Since the dawning of time there has only been one star in the sky. Bright and burning, its light and fire warmed the hearts of the creatures below and fed the plants nutrients. For years this is how the world worked. This lone star was viewed as a God and temples and sacrifices were made in his honor.

However, no matter how much wealth and praise was showered towards the Sun no ones hand could reach him. For if a mortal ever came close, they would burst into flames before his great and holy face. Thus, the Lord of the Sky became distraught and lonely and chose to...

Ooo, this is my favorite part. A small faerie xweetok boy squeaked, as he quickly tried to turn the page of the book.

No Muku! Stop that! You are going to rip it again! A red faced poogle girl snapped, as she tried to wrench the book from Muku's little hands.

Give it back Sahyu! I had it first! Muku cried, as tears started to stream down his face. However, his sister just huffed as she held the book over her head.

I knew it, you are too little to understand the importance of…. Suddenly, Sahyu felt herself being picked up off the ground, as a golden furred lion carried her in his arms. Muku quickly followed as the lion placed Sahyu on the bed as Muku flapped his little wings. Daddy, he does not understand and keeps interrupting me while I read. Sahyu whined, as she crossed her arms.

No, I don't! Muku shouted. She just reads it so slow and wont even let me turn the pages.

The golden lion looked at his two children and sighed, however just as he was getting ready to scold them he felt a cool hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see the sweet smile of a blue greyish furred aisha woman. He watched as she calmly lifted the book out of Sahyu's hands and sat down as Sahyu and Muku scurried to her side.

Now, lets see, where were we in this story? She said, as her soft voice calmed her children's protests.

Thus, the Lord of the Sky became distraught and lonely, and chose to run away in search of someone his hand's would not burn. On his journey he saw many great things…

Like the Isles, where the mortals live. Muku said, as he curled up closer to get a better look at the illustrations.

Yes, that is correct, my little one. She said, as she nuzzled Muku. Muku giggled, as Sahyu rested her tired head on her mother's shoulder.

He saw the land of the mortals, a world so in love with the Sun that he began to wonder if maybe someone among them would be able to stand his flames.

Alright, we will finished the rest tomorrow night. Mom, has work to do. The golden lion said, which cause the kids to cry out.

No, no, one more page! Muku shouted, as the aisha woman tousled his hair.

Tomorrow night my loves. She said, with a sweet voice, as she watched her children curl up under the covers.

Come now your Majesty. The sun is already resting. The golden lion said, with a cheeky grin as he watched her kiss their children good night.

Oh Hikaru, you need to come up with new material. She laughed, as she walked out the door. Suddenly a pair of blue monarch wings appeared on her back as Muku yawned and said:

Then one night, a second star was born and the sun was no longer lonely.

Hikaru smiled as he pulled the covers over his children. Yes, that's right my son. He said, as he turned to look at Maje standing in the doorway waiting for him.

And he was never lonely again.


Welcome to my project page for an UC Royal Girl Aisha, or Maje, as I will be calling her. I am so excited to show off this page and this character I have created for Maje. To start off I have a few things I want say:

1. This page is very image and animation heavy, so please give your computer time to load everything.

2. All of my characters are interconnected, in a giant plot I call the Isles. If you would like to read more about it, before you move into Maje's character and story, please go to the about Aly section.

3. I am so sorry not all of the artwork is shaded but it will be one day.
4. Thank you for reading my project page. I had so much fun creating this character that it seemed to just spring to life on its own.

I made this page of my own free will. Thanks^^


The land of Luni is one giant island that is covered in jungles, waterfalls, wild animals and the savage Lunites. Lunites are raised from birth to be warriors. A kind and caring heart is a weakness that these jungle cats can't afford. They live at the mercy of nature and worship the Sun above.

They are not a very intelligent race, but they understand the ways of the world better than most. They use their five senses to learn how to handle danger and to protect their families. Books cannot cut down your enemy only a spear can, thus the only education system here is survival of the fittest. That being said, they are amazing craftsmen and live in beautiful multi-colored brick buildings. Just like their buildings, these cats love to wear many colors. They believe hiding ones presence is a cowards way, thus when they go into battle they look like a rainbow on parade.


Title: Goddess of the Moon
Name: Maje
Nickname: Maje
Age: 23
Species: Ashia
Height: 5 7
Weight: 140 pounds
Ability: Raises the moon and has medical knowledge
Home: Novela

Maje, as she refers to be named, is the Goddess of the Moon. However, she was not always the Queen to the Sun. Her life began in Luni as the village chiefs only daughter. She was raised to fight and carry a spear in her hands at all times. But, Maje was not a fighter and like the wind she could not be held back from her destiny.

