveyard, he remembers the Vow he made, and the powers that Vow gave him. Everything comes with a price. For centuries, he was Neopia's greatest threat, a villain without equal... but all of that is behind him now. He is a changed Wocky. Never again would he embrace the darkness. Never...

Just then, he sensed movement. He spun to face it, his enhanced senses fixing in. Even on the darkest night, his eyes could see as clear as noon. In the heart of a clamourous battle, he could hear a cricket chewing on a leaf.

The figure was hiding behind a tombstone. He moved forward, with hands summoning his Darklight Axe. When he spun behind the stone, he didn't find a ghost, but a little lost Cybunny. "What are you doing here?" Magax asked, allowing his Darklight Axe to fade away. "Don't you know how dangerous it is out here?

The Cybunny sniffed, her eyes wet and raw with tears. "I - I'm lost. We came out to the Carnival on a dare... and now...

What's your name?" Magax asked.

Cheelee," the Cybunny said, still sniffing.

We've got to get you out of here," he said, lifting the Cybunny from the cold ground. "No telling when Nox might show up.

The Cybunny shivered. "Hubrid Nox?" she asked.

Magax looked down. "What do you know...

The Cybunny grinned, her eyes turning red. "I know a great deal about Hubrid Nox," she said, her grin spreading wide, sharp as a scimitar.

Magax tried to move, but the Cybunny moved faster. The next thing he knew, he was thrown through the air, slamming into a gravestone, and smashing it in half.

Magax tried to shake the pain out of his head, but before he could get steady, he saw the Cybunny changing before his eyes. Changing... changing into...

Hubrid Nox!" Magax shouted.

The creature smiled. "Yes, foolish Magax. You are so easy to trick. Those of good hearts are always willing to drop their guard to protect an innocent." Nox laughed, a sound that echoed through the graveyard, its evil seeping into every tombstone, every grave. Then, he began to speak, casting a spell with his deep voice.

Stop!" Magax said, trying to get to his feet. "What are you doing?

Nox ignored him, continuing with the spell. Magax pushed himself to his feet, but it was already too late. Spirits rose up from the graves, their empty eyes glowing with abandon.

What have you done?" Magax said, rising up into the air.

An army of shades, spectres, and shadows to serve me!" Nox shouted, rising up above the dark cloud cover. "And their first act... will be to destroy you, my old servant.

Magax summoned his Darklight Axe once again. "I was once your slave," he said, "but no more!

You still seek redemption for your past?" Nox said, his form all but lost in the storm clouds. "Don't you know there is no forgiveness for you, Magax? The Faeries will never forgive the crimes you committed against them.

Perhaps," Magax said, readying his weapon. "But, I have to try."


You fly in in a horizontal direction (either left or right), but you can also move in a vertical direction (up or down) to hit or dodge mobs. This corrispond with your arrow keys on your keyboard. Up, down, left, right.

To fly faster hold the arrow key in the direction you are flying (ie right or left). To slow down hit the arrow key in the opposite direction then hit the arrow key in the other direction. So if you are flying right and you want to slow down; hit left, then right.

You also are able to shoot monsters in the game. To do this you use your space bar.


Ebil Cybunny - This is Hubrid Nox in ebil Cybunny form. He will randomly turn into Hubrid and fire his flame at you. He will only cause damage if you run into him.

Hubrid Nox - In this form you cannot damage him. He can cause damage to you if you run into him. He also throws a fire ball at you, which keeps your from shooting as well as slows your movement down slightly.

Scorchio - Fire breathing scorchio. These are the mobs you have to destroy to move to the next level. You will not hit the scorchio if he is breathing fire at the time you hit him. He will cause damage to you if you run into him.

JubJub - These little guys float around. They can come up from behind as well as infront. These guys do not have a warning arrow.

Set Up

The set up of the game is fairly easy. You are Magax flying around destroying things. The screen has a few things to keep an eye on:

Next you need to set Magax in your "fly zone". I choose this area because you will rarely have to move out of it to hit or avoid mobs. This way you will really only have to worry about flying left and right.

The best way to be able to destroy the monsters in to understand their patterns. Once you do this the game becomes just a matter of destroying the monsters with little guess work.

