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Game Stopped Loading?

Unless I get chilling_apparition and/or chilling_reborn back, this will be the only one of my guides to recieve updates. Fair warning.

LAST UPDATE: chilling_reborn was frozen after a week. I can't play the game, so I'm not going to play. I will look after this account for a while since I'm trying to get those accounts back, but if my fairly earned scores don't count, I'm not going to try. I won't play games anymore because I'm obviously not allowed, but I will answer neomail every day or so.

I have 5 game guides and multiple general guides in progress, but I'm not going to bother finishing any until I'm unfrozen. I will post the incomplete Ultimate Bullseye guide just because people are so awful at it, I pity them. Everything else is too early in writing for me to bother with.

If you would like to see more guides, please forward the message I've written below or a similar one to

My acquaintance's account,
was frozen on July 5, 2005 for cheating at Flash games.

The thing is, chilling_apparition is not a cheater, and has better scruples than to cheat. Your review system has accepted hundreds of her scores before, so why the sudden change? Did she decide to cheat at a game at which she already dominates, and not cheat at anything else? Or did you make a mistake that you could now easily fix, restoring both chilling_apparition's and my faith in Neopets?
Chilling_apparition is, simply put, better than everyone else at Volcano Run, but is punished for it. She writes game guides to help other users. She logs on to the game boards almost every night to answer questions and help new or confused users.
Chilling_apparition is what's right with Neopets, not what's wrong. She worked hard in making her account special, and now that's taken away. She spent countless hours earning her np, pets and trophies. She deserves them.

Please, right this wrong and unfreeze chilling_apparition.

Thanks for your time.

Thank you. Inundating one address will call attention to the matter. Sending a message every couple of days would help too, if you're so kind as to do so. The more people send, the better chance I have of being unfrozen. Your mail will likely add at least a 1% chance, per mail. I know being unfrozen is a pipe dream, but pipe dreams are good dreams.

Volcano Run

For some reason, Glubgar the Scorchio keeps getting stuck in a volcano. It's up to you to guide him to freedom, even though he'll inevitably meet his doom…Oh, well. At least you'll get a bundle of neopoints for your troubles. And don't forget to send poor Glubgar a get-well neogreeting. He would do it for you.

The Basics

Why bother playing?

Volcano Run is a simple, but very deep game. Volcano Run is easy to play, and impossible to master. Fast paced, it will net you a lot of neopoints in a small amount of time. Also, Volcano Run is very low in Kbs, which means it's easy for us dial-up users to load.


Controls in Volcano Run are very simple: Left-Click and hold your mouse to move up, and let go to fall. Pressing and holding spacebar allows you to pull to the back of the screen, and letting go will give you a little boost of speed as you move back into position. You must master both clicking and using the spacebar simultaneously to do well in Volcano Run. It is difficult, but you'll get better with a little practice.

Type "lava" (without the quotes) to get a shield. This only works once per game, and considering the quick pace of Volcano Run, it is actually quite hard to successfully type those four letters without running into something. Remember that while you can click the mouse while typing lava, you may NOT press spacebar lest you ruin the word. Like the basic controls, make sure you practice the lava code; it is a very important tool.

* If for some reason you refuse to use spacebar, type "lav" when you start playing and "a" whenever you want your free shield.

Friends and Foes

Time: This is both your friend and foe. As time passes, you automatically earn points, but the game also speeds up uncontrollably. Avoid time if you can, anyway. :)

Walls: You're in a volcano, so the walls are bound to be hot and deadly, right? Well, if you disagree, take that up with the programmers, and avoid walls anyway. They're up to no good.

Blocks: The most common foe (unless you count walls), these molten boulders will fry you if you touch them, so don't (easier said than done, I know). Blocks are placed about three Glubgars apart, are found in every stage, and begin to move up and down at 100 points, then tend to speed up with the rest of the game at 500, 1000, 1500, and so on…

Fireballs: These flaming masses of magma are bent on ending your game. Don't want your game to end? Then stay away from fireballs, silly. You'll first encounter a lone fireball, then two, then three, up to four. Watch out for fireballs to appear at then end of the tunnel and cavern stages.

Shields: Your dearest friend, the shield will protect you from one hit before it disappears. Shields don't fade, but you won't find any more if you already have a shield (so you can't get multiples) or you reach 2000 points, so beware. Shields can be found lurking at the entrance of the tunnel stage.

