Welcome to my application for IcyAbiss, who I will be calling Ica. I plan on turning him into a her, so she best fits this character. I am very excited to show you this character and I hope you enjoy seeing what I have created for little Ica.

I also what to apologize for the lack of artwork. This last month has been very stressful and I was not able to work on all the wonderful images I wished to do for Ica. I hope you understand.

Furthermore, I wanted to try something new with this app, so let me explain. You will notice that Ica is talking to someone and it is not you or me. Actually it is another female meerca and her name is Kosma and she is my UC darigan meerca. She is Ica's rival and her born enemy. Thus, the front part of this app is made up of letters to Kosma. It is up to you to decide if Ica's hand is reaching out in friendship or destruction.

I was not forced to make this application.^^

Letter One

Dear Friend,

Why is it that the light enchants and the darkness is feared?

Maybe the answer lies somewhere in the existence of our two lands. I sometimes find myself looking at yours, a land that shines like a pearl of gold with its many marble temples, which appeared to float among the clouds, and wish I lived in that light. What a dreamland you live in. Even the dream bees find comfort in your glow, that they build their hives among your homes. A creature so full of innocence and childlike wonder, that we nightmares cannot bare to be near them. Even though they once were our responsibility. Do your history books tell you that?

And then there are the stars. Oh, how you paint them so beautifully in the night sky. Each one a child's wish. I can't image what is must be like to be loved, adored, and prayed too like that. For your work to be seen by all and marveled and worshiped by scholars, children, and even the gods.

What do you feel? Are you happy in your temple of ivory white?

For, I could never be. I could never sit back and drink in the milk and honey of those bees or bask in the glory of my work when I know somewhere my light casts a shadow on another.

I know. I know, you most likely believe that everything was created to form a balance in this world. A sort of yin and yang effect. Yet, to me, there is no balance only ignorance.

Only those who have been coddled in comfort can't see past the darkness, while the darkness looks on with envy and disgust.

Maybe I should tell you what I see and just maybe you will not think so highly of your gifted light that could have very easily been mine.

Nightmare Weavers

To really understand who I am, you must first become familiar with my kind. We are, unlike you, a quiet organized people.

In a sense, we are similar to a colony of ants. Everyone has a job, from the most menial, such as sweeping the black mist that plagues our land, to the highly regarded Nightmare Weavers. There is no need to go further, for why should I give away our secrets when I know your kind hold so many.

Oh, you thought we did not know. Ha ha ha, my dear friend, we know just about everything about you witches, while you know so very little about us.

To you, with your many spell books and learning, we must seem so barbaric. No scholars of magic here, just warriors. And before you think we monsters remember it was your king who brought the darkness!

But, the truth is, my dear friend we are not evil just unlucky. Your king has forced my kind to neither eat, drink or sleep, but we are always hungry. However, I am sure you already knew that. Yes, we feed, but not on food but on the fear of the mortals below us which is neither evil or inhuman, but necessary.

I want you to think about that. I am guess when you rise you go down to your fully stocked pantry and make some delectable dish. You sit at your little table all decorated with breakfast odds and ends and dine in the luxury of your own home. We could only dream of such a life. Ha ha ha, did you see what I did there?

Anyways, where was I... oh yes, it is necessary. We did not choose this life because it is your kings punishment, but we will fight on and survive.

This is my life. From the moment I opened my eyes I was bathed by the darkness. The pitch black was my blanket as a toddler and my people's hunger was my purpose. Like you, I was born into a family of status. Yet, this did not mean I was treated better, no I was treated worse.

While you poured over your books I dripped in sweat and tears. While you mastered your spells, I discovered how to evade capture from your kind. And most importantly, while you painted stars I created fear clouds. A devouring process.

Before you say anything understand the soul a fear cloud destroys is not the victims but the creators. I had promised not to write any secret information, but I feel I am doing a disservice to you, as my friend, if I do not paint this picture.


The process of making a nightmare is like weaving on a giant loom and the string we use to make our "evil" nightmares is a mortal's red string of fate. But, you already knew that.

