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12/13/12: We welcome even more new members! Please try your best to make every one feel welcome.

11/23/2012: We welcome a new member to the guild a few days ago. Please give her a warm welcome and be nice.

Thanks you's and welcomes

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Here you can find out some needed information. We will post our events here, our plans for the future, and just about anything else we think that you will want or need to know.

the folks

Hey everyone my name is kaitlin and I am very excited to be roleplaying dragons and flying wolves with you guys!

~ I'm probably going to annoy you.. Let's just leave it at that.

Randomness is my thing... If you need something or have a question, I'm always more than willing to help. Other than that expect me to be saying/doing or being random. But a warning if something serious dose come up expect me to be very serious about it.




An evil from the past has come back. It is not evil in its self but in turn can be come such.

On the back of the Clan leaders cave are many carvings of the past. Some of which speak of great evil. An evil that once controled the world. It did not start as evil nore was it always so once it was good. But it was once good a very long time ago when it was first discovred. Atlas this was before Greed and Envy took over the world, making even the pure of heart fight for power. What is this evil? The elements.

The elements where once able to be controled by the very creatures of this world. Not just fragments of the elments like today either but the full element. Each element can be controled by one creature, one in our big world. This power made many hungery for it and soon caused a war that lasted a century. Many died throughout that century trying to gain the power and few learned to controle it.

Eventuly our ancesters that had died during the battles looked down from the sky. Finding their once glorious home destoryed for the power of the elements. They decied to join together to stop this. In exchange for their lifes in the sky with their family the beings sealed the powers into ruins. After making the ruins they made guardians to protect them. Each guardian had a lesser magic of the element they are gaurding. Some even had more than one guardian. They then made the rules that went with the ruines. The very last thing the ancesters had managed to do for us was seal Greed and Envy away.

Inorder to controle an element it is said that one must follow these steps. First they must find the hidden element that can look like anything. Next they must past a serise of test from the elemnts guardian/s. Last they must give up the one element that they now control. The element that they where born with and grew up with must be given up. If the one looking for an element dose not have one of there own then they must give up something of equal importance to them that will take the place of the ruin. The Element must be given up with out hesitation, if the one asking hesitates even a second they will be refused but can still lose there element depending on the guardian. In the end the guardian may chose to leave there resting place to follow the element with its new controller.

Now this brings us to today ten centurys from when this all started an element has been found, along with its guardian. If even one element is gained controle of by one with an unpure heart the past may wind up repeating its self all over again. To stop this Courage must go out and learn to control the elements before the evil in the world finds and controls them. To make things worse It turns out an evil from the past has some how managed to make its way back to our time. It was imposable to erase them completly , the ansesters had only managed to weeken Greed and Envy into just normal beings. But now they are back and have full control of their power.

Possible new plot

Clan courage has been betrayed by there own kind in the past but nothing was bad as this time. The dragon clans who lived around courage had decied they wanted courages land. Unforcently this wasn't just a battle over land it was one over life as well. The clans had teamed up with the winged wolfs to defeat Courage and take there land. It started slowly food dissapearing an attack on a flying dragon coming home. Easy enough things to take care of at first. Gradualy the attacks got worse, the fly home dragon didnt have to fight off just one or two others. they where being attacked by ten if not tweenty other dragons. It became difficult just to go out and hunt for the little ones.

The land was not safe any more. There water the flowed through the land slowed down to a trickle. When they checked what had slowed there water they found a dam with a full pack of wolfs living on top of it. With the water down to almost nothing and the food gone courage had no chose but to try fighing back. The first few battles went well but soon the lack of food and water cought up to them. They where getting to weak to fly into battle.

With a heavyly brudened heart the Fire-bringer the leader anounced they would be leaving the land they had live on for centurys. She plan was simple enough a goup of five with her leading would desctract the attacking dragons as the clan got away to safety. It worked to but after the clan had waited a month they knew their clan mates would not be retunning. Taking one last look at the clans home they headed away from the barrier that they lived by so long. Life was hard at first with no leader to look to for help. The long travle eventuly lead them to a place they now reside, its forest are filled with food, and the watter is clear running slothly through out the land. Here was where they would start over and make there new home.


