Hello, this is the page for Marina5_55 and her pet Gantz. If you want to learn about me you can scroll down to my brief overview. If you're here for Gantz you can see his work on the side bar. If you want out you can leave by the bottom links. Thanks for coming!

About Marina (Online)

That's a bit funny since I'm hardly ever offline. However my time online is usually spent writing on my laptop, playing neopets or reading anything interesting I may find online_ I easily log six to seven hours on neopets on my days off (thank you lack of life). This time is spent glaring at pages which look better then mine and coming up with pet ideas. I enjoy customizing my pets in every way possible. I rarely go on the boards to chat and would much rather chat in a guild or by neomail. I love getting mail and friend requests but please, lets get to know each other first.

About Marina (Offline)

While I'm offline I'm usually at school, working (swim instructor if you must know), or reading. I enjoy walks in the fog, when living on the ocean you get used to that. I work on my art or poetry. I have a deep love for all written words so I'll read about anything. I rarely "hang" with my friends but rather play games with my brother.

My Past

In my past life I was a secret agent. Unfortunately due to the betraying of one of my best friends I suffered memory loss. I then travelled the world looking to discover my past. When I came upon this site I realized how petty the whole thing was and gave it up. Still, occasionally people will run screaming from me for no apparent reason.

But seriously though I joined the site in, like, fourth grade. My old account rotted and died and I can't even remember the name. This was my second attempt and is thriving quiet well I think. That's all. Now drop it. *shifty eyes*

My Accounts

I have four accounts as of now. Here on my main Marina5_55. You can see my first side which homes my spy pets here. You can go see my third account which I'm not sure what I'm doing with just yet, here. As well as a third side account I'm aging up at the moment. I have no other accounts and if someone claims to be me (for whatever insane reason) you can tell.

My Goals

As a writer my main goal is to get into the Neopian Times as much as I can. I also enjoy writing poetry and hope to get into that a bit more as well. Some day I plan to finish all my pet pages as well as include them in more of my events. I'm working on my horrible artistic talent.
So here's my goals as of right now:
    Get into the Neopian Times a lot more.
    Get into the poetry contest more.
    Paint all my pets their perfect colors, as well as petpets. I'm currently selling my soul to raise up said NP if anyone's wondering.
    Finish all Petpages. May never happen cause I'm lazy like that.
    Do more art of my pets to enter in contests. If you look in the art section you'll see why that hasn't happened yet.

My Wish List

Here are my wishes as of right now:
    Krawley Contacts
    Young Sophies Dress
    Tattered Straight Jacket

My Achievements

I haven't achieved a whole lot just yet. Here's what I have so far though:

Neopian Times Entries

Other Entries

Likes and Dislikes

Ohhh, here's a doozy. I have a lot of likes and dislikes so you'll need to bare with. I'm a very pessimistic person.

My likes are as follows:

Games: I thoroughly enjoy games. I have a Xbox 360, Wii, Atari, Gamecube, and SNES. My brother and I play games constantly. I'm an achievement freak. My favorite games are Assassin's Creed (all of them), Bioshock (all), Silent Hill series, and Resident Evil series. Other games I love are the entire collection of Frictional Games. If you haven't heard of them, they're fantastic. I love the game Braid, favorite soundtrack. I enjoy Pokemon and any other RP (Chrono Trigger, Fire Emblem, Sword of Mana). For some reason I don't enjoy Mario, can't get my head around that one.

Books: Oh boy here we go. What don't I like would be a better list. Anyway, I love series like; Unfortunate Events, The Last Apprentice, Artemus Fowl, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Eregon, Uglies, Imaginarium Geographic, Septimus Heap, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Nancy drew and The Hardy Boys. My favorite authors include Stephen King, can that man write a bad book? Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None, read it. My all time favorite book series by Linda Buckly-Archer, The Gideon Trilogy. I love Oliver Twist, and Dracula. Most everything, like I said. I'll probably be adding more to the list that never ends. But I think that covers most for now.

Movies: Not a whole lot here actually, I never watch television and movies aren't really at hand. I do enjoy the Lord of the Rings collection, Harry Potter of course, The Shawshank Redemption and the Green Mile. I really enjoy musicals though and have yet to met one I didn't like.