However, keep in mind, to access that loom you must first create the foundation. A foundation of little threads that go up and down, which are made by a Nightmare Weavers very own black string of life. Our soul.

I want you to think about that. When I was just an infant my string had to be stretched and twisted and contorted to make my loom. For hours, each day I felt my soul being ripped apart. You may not know this my friend, but some weavers go mad with the pain. Do you understand the depravity of that? You are just a small toddler running around with joy ripped from your heart and filled with sadness to the point of tears but you never cry, since that is the first emotion to leave you. A child that never gets a childhood and truly does not understand love. You become an emotionless creature.

Now, you must be wondering how did I keep my emotions intact. I am sorry to say, my friend, that they did not survive completely. I can still feel them inside of me but only faintly. However, sometimes when I eat a fear cloud they awaken a little bit more and I can taste those emotions.

So what do you think now? Do you believe me or are you still brainwashed by the light? The light that would not exist if it were not for my darkness?

Letter Two

My Dearest Friend,

I still can't believe my letter got through to you. I was sure we would be caught. Someone must be looking out for us.

After reading your words I can understand your dismay and hesitance in believing me, it is hard for me to even believe your words.

Thus, I feel it is time I tell you more about who I am. Then you can decide if my words ring true or false.

I have been told, by my brother, that I am not easy to work with and I am slightly arrogant. Yes, I have a brother and honestly, between you and me, he is the arrogant one. I am actually a kind creature, or at least kinder than others of my kind. Yet, my smile does not seem to bring me company. Due to my ability to cast ghost hounds, I am feared by many. Jealousy is what my father calls it, but rejected would be my name for it.

Most of my days, I spend honing my craft or training my hounds. Sometimes when a weaver is put through the looming process a power is awakened. Mine are my hounds, who are actually the souls of wishes that failed to be granted, or stars that fell. I hear their cries, which sound like howls and they have flocked to me ever since. They are the only friends I have. My dearest hound is Akita. He is such a guard dog in that whenever I need him, he is always there to defend me. Even if I feel that his love deals a lot with the scraps I give him from my plate. Mother tells me I should never feed him from the table but, she can't see him.

Oh, that's right. Akita and my other hounds can only be seen by me. The only thing that can be seen is a floating collar. My parents are very strict about me keeping their collars on at all times. However, I always take them off and let the hounds run free at night. No one should feel like a prisoner, least of all a failed dream.

Well, I better run. I have a huge training test with my brother's team. If I pass it I am one step closer to being a nightmare weaver. I am not sure if I want to be one, but it seems this is the job I am destined to do. If I pass to the next phase, I wont be able to write for some time.

Letter Three

Forgive me my Friend,

I know you must not think much of me, since it has taken this long to write back. I tried so many times to figure out the words to say, since I know your dreams are coming true. I should be happy for you, but I just can't.

I guess that is why many find it odd that a starcaster and a nightmare would dare be friends and maybe they were right.

However, you know why I am writing to you. It is not for your permission or even your congratulations. Which I guess I should have given you but could not.

As you know, today is the day I grow up. Today is when I become a full fledged member of my brother's team. Today I don my cape as a nightmare weaver and become an enemy to the crown. I know we will see each other in the clouds and this time we will be enemies. Yet, before you shoot a star bomb remember I never asked from this life.

Your King, the man you wish to stand beside, drove us to this level of hatred. He who, chose to abandon one group and adore the other. Thus, my dear friend, I say good bye. I do not know if I will ever write again or if I will survive my first trip to the mortal world, but if I do I hope we never have to fight or meet again. For I am sure next time you will be my enemy.


Aly Talking: This is a small excerpt of what happened the night Ica left on her first solo mission.

The skies were nice and dark, which meant the star casters had not started painting stars in the sky yet. Quickly, I jumped for the nearest cloud and pushes Kosma from my mind, there was no need to fight the betrayal I felt. How could she be a time witch to that tyrannical king.