Crystals: These little blue dots always come in groups of three, and touching them will net you an easy 20 points apiece. You'll find crystals hanging out with fireballs at the end of the tunnel and cavern stages.

Simply put: Blue good. Glubgar hit blue. Red bad. Glubgar no hit red.

Now that we know what we'll find, let's have a look at the places where we'll encounter them.

Single Stage Strategy

The Stages

There are three basic stages in Volcano Run: the tunnel, the transition, and the cavern. The tunnel is a narrow passage that first rises, then descends. The transition is a simple screen that ferries you to another stage, and the cavern is similar to the transition, with added fireballs, crystals, and even less wall.

The Tunnel

The tunnel is the hardest stage in Volcano Run, and you'll probably find yourself losing most of your games to the fireballs that await you at the exit. Anyhow, let's get started:

As you enter the tunnel, hold space to pull back. Stay low when moving up the tunnel. Most blocks start at the bottom, then move up. When the game is going fast, you'll usually be able to slip under the block by letting go of spacebar for a speed boost before it hits the bottom. As soon as you get past one, start holding spacebar in anticipation for the next block.

Use the same strategy as you descend the tunnel, but this time try to stay near the top. This will prepare you for the fireballs you'll encounter as you exit this stage. When you do near the exit, look ahead to see if the fireballs are clustered near the top, bottom, or center of the screen. If the fireballs are clustered near the center, forget about the crystals and hug (not literally, funny bones…) the bottom of the screen. If the fireballs favor the top or bottom of the screen, ascend and snag those crystals. If they aren't clustered at all, try to squeeze into a gap and carry on, collecting the crystals if you have the chance.


This is a very simple, single screen stage, and if you need a shield, the exit of transition is the best place to type lava. No real strategy here, just dodge the two blocks, using spacebar if you need it, and continue along your path. If you would like, position yourself a little above the center of the screen in hopeful anticipation of the cavern. At the very least, you can use this stage to relax your nerves and adjust a bit.

The Cavern

The cavern is a little more dangerous than transition, since you'll be facing fireballs, but it is way more rewarding, with three of the easiest crystals you'll ever earn. The strategy is simple: dodge the fireballs and get those crystals! If the fireballs are in the way of the crystals, try to get directly above or below the crystals, and start holding spacebar as you fall or rise, hopefully snagging some or all the crystals as the fireballs pass. There are a couple of blocks in this stage, but they're very rarely anything to worry about, considering the open nature of the cavern.

Well, that about covers the separate stages. Time to move on to some advanced strategies for the trophy-bound players among us.

Advanced Strategy

*This tactic works best at slower speeds, but is always useful. If a block is moving up, slip under it. If a block is moving down, rise above it.

*If you find yourself at 1500-1999 points without a shield, avoid crystals until a shield pops up. Shields stop appearing at 2000, and you will need one if you want a decent score.

*The lava code is absolutely vital to getting a hiscore. Even if you get hit more often than you succeed, you should always give lava a try if you haven't met your skill threshold (usually, you can type lava about 500-700 points below your hiscore, but this varies from player to player). If you try and fail, you lose. If you don't try, you'll lose the next time you get hit. If you try and succeed, you'll get what amounts to an extra life, and an extra life amounts to extra points, guaranteed.

*Never give up your shield if you don't have to. You need the shield way more than you need crystals. If you get hit and you have a shield, you simply lose your shield and continue to soldier on for more points. If you get hit and you don't have a shield, you're dead, and you don't get any more points.

*Set attainable objectives for each game, and don't send your score if you fail. For example, I always try to get to 4500 with a shield. I used to just try for 4500, and 4000 with a shield before that. By not sending my score when I fail, I force myself to evolve and get better.

*Practice makes perfect, and remember that games are supposed to be fun. If you find yourself getting mad because you can't progress, then maybe Volcano Run isn't the game for you.

And remember, strategies are flexible, and may not be right for everyone. Develop your own, or fine-tune mine to meet your own tastes. You'll often have to forego strategy and think on the fly, anyway.

Thanks for reading!

Ultimate Bullseye

In Ultimate bullseye, you play as a Turtum with irresponsible parents. They've set you loose with a crossbow, a target, plenty of pointy arrows, and a flaming hoop to top things off. To make matters worse, they've let you wander away to the outskirts of Meridell, where you've set up your equipment, all alone, without supervision… But who cares? You're here. You might as well make the best of it. At least you forgot to bring your lucky blindfold...

