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On neo I lurk the pound chat and make characters. I haven't finished anyone's petpage but I have started making a profile for them.
I tend to use smiles a lot. n_n I despise beggars, so don't ask for my pets! I may be a nice person but that doesn't mean I won't be rude. :|

Off neo I'm a New Yorker who wishes to be an actress, but it's gonna be awhile since I'm still in school. Other then acting I love to sing, read and write. I have an adorable black lab named Shelby! (Feel free to ask for pictures) I have a weird obsession with medieval times, greek gods and Homestuck. :D
I'm generally a nice person but I can be stubborn. I know how to lead a group, but I prefer to stay on the sidelines. I'm just quiet like that~

Favorite things!

Book: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.
TV show: Happy Endings.
Color: Blue (Kinda obvious)
Animal: Wolf.
Neopet species: Lupe.
Neopet species color + species: Dunno. D: I like Spotted Lupes and RB girl draiks. And more.
UC: UC dari/mutant/Royalgirl lupe. c:
And nope this isn't a way to get gifted. 8| If you send me a pet, I'll accept, then link you to my GUPing board, mmkay? Good~

acewinow721 (Main)
Soon all of my accounts but acewinow721 and neogemstar will be self-iced, due to me downsizing. :D


My accounts all have the theme Olympus. Even though most of them don't interact with gods, they each represent a god or goddess.
Akkia: Athena.
Both are wise, and competitive.
Sufi: Hermes.
Both are mischievous, and love tricking people. Sufi also steals many things for fun, and usually talks her way out of punishment.
Soula: Hephaestus.
They both are good with machines, and can control some fire.
Niziu: Hades.
Both are cold, and very rich.
Cera: Poseidon.
Both are moody, and have control over water.

Another theme I have is elements. Although acewinow721 is not included in this theme, all my other pets are. They either control an element, or it had some catastrophic event for them.
Soula: Fire.
Cera: Water.
Niziu: Earth.
Kyoei: Air or night.
Carbe: Air or night.

Anyone who I have not listed in either theme is either undecided or I do not have a character for one.


Before you find out my characters, you gotta learn about Jadeite, the world most of them live in. If you don't wanna read this (It is kinda long), just skip it, but I'd read it - it may be helpful.


A world slightly parallel to Neopia/Earth, this place resides in the Jeiua (G-u-a) galaxy. It's continents names are loosely based on jewels, and some people believe the original jewels came from Auorm, the Aurins (Auorm people) putting it on Earth to see what happens. Aurins all resemble a mix of humanoid animals, from birds to cats to more.

No humans reside there though; Aurins and Earth have a contract. No humans live on Auorm, no Aurins live on Earth.

NOTE: Some characters aren't on neo. That's why I have so many. ;) The non linked ones aren't mine, nor anyone else's.


Goldeci is a planet which is hidden in the stars. It is the place where the gods reside.
Fae - Goddess of love, beauty and flowers (Fa-e)
Carbe - Goddess of nature and wisdom (Car-be)
Riley - Goddess of the underworld and night (Ri-ley)
Dei - God of day and the over world (Day)
Phaenix - God of fire and metal(s)
Solu - God of the sun (Soul-lu)
Zeoru - King of the other gods (Z-eru)
Isriy - Queen of the other gods (Ice-rey)

There are some other gods, but they're like titans - do different types of stuff, and keeps the gods in check.
Any other people are either minor gods, beasts made by gods or demi gods. Demigods are person who either has an immortal mom/dad, and a mortal mom/dad. They are immortal and can live on Goldeci - once they've outlived their mortal lives. They usually help out the minor gods. The one expectation are the Fates. The Fates are like the greek Fates; except it's one big group.

All the major gods have three forms; their Aurin form, their wolf form and the form of their sacred animal.
All gods have a wolf form; They believe it is the leading animal in their world. Most minor gods only have an Aurin and sacred animal form. Only the highest ranking Fates have a wolf form.
There are dragon forms. But that usually means either an angel, demon or a rare form of fate.


This place is known as the beach continent. It resides along the border line, near the Saph ocean. It is famous for it's gorgeous beaches, jungles and it's nature. The continent is actually one third of a whole thing, shared with Rubitee and Dioman. They split in a huge civil war. They now are separated by great walls.
Capitol: Aquina
Ruler: Yulo
National jewel: Sapphire
Important cities: None (Yet)
Residing characters: None (Yet)


This place is known as the mountain continent. It resides along the border line next to Saphirue, however there are no oceans, just canyons and deserts. It's not as widely populated as the Dioman and Saphirue, but people still visit for it's beautiful views and rigorous hikes. Their biggest attraction is a clump of active volcanos, but they built lava proof glass so people can see them spurt.
Capitol: Ignisow
Ruler: Minai
National jewel: Sapphire
Important cities: None (Yet)
Residing characters: None (Yet)


The city continent, this place is always going into the future, never looking back. The only show of the past is in the borders, a wonderful look of temples, castles and even amazing lakes!
Pretty much New York City only more futuristic, and Ancient China for the borders.


Name:Akkia. Age: 25.
Personality: Loyal, arrogant, clever, mischievous. Laid-back and a bit of a smart aleck.
Occupation: Thief.
Family: Mina (Sister), Alto (Dad), Aeila (Mother, deceased)
Backstory: Akkia's dad is the king of Altadilo. She was heir, until Mina and some other people had framed Akkia, causing her to flee. However, the instinct for survival is strong for Akkia, and she isn't going down without a fight.