As a child she spent her days learning the art of combat but the moment she had a second to escape she fled to the jungle. Her speed was so over powering that as she grew no one was able to catch her and she quickly became known as the one that could not be caught. By the time she was 13 she spent her days running through the jungle paths exploring the wild world she would one day inherit. Through her explorations she discovered how to care for the plants and animals of the jungle and became like a healer to them.

One day, she stumbled upon a great tree in the middle of the jungle, while she was riding around on Yodi, her pet stego. She right away knew there was something mystical about this old twisted tree and chose to make it her base. So no one would become suspicious of her outings, she referred to the tree as The Great Mother, a name given to the Queen of Luni. This way her father would always think she was going to visit the graves of the past queens.

When Maje met Hikaru, the God of the Sun, her life changed. For the first time she let someone inside her world and realized all she had ever wanted was for someone to understand her.

Maje is kind, loyal, motherly and over all very head strong. She dislikes getting dressed up and the concept of meetings and being a Queen does not always sit well with her. She much rather go tend to the royal gardens or take walks with Muku around The Evergreen Forest. She can also become distracted very easily, since everything fascinates her. She loves living in Novela and immortality suits her well, since now she can study and learn everything there is to know about becoming a healer. She is an opinionated aisha that wants things done her way, however when she is caring for her children these thoughts vanish quickly. She adores Sahyu and Muku and believes that they are the greatest gift she has ever been given.

Maje has two appearances that she goes by. One is her normal dress with a silver crown atop her head, which she does not care for. However, Hikaru demands the crown when they go out on official business.

Then there is her goddess state. Like most of the gods, when they are in a holy state a pair of wings will grown from their back. Maje is no exception to this. When it is time for her to raise the moon a pair of elegant silvery and blue monarch butterfly wings will appear on her back. Her dress will also change into a flowing gown that represents the colors of the setting sun. She is a magnificent sight to see, gliding through the sky.

Sidenote: The Great Mother, or the tree Maje used as her base, is actually enchanted by The Great Father. The roots of these trees are used as a bridge to connect Novela and the Isles. This is how Maje is able to meet Hikaru.


Yodi is a rare breed of reptile or a stego. They are brightly colored lizards who are hardly ever seen in the wild. It is said they live in the tallest trees in the jungle and only come down to lay their eggs in shallow pools of water.

Maje found Yodi when he was a small egg, in a creek behind her house. Stego eggs look like shinny pearls, so when Maje took the pearl home with her, she was sure she had found a treasure. It was not until the next morning, when Yodi hatched, that she understood what her treasure really was. The process of caring for baby Yodi caused Maje to fall in love with the animals of the jungle and want to learn more about them. Yodi, on the other hand, sees Maje as his mother and guardian. He is completely loyal to her and has to always be by her side. Hikaru granted Yodi the title of Gaurdian for the Lunar Gardens, which made him immortal. Now, he spends his day eating papayas in the garden and sleeping under the stars with his master and her family.


Every god that rules over the Isles is made by The Great Father, an old tree whos roots form a bridge down to the land of the mortals. This tree is the first tree but he is not invulnerable to the elements of time. Thus, he realized he must create someone or something to take his place and rule over the world he had created.

Hikaru; he is warmth, light, and fire. He is the God of the Sun, and the ruler of the day and the skys. He is the first god, The Great Father, crafted and the first being to ever live. Kind, watchful, and honest he looks down on the mortals with curiosity and love. Many days he sits in the clouds playing his harp, which creates a gentle breeze that rustles through the fields. Yet, the true story of his birth is cloaked in mystery and only a few know how the Sun was really created.

If you care to learn more about him please click on his picture. It will take you to a project page I am working on for Hikaru's story

Kiros; he is intelligent, meticulous, and constant. He is the God of Time and the Brother of Hikaru. The moment Hikaru became the God of the Sun, it was clear that someone needed to keep track of the days and record the events of the past, present, and future. Thus, Kiros was born. Constantly being able to see what is coming next Kiro's is always interested in changing the future by playing tricks on the mortals below. In a sense he is bored with his existence and yearns for something or someone to break the the spell of time.

Thantos; he is cold, dark, and hard. He is the God of Death, and the youngest brother to Hikaru and Kiros. A long time ago he was once mortal. Thantos began his life as the Prince of Grove, a small Isle run by a pack of Viking Lupes who were always hungry for battle. Thantos, was no different and excelled greatly on the battlefield. However, because he was the youngest he would never see the crown atop his head. Thus, he chose to take matters into his own hands and due to this he was granted an immortal life with the power to rule over all. Now, Grove is gone and all Thantos wants is more power.