Hubrid Nox, in both forms, will only fly around the upper half of your screen. He is also a slow moving target. In cybunny form he will stay close to the edge of the screen, however in Hubrid Nox form he many fly out close to you.

The scorchios will fly from top to bottom. They tend to move a lot faster, but with a little practice you should be able to hit them fairly quickly. They do tend to stay to the far edge of the screen and not search you out.

Remember you can't hit them while they are breathing fire. So at higher levels you may end up shooting at them 6 or more times.

Jubjubs are small little creatures that are very random. These guys will sneak up from behind as well as come up infront. They fly the entire height of the screen and will move close to you. These guys aren't in every level and you might not ever get any or on the othr hand you may get 6 or 7 in one level.
Level Guide

The first level is a good level to get the basic feel for how the game works. Best thing to do is head in one direction (left or right) and get into the fly zone as stated above. You will look for the warning arrow to tell you where the next monster is. The arrow will go up and down following the closest monster that is not in view. You will want to aim for that arrow. So when it gets into your fly zone you will want to fire.

If you miss or you are trying to destroy a monster that takes more than one hit just turn around in the other direction for a short distance and then turn back toward the monster and shoot again. Continue this until you have destroyed the monster. You may have to do this a few times between the monster requiring several hits and missing.

You will need to destory a set number of scorchios for each level in order to advance to the next level. This is the set up of how many you will need for each specific level.

This is you health recovery. If you catch it you will recover some lost health. These tend to 'float' around and loosely try to meet up with you. It seemed at higher levels I saw less and less of these. Also after I figured out how to maneuver after the 1st level I didn't need these ever again.

Note these do not give you any points.

Only found in level 1-7. You do not receive any in level 8-10.

You may run into Hubrid Nox and get a fire ball thrown at you. Sometimes you wont be able to out run the fire ball.

So you got hit by Hubrid's fire ball. You become ingulfed in flames. No worries this will just keep you from shooting. So fly in the opposite direction a short ways then fly back in the first direction. Keep doing that until th flames die down. Once that happens continue on your way.

Another option if you are within the first 7 levels and can get to a health skull grab it. It will put out the flames for you.

If you are trying to get the Magax Avatar destroy all mobs. You only need to destroy the scorchios to beat the level, but Hubrid Nox (20 points) and scorchios (10 points). If you destroyed all the mobs you could in a level. You should reach avatar score (3500pts) around level 9 or 10. However, if you just kill scorchios you will only receive 2040 points for the entire game. This is not enough to win you the avatar.

Some people said that they received a pop up window after they sent in the score that said they won the avatar. If you have pop up blockers on you might not. So check your avatar list to see if it's there.

If you are low on health and close to beating the level once you go to the next level your health will refill.

I was able to get the avatar the first time I played the new version using this technique. I can't promise this will work for you the first time. You're just going to need to try the game out and figure out what is more comfortable for you. Good Luck :)

You can break in between levels. I did this when my hand started hurting and when the phone rang.

I have been asked how people get more than the 'Max' amount of points. This is because they get extra mobs (jubjubs) in their levels. This will cause for the extra points.

Screen Cap

Remember if you neomail about the guide you are saying it's okay for your neomail to be posted on this guide page. Don't worry no 'funny' remarks will be made about any neomails. Only remarks will be to help inform others how.

That's a lot of hits to the page. Thank you to everyone who has directed people to the page for help. Both StolenArt and I have received many Neomails thanking us for the guide. Please remember that StolenArt wrote and made the guide. I am merely hosting it for her since it was originally put on this pet.

This is true. It does slow your movement down a lot. More so up and down, but you can still move to get away.

Jubjubs appeared into the game which has allowed players to go above the 'max' amount of points possible. Max is to be around 4280 points and Grandmaster is the score of 5000 points.

I understand some games are harder for some people than others, but it is not only against TNT rules, to play games for other people, but it is a form of begging which is in fact annoying. I have no problem answering questions or re explaining something to help players out when they are stuck or don't understand something I have written, but I will not hesitate to report anyone who asks me to cheat (ie play the game for them). If you are having troubles play until you get too frustrated then quit for the day and try again tomorrow. You don't have to sumit every game so that way you can play more than 3 times.