Please don't steal it. Or I shall report.
Fussin: Photobucket


Please link credit to me.

Clouds in the sky everywhere!
Clouds from here to there.
Clouds made in 1 hour
Clouds that can cause showers.

Clouds are made from droplets of water
Water evaporates when the air gets hotter
Cold clouds are made of crystals from ice
Clouds can look different, no same one twice!

Take a second look at a cloud
Because there is more then you think.
You might not see one for miles around!
They come from the water you drink.


Pass around that grog!
Let's adventure into the fog!
Let's find the unknown.
Who knows what we'll see?
But I do know
That a pirate's life is for me!

Pass around that drink!
Let's go find some other ships and make them sink.
Raiding others is the right way.
Taking their loot for you and me.
Don't be chicken and run away.
Come see that a pirate's life is for you and me!

Hiding in the stars.
Looking at the moon.
High up so far.
One day he'll come down soon.

Coming down.
Looking at our planet.
Wondering, with a frown.
What is this internet?

Bringer of night.
Giving some people luck.
Or bringing them fright.

Long live the king!
Sing of his wonder.
Sing, sing, SING!
Or he'll throw you down under.

Little kids, don't be arrogant like the king.
Don't be so vain.
Just be nice and sing.
Sing of his reign.

This should all end.
This war, and all strife.
I want it to have never happened.
And give others their chance at life.

I'll fight for my country, fight for my rights.
But doesn't anyone want it to end?
End all this? Stop the fight?


King of the pastry palace.
Just as sweet as toffee.
His cup is a chalice.
Comes with hot cocoa or coffee!
Donuts, scones, cupcakes, you name it!
Whatever you want, he'll bake it.


Keep your plushies safe!
Hide away the stuffed fluff.
You don't have to put them in a safe.

But keep an eye on their puff.

For who knows if Van will find it.
Squishy, soft things.
Your privacy, he won't mind it.
He will take your things.

Tuck your plush away.
Hide it from Van.
Play with it another day.
If he wants to have it, he can.
He has the skill.
And it won't be a thrill.
For anyone if he has your stuff today.

Frolic my little one!
Frolic until the day is done.
When it is done, sleep all you like.
You're petted, loved all day, and you sleep all night.
Oh Nera, Nera, Nera.
I never have seen a dog so fairer.


Daughter of day.
Sister of sunset.
She might look like a simple girl.
Don't underestimate her, she is the sunrise.

Daughter of night.
Sister of sunset.
She may be impatient.
May be close minded.
But she looks out for her siblings.
And determination is her key point!

Daughter of day and night.
Sister of sunset.
A wonderful girl Daphne is.
And well, as bright as the sun!

Kaul: Off to the forest!
Off to adventure and lore.
Where trees are at their tallest.
And there's a dragon from yore.
Be careful not to get caught.
If the dragon finds you, it will get you without a thought.

So run run, run through the trees.
Scurry until you see the end.
Go before you see
The dragon when it ascends.

Chose the fabric, some blue and pink!
Cut some purple, what do you think?
Fabulousness doesn't come easy
But for Doll it's like a breeze!

Designs come easy to Doll
Awesome and easy, see them at the mall!
So if you're looking for fashion tips.
Doll will critique your outfit to bits.







I nearly curse when I trip over something, but I hold my breath.
She can't know I am here.
I pause, thinking of how I came across this place. Why did I believe that tale of the soul-weaver?
Because, Akkia, you need to steal the tapestry.
Okay, so yes, it probably isn't the smartest idea to steal from the place that can ruin your life.
But I need to rewrite an ending. Fate ruined one of my closest friends, and I needed to save her from it.
She got caught trying to save her life, but no, people punished her.
She didn't deserve it, not one bit. So I am changing the rules.
Silently dodging a tree, I see a field. Darting my eyes around, I find a shadow, but I cannot see what it is from this distance.
Could it be her?

Part 2

I know she heard me. I pause, hoping the guardian doesn't hear me. Instead of looking, she curls up for a nap. I silently move out to one of the tapestries. I look around, hoping I can find my friend's story.
After wading through weavings, I finally stumble onto one that has my friends name. I carefully take it, replacing it with a weaving I bought. For a second I pray nothing happens, but it does. The fake tapestry is engulfed in a fire, and I begin to run. The fire comes after me, but I realize that it doesn't want to destroy the weaving. I use it like a shield, blocking myself with it until it dies down. I sigh with relief.
But then I hear a yawn.
Losing my nerve, I bolt into the woods.

Part 3

I smell smoke. Holding my breath, I duck around the trees, to act as shields. The flames don't seem to care about the weaving, so I guess it is flameproof to this. I just ignore it, and run and run and then run some more.
Nothing was stopping however. I start to panic, and I breathe in more smoke. I felt my thoughts begin to cloud before I think of an idea. I hold my breath as I slide out something sharp. Losing air, and my mind, I call out to the guardian.
Stop the flames, or I'll I cough, barely able to finish the sentence. I'll destroy this!


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Warning: Contains spoilers. Go back to here when you want to! Kind of a summary of Kyoei's story, but I reveal her secrets.

Kyoei is a minor goddess. She's not a very important one, as she is the goddess of constellations, something not very amazing in Jadeite.


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