I could feel my anger grow when suddenly, a star bomb went whizzing by my head and exploded into a million sparkling, dangerously-sharp little pieces. How had they seen me?

Over there! Hurry! Catch it!

Don't let the demon get away!

There was no way these witches would make that mistake. Did that mean…? Suddenly, I felt something grab me and pull me down.

You have got to be kidding, did he steal a pot of honey paint?

Not again…. You stupid demon, this is your last warning! If you come back again, we will have your head!

I watched, amazed, as the witch guards zoomed off muttering to themselves in frustration as my captor let me go. Ha ha ha ha, works every time.

Laughing and spinning a bucket of paint around on his finger was a tall purple kougra was bright blue eyes. He was dressed up in a suit and vest and gave off the odd smell of flowers and fresh cut grass. Who in the world was this guy?

Greuno will love this. He did not believe me that witches paint the stars into the night sky. Wait till he sees this. I watched as the kougra dipped his finger in the paint and then made the symbol of a five sided star in the air. Oops, guess old habits die hard. Quickly, he ran his hand over the star, causing it to vanish into smoke. Would hate to create a portal to the Underworld.

Underworld? Finally, I had had enough. How was I ever suppose to get to The Isles with my path blocked by the caster patrolling around because of this thief.Excuse me, but do you have any idea what you have just done?

Oh, I am sorry. I did not mean to get you messed up in that. The kougra said, with a grin but then he paused as looked down at me. Well, I will be, you are one of those Nightmare Weaver things. And here I thought your kind had died out a long time ago. Kiros is going to get a kick out of this.

That was it. I could feel my blood boil and I could not hold back any more. I pulled out my talismans calling my hounds to my side. Died out, ehh. I will show you who has died out I said with a grin as their howls filled the air.

Hmmm... looks like there are quite a few of you. The demon laughed. the hounds hissed and snarled but the demon seemed unphased. Easy there, sweety. There is no need to pull out the big dogs. Ain't that right Akita. The demon said, as his eyes narrowed at my dogs. I felt a cold shiver over take me as I fell to my knees. My dogs had vanished.

Oh dear, did I go far. The demon said as I felt him pull me up from the ground. I am sorry sweetie, I sometime forget how much pain you weavers go through when you are suddenly separated from your spirits. My knees wobbled under me as I looked at the horribly terrifying demon and knew he was older then Time himself.

So, I am guess you are trying to make it The Isles. Well, I can take you there.

I had finally calmed myself but my hands were still shaking.

Just what I said. If you need a guide, I can take you there. I know the way. He said, in a sickeningly swave way.

I could only nod me head as I watched him bowed to me and, before I could stop him, he took my hand. Cuel, the Demon Butler, at your service my lady.

My Light

I walked by Cuel's side as he led me through a sleeping town. He explained everything as we went. The stones we were walking on were called cobblestones and the tall posts with fire caged in them were lamp posts. There was so much to see and absorb that is was blinding even in the darkness of night.

Suddenly, a group of mortals walked past us and I was sure Cuel would quickly hide us in a shadow from them, but we just kept walking, and the mortals never gave us a second glance.

Why are they not…

Looking? Oh, mortals only see what they want to. When they look at me they see a gentleman in a suit, you a young lady in a dress. Demon, Witch, Nightmare Weaver? Those mean nothing to them. Thus, they can't see what we really are.
He said with a twinkle in his eyes.

But before I could question him further Cuel stopped in front of a giant house. Sitting on the steps was a grey faced royal looking boy around 16 years old with a very sour look on his face.

Cuel! You worthless butler! When we are debating, one does not run out of the house, and claim…. I will prove it! Honestly, why do I even put up with you? The boy yelled. And, who in the world is this? I am guessing, another one of your kind.

I felt a strange feeling of fear creep over me as I looked up at this boy. He was only a little taller than me and had cold blue eyes that reminded me of the king, which was impossible, since he was dead.

Hello, Master Greuno, did you wait up long? Cuel cooed, as he suddenly vanished and appeared at the boys side.

