This is the petpage for a sad little Aisha boy named Fractalz.

Now/In the Present:
Found unconscious on the doorstep one winters' eve, his new parent has since adopted him and provided a safe home. After several months of happiness, his parent suddenly had an accident befall them and are being monitored at the neohospital. Fractalz is currently living by himself, not too far from the houses of Dartenne and Aevelynne.

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warning! this is a long and boring story! omg I need to make it shorter D: I am for lose.

A small checkered Aisha boy was admitted to Meepit Oaks Sanitorium for the Criminally Insane on the 23rd day of Gathering, much to the surprise and intrigue of the doctors. The boy never spoke and showed quite a disinterest in most things, often sitting in the corner. What seemed most peculiar was that the boy was most afraid of sleeping, whether at the end of the day or under anesthetic.

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His nurse, a young red acara by the name of Amelia, seemed to grow attached to him over time, and began to treat the aisha as a little brother. Similarly, the aisha boy himself grew fond of her, and would often hold her hand when he felt the most afraid. Very rarely, he would even speak, but only to her, when no-one was around. He would often mention that he did not want to fall asleep, or be left alone, but the Acara couldn't quite understand why. Eventually, of course, The boy would fall asleep, and would wake in the morning, only to be scared of falling asleep again.
One morning, however, the Acara came to see him. The Aisha was sitting in the corner, like he usually did, but he did not greet her like he usually did, rather, he gave a quick glance to the wall opposite and turned away. On the wall were what seemed to be scratch marks, embedded from what could have been talons, large and powerful. The boy's hands were too small and weak to be able to cause so much damage, Yet there were no records of a doctor or another inmate entering the room. Guards were set to patrol his quarters for the next few days, but after no more incidents, they were sent back to their regular duties.
After that, Amelia began to take night shifts so she could check up on the aisha boy. He seemed somewhat more releived by this, and looked forward to her visits every few hours of the evening, but he soon found this difficult, as his efforts to stay awake as long as possible left him tired during the day, and he grew more tired each evening.

Then, one evening, as Amelia was making her rounds, she heard noises from the Aisha boy's room, up ahead. Peering in the window, she could only see darkness, as the lights had been turned off. Turning them on quickly, she looked again into the Aishas room, but only to see a quick flickering of shadow from his bed, that seemed to disappear once the lights were switched on.
Thinking herself foolish for worrying, and remaining calm, Amelia opened the door and entered the room, walking forward. Suddenly, from behind her came a snarling, hissing noise. She spun around and saw what seemed to be some sort of demon crawling on all fours like a lupe, black as shadows with piercing yellow eyes, it's feet covered by dark smoke. The creature let out a shreiking roar, and lunged forth at the Acara, pinning her to the ground with some sort of solid rock on it's left leg. The acara screamed, and as her voice echoed through the halls, the creature leapt back, as though unsure. Letting out another shrieking roar, the creature gave Amelia another quick glance before leaping out the door and running down the hallway as fast as lightning.
By the time security had reached the cell, all they found was the Acara Nurse, trembling in the middle of the room. She was sent to a counselor and after a few weeks returned to work, although the police are still suspecting that Amelia released the Aisha from his cell, as he is now nowhere to be found. The Acara's tall tales of a 'shadowy demon' seem quite hard to believe, And she did have a fondness for the Aisha himself. He certainly couldn't have overpowered the Acara. Nor did he seem capable of picking locks.

He was just a little Aisha boy, after all.

Name: Fractalz
Species: Aisha
Gender: Male
Age: He looks like a 10-year-old boy.
Color/fur: Checkered, a dark grey and white.
Eyes: Light Blue
Clothes: A t-shirt and blue pants/jeans. no shoes. Wears his purple collar in quad form.
Traits: Besides his unique pattern, he has three spike tails that curl around his poofy tail. His Aisha ears are also spiky.
Owner: skettish
Friends: Dartenne , Aevelynne, Chaos and Tangeriiine
Personality: To sum it up; shy, quiet and serious.