The royal family of Novela, the birthplace of the Gods, is made up of Hikaru, the God of the Sun, and Maje, the Goddess of the Moon. Together they rule over the day and night. Then there are their two children, Sahyukii the Goddess of Summer and Atemuku the God of Spring. This family is the hope and joy of the immortals, as well as the most important thing to Maje.



Crunch. Slurp. The sweet juice of the papaya drizzled down Maje's chin, as she bit into the center of the fruit. Quickly, she wiped her mouth and puffed out her cheeks. Then leaning over the cloth covered roof top, of the vendor's stall, she began to aim the seeds at the passers by. One by one she watched as the towns folk stopped and looked up, after getting hit with the sticky black seeds.

Maje! On hearing her name Maje gathered up the remaining fruits, nuts and other stolen things, from the market, and shoved them into her pack. Her heart raced with excitement as her fingers tightened around her spear as she jumped from one market stall to the next.

Maje, you little thief! You better have money to pay for those! A plump techo shouted, as he waved his fist up at her.

Dont worry Mr. Tani. We wont let her get away! Maje turned around to see five members of the guard, dressed in green and gold, who were quickly gaining on her. Their spears and swords were raised high in the air as they tried to get her to come down from her perch. Quickly she jumped down and started to push past the crowd as she tried to put some distance between her and the guards.

After running here and there Maje chose to once again head for higher ground, but the guards were not going to give up their chase so easily. My the gods must have granted that girl with speed, for I have never seen someone move so fast.

Hush up, and save your breath. If she gets to the rooftop before us, its all over.

What do you mean General? However, the general did not have time to answer, for Maje had raced to the rooftop and was now standing on the edge. She waved at the guards as she leaned over the edge of the roof and before they could stop her she fell backwards.

Princess! The general yelled ,as he ran to the edge of the rooftop fearing the worst, but the moment the guards looked down they were pushed back. A giant gust of wind smashed them in the face as Yodi, Maje's pet flying lizard shot into the sky with Maje clinging to his back. Your Majesty! The general yelled, as Maje laughed and cupped her hands to her mouth.

Tell Mr. Tani to put this on my father's tab! She shouted, as she waved her half eaten papaya in her hand.

Not again. What is the chief going to say? One of the guards said, as he slumped to the ground.

The general rubbed his neck as he watch Maje become a small speck in the sky. There's not much else we can do. She is the chief's daughter and she beats even the finest of our warriors. I don't think anyone can hold that girl down.


The wind rushed by as Yodi picked up speed through the air. Ha ha ha, did you see their faces Yodi? Best escape yet. Maje laughed, as Yodi purred in agreement. Alright boy, lets get to The Great Mother as quickly as we can. I am worried about that injured mimbi. I should not have left him out there alone for three days.

Purr… click, click.

I know Yodi. Bringing him into the city would have been much worse. Father would have handed him off to the cook the moment he saw him. Mimbi meat makes a great after dinner meal.
Maje said, in a deep voice.

Click, clicksss.

Seriously, are you laughing? So you think that was funny, do you. Maje mocked. You should not laugh, considering when I found you, you were just a little egg. If Father had seen you he would have made you into a yummy stego omelet.


That's right, and you better remember that the next time you laugh at me.
Maje said, as she gently patted Yodi's head. It's ok. I forgive you, my big baby. Maje cooed, as Yodi began to circle over a giant tree. It was the biggest tree in the jungle, and the only way one could reach it was on the back of a stego.

Yodi glided in for a landing as he maneuvered towards a giant branch. Just like a bird he spread his front feet so they were ready to hold on tight, but then used his tail to wrapped around where he had chosen to perch. Great landing as always my scaly friend. Maje said, as she rummaged in her bag and threw a papaya into the air. In a flash Yodi's giant sticky tongue shot out of his mouth and wrapped around the fruit, and with one large gulp the papaya was no more.

Maje began to hum to herself as she balanced on the branches of The Great Mother and used low hanging vines to swing towards her base. The base was quite something to see. Plants of many different kinds had wrapped around the wooden railings and floors making everything look like it was about to fall apart. However, the moment Maje placed her foot on the rotting wood the plants seem to support her weight and keep her from falling through.