Wait up? Is that all you have to say? Greuno scoffed, as he looked down at me.

Oh, her? Just something I picked up on the way home. Cuel laughed as he placed the pot of paint in front of Greuno. And that is my proof that stars are not made of gas, like your books state, but creations formed and painted each night by witches.

Greuno looked down at the glowing paint with annoyance. Oh, just, bring her in. It's late, and I am not in the mood to fight with you out here where all the neighbors can see.


Letter Four

Dear Kosma,

I guess we can finally stop worrying about having our letters intercepted when we are now the kingpins in this game.

When I, and you, first began our journeys I listened so intently to your words of hope, love, and loss because I could never understood what it was you were fighting for. I fought for my people but you fought only for him.

For years I clung to your letters and prayed that my words would reach you, and somehow we would come to understand one another. But now I see that was a childish dream. Even more so as I nurse wounds you left from our last meeting.

I want you, my dear friend, to understand I do not mean to bear my teeth at you but it was you who cast the first die in our game. Thus, I must protect him. Yes, him, the one you fear and the one who will return what your king and kind stole from us.

I find it funny that we were both told such lies about what our purpose was in this world. Yours a creator of dreams and mine a bringing of nightmares. Now, that all the cards lay on the table it is clear we were nothing more than pawns in the gods game. I hate them and most importantly I hate those who dare protect them.

Thus, Lord Greuno is my light and I will follow at his side like a constant shadow. He is my King and I is lovely and loyally Queen. Thus, this is my declaration. If you chose to fight us we will crush you. If you decide to make an enemy of us, we will drive you from this land and not stop till all your kind bows before the rightful king.

I am sorry my dear friend but your time in the world of Novela is over and it is time for you to take your young prince and run. We will not come looking for you, nor will be fight you. To be honest we welcome you at our table, but not as rulers but as subjects.

Which brings me back to the first I asked you in my very first letter:

Why is it that the light enchants and the darkness is feared?

For some reason you never answered it but I for one can now because of him. He is my light and I will do anything and everything to protect him from ever being extinguished! Even if they means putting your light out.

Forever Yours,

Lady Ica of Darga-La
Aly Note: I am sure you have so many questions, not to worry I wrote everything this way for a reason. The main reason being, it is fun to confuse people. XD Also, I am a bit of a trickster myself. So, what do you think?

Are Kosma and Ica friends or enemies?

Also, were they ever friends to begin with?

I know so many fun little questions to answer. Well, not to worry, I wont leave you dangling. However, keep in mind, not everything is always as it appears. Thus, it is time to introduce you to some key players that will clear up everything.


Kiros, or the Lord of the Time is a complicated character that needs to be explained fully for anyone to understand the tragic tale of Ica and Kosma.

Everything began when the new Sun God was instructed to find the three other gods that would make up his court: The Goddess of the Moon, God of Death, and Lord of Time. In the beginning Kiros has no idea he was destined to be a god, on the contrary he was nothing more than a small plushie sitting in a window of a toy shop. Yet, there was something strange about this toy, for every time it would be bought his new owner would not be long for this world. The clock on the toys belly would start to tick and once it hit the 12th day the child's time would have been spent. Soon the toy was said to be cursed and so it sat in the shop window collecting dust.

On hearing this crazy tale about the toy, from God of Death, the Sun God when to pay the toy a visit. Once there it became clear the toy only wanted one thing, to return the time he had taken. Sympathetic to the toy's wish the Sun God said he would do just that as long as the toy took on the job of Lord of Time. In that moment toy changed into a young brown face lion cub and was given the name Kiros, Lord of Time.

Kiros was a child god and was fascinated by everything. His heart seemed so pure that the other gods worried the darkness of his job would be too much for him. However, the Sun God believed he has made the right call. Thus, to push him into understanding his job he gave Darga-La ( home to the faeries) and La-Ringa ( home to the witches) to Kiros as a gift. It was Kiros' job to look after these immortal creatures and make them his loyal subjects.