Fractalz doesn't like talking about his past, or his nightmares. If you ask he will politely decline to do so. When asked where he lived prior to his current residence, he will simply reply with vague answers such as 'somewhere near the haunted woods' or 'not too far from here.' In fact, he just doesn't talk much in general, but Tangeriiine brings out the chatterbox in him I suppose xD

Fractalz is Dartenne's moral compass. Fractalz tries his best to always do the right thing in any situation, and if Dartenne tries to do something a bit too dangerous or immoral, Fractalz will try to steer him in the right direction. Fractalz tries to treat others with politeness, kindness and respect.

New people
Not getting into trouble
Nice, quiet walks

Dartenne is.. I met Dartenne when I .. (he pauses for a moment) One day I needed someplace to hide, and I ran away from the town, into the forest. I found this tree house, and I slept up there for the night. In the morning, Dartenne came by and told me that it was his tree house. I remember he asked me if I had any friends. I said no, so he told me that he would be my friend if I did what he said. Sometimes he's a bit mean, but I don't mind.

Dartenne doesn't like it when I talk to Aevelynne. I think he gets jealous or something? he's always trying to impress her. He picks flowers because she likes them, but sometimes he steals them from people's gardens, and that always gets both of us in trouble. Aevelynne is nice enough, though. She's always happy. I wish I could be as happy as her.
...! Uh, Tangeriiine is weird. Well, not weird, but she certainly is.. odd. She appears out of nowhere, when I least expect it, and then usually she asks me something, and then she disappears before anyone else can see her! She's real, too. I know she's real, but Dartenne doesn't believe me. He and Aevelynne have never seen her. Tangeriiine is really nice, but I think she... watches me. A lot of the time when I see her, she's up in a tree, or up someplace really high .. not really how you'd meet normal people. I .. I like it when I talk to her.

Chaos is a new friend of ours, and he's a lot of fun. He likes going on adventures with me and Dartenne, and sometimes Aevelynne, and he has this really amazing house on the beach. Chaos invites us there over the summer, and we always have a great time. He's pretty good with a sword too.. don't tell anyone, but I think he's even better at swordfighting than Dartenne!

Hey, maybe if you've got time, you should go and visit him? I'm sure he'd love to meet you.

Moar stories

Meeting Dartenne

I don't want to fall asleep. Fractalz said as a pink Kyrii tucked him in.

Oh, Fractalz, are you afraid you'll have a nightmare? she asked, sitting on the edge of the bed. The Aisha turned away.

You know, nightmares aren't real. she said soothingly. They can't hurt you. And once you wake up, they disappear. And besides, you might have a pleasant dream tonight!

The Aisha turned back to her. Can't I just stay awake?

For how long? The Kyrii smiled. You can't stay awake forever! you need your sleep to recharge.

The Aisha's face fell. But.. but what if I do have a nightmare?

The Kyrii smiled. If you do, then we're just right down the hall, and you can wake us up. I won't mind.

She lent in and kissed the Aisha on the forehead. Now get some sleep! I know you were trying to stay up late last night!

She sat up and walked over to the door, turning the lights off.

Goodnight Fractalz. she said, smiling.

Goodnight, Mrs Jamison

You know, Fractalz she said, pausing, You can call me mother, if you like.

I know. he said. I.. I just-

It's alright she said smiling. Get some rest. I'll see you in the morning.


That night Fractalz had a very bad dream. He couldn't see anything, but he could hear things breaking and smashing, and he could even hear the voices of Mr and Mrs Jamison. They were shouting. It sounded like they were in pain.


Fractalz woke up later that night. He was lying on the floor of his room; he had probably rolled off the bed. He sat up, and grabbed his forehead. He had a bad headache. He glanced towards the -blocked- The moon was still out, and the sky was pitch black. He looked back at the bed and frowned. He didn't want to fall asleep again.