The Basics

If you've never played, or are having a problem playing, read this section. Otherwise, skip ahead to the advanced section, where the bulk of the strategy will be discussed. No matter what, you'll still want to read the advanced section.


Like most good games, Ultimate Bullseye is so much fun because of how deceptively simple it is. The game page gives a decent explanation of the controls:

Use the up and down arrow keys to move the crossbow, keep the Space Bar down to build up power, and then release it to fire. If you manage to get a bullseye on the last shot, you can keep on firing until you miss!

Since Power-Ups are the most important part of getting a high score in Ultimate Bullseye, below is a list of each, and what they do.

Close Target: For your next shot, the target will be very close to your crossbow, which makes it easier to line up your shot. The icon for Close Target is C. My abbreviation is Close.

Bouncing Bull: The bullseye on the target will fluctuate between large and small, making it easier to get a bullseye. The icon for Bouncing Bull is B. My abbreviation is Big.

Fire Hoop: A large, flaming hoop will appear between you and your target. If your arrow passes through the hoop, you'll get double points! The icon for Fire Hoop is F. My abbreviation is Fire.

Punch Bob: Punchbag Bob appears with an apple on his head. Strike the apple for an instant bullseye, and twice the amount of normal points, 20! The icon for Punch Bob is P. My abbreviation is Punch.

To use a Power-Up, click on its icon when the 'Press Space To Continue' window appears. The icon will turn red to indicate you've selected it. If you don't want to use that Power-Up, just click the icon again to deactivate it.

To get a Power-Up, you'll need to score 10 or more points on a shot. To do this, you'll need to either hit the bullseye, or hit the white ring around the bullseye when the Fire Hoop Power-Up is activated.

To combine Power-Ups, just select two or more, and press space to continue to the next shot. All your selected Power-Ups will be activated. If you had selected Fire, Close, Punch, and Big, this will result in a fire hoop around a close target, which happens to be Punchbag Bob, with a fluctuating apple as the bullseye. A bullseye here will be worth a whopping 40 points (10 for normal, times 2 for Fire Hoop, times 2 for Punch Bob).

If you try to use 2 of the same type of Power-Up for the same shot (B and B, for example) only one will be in effect for the next shot, and the other one will automatically activate itself for the shot after that.

If you can't seem to get any bullseyes on your own, type 'catapult' (you don't need the quotes) at any time during the game to add a random Power-Up to your list. There is no place to type catapult, but the game will know you did as long as the Ultimate Bullseye game window is active. Preferably, you should use this trick before you take your first shot, that way it's always available. You can only use this trick once per game.

If you get 10 or more points on your last shot, you'll get a bonus shot. If you get 10 or more points on that shot, you'll get another bonus shot. This will continue until you finally score less than 10 points on a shot, when your game will end.

If you score 225 points or more, you'll get a very exclusive avatar!


Now that we know how to play, let's learn how to play well.


Poor aim spells the end of most games.
Since the path of your arrow is curved, aiming takes a lot of practice. You'll always want to aim a little higher than the target. The higher the target is, the more you'll want to overaim.
---Incomplete from here on, the major bulk of strategy is here, just unorganized---

Type 'catapult' without the quotes for a free powerup.

The perfect shot is just past the 4th bar, at 4.25 to be exact. With a tiny bit of practice, this is easy to hit, since the game will give you some leeway (it only registers 4, 4.25, 4.5, and so on). If a shot is in the top corner, 4.5 becomes perfect. The picture appears to be 4.15, but the bar starts at the beginning of the black line, and the slim appearance is an optical illusion.
If you find yourself getting nervous and releasing a bit early, at 4 or less, adjust your aim a bit higher to offset your problem. This happens to me with the Fire-Close shot, since the game slows down a bit.

NOTE: Fire-Close means a shot using both Fire and Close. Anything without the dash between each name means to use that shot alone.

Fire-Close-Punch-Big is the worst shot you could make, followed by Fire-Punch-Close and the like. Fire-Close is the only combo you should ever use, just because Fire can be tricky at times, and Close is otherwise useless.
Fire-Close-Punch is bad for this reason: You use 3 powerups, get 40 points, and get 1 powerup in return. With Fire-Close one shot,and Punch for the next, you use 3 powerups, get 30-40 points, and get 2 powerups in return. The possibity for getting only 30 points is better than gauranteeing a lost powerup.
With any luck, you'll mostly get Punch and Big, so you can trade powerups 1 for 1.