War: I love history and especially anything to do with the second world war. Got a book? I'll read it. Got a movie? I'll watch it. It's a passion and a problem. All that needs to be said.

Writing: Anything, poetry, short stories, novellas, novels. I've never been able to write anything with my own characters but I'm working on that part. I dream of being an author when I grow older. We'll see how that one turns out.

Music: My love of music is sporadic to say the least. I love classical, rock, techno, oldies, and some new stuff. My least favorite is rap but even that I'll give a chance. My top ten? I like Jami Sieber, Thomas Newman, The Ink Spots, Billy Joel (Piano Man is one of my all time favorites), I love Pink Floyd and Poets of the Fall, Metallica, Simon and Garfunkel, Mikko Tarmia, and of course the Midnight Riders. ;)

Zombies: Ah, the living dead. This deserved a section all its own. I love the undead. I love watching or reading about them. If you have any suggestions drop me a line. I've watched the living dead series, I have World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guild. I play RE (even though technically they're not real zombies), Left 4 Dead/2, I even have a zombie calendar.

Others: Online my passions would have to be Neovia and Darigan Citadel. Neovia because it's like my own personal old England. Darigan because it's just really cool. I love rabbits, piano and violin music. I have a stone chess board and carved pieces which I love. I have an obsession with capes and suits. And, I collect polished stones (ever hear of okenite?).

Well, how about Dislikes:

Spelling: I can't spell all that well but I'm adamant about correct spelling. If I had a arch enemy it'd be double negatives (which is catchy for a bad guy). I hate chat speak and can't understand it in the least. Please, if you're going to chat with me respect this little rule. For some reason it's a pet peeve and if you can respect that I'll respect you. It'd be ironic enough if this paragraph has spelling errors, right?

Snobs: Kind of a given, no one likes a snob. If you're insulting or being obtuse we wont get along. Especially if i'm being open and friendly.

Fan boys/Girls: I respect you and your likes, you respect mine. When, however, you push your likes on me and tell me I'm incorrect in my thinking, it can be a bit upsetting. I hate people who say you're: wrong, mean, dumb, or rude because you don't agree with them on a subject. This subject can be anything from books to political issues. Either way, leave it alone.

Begging: Be it items or a friendship. I don't like people asking for things or feeling entitled to it. If you want an item make an offer. If you want a friendship make a commitment.

Well that's about it, if you're even still here. It's a lot and I guess I'd be sorry if I didn't think you'd be a freak for reading through that whole thing. I may add more later. If you have a question or helpful comment you can contact me on my main account. Thanks.


So that's about it. If you want more info on the family you can return to my page here. Or, if you want to know more about Gantz you can travel around his page using the tabs on the side. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you've learned a bit about me. See yah.

About Gantz

Alright. This is where things start getting interesting. From here on out it's all about my pet Gantz and his past, his character, and other interesting and odd facts you may like about him. Read on.

The Making

Gantz, as you may have guessed by the numbers, was my first pet. I've never once considered throwing him out trading him or giving him away. I find that conceited and makes you a bad person. His name's not great but I love him for it. Anyway, another note you may find interesting is that he was once a yellow Eyrie. At the time of his making I had no idea what I wanted for him. So instead I decided to zap him and see what came out. In return he became a fire Jetsam. I've never had a love for fire pets or Jetsams but it seemed to suit him.

His name comes from a video game character you may or may not have heard of. Despite this he is in no way a copy of him. In fact when I think of Gantz I think first and foremost of this pet. Gantz is a unique and individual pet, in my eyes.

The Character

Easily the hardest character I've ever had to come up with. For some reason nothing really seems to fit well with Gantz. Sometimes he's a swindler, other times he's a villain, and others he's just hard case with a soft center. Here's some facts about him:

Name: Gantz Jullian Armistead (Call him by his second name and he'll maim you)
Nickname: None
Age: 46
Birth: Born 23rd of June, Neopia Central
Species: Camouflage Jetsam
Gender: Male
Accent: American
Weight: He likes to say fit as a fiddle but he's actually quiet pudgy. (185 lb.)
Occupation: Antique Shop Owner
Residence: Neovia
Quote: "You break it...I break something of yours."
Theme Song: Snake oil
Status: Battledome - No
RP - Open

Personality: You could go on all day about Gantz. He's tight lipped on most subjects. He enjoys the simple pleasures in life, like a good book or a round in the battle dome. He takes his job very seriously, not the antique shop, the real work underneath. Gantz is an avid follower of the dark magics in Neopia. His petpet, Stucky, being a prime example. Gantz enjoys to play the villain and anywhere he can feel like he's doing someone over is a good thing. He'd hate to admit it but if he ever came into real power he wouldn't know the first thing to do with it.