Here, little mimbi. Where are you? Maje called, as she pushed a curtain of vines out of the way. Don't be afraid. I brought you something to eat. Maje said, as she reaching into her sack and pulled out some of the black seeds from the papaya. Carefully she dropped them into a mixing pot and began to crush them. Little mimbi, I know you are hiding in here. She called again, as she reached up and took some powder out a jar and sprinkled it into the pot. The oils from these seeds and powdered taokicarrot will be really good for your….. But Maje was unable to finish, for hanging suspend in a sea of vines was a kougra boy. He was cut up pretty bad and looked like he had passed out. Quietly Maje placed the mixing pot down and reached for her spear. Carefully she walked towards the wall of vines, where the boy hung tangled, and gently poked him. No movement. With a deep breath Maje tried once more and used a little more force.

Owe, mmmmm. The kougra boy groaned as he tried to move, but his arms were so tightly woven into the vines it looked like he was part of the plant.

Maje took a step towards him and prepared to poke him again, but the moment the spear hit him the boy's golden yellow eyes shot open.



They both screamed, as Maje dropped her spear and nearly fell backwards. What… what are you doing in there? She said, after she righted herself and picked up her spear. The boy looked at her with interest and then cleared his throat.

Me? I'm just hanging out. He laugh, but Maje was not amused.

How did you get here? Do you have a flying pet, too?

Flying pet?
The boy's eyes darted around, as if looking for something. On seeing nothing there he smiled at her. I dont think so?

You don't think so? Then how did you get here?
Maje barked, as she raised her spear into the boy's face.

Easy there, as you can see… He said, as he tried to wiggle his hands. I am unarmed and unable to defined myself. So, my lady, why don't we put the spear down until we have taken care of this problem? He smiled, as Maje rolled her eyes and turned away from him. Hey wait! Are you really not going to help me? This time the kougra's voice sounded more angry and aggressive. Maje turned around and glared at him as she picked up a bottle off her table and removed the cork with her teeth. A strong smell of lavender poured from the bottle as Maje walked over to the kougra and dropped a small amount of the liquid onto the vines. Suddenly, the vines went loose and the kougra felt his arms become free. Ha ha ha, I am out. He shouted, as he hopped from out of the vines and landed in front of Maje who pointed her spear at him.

Who are you? Where did you come from? How did you find this place? Maje yelled, as she jabbed her spear towards the boy every time she finished a question.

Can you please stop that. How can I answer anything when you keep poking that thing at me? The boy snapped, as he reached out to snatch the spear from her. Maje jumped back, but she was not fast enough. The boy wrapped his paws around the handle and tried to pull it from her.

Let go!

Not until you drop the spear! The boy yelled.

Why would I do something so silly? Maje hissed, as the boy lunged towards her.

Listen here. I have had a not so pleasant time in this god forsaken place and the last thing…. The kougra yelled, as he pulled Maje towards him. I need, is a jungle cat getting in my way! Suddenly, heat began to pour from the kougra's body. Maje winced as she felt her paws get burned. On seeing what was happening the kougra let go of the spear and took a step back. Maje dropped the spear to the ground and clutched her burnt hands. Her eyes were filled with rage. Oh, forget it. I am too tired to fight you. The boy said, as he sat down on the floor in a huff.

Maje carefully tried to pick up her spear, but her burnt hands stung and she kept dropping it over and over again.

Here, let me get that for you. The boy said, as he got off the ground and picked up the spear. He held it out to Maje who turned her head away. My, you sure are stubborn. He hissed, as he leaned the spear against the table and returned to his place on the floor. Maje watched as he pulled something out of his cloak. What was it? She had never seen anything like it. The boy looked up on noticing her staring at him. He shrugged it off and gently glided his hands over the strange object. It made a soft soothing sound which made Maje feel like every part of her body was being bathed in a healing light.

Slowly the pain in her hands began to fade and soon she was able stand up. Carefully she began to walk over towards the boy, who never looked at her, since his eyes were closed shut. Maje gulped, as she reached for her spear. Must we really fight, my lady? The boy said, as he continued to play. Maje paused and looked over at him. If it is really necessary then I will, but you should know by now there is no way you can beat me. He said, as he eyed her.

Maje felt like a lost child on a battlefield. No one, on the entire Isle of Luni, had ever caught her. She had been the fastest, so no one could ever reach her. Yet, this boy, with one flick of his wrist, had grabbed hold of her spear, something no man had ever been able to do. He was right, the battle had been over before it had even begun. Slowly, Maje walked over to the kougra and crouched down by him. Who are you? She said, as she looked at the boy that had beaten her with interest and curiosity.

It is custom, my lady, to give your name first when you ask a stranger for his. He said, as he did not even open his eyes to look at her.

My name is Maje. She sighed, knowing she had lost the fight.

The kougra smiled as he raised his head and looked her in the face. I am Hikaru. It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Maje. In that moment she was able to get a better look at this strange boy. His golden eyes flashed at her as he spoke. He was such a mystery, this odd kougra with golden fur. Who was he and why was he here?