Picking himself up, he began to walk over to the doorway. He would feel bad about waking Mrs Jamison, but perhaps she could calm him down or give him something to help him sleep. Reaching the door, he peered out to the hallway. There was a light coming from the doorway that lead to the lounge and the kitchen. Mr and Mrs Jamison didn't usually stay up this late. Walking down the hall, he peered around the corner of the doorway to look into the lounge room.

What he saw next was something he would try to etch out of his memory forever.

The rooms were a mess. The bookcases had been pushed over, the glasses had been broken, and even the tables and chairs had been upturned. The sofas were torn, some of the windows were broken, and there were shards of glass and wood scattered everywhere on the floor. The kitchen pantry had been ransacked.. there was raspberry jam on the floors and walls. Fractals was shocked. He walked a few steps into the room, but jumped back a bit; he had stepped on some glass. Picking it out, he slowly walked further into the room, taking everything in. It was horrible. Everything was destroyed.

He couldn't see Mr or Mrs Jamison. He considered calling out their names, but what if there was someone else in the house? He thought for a moment, but looked around him at the room. A thought danced in his mind about what had happened to the room, but he tried to block it out. This wasn't the first time he had woken up to something unexpected.

M-Mr Jamison? he called. Mrs. Jamison?

He heard a sound coming from behind the dining room table, which had been ripped in half and lay on the floor amongst what remained of the the china cabinet. Nervously, Fractalz walked around to it. There, in amongst a pile of broken wood and glass, was Mrs Jamison. She was breathing very slowly and heavily. Fractalz hurried over to her side.

M-Mrs Jamison! what happened? he asked, trying to move some of the wood. Are you alright? What happened?

The Kyrii opened her eyes slowly and looked up at Fractalz. seeing him, she sighed in releif.

F-fractalz.. she said, struggling to speak. A jar of raspberry jam has spilled out onto the floor inside the rubble.

He looked down at her, and pulled away some of the rubble, freeing her hand. She lifted it up and stroked his face. Her breathing became heavier and less frequent. She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Outside Fractalz could hear footsteps and the crunch of leaves and grass as they grew closer.

Hey! came a voice from outside. Is anyone in there?

The Kyrii's hand fell from his face, and Fractalz looked back at her. Her eyes weren't open anymore. Nervously Looking back at the door, Fractalz stood back up and ran over to the closet. closing the door, he kneeled down in the corner and leant against the wall, listening.

The footsteps had gotten louder, and he heards the sounds of someone opening the door. There were more sounds of glass crunching.

Oh Fyora.. came a voice. What happened here?

There were more footsteps as the voice began to move around. Another pair of footsteps entered the room.

This is the Jamison house! exclaimed the voice. Looks like they got robbed.

Call the Chia police. said the first voice. I'll try and find them.

Right! said the second voice, as it ran out of the house and eventually disappeared.

The footsteps of the first voice walked around a bit, and fractalz could hear sounds of furniture being moved. After a few minutes the footsteps walked over to the dining room.

M-Mrs Jamison?! came the voice. Are you alright?

There were sounds as more furniture was being moved.

Mrs Jamison! wake up! Where is your husband? Mrs Jamison?

There were more footsteps as the figure took a few steps back, before heading out the door rather quickly.

Artie! he called Call the Neohospital! they need to send an ambulance!

Fractalz waited a few minutes more, but he couldn't hear anything. Opening the closet door slowly, he looked out. The two people had gone. He waklked into the room, again looking for Mrs Jamison, but wasn't in the dining room anymore. He walked through the lounge room, and froze when he saw another figure. But he looked on, and saw that it was his reflection from a mirror in the lounge room. He looked at his shirt. It was three large raspberry jam stains. He held his forehead again. His headache was still there.

Looking around, he walked over to the back door. It was wide open. He looked down at himself. Aside from the jam stains, there wasn't a scratch on him. Would people think that was strange? Would they ask why he didn't wake up when he heard things being broken? And the stains on his shirt.. he didn't have any answers. In the distance he could hear voices of more people coming to the house. What could he do? he couldn't run away.. could he?