Never, under any circumstance, use a powerup before your final shot.

Always use Fire-Close first(if you have it), then Punch, then Big, and when you're desperate, Fire, then Close, although sometimes I'll just try a straight shot instead of Close. Never use any other combination, no matter what.

Fire-Close is just easy. If you miss this, you're bad, and you should feel bad.
With Punch, aim a bit higher, since you're aiming for the top of the target, not the middle.
With the Big powerup, wait until it has reached it's smallest, then charge up for the shot. Be patient, and you will hit this 100% of the time with 4, 4.25, or 4.5. Big even fixes bad aim.
If Fire alone appears high up, aim very high, and put less power on your shot, 3.75 is the average, though 3.5 for a super high shot and 4 for a medium shot are good.
With Close, use a little less power, and more precise (but still a bit high) aim.
Practice just with Fire or Close often, that way you can maximize your chances of being able to trade powerups 1 for 1, as well as increasing your chance to get out of tough spots.

If you make about 20 light taps in a row, your arrow will recede and be rendered useless. Just move up and down a lot to get out of this.

225 is the avatar and review limit.

To properly practice, stop and analyze your shots closely, noting exactly what you did wrong and how to do it right the next time. Carefully line up each shot, and be very patient. Doing this, I managed to increase my average score from 40 to 175 in about 15 plays, with a high of 240. Really, you should apply this practice strategy to all games, and you'll notice your hiscores doubling and tripling quickly.

Neverending Boss Battle

Quickly, I'd like to note that unlike many other guides, I'm actually giving you a near failproof strategy to earn a trophy. You were smart enough to get here. You know the drill. Skip this first part and head straight to the strategy if that's the kind of thing you do.

Semi-Mandatory Opening:

Space, one particular form of frontier. A barren plain of stars, planets, satellites, a bustling neopian market, and lots of empty Achyfi bottles. Okay, so it's not so barren. But if it was, it would be. Or something.

Anyway, Dr. Sloth is on his way to take over/blow up Neopia, so not much else matters right now. You, of course, can help prevent this. How, you ask? By getting in a shiny space fighter and distracting him for a while, that's how. No, you don't stand a chance in Kreludor of defeating Sloth's titanic battlecruiser, but you've got will, determination, and a somewhat reliable ejector seat to insure a safe escape. You'll probably get a ticker-tape parade when you arrive home, too.

I can't think of a good transition to the next section, sooooo...


Luckily, the control console in your fighter is remarkably similar to a keyboard. Also, there's a mini-fridge, and a place for you to put your 2 Gallon Hatz poster. But those don't matter... So here's the rundown:

* Click on 'Instructions' at the title screen.

* I'm too lazy to just copy it all here.

* But I will make a suggestion.

* Eat a healthy, balanced breakfast, and always keep a positive attitude.

* But that's beside the point.

* So I'll make another suggestion.

* Try getting used to using the numberpad to move and strafe.

* And use Space (the bar, not the everything-else) to fire your weapon.

* and just hold it down to fire, you don't have to tap repeatedly.

* Otherwise you might get a nasty finger cramp.

* And who wants that?

* I was going to ramble a bit more, but this is getting long/old.

* So on to the next section.

Scoring points

Shoot the cruiser to get 5 points. That's it. Really.

Other Ways to Score Points

Okay, so that wasn't it. Getting a powerup also gives you 5 points. Speaking of powerups...


Segue of kings.

The instructions page tells a bit about the powerups, but there's some more info about them that you just might want to know. First, each powerup lasts exactly 10 seconds (that's 10 seconds in metric time, if I've confused my non-American friends). Second, powerups randomly appear when you hit the battlecruiser, and only two can be on the field at any given time. Also, Here's an extra explanation of what each powerup does, and my rank for quality, from worst to not so awful :

* Warp: The instructions page explains this one pretty well. Can mess you up a lot.

* Speed boost: Doubles your speed. Bet you couldn't figure that one out...

* Shield: Blocks every hit. Allows you to pass through Sloth's battlecruiser unharmed. If your fighter is destroyed, you'll start your next life with this.

* Rebounding bullets: Bullets bounce off walls if they miss. Also doubles your firing speed. You can only have a limited amount of bullets onscreen at once, though, so that can be a slight problem.