Do you like it? Hikaru said, as he ran his fingers through the object. I made it myself. It honestly is the only thing I am good at. He smiled, as he plucked the strings.

What is it? Maje said, as she reach out to touch it.

I see, so your kind don't know about harps. Hikaru said, as he stopped playing and slowly reached out for Maje's hand. She could sense a nervousness, almost a fear, in his movement, as if he was hesitant to touch her.

Here! Show me. Maje said, as she placed her hand in his. He looked shocked as he held her hand and then looked up at her.

Are you ok? His question confused Maje, but she nodded her head, as a giant grin appeared on his face.

What? Maje snapped, as she prepared to pull her hand away from his, but he just shook his head. Suddenly, she felt a warm pulse go through her arm as he brushed her fingertips over the harps strings.

Well, look at that, you are a natural. Hikaru said, with a smile on his face. Every part of him glowed and Maje was sure his warmth reminded her of the sun.


I think it would be best to handle this matter quickly Chief.

I agree. We must find a way to appease the Sun God.

But we have done everything in our power. What more can we do?

Maje yawned. She had been in the conference hall for so long that it was hard to even think straight. For the past three months the sun, for whatever reason, had not left the sky. At first, the Lunites had danced in the streets. It was a miracle, a blessing from the Gods above. Everyone felt safe at night, since there was no more darkness. However, as the days went by what had been a blessing turned into a nightmare. Over time the heat from the sun scorched the earth making crops wither and the wells dry up. Soon, fear and worry entered the minds of many, which had thus led to this meeting.

I agree with everything you are saying. The Gods are mad and we must do everything we can to appease them. The chief said, as everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Everyone except for Maje. Maje! The chief yelled, causing her to sit up straight.

Yes, father? Her eyes darted around when she saw the disapproving faces of the council.

Princess, what do you think we should do? One of the council members said with a pompous tone.

Ummm…. Maje felt her heart beat race. She hated this. She hated being cooped up in a room listening to these annoying men. However, the truth was, Luni was in trouble and it was her duty to help. If the Sun God is mad with us then we must do something to show our devotion. The men around the table nodded their heads, which gave Maje the strength to continue. I believe the best way to do it is to…… She stopped as she tried to gather her thoughts. Ummm...hold a feast or a giant celebration. We could gather everyone together and put them before the Sun God. We can show him we are honoring him with this event and then maybe he will make the sun go away? Maje looked around the table to see if her idea was sinking in and taking root. Also, this is a great way to help our people relax and not worry about the crops or water shortage.

The moment the table agreed Maje breathed a sigh of relief and then quickly she snuck out the back door. She could have cared less about having those old men praise her idea, in truth she was not hopeful. If the Sun God was this angry there was nothing more to be done. What good would a festival do? The only thing they needed was to be around the ones that were important to them until the very end.


Well, look at you. I think Maje will be pleased to see you trying to fly so soon.

Maje pulled back the curtain of vines, at the base, to see Hikaru sitting on the floor playing his harp for a family of pawkeets, who were perched on his head and shoulders. She smiled on seeing this familiar sight. For about three months Hikaru had become a part of her basecamp activities. He had helped her gather herbs off the jungle floor, caught hurt animals, and even aided in making medicines.

Oh, you are back. Hikaru said, as he tried to get up. Come on guys, Moms home, don't you think you should greet her? Maje laughed as the pawkeets squawked in protest. I guess not? Hikaru shrugged, as he lightly played a melody on his harp.

Maje closed her eyes and hummed along to the tune. It was hard to believe she had actually grown accustom to Hikaru entering her little world. She had never allowed anyone to know about the base or her love for tending to the creatures of the jungle, since most Lunites only wished to hunt animals not heal them. However, Hikaru never said anything about this, on the contrary he praised her for having a kind heart.

So, did you finish up with what you needed to in the village? Hikaru said, as Maje handed him a cup of juice. Are you sure? I thought you were saving this for a special occasion? He said, as he looked at the sweet jungle juice and watch Maje poor the last of it into a cup for herself.

I am not so sure anything special will be happening anytime soon. Maje said, as she gulped down the juice in one go.

Hikaru looked up at her with concern as he gently pushed the animals away. Why are you saying that? He said, as he offered his cup to her, but he shook her head.

Well, the sun is not going down and soon all the water will be gone. The plants will wither and the animals… Maje stopped, she felt a lump in her throat. Not once, not once in her life had she cried in front of another. It was considered the greatest sign of weakness and she was certainly not going to in front of her only friend. She felt Hikaru take her hand in his. She tried to look away but Hikaru made her turn and face him.