Taking a few steps outside, he looked back at the house. What would happen if he stayed? Would they have to move? And what would the chia police do.. Would they take him away from the Jamisons? Even though he didn't do anything.. did he? No, he didn't remember anything. And he liked the Jamisons. They were good people.

Hey! You there! came the first voice. Fractalz turned. It belonged to a Yellow Skeith, the one who lived across the road. Fractalz had never met him but had watched him chase kids off his lawn.

Fractalz stepped back, a little unsure of what to do.

Hey! stay there! Don't move! he called, walking closer. The Skeith looked over at the red marks on Fractalz' shirt, eyes wide. He grabbed a shovel in both his hands and moved a bit closer. Don't you move.

Of course, the Skeith had only grabbed the shovel to defend himself, but the Aisha had a lot of things on his mind at the time. Fractalz turned and ran down to the edge of the backyard and jumped over the fence. He could hear the skeith shouting, but he was too old and probably too heavy to jump the fence. Fractalz ran past several other houses. He didn't know where to run to. The Jamisons were the only people in town he knew. His thoughts turned to the forest starting at the edge of town. No-one would find him there.


Hey! Hey you! Wake up! came a voice. Fractalz opened his eyes but was welcomed with several pokes of a stick. Holding the stick was a white Cybunny wearing a tuxedo. He looked to be about Fractalz' age.

Fractalz sat up, and leaned against the wall. It took him a few minutes to remember where he was. Last night he had been fortunate enough to find a tree house in the woods and had slept there for the night.

Hey, get up! said the Cybunny, poking him again. What are you doing in my tree house?

Fractalz looked over at him. This is yours?

The Cybunny smiled. Yup, my dad built this place for me. It's pretty awesome. he said, puffing up his chest. Oh! he said, regripping the stick. But you're not allowed here!

I-I'm sorry Fractalz said, standing up and rubbing his eyes. I needed some place to sleep.

Hmph. snorted the Cybunny. Ain't you got a house?

Fractalz looked down. I.. I can't go back home right now. Can I stay here for a couple of days?

The Cybunny gave him a sideways glance. What, you want to live here?

Um, yes. Fractalz said. After all, he had nowhere else to go. Just for a day or two.

And you really can't go back home?

Fractalz looked back down at his shirt, still covered in jam stains. Not right now.

The Cybunny looked at the stains, and his face turned to suprise similar to the look that the Yellow skeith had the night before, but he said nothing. He shook the look off his face.

Fine. he said. But you're going to have to be my friend.

The Picnic

Fractalz looked back to grassy meadow in the distance. His friends had disappeared from the horizon, but he knew he would be seeing them the next day. He crossed his arms and leant them against his head, kicking one of the small stones on the pathway. Aevelynne had said that she was to be expected at that old Aisha Lady's house by early afternoon, so she had to leave early. And of course, Dartenne wanted to walk her home, so that just left Fractalz and the rest of the day to himself. He had decided to go for a walk around the forest.

He kicked the stone along the path once more, watching it as it tumbled and hit a wooden fence that ran parallel to the path. A glob of purple out of the corner of his eye made him look up. There was an Aisha girl sitting on the fence. She was looking the other way, rather anxiously. Fractalz casually walked up to her.

Tangeriiine? he asked.

The Aisha girl was thrown completely off guard. She spun around and lost her balance, falling backwards onto the grass below. She sat up, and rubbed her head. Fractalz looked at her through the gate curiously. She looked up and smiled as she saw who it was.

Oh! Fractalz! she said grinning. I was waiting for you!

The Aisha boy outstretched his hand to pull her up. You were? he asked. He looked around. He hadn't told anyone where he was going to be today; he himself didn't even know what he was going to do.

Oh! yes! she said, standing up and brushing dirt off her dress. Do you remember how I was asking you about picnics the other day?

Yeah, that was last Tuesday.. he said. You know, you left in rather a hurry that day, as soon as Dartenne showed up..

Oh, yes! she exclaimed. Well, that is.. anyway! she said with a smile. I have arranged a picnic for us!

You have? he said, looking around again. Where?