* Split Shot: Splits your fire into two. Doubles your firing rate. If both bullets hit, you still only get 5 points.

* Faster Bullet Rate: Doubles your bullet fire. Sure, the last two do that, as well, but they both have small issues that don't plague this powerup.

And there you have it.

The Strategy That Works Everytime, Without Fail (Except a Little)

Finally, the good stuff. First things first (why wouldn't it be?), you need to know where to go, and how to get there. There's a picture diagram above if you get confused.

From the start, quickly fly over (up) and around (right) the battlecruiser, to the middle of the right side of the screen. Don't worry about firing yet. Now, you should be facing the wall. Quickly turn to face the cruiser. Before it's nose points to the bottom of the screen, press 9 for a moment until the cruiser starts moving up. It's speed changes erratically from slow to fast, so stay concentrated on it. Before the cruiser's nose points to the top of the screen, press 7. Now it'll start moving down. You should be holding Space at this point. You're going to repeat this over and over, as to protect yourself from most of Sloth's arsenal.

The only things to worry about now are Sloth's blue bullets, and his dual homing missiles. First, the homing missiles: As they move toward you, strafe left and right a bit. They will detonate right in front of you. If they do hit you, you aren't strafing quite enough. Don't fret, though. With a little practice, the homing missiles won't be a threat at all.

As for the blue bullets, they will cause some problems. Always dodge these by strafing. If it looks like dodging one will cause the cruiser's nose to move past the edge of the screen, either take the hit (you've got 14 free hits), or strafe in it's path well before it gets to you, then strafe down just before it hits. Doing this will cause the cruiser to move where you want, and you'll still be able to dodge. This will take some practice, but it's really easy once you get used to it. Of course, you will lose a life eventually, and things are a bit different on the second go.

When you lose a life, a translucent screen will pop up, detailing how to start playing again. Before you press Space, watch the background and wait for the battlecruiser to stop moving. Now start. You'll notice you have a shield. Fly straight through the cruiser, to the same place you stopped last time (the middle of the right side). Turn around, and start using the same strategy as before. If you ever get bored, just click the 'End Game' button near the top. Don't worry, you'll still be able to send your score.

Other Tips (i.e., Stuff I Couldn't Fit Anywhere Else)

* Unless you have a gun powerup, you can only have two bullets onscreen at once. If you want to speed things up, just pull in close to the cruiser, and rack up some quick points. This is best done when you have a shield.

* Don't go too far out of your way to get powerups. They're only worth five points, and they aren't helpful enough to warrant taking a hit.

* Unless you're at 20% armor on your last life, take a hit rather than let the cruiser get it's sights on you. In fact, completely ignore your armor until you've only got one hit left on your last life. Until then, it is meaningless.

* If the cruiser gets away from your trap and starts facing you, draw in close and try to spin your way back into a safe position. With any luck, you won't take too much damage in the process.

* If you want the trophy, the easiest way is to send a score of 17495 (anything higher and it'll be reviewed, which will be completed after the first trophies are given out) right after the hiscore tables reset. The hiscore tables reset a little after Midnight NST (keep refreshing the hiscore table until it is cleared), on the first day of each month. The trophies are given out at about 4:45 a.m., NST.

That's it. Now skitter off and win. Well, lose more slowly.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars has been around forever, but I've never seen a guide that said more than, "Spin around to hit the cars." Since that strategy is fairly lamezilla anyway, I've written my own guide.


As you may or may not know, Kougras hate cars with a passion, a vengeance, and maybe even a steamboat (Neo-steamboat? Neopets Team Boat?). To vent their rage against the vehicle, Kougras often organize tournaments to see who can destroy the most. As an active member of the Kougra community, you've decided to enter the competition. Your car isn't quite good enough to win, but a decent finish guarantees plenty of neopoints and maybe even a shiny new trophy.

Before we tackle game play, let's check out the awful, easily fixed flaw in Bumper Cars.

The Bug

Before you say anything: No, there isn't a secret car, and yes, that is copyright infringement…but if you tell anyone, you're fired! You say you won't tell? That's hot. Moving on.


The controls in Bumper Cars are very simple. Just use your car's directional keys to maneuver around. You can combine… … What's that? (You sure are talkative…) I completely skipped the part about the bug? Okay, I'll go back. It's a good thing. Really.