Do you really want the sun to go away? His words confused her. Tell me Maje, do you want the sun to leave the sky?

I don't want anything to happen the animals.

No. Maje that is not what I am asking. Do you want the sun to go or not?
Hikaru's grip tightened on her hand, causing Maje to feel uneasy. Yet, the moment she nodded her head Hikaru released her. In that short instance she knew she had done something hurtful to him.


Everything looks amazing! The councilmen said, as they walked the streets of the Sun God Festival. However, Maje did not care about the food, the colorful lanterns, the clothes, or even the fact that the darkness had returned. For, when she went back to the base, on the night the sun vanished, he was not there. She rode all through the jungle searching for him, a sign of him, but he was gone. It made her wonder if Hikaru had even been real to begin with. Yet, she did not have time to dwell on these thoughts, since the council was sure the Sun God had chosen to relinquish his time in the sky due to her brilliant idea. Thus, tonight she was the guest of honor.

Maje, more jungle juice? Maje looked at Mr. Tali who smiled as he shoved a giant bowl of juice in front of her. Drink up, you are the star of the show after all. Also, don't worry about your father's tab, I'll take care of it. Mr. Tali said, as he rushed to pour more juice for other people.

However, one look at the juice and Maje could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. I was wrong. She whispered.

Did you say something? The chief said, as he stuffed a fist full of island berries into his mouth. Mr. Tali, bring me another round of papayas. Those are your favorite, right Maje? The chief yelled, as he raised his hand.

Maje slumped in her chair as she watched the juice go back and forth in the bowl. I was wrong. Even if it would make the sun come back, I would rather have you here Hikaru.

Did you say….. but the chief did not have time to finish, for a giant gust of hot wind began to whip everything into a frenzy. Maje tried to shield her eyes from the wind but before she could raise her hands she felt something warm put its arms around her.

Do you really feel that way, my lady?

Maje jumped out of her seat and turned around to make sure she was not dreaming. Sure enough it was Hikaru, but something seemed different. This was not the same boy who had been caught up in vines or had lived in the jungle for three months. No, the kougra in front of her had a coat of golden fur that glowed in the fire light. He was dressed in red and gold robes of the finest cloth she had ever seen with a beautiful symbol of the sun embroidered in gold thread on his chest. His hair was long, much longer then it has been and it glowed and flowed around him like the rays of the sun. Maje reached out to touch it but Hikaru stopped her. It was then she saw it. Resting on his head was a crown of gold, that appeared to be on fire. Was this really Hikaru?

Hikaru? Maje questioned, as he smiled at her with his golden yellow eyes.

Yes, Maje, it's me.

But, you…..
However, Maje did not have a chance to finish for the guards had begun to circle Hikaru and the Chief was standing behind Maje.

Who are you? The Chief ordered, as the guards pointed their spears at Hikaru.

I see where you get it from, my lady. Hikaru laughed, as he touched the tip of one of the spears. Ouch, those things are sure sharp. Maje giggled on realizing only Hikaru would act this way in front of 10 armed guards.

I asked you a question boy! Who are…..

That will do Chief.
Hikaru said, as he raised his hand to stop the Chief from talking. My business is not with you but your daughter. The tone of his words caused the guards to take a step back.

My daughter! What do you need from Maje? The Chief yelled, as he grabbed Maje and pulled her to him. Maje tried to fight him off but his grip was too strong.

Hikaru sighed as he looked to the chief and then at Maje. I was hoping this would not be too complicated, but I guess with you people spears and violence are all you understand. Maje watched as Hikaru removed a thin sword from his hilt. The guards laughed on seeing such a strange weapon as Hikaru eyed her and swung the sword around. Suddenly, everyone stopped as the sun began to rise into the sky.

I am Fire
I am Heat.
I am the light you use before you sleep
I break the dawn and end the night
I am the above all
I rule the skies.

Maje watch as one by one the guards dropped their spears and fell to their knees. Soon the chief and everyone else followed suit, everyone except for her.

Maje, what are you doing? The Chief hissed, but she was not listening. Slowly Hikaru walked over to her, until they were standing face to face.

This is why you asked me if I wanted the sun to….. However, Maje could not finish. She felt her legs tremble as . I am so sorry. I am sorry, I did not mean to …. Tears started well up in her eyes. Hikaru watch with a smile on his face as he took her hand.

Maje. In all my time, as a god, no one has ever been able to take my hand. My fur burns so brightly that those around me have to cover their eyes. I have been kept locked away to only come out during the day and leave at night. For years, I believed I would never find anyone who could be next to me. She could feel his grip tighten around her trembling hand. That was until I met you. Hikaru said, with a shaky voice.