I found this really great spot, and I packed a lunch for us and everything! she said, almost boastful. Do you know that hill on the edge of the forest, just before the town?

It's all the way over there?

Well, yes! but.. she said. I didn't think you'd walk past that part of the forest today, so I had to come and find you.. she said, looking over at Fractalz, who had a puzzled look on his face, though it was not an uncommon thing when he talked to her. There was abrief awkward silence.

Anyway! she said. That's where it is. I'll race you there! she said happilly, running off in the general direction.

Wait! Fractalz called. You have wings! That's unfair!

It's not unfair! Trust me! she called back.

A few moments later and Fractalz himself began hurring off to the spot. It wasn't too far a distance away, and he reached the edge of the thicket in a few minutes. Spotting the picnic blanket (and seeing as it was the only one around, he assumed it belonged to Tangeriiine), he noticed that he was the first one there. Sitting down to catch his breath, he heard the sound of twigs snapping and looked behind him, only to see Tangeriiine with several leaves and sticks in her hair.

Oh! you're here already! she exclaimed. Noting that Fractalz was staring at her hair, she began to pull out some of the foliage. I.. uh, I got a bit lost.. she said with a goofy smile.

After her hair was properly groomed, Tangeriiine hurried over to the picnic basket and sat down. I made a bunch of sweets for the picnic! she said happily. But I also brought some proper lunch food and drinks, as well, because that is what a proper picnic should have! she said, almost reciting the words that Fractalz had spoken the last time they met. And I brought Napkins and cutlery and .. Oh! she said, yanking back her arm. Peering into the basket again, her eyes widened and she jumped back several feet.

Fractalz looked inside. There, crawling all over the food, was a swarm of skritches.

Oh no. What do we do now? Tangeriiine asked.

Fractalz sighed and picked up the basket, carrying it several feet away before setting it down on the ground again. It looks like they got to the food before we did. he said. So they have it all.

Well, that wasn't very nice of them.. Tangeriiine said rather sadly. So, lunch is ruined? What a disastrous picnic..

Well, Picnics aren't just about eating food outdoors Fractalz said, leaning back onto the picnic blanket. He looked around. Tangeriiine had indeed chosen great spot for a picnic. The shade from the trees extended just past the picnic blanket, and there was a gentle breeze blowing by. The grass was a luscious green, and it swayed in the breeze. The hill overlooked several meadows, and in the distance, he could see the town. The spot was perfect for a nap, but of course that would be rude. He looked over at Tangeriiine, who was still looking over at the picnic basket, with a look of pure heartbreak on her face. he smiled.

We can sit and enjoy this wonderful view you picked out.

These are some of the images I have of me... please be careful with them!

I.. I read this book once, and it was about a man who got turned into a beast by a spell because he was mean. And he was given this rose that acted like a timer, because when the last rose petal fell, he would die. He was a person trapped inside a monster.. And his servants got turned into household objects that could talk, but I don't think that was crucial to the story.

Werelupes are Lupes who get turned into monsters on the night of the full moon. They say you become a werelupe by being bitten by one.. so it's best to take care on a full moon. I read that the moon makes Lupes involuntarily turn into werelupes, so they have no choice in whether they become one or not. The worst part is there are no known cures in Neopia.
Apparently there was a plot in Meridell a long, long, long, incredibly long time ago. There was a really beautiful Aisha maiden who liked to dance with a tambourine. In fact, when she danced, people turned into mindless zombies who followed her around town. She was really pretty, but really we found out she was an monstrous aisha in disguise using her mom's magic.

I've read in stories that the villains often like to wear masks to hide who they are. Can you really hide your identity with just a mask?

Did you want some adoptables? I hear there's a lady who lives not too far away that has some.

This.. this is the first time anyone apart from misty has drawn me.

Oh wow, trotterat, I look really good! Thank you very much.

Thank you for the custom adoptable trade, Deanna!

ra ra ra!


Oh, You want to leave? no, that's okay. See you around.

Wait, you want to link to me..?

.. are you sure?

Okay, I guess.