Gantz has a quirky sense of humor. His jokes are usually ill placed and go over peoples heads. When he does make jokes they're usually dark and you often wonder if he's really joking around. The demonic grin he bares doesn't add to the comfort level at all.

Gantz loves his money and spends it scarcely. If he finds a neopoint on the floor it's his lucky day. Thanks to this he has stored up enough points to set up his own little practice and the dirty jobs on the side feed his addiction to the dark.

Gantz spends every waking hour working on something or another. If goals don't come true or if he doesn't achieve something fast enough he can get anxious. What he does work on is serious to him and he trusts few to tell these projects to. His closest companion is Stucky.

Outward Appearance: Gantz is clean shaven except for his slim mustache he is very proud of. A long sharks tail protrudes from his back. Flames lick up the sides of his arms and coat his hair. His eyes are blazing fire red. He usually wears a simple suit or suspenders and trousers. When at work in the caves he'll wear ceremonial robes hand crafted for the job.

Darkest Secret: Gantz has a joy for cooking and especially for cupcakes. He spends many hours working to prefect his recipes and he can sometimes be seen handing them out on the streets. The Crumpetmonger is one of his closes associates and they share recipes often. Gantz favorite is his doom muffin, made with his own special ingredients.

Greatest Achievement: Gantz' greatest achievement would be the day he met Stucky. It was the first time he was truly able to tap into the powers of darkness and harness it. To him it is the start of much bigger and more powerful things.

Goals: Gantz' greatest goal would be to become the most notorious villain in all of Neopia. His hero is the Darkest Faerie and he looks up to her with each dark step he takes.

Habits: Gantz is not a creature of habit and rarely obsesses. He does however have some quirks. These include: he never changes the toilet paper roll when it runs out. This usually leaves his in a rather bad situation. He also rarely cleans his house or kitchen and eats with dirty dishes. When nervous he also may play with his hair or run his hands through it.

Hobbies: When not planning world domination Gantz likes to go bargain hunting to repopulate his antique store. He also enjoys training in the battledome or playing games with Stucky. These games usually involve them hiding in bushes for long periods of time. He also likes to bake muffins and treats. Finally, he is an avid reader who is always on the hunt for the next exciting mystery novel.

Congrats!! : Gantz won the pet spotlight. You can view it here if you wish.

Gantz' Story

This was an old version of what I pictured Gantz turning out as. It's much different but the antique shop seemed to stick. Also, it was awarded the pet spotlight. Who'd'a thunk?

The mists of Neovia curl around your legs. You wade through the thick fog peering into the darkness of the night. All the houses are dark and deserted. As you walk through town looking for a place to stay you see a light in the distance. Walking towards it on aching feet you see it to be a lamppost. Its warm glow illuminating a store still open. You push the door and it swings inward without a sound.

Inside you hear the ticking of clocks and the hissing of steam. The walls are covered in every type of gear imaginable. Small mechanical creatures scurry about the floor and machines hiss and spit all around you. You gaze curiously at one which has caught your eye. A small one made of brass and steel.

How may I help you?" A gentle voice says from the back counter.

You jump up and see a fire Jetsam grinning at you. A topcoat sits precariously atop his head. Gold gears adorn it and the coat he is wearing. A skeletal pocket watch hangs from one fin and in the other he holds a softly glowing lamp. A gear spectacle is attached to his left eye. The other is warm and welcoming. You explain your reason for coming this late at night and he nods.

Yes, I understand perfectly. The name is Gantz and I own this shop. A little bit of everything I sell here. If you like you can look around."

You thank him and begin browsing the odd little shop. As you pick up a small twirling gadget he makes conversation.

Ah, now that has quiet a bit of memories to it. You see I got that in Moltara. I grew up there you see. Then when the caves were opened I left for the surface."