Yes, princess. Your head strong, quick to temper, and have such a fierce personality that you rival my own fire. However, your kind and sweet nature to the creatures of the jungle is like a soothing comforting breeze. You see, you are the only one that can be a cool light in the night to release the pains my daylight brings.

I don't understand?
Maje said, as he wiped a tear from her eye.

Maje, become a new light for me and for your people. Hikaru's words for the first time did not confuse her. She understood what he was asking now. Quickly she looked at her father, with his worried face, and the people around her who both feared and loved the sun. Then she looked into Hikaru's warm eyes and knew what had to be done. Carefully she nodded her head and in a quick gust of cool night wind they were gone.

However, resting in a silvery glow was the new night light, the moon, which would be the guide for all those lost in the darkness.


I guess it is time to introduce myself. My name is Aly, and I am 27 years old. I love anything with a fluffy furry face and cat ears. I think that is why I own so many kougras or cat like characters.. I love drawing, it is my passion. I actually studied to be an animator, but now I work in production on as a production assistant on a Nickelodeon animation tv show.

I have been playing neopets since 2005. I love this site and could never leave. I spend most of my time making pet pages for my pets, entering my pets in the BC, making comics for the Neopian Times, entering the Art Gallery, and talking to people on the PC and BC chats. I have four accounts. Why only four? Well, I like to keep things simple and to be honest, I don't see a need to have more then 16 pets. However, I only have 11 pets but three of them are not exactly characters yet:

Foku: Is my 300HSD battledom pet

Publish: Is more or less my persona and houses my Neopian Comics on her page.

Peddler: Is a character I am working on. His page is going to whole a world building page that will explain the Isles and my character.

main | side | side | side

In my spare time, in real life, I love to watch tv on my computer, while I draw, and read lots and lots of manga. I love how manga creates a world for each character and due to this I chose to create my own.

The Isles is a plot I started back in 2005, when I first joined neopets. Over the years it has really grown into something I am very proud of. I love history and the cultures of so many different lands and time periods. I wanted desperately to create a world that would allow me to explore the art, customs, clothing, and nature of the people that lived in those lands and times. Thus, the Isles was born.

It is a world of samurais, pharaohs, emperors, kings, dukes, duchess, vikings, demons, gods, and all walks of mythical creatures. Do you care to meet them?

Below I have broken each section up into where the characters reside. There are three main Isles: Nor (Victorian/ Mid-evil France / Britain), Evoi (Ancient Indian/ Egyptian), and Tugan (Ancient Chinese, Japaneses, and Korean). Luni and Grove are two of the oldest Isles. Luni (Aztec/ Mayan) is the birthplace of Maje and Grove (Viking with Celtic roots) is where Thantos the God of Death was raised. These two isles are now known as unexplored lands, since Thantos destroyed Grove when he became immortal and Luni has become over run by the jungles. Now no one visits them and they are said to be cursed.

Adgaru: Is the prince of Nor. Kind, honest and musically gifted, everyone loves Adgaru. However, he is not what he appears. On his 15th birthday something broke inside of him. He felt like everything was in pause and only he could move through time. That was the day Kiros spoke to him and told him that he was the reincarnation of the God of Time. Thus, he is no longer welcome in the land of the mortals. For every time Kiros awakens the world around Adgaru stops moving and he becomes lost in a sea of silence.

Greuno : Is the only son of the Duke of Milt. Milt is the biggest town in Nor and it is known for its bustling towns and extravagance. Greuno, is the future right hand of the king, which he neither welcomes or is interested in, since he believes he is smarter than the blue eyed Adgaru. However, the moment that thought entered his mind he started to unleash a dark power, something he never knew he had. Now he spends his days making toys. Greuno is known for the masterpieces he creates all around the Isles. However, unknown to everyone Greuno has a secret. All of his toys use to be living things. Yes, Greuno has the power to capture a persons soul by creating a stuffed doll of them. He says this is not voodoo but what would you call it.

Cuel : Is the first son of Thantos, the God of Death, however he lives in Nor around the mortals. His purpose is a simple one, watch over all the mortals the gods have played tricks on in the land of Nor. He is one of three Grimms, as they refer to themselves. They are a secret race that can move between worlds. He instantly took an interest to Greuno and his dark magical gift. Quickly he positioned himself around the boy and became the little Dukes butler. Now he watches over Adgaru and waits for the day a new god will be born. However, he is not dismissive of the rabbit eared shadow that is constantly lurking around the manor.