The land in which we live

Courage lives in a world beyond the veil. In their word you will find snow capped mountins, vast forest, prairie and meddows all reaching farther than you can see. In this land you will find many diffrent creatures the main two being dragons and winged wolves.


the lovelies that we use

Here, you can find a group of the lovelies that we use during our role-plays; all grouped for your pleasure and gazing.
It's of no consequence to us whether you put all characters on one page or would like to host one page for each character; we just ask that all of the needed--and you know what that means--information is present.

night's characters;
[x] faye

tanner's characters;
[x] Flask, Skoll, Lusk

sheila's characters;
[x] Fire-Bringer, Eve, Kumos

Cara's characters;
[x] Ry

Angel's characters;
[x] Blaze

kaitlin characters;
[x] Susi, Lana, Buckley, Diamond

Ash's characters;
[x] Lily

Amanda's characters;
[x] Asteria

Natalie 's characters;
[x] Clavicus, Licorice


Things that we have going on



12/30/12~~~~ game day
Make a game for the rest of us to try, this may take more than one day.


Guild Mascot

1; Lets see... How to describe fluffy... Fluffy is the guilds Magic Fluffy Dragon Kitty.
2;Fluffy was born on a day that Sheila and Tanner had decided to go hunting for members. It all started with a innocent board, one meant for us to post facts about our guild while showing how fun we were. Well Things led to things and we found fluffy. Let me go into detail about our Magic Fluffy Dragon Kitty. She is magic because if she sits on something it disappears until she moves. This was started when we tried hiding the board from Night. She is Fluffy because well who wouldn't want a fluffy kitty? She is a dragon because she can breath fire. Not all the time one must feed her a pepper for her to be able to breath fire. Currently she is being limited to one pepper a day so that we do not have to keep rebuilding our guild. (One pepper Tannner. ONE!) Well if you read all of this you would understand by now what Fluffy is. To wrap it all up Fluffy is just Fluffy.


Random facts about Fwc

Here you will find out what breeds we use for rping. We are working on ideas for new breeds.


Creatures of legend. Some might call them lizzards with wings. Long necks that strech above all others in ther world they hold ther heads high. Wings that are made out of strong skin and feel of leather, lift their heavy bodys up off the ground high above the coulds. What covers ther bodys is what makes them special. Fur, skin, scales, maybe even rock can cover these wonderful breeds bodys. All dragons are diffrent in ther own way. They come in hundres of diffrent colors, and each can control its own type of magic. Fire, water, maybe even acid can be used by these geat beast.


Just like our wolf wolfs of the veil are strong and not to be messd with. They can even rival the dragons. Unlike out dragons these creaturs have wings. Wings that can fly strong and fast they are toy be feard on ground and in the sky. just like other breeds of the veil they have magic as well.

Things we are voting on

This is the Kif. Its picture is under the map that I have not took off yet.

A Kif is a mixure between a bird, fariy, and some leafs. It has the head of a bird, the body seems to be made out of leaves though. Wings going thin as a fairys. They come in all the colors that leafs do. Normally you can find the fall colors mainly in the late summer-early early winter. Every winter these little guys crawl under some bark and sleep untill warmer weather comes.

These little creatures are rarly found out side of forests. They can often be found fluttering around just having fun. They are not all cute though. Thei rfood source is offten dead animals in the spring through fall. But once winter hits they will eat anything that wakes them from there winter hibernation.

Things we are working on


Rest in peace

past charaters and members that have left us


here lie members that are no longer with us

One of the original founders of flying with courage. Was Steady headed with her crazy fun moments. A strong writer who we all miss.


here lies the characters that are long forgotten by all but us

Made by:Night_of_the_Eclipse
Original leader of Flying With Courage; Blue dragon that has power over ice. Was hinted at through out the Rp that she was a human turned dragon.

Made by:Night_of_the_Eclipse
Not much was known about this dragon. He was Black and was once a rouge before becoming part of FWC. He Gave his life to protect his clan and the ones he loved.


even here they lay!

1; No Mary Sues, please.
2; Try to keep the character quad; if you must do humanoid, get it checked first. However, we've not evolved that far yet.
3; You can have as many as you want, but be warned; if you do not use them, you will be asked to take them down if you've not noted prior to that, that you wouldn't.
Due to some unforcent reasons we politely request that you write an phargraph each post. The odd post every now and thena is fine but we ask that you try for at lest one phargraph please.

note; If your character isn't properly up here, then that means that you've not given us a link. The character does exist, but it is not listed here yet.

New rule! Do to me not wanting to lose peopels catarters all Charaters or things involving the webbie will be sent to the guild acound from now on.


NOTE! Thanks to sunnyneo and Night_of_the_eclipse for helping me with the coding.

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