You nod and the little thing buzzes off in search of adventure. Gantz continues with his story.

You see I was tired of all the gadgets. That's all there was. Many people in the town thought I was to make a fine craftsman when I grew up. I decided to ply my trade elsewhere though. I've traveled all across Neopia in search of the perfect spot. Much like you. I was traveling through the haunted woods when it happened.

I came upon a group of gypsies. They told me if I was looking for a lovely place to live Neovia was the place to go. They pointed me down a dark rundown old trail which I took readily. I traveled for what felt like hours. The fog was rolling in from seemingly everywhere. I, quiet frankly, became scared and dashed forward. To my amazement I saw through the fog a light. I ran to it and found it to be a lamppost. Just below it was an old house. I opened the door and stepped into this building. There was an old Acara sitting behind the desk and an assortment of books stacked up around him."

He pauses and smiles at the memory. You stare amazed at the story so much like your own.

I explained to him my problem and he offered me a place to stay for as long as I wished. I was lead up to an extra room and slept there. The next morning when I awoke he was gone. Not just him but all his books as well. Behind he left only this pocket watch. I've owned the store ever since. Building my own gears and hoping some day he might return. He offered my this house for as long as I please and I've taken his offer."

He pushes away from the desk and comes around to face you. He holds out his fin and takes yours gently.

Now I am offering it to you."

He leads you upstairs and to an extra bedroom. The bed is large and comfy and you fall asleep immediately. The next morning when you awake you race downstairs. Just as you suspected he is gone. With him all the little trinkets and clocks. You stare blanking around the empty room when you hear a noise. The soft gentle tapping of a watch. The skeletal watch sitting on the counter. You pick it up and stuff it in your pocket.

Outside the fog is rolling in once more and the darkness of the haunted woods is pressing in on you from all sides. Yet here in this little shop you are safe. You know what you're going to sell. You've known all your life. You reach up and light the wick in the lamppost. A glow immediately surrounds the front step. You back into the shop and get to work. Someday you hope he will return and when he does you're going to be ready.

About Stucky

Stucky joined Gantz side after the outbreak of shadow wraiths. He was protected and hidden from the searching guards until things had cooled down. Gantz wasn't a fan of the shadowy ball of annoyance at first. Now they're hardly seen apart. Here's a few tidbits about this little fiend.

Species: Captive Shadow Wraith
Age: Immortal
Gender: Male
Loves: Bothering anyone he finds
Hates: Gantz/light

Stucky has a deep burning hate for all Neopets, like most shadow wraiths. However he has a begrudging respect for the pet who saved him. Now he spends his days wreaking havoc on pets or helping Gantz summon more of his kin. Stucky only wishes to return back to his own world so that he might join their ranks.

Being a shadow wraith means that in time Stucky can grow to be a much larger more imposing sort of petpet. Gantz is currently in training with Stucky so that he might some day be used as a guard.

Stucky's Story: Gantz

The air snapped with magic and a thunderous boom rose and fell though the dark chamber. The walls oozing green moisture and coated in moss. The floor slick and wet and covered in pulsating archaic faerie symbols. A flashing concentration of dark magic took the form of a small thunder cloud near the ceiling. There it struck out with blasts of dark lightning. The air was alive with the electricity and the collection of materials spread across the floor jumped and jittered.

Gantz folded back the long annoying sleeves of his ceremonial robe. A special made silk number he'd commissioned while on a stint in Shenkuu. It was a blue black color with flames wreathing the hems. When wore to seemed to almost mold to him and he rather enjoyed the look. His own flames mixing perfectly with the sewn ones.

Now the fire Jetsam extended his fins over the odd mismatched goods laid out on the floor. A blast of lightning coming dangerously close to zapping him. He ignored it completely and instead began the summoning.

Come forth dark shadows. I call you here. Obey!"

He frowned deeply. His razor sharp teeth showing in his grimace. The flames licked angrily across his body and up his tail. They glowed an eery red in the near complete darkness of the room and slowly the ruins began to as well.

The items laid out on the table hopped about from the invisible vibrations. The dark faerie magic practically seeping from the walls. Gantz rose to a standing position. His whole body now tight with concentration. With a final gasp he threw wide his arms and the thunder roared and rumbled.