The Bug or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Flaw

Sometimes when you win a round, if you are holding the 'up' arrow key, the game will refuse to advance your car into the next event. Many people know about this awful bug. What most people don't know is that there is a very simple solution: Stop playing as the blue car. Moving 'forward' at the end of the round isn't the bugged part of the game, it's just that one little key.

What car should you use, then? I suggest green, since its control scheme is very much similar to the blue's (somewhat sad and lonesome, but vivid nonetheless). If you're right-handed, don't use your left hand to control the green car just because you normally use your left hand to control that part of the keyboard. It will seem very awkward, so use your right hand anyway. Now, back to the controls.

Section II: Attack of the Controls

Let me explain something to you, reader. These bumper cars require a certain amount of finesse. Actually, The controls in Bumper Cars are very simple. Just use your car's directional keys (In this case I'm going to use G, V, B, and N, but call them forward, left, back, and right, respectively) to maneuver around. You can combine two keys at once to move, for example, forward and left. Pressing back while moving forward brakes the car, as does the opposite. If you have car damage on your left side, your car will veer left whenever it is accelerating. If you have damage on your right side, you'll veer right. The more damage you have on a side, the more uncontrollably your car will turn. To counteract this, you'll need to frequently press in the other direction to keep a straight course. Damage to the front and back of your car doesn't do anything. The instructions say that too much damage to one side of the car will result in instant death. This is wrong, just like the amount of neopoints it says you earn per play.

All directions are based on where your car is pointing. If you are pointing left, pressing forward will cause your car to move left. If you press right, you will turn up, and so on. This all sounds confusing, but just play a little and you'll quickly get the hang of this.

Oh yeah, I've got the reference thing out of my system. Rejoice!

Battle System

Your car has 100 armor, regenerates 10 armor per round, and moves at the rate of a round 11-15 opponents car, dealing 8 damage with a successful hit. When hit, your car deals 1 damage to the opponent. Your car's stats never increase.

You get 1 point for each damage you deal, although hitting a car two times in quick succession will only register one time for points. Damage will still be dealt each time. Your first hit of the game will garner you 1 extra point.

At round one, each of your opponents' cars has with 40 armor, regenerates all armor per round, and moves at a very slow speed, dealing 6 damage with a successful hit. When hit, this deals 1 damage to the opposing car. Opponents take car damage, but are not affected by it.

Every five rounds (6, 11, 16, other rounds you'll never make it to), each opponent car gains 20 armor and a 1 damage increase to both successful and taken hits.

All cars can have an overflow of armor, including you. If you have 91 or more armor at the end of a round, your armor won't reset to 100, it will raise to 101 (or more). If you have an overflow, you will appear to take no damage, but your armor count is being decreased. Just because you aren't hurt when a wrench appears doesn't mean you should ignore it, and you shouldn't be reckless at the end of the round because you think you'll regenerate everything back.

If neither car is completely accelerated at the time of collision, a smaller amount of damage (at least 1) will be dealt to each car.

All cars take 1 damage for hitting a destroyed car, and 5 damage for hitting the wall.

Opponent cars always take the shortest path to their target (a straight line), and are blind to obstacles (powerups and other cars, destroyed or otherwise).

Starting with round 6, but sometimes before that, the red and blue cars have a tendency of beginning the round by masochistically ramming themselves into the wall.

Personally, I like this when only one of them does it, but if both do, try hunting one down immediately in an attempt to change its command before it turns in its wheels for plowshares. If you began the round pressing forward, braking might also knock sense into one or both of the cars.

Opponent cars randomly select a target every 1 second, unless they are pursuing another car. The pursuing car will then track its target until the pursuing car hits the target, or the pursuing car itself is hit. Opponents can select a destroyed target, in which case the car will sit still until it targets a capable victim. A car with no valid target does not use any commands. This means that if it is being pushed back, it will not brake until a valid target (not a destroyed one) is found. There's a good chance this will result in hitting an obstacle before stopping.

Any car may randomly ignore the target selection (It may have targeted itself?), which really isn't a bad thing for you.

The 1 second target selection may seem off, but only because a car will likely find itself without a target just before the 1 second countdown is complete. The countdown runs regardless of whether or not a car has a target, but only assigns a target when the car has none. The countdown applies to all opponent cars, so if no cars have a target, all will receive a random, most likely different target simultaneously.


I've completely run out of flavor text, but you'll figure out what's going on pretty quickly:

*Wrench: Heals armor. Comes in blue (weakest-10), silver-15, gold, and rainbow (strongest).