For whatever reason Kiros adored the witches of La-Ringa and built his castle there. As the years went by he offered gifts to the people of La-Ringa, they were the use of star magic and the ability to fly. These gifts were never given to the faeries of Darga-La. Mainly because the faeries could already fly and use magic. At the time they thought nothing of this but slowly they began to worry. Yet, their words fell on deaf ears.

Soon, Kiros brought the greatest gift to the witches of La-Ringa, the care and nurture of the dream bees. A creature so powerful that it housed untold power and was suppose to only be cared for by faeries. This was the last straw for the faeries and so they rose up and attacked. Furious at this betrayal Kiro's became mad with rage and ripped their wings from their backs and forced them to live in darkness. Heartbroken many Darga-La faeries covered their heads in sadness, for their king had taken the one thing that made them faeries and gave them magic; their wings. However, other Darga-La faeries abandoned ever being faeries and became masters of the dark arts. Thus, the Nightmare Weavers of Darga-La were born, and they became the enemies to all.

It is said, this war disheartened Kiros and so he started using the star caster witches of La-Ringa to control the skies and rid the world of the Nightmare Weavers. Yet, the weavers were masters of manipulation. Slowly, they hatched a disastrous plan to rid the world of Kiros forever.

Soon the war tired Kiros and so he started to visit the mortals of The Isles, and that is when the unthinkable happened. He fell in love. This is when the weavers discovered that fear could destroy and that is exactly what they did to Kiros' mortal love. They scared her to her death. Not wanting to see his darling die because of something he thought he had done, Kiros gave up his immortal life so she could live. The weavers reveled in their win, however unknown to them because Kiros was a god his soul could not die. Thus, it found a home in the body of a mortal boy a prince. Yet, because Kiros was so powerful the young infant mortal could not hold all of Kiros, and so the soul was split. The second part of Kiros melted into the body of a young duke. Now, these boys are 16 years old and their powers are awakening and they are ready to fight over the throne they each feel belongs to them.

Adgaru is the prince of Nor. Kind, honest and musically gifted, everyone loves Adgaru. He is a child that lives in the light of the sun. However, he is not what he appears. On his 15th birthday something broke inside of him. He felt like everything was in pause and only he could move through time. That was the day Kiros spoke to him and told him that he was the reincarnation of the God of Time. Thus, he is no longer welcome in the land of the mortals. For every time Kiros awakens the world around Adgaru stops moving and he becomes lost in a sea of silence.

His only friend and comfort is Mar his dandan, who he finds out is actually Kosma in hiding. The moment Kiros left this world Kosma searched everywhere for him, and that is when she found Adgaru. He is her everything and she will cast any spell, curse any enemy, to make him the rightful Lord of Time. Even if that means going after Ica and Greuno. Greuno, is the only son of the Duke of Milt. Milt is the biggest city in Nor and it is known for its bustling towns and extravagance. He is a quiet boy who appears to always be in his own world. His only aid is a strange butler who never seems to be able to do his job right. However, Greuno never fires him.

Greuno is a master with his hands and his toys go beyond anything anyone has ever seen, they are spellbinding Yet, unknown to all he has the ability to bring life to anything he creates. This means even the dead. Yet, there is a dark side to this ability. He can also capture the soul of a living being inside of one of his toys, just like how Kiros' toy version took away a mortals time. He holds the dark side of Kiros' soul and he is Ica's prince. She adore everything about him, even the fact that he is a pretty serious boy. He is calculating and manipulative and believes if one can't tell his intentions then he is doing things right. This is why Ica is so very dear to Greuno. He can't believe anyone, least of all her, would put up with his messed up personality. However, she would do anything for him because he was the one that gave her, her emotions back.

Cuel, is the eldest of the GRIMMS, the first immortal creatures ever to walk to earth. He was suppose to be the leader of his three brothers. However, because he much rather venture to The Isles and play with the mortals he gave Kami, his youngest brother, the perfect chance to cause mischief.