A blast of energy raining down from the ceiling and sucked the darkness dry. The room went still and Gantz staggered back with a relieved gasp. He peered into the sudden still darkness of the room, wondering what he'd done.

Nothing appeared.

He frowned and went over the spell once more in his head. He'd done that a total of fourteen times in the last five hours. Nothing had been wrong, of that he was sure. Perhaps he'd been too weak? No, definitely not an option. What went wrong then?

Something skittered across the floor and the Jetsam's eyes snapped back up. Another movement. The thing was backing into the far wall. With lightning speed he dove forward and clamped his fins over the creature. Just as quickly he dove back as it bit him.

Argh! Why you little-"

The small shadow wraith grinned up at him. He looked as if it was his birthday or something. That causing Gantz pain was some sort of treat.

You're a bit of a shrimp for a shadow wraith aren't you?" Gantz chided. The shadow wraith hissed loudly and bared his little teeth which did a surprising amount of damage.

Fine, ease up, no need to take a fit." He silently scolded himself for treating the beast as a pet rather then a dangerous creature. Meanwhile the thing was sniffing about, clearly in tune with the dark magic in the room.

Alright," time to clean this mess up and go home, he thought. "You're much to shrimpy for my needs so…begone."

He shook his fins in a shooing motion and half hoped it would work. The shadow wraith stuck its tongue out at him. Nope.

Fine." Gantz took it upon himself to practice the age old tradition of "if you ignore it it'll go away". Instead of bothering with the shadow he cleaned up his gear and stuffed it in a safe cupboard. Then, instead of bothering with the shadow, he took the steps two at a time and made his way back home. Then, instead of bothering with the shadow, he made dinner.

That evening he sat down with his annoying roommate for a meal. Gantz told himself constantly that the only reason he hadn't turned Charwood into a Mortog was because he couldn't pay the rent on his own. It wasn't entirely false.


Gantz's eyes rose from his soup and glared across the table at the idiotic Gelert prince. He'd fallen off his chair again.

Must you do this every dinner." He began. His eyes nearly popping out of his head as the shadow wraith peered up from Charwood's chair. It smiled at him.

Gantz, that little beast bit me. What the heck is it?"

Gantz rose and carried the small creature purposefully to the door. It fit perfectly in his fin with made throwing him very easy. How it had followed him home and gotten int the house was beyond Gantz knowledge. Probably shadow power or something. All he knew was that it was now going out. By way of the air.

Is it gone?" Charwood asked from behind the locked bathroom door. "That thing was pure evil. It snickered at me and everything."

And that closed it. Gantz froze mid throw and glanced at the shadow curled tightly in his fist. It purred slowly. Then one eye peered open and it growled at him. The look in its eyes one of pure hate and begrudging respect.

Gantz closed the door and dropped the creature back on the table. It dashed to Charwood's seat and immediately began ripping the cloth from it. Gantz smiled at its handy work. He walked to the bathroom door and knocked. The idea fresh in his mind and so perfectly evil it was too much to pass up.

Charwood. Have I ever told you I've always been looking for an apprentice."

…oh no. Not that little-"

Well I think I just found him," Gantz finished. He smiled brightly as Charwood continued to whimper in the bathroom.

He walked over to his new friend and gave it a pat. The creature hissed and bit into him once again.

Ow!" He drew back and sighed. "Well, I summoned you and I guess I'm stuck with you. How's that sound eh? Stucky?"

Stucky the shadow wraith arched his back and hissed loudly before attacking the soup bowl. Gantz rolled his eyes and finished with a look of disgust. In side he smiled broadly. Already picturing the fun they could have. This thing was pure evil, and it suited him just fine.

Art For Gantz

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Sweet! A complete collection of Jetsam adoptables! Arranged alphabetically. Use as you please. :) All of my adoptables can be found here , along with my art.

Toy Box


Art For Stucky

The Ends

So it's the end. I hope you enjoyed all my wonderfully depressing stuff. Maybe you'd like to neomail me about this harrowing experience? Maybe not. You can check out my other pets lookups for their information. The links will be provided below. Note: As of right now their not done because I'm a lazy fat- Anyway, that's it. Hope you enjoyed and best of luck in your future endeavors. See yah.

My Main Page

Charwood's Page

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