*Engine: Maximum speed and damage increase. This effect lasts 20 seconds. Comes in blue (weakest-9), silver-12, gold, and rainbow (strongest). If you get the rainbow engine, line up all your shots before you make them, and try not to turn while moving, unless you want to prove the consequences of running into walls.

*Oil: Makes turning very touchy. This effect lasts 20 seconds, and has no effect on opposing cars should they get this powerup. To counteract this, barely tap the key when you want to turn. If you are close to a wall, be extra careful to avoid spinning out.

*Shield: All damage dealt to you is reduced to 0. When you hit an opponent, you still deal damage, but receive no points. Opponents won't take damage for hitting you. This effect lasts 20 seconds, and for the duration your car 'blinks'. Just before the effect ends, you will blink more rapidly. If an opponent obtains a shield, you won't take damage for hitting them.

*Mine: Detonates when approached, dealing 20 damage only to the car that detonated it. If you start a round with a mine is underneath you, you will first take 20 damage from the mine, then regenerate 10 armor points. If you had taken less than 10 damage at the end of the previous round, your net result will be taking 10 † X damage from the mine, where X is equal to the damage you had sustained at the end of the previous round.

Every 50 seconds, a new powerup will appear, and only one powerup can be onscreen at once. The 50 second countdown resets as soon as it finishes, whether or not it can create a powerup. This means that if a powerup appears, and is picked up 40 seconds later, a new powerup will appear in 10 seconds. If that powerup is then picked up 60 seconds later, a new powerup will appear in 40 seconds. Powerups in effect (engine, shield, oil) have no effect on the 50 second countdown (*Not 100% on this, yet). This system does seem to break every so often, so there may be some other random factor/bug.


Now that we know how everything works, how do we apply that to game play? Things are different every time you play, so I'll just give general guidelines that work with the flow of the game:

Try to keep tabs on approximately how much armor each car has, but don't get distracted during your record keeping. Mentally take down the numbers, and add them together when you are safe to do so.

In early rounds, you'll want to be slightly more aggressive, though throughout the game you should never be too aggressive. Only attack another car when it is alone, or when one car has been destroyed and you aren't being targeted by your other opponent. If you get stuck in the middle of the pack, you'll notice your armor drain quickly. When in doubt, sit it out.

Avoid hitting other cars in the rear. If you do, immediately brake and back up, otherwise you'll get hit by multiple 3s and 4s, and you won't even collect points from your extra hits.

When only one car remains, try to hit it only when it can travel half a screen's distance or more without hitting a wall. This ensures you get the maximum amount of points from it. Ramming your opponent into a destroyed car is just as good. Also, you'll want to take as long as possible to finish each round. This way, you'll be able to cycle through as many powerups as possible. The wrench is the only important one, but it is worth the effort. If a mine appears, deal enough damage to your opponent so that the mine will steal the smallest amount of points from you as possible. Force your opponent to run into the mine by stopping so that the mine is directly between you and your opponent. If you suspect your opponent will survive the mine, accelerate (to the side, making an L shape with you, the mine, and your opponent as the points) just as your opponent hits the mine. You should get away unscathed. If a mine ever appears near a corner, you'll either need to knock an opponent into it, or get used to no more powerups appearing.

Make sure no powerups are onscreen when the round ends. Now, just sit there, and wait until a powerup appears. If one appears where a car would normally start, click onscreen_ minimize the game, restore it, and finally click onscreen again. The cars will have moved back into place, meaning one will obtain the powerup. When a powerup is finally onscreen_ wait about 30-40 seconds to allow the countdown to get close to creating a new powerup. Now, start the next round and play as normal. *NOTE: This is important only if you're going for a very high score, and hoping for good luck to play a factor in it.

That's pretty much it. Practice makes perfect, and so on. Good luck!

200m Peanut Dash

You have to cheat. There is an illegal way to mess with the game and get a distance of over 200m.
TNT completely ignores this, but it is true.

If anyone says it's because a lot of logs just randomly appear, that would be a glitch (they're lying/don't know, anyway), and abusing a glitch is also considered cheating, as can be seen after the mass freeze whenever the Tombola or Fruit Machine allows multiple plays per day.

Be proud that you don't have the trophy.