After the creation of the God of Death, Cuel became his right hand and a Prince of the Underworld. He is strong but a child. He looks to be around 20 years old but his foolish antics cause many to think otherwise. He is a handsome young man with flowing silver hair and piercing blue eyes, another reason he is always getting into trouble. However, when he wishes to fight there is none who can beat him. He has the ability to forge swords from the souls of fallen warriors. He is a general of the demon army and has no consideration for mortal life.

At least that is what he thought, but everything changed spoiled little Greuno, the Duke of Milt became his responsibility. Now, Cuel has to keep the boy happy and make sure he does not cause too much harm. Yet, when a demon butler that cares little for life and a mortal boy with the power to steal souls come together, what could go wrong?


I guess it is time to introduce myself. My name is Aly, and I am a 28 years old. I love drawing, writing, and just being creative. I spend most of my time entering my pets in the BC, working on pet page layouts, talking to people on the PC chats and working on many illustrations of my pets.

I truly live on my computer, and because of this I have been an avid member of for around 10 years now. I have four accounts which I frequent often.

main | side | side | side

Over the years I have come up with a plot for all my characters called The Isles/ Every single one of my characters is connected to each other and they all have very detailed characters. Please feel free to check them out, to get a good feel for what I do here on neo.

The Family


The answer is pretty simple, I love this character and feel that it fits an UC faerie meerca perfectly. Also, Ica has such a wonderful look and next to Kosma they are a sweet little force. I love the fact that the UC faerie meerca has a kind looking face, almost like they are little puffs of fluff and fur. However, I don't like to give grey pet sad characters, darigan mean ones or even faerie sweet bubbly ones. I enjoy turning everything on its head and that is precisely why I love Ica. I love have complicated her personality is and confused and naive she is about the world. I would enjoy seeing how her character developed and why mistakes and triumphs she makes along the way. Thus, I want Ica because of this character and I feel only Ica can bring it to life.


If I am lucky enough to adopt Ica I would most likely freak out and run around my apartment, or spin in my chair at work. But beside that I would be honored to begin these plans for her.

If I can add Ica to my family she would be placed on my side account kmafia. I plan on buying the premium account, so I can move Jarindara my royal kougra to my main account. Once Ica is on kmafia I will begin working more on this pet page. I love this page but there is so much more I want to do. I want to have more art and write out the story of how Greuno gave Ica her emotions back.

Also, because I am such an art fanatic Ica will be entered in the BC or Beauty contest every chance I get. There is no doubt in my mind she will win tons of trophy and be a star of the BC. If you look through my accounts you will notice just about all of my pets have beauty contest trophies. My goal is get a gold trophy for each one of them. I only need a few more.^^

I also plan on giving Ica, her very own personal customization based on her character. Below is an idea of what it would look like. I chose the Moonlit Ruins Background and Castle Foreground because they remind me of exactly what Darga-La would look like. The third item Spooky Shadows has two meanings. The first is they make me think of nightmares, but the second relates to Greuno's story. The story I wrote for this app is only the start. There is a whole other part that deals with demons and Greuno.

Lastly, Ica will have a petpet. I have chosen to keep her warf with her but paint him desert. This little warf will be named Akita and is the leader of Ica's ghost hound pack.


Well, it looks like you have reached the end of my application. So tell me, what do you think? Are Ica and Kosma destined to be friend or enemies? Will Greuno and Adgaru fight over the Throne of the Time Lord or will Some pull a fast one and take the post fromt he boys? Will there be a war or will they go out for pizza? You tell me? Because, honestly, even I dont know. XD Just kidding. :)

Anyways, I certainly hope you enjoyed my application, and were able to tell how much Ica means to me. In closing, this is a note mainly for anyone who cares. I love my pets. I mean really love them and no matter what kind of pet I have I spoil them rotten. I know that if I was ever given the chance to bring Ica's character to life that, she would be loved like all my other pets. Thanks for reading and I wish you luck finding the perfect home for Ica.^^

If you have time feel free to check out some of my pets pet pages. Click the links below. They really are my heart and soul.

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