I've asked a few people on the hiscore table and have never gotten a reply. The only thing they would possibly tell is:
You don't have to cheat, but it is a secret.
In reality, if it was legitimate, with the number who already know the secret, someone would tell a friend, who would tell 3 friends, and soon everyone would know. If the CIA can't keep a secret, random neopets users can't, either. They can, however, keep the cheat in an inner circle of cheaters as to not tarnish their reputation.

Earning Trophies
Coming Soon!

Below is a list of each game that rewards a trophy based on score. The number next to it is the lowest score possible to get a trophy at the first awarding on the first of each month. It is still incomplete, and as it is completed, some or all scores will be retaken each month to compile a more accurate average. If you would like to help compile the list, or if you find any incorrect information, neomail me here for more information.

LT = Less Than

MAX = The maximum attainable score

200m Peanut Dash 960

Advert Attack 570

Attack of the Marblemen 363

Attack of the Revenge 1655 and LT 2000

Attack of the Slorgs 2543

Balthazar Basher 1217

Bilge Dice 121000

Bilge Dice Streak 5

Black Pawkeet Slots 54000

Black Pawkeet Slots Big Losers 632250

Bouncy Supreme LT 20000

Brain Tree Quest 5392

Brucey B Slots 100000

Bumper Cars 767

Carnival of Terror 1493

Castle Battles 1946

Cheeseroller 1050

Chemistry for Beginners 721

Chia Bomber 2 1499

Deckball 200

Deckswabber 839

Defender Trainer 624

Destruct-O-Match II 2893

Dice Escape 1770

Dice-A-Roo 15939

Double or Nothing 1280

Dubloon Disaster 1996

Escape from Meridell Castle 1029

Escape to Kreludor 1270

Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars 1302

Extreme Herder 194

Extreme Potato Counter 194

Faerie Bubbles 2008

Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest MAX

Faerie Cloud Racers

Feed Florg 692

Fetch! 1006

Food Club 118000

Freaky Factory

Frumball 1685

Gadgadsgame 1696

Gormball 740

Gourmet Club Bowls 1440

Grand Theft Ummagine

Grarrl Keno

Grumpy Old King

Grundo Snowthrow

Hannah and the Ice Caves

Hannah and the Pirate Caves

Hasee Bounce

Hubrid's Hero Heist

Hungry Skeith LT 1250

Ice Cream Machine

Igloo Garage Sale - The Game

Illusens Glade

Invasion of Meridell

Jelly Blobs of Doom

Jhudoras Cloud

Kiko Match II

Kiss the Mortog

Korbats Lab

Kreludan Mining Corp.

MAGAX: Destroyer

Maths Nightmare

Meepit Juice Break

Meepit vs. Feepit

Meerca Chase

Meerca Chase II LT 1250


Moon Rock Rampage

Mootix Drop

Mynci Beach Volleyball


NeggSweeper Cumulative

Neverending Boss Battle LT 17500

Nimmos Pond LT 4500

Petpet Battles

Petpet Rescue




Raiders of Maraqua

Rink Runner

Round Table Poker

Sakhmet Solitaire

Scarab 21

Scarab 21 Cumulative

Scorchy Slots

Sewage Surfer


Skarl's Scramble

Skies Over Meridell

Sloth's Invasion Tax




Sutek's Tomb

Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back LT 30000

Tax Beast

Test Your Strength

The Buzzer Game

The Castle of Eliv Thade

The Warehouse Of Lost Plushies

Time Tunnel LT 1850

ToyBox Escape

Trouble at the National Neopian


Turmac Roll

Tyrannian Mini Golf

Tyranu Evavu

Ultimate Bullseye LT 225

Usuki Frenzy

Vending Machine

Volcano Run LT 4500

Warf Rescue Team

Web of Vernax



Wise Old King

Word Poker


Game Stopped Loading?

Only for Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox will come if I get unfrozen. Written for Destructo-Match II, but works for any game.

If it's Internet Explorer- go to:
Internet Options
Delete Files


Internet Options
View Files
Search (ctrl†f)
search for .swf
right click on the file who's name has the number 453 in it g### means game number, v## means version number (the size will be a bit smaller than the number that appears when the game stops loading), and select Delete. If it says the source file is in use, close that game window and try again. That second way will delete only the destructomatch 2 file. If any other games give you trouble, do the same thing, but replace 453 with their game number, which you can find by right clicking the games picture and selecting 'properties.' The number is at the very end of 'location.


Neomail Me

Game Guides
Game Codes

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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
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