Kitrenna : Is the lone daughter of the Duke of Canton, a small sea side island that is part of Nor. Her beauty and operatic singing voice were known all throughout the isle. It only made sense that even the gods would take an interest in her. On the day Kiros came to pay a visit she was instantly smitten, but this was a friendship that would end in loss. For Kiros was the one that had given her the ability to sing, by placing a song bird's soul inside of her when she was born. Kiros loved music but a birds life was so short that he believe he could use a mortal to extend its life, even if by a few years. At the time Kiros thought nothing of this, since he and his brother loved to play games with the mortals below. However, as Kiros got to know Kitrenna he realized he did not want to loose her, even if this meant he would not be there to hear her voice. Thus, he turned her immortal and gave up his existence to save her. Now, she wanders around the Isles hoping to find Kiros and be reunited with her dear friend.

Hieroh : Was once known by the name Lord Roh. He was born into an illustrious family that trained in leather and metal work. He was seen as one of the greatest craftsmen, but at the age of 25 he lost everything. His family, his status, and even his age. Due to the envious greed of his relatives he was poisoned. However, the poison did not end his life but unleashed a family curse that had been dormant for years. He is now a Shadow Wolf, a creature that wanders the world in search of evil souls to eat, and searching for his master. Right now Kitrenna is his master and guide, but one day he will walk side by side the Grimms as their immortal watch dog. This is why he no longer looks like a wealthy 25 year old young man but a rough and tumble 12 year old pup who will never age again.

Jerimiias : Is the sole heir to the throne of Evoi. He is calculating, egotistical and spoiled. He believes power is everything and who you have by your side will lead you to victory. The moment he met Priestess Sahyukii, he instantly wanted her as his queen and was willing to do anything to make it happen.Even show off a hidden power he was born with. He called it the "Blue Flame of Will." It is a fire he can conjure on command to do his bidding and aid him in battle. Now, that he has shown his secret to her, he wont let her escape him until he has removed his father from the throne and become the new Pharaoh of Evoi.

Sahyukii : Was once the Goddess of Summer and Hikaru's daughter. However, when she was young she fell through a portal and landed in the deserts of Evoi. Once her feet touched mortal soil she lost all recollection of who she was and the family she left behind. Raised by traveling silk merchants Sahyu learned the ways of the desert. It was not until she was 16 that she saw the Golden City of Evoi, the capital. Instantly she was pulled towards the Temple of Solus, the name the mortals gave Hikaru. However, only royals and priestesses are allowed entry there. Yet, when one of the priestesses saw her red fur she knew something was different about this girl. Quickly, she was put into training and one day she was given entry to the temple. Once the doors closed behind her memories that had been locked away came back. Right away she knew who she was and was told that if she wanted to return she would need to find the owner of the "Will." A flame that was stolen decades ago. Once she had retrieved the holy flame she could come home. However, there was one problem... once the flame is removed the life of the holder will go out with it.

There are also three other immortal characters, that do no exactly fit into a single plot.

Kosma: Is a star caster witch and the adopted daughter of Kiros. There are two worlds that Kiros, controls. One is called Darga- La, home of the the Nightmare Weavers, and the other is La- Ringla, the dwelling of the Star Caster Witches. These two lands are located on two separate planets that rotate around the moon, like the minute and hour hands of a clock. The casters job is to protect the dream bees from the evil Nightmare Weavers of Darga-La.These small insects feed on the sweet dreams of the mortals below. The casters then collect the honey these bees make and use it to paint the stars in the sky. When Kiros vanished from Kosma's life she went on a constant search for him. On the day Adgaru was born, she knew exactly who he was. Quickly, she transformed herself into a small purple dandan and became Adgaru's pet. Now, she waits for her father to be reborn again.

Atemuku: Is the God of Spring. He is the prince the of the forest and only son of Hikaru and the Queen of the Moon, Maje. He was suppose to be bright in color, like a flower, however his wings are a dirty brown. He is seen as a cursed prince but even so he still has a green thumb and a love of causing mischief. By his side is his pet phoenix who right now is just a little pin cushion. However, when he grows up into a worthy Forest Phoenix Muku will be able to travel to the mortal world and look for his sister, without the fear of losing his memories.

Malrico: Was once a young mortal boy who lived in the cursed land of Andar, where it snows all year round. One day the leaders of Andar found a way to rid the land of snow by making a boy into the "Fallen Flower." Every young male was sent to the wall to learn how to be ich etchers. Those who could etch flowers that looks like they could come to life where deemed worth to be a fallen flower. However, only one boy was able to achieve this ability. This child was Rico, who was forced to become the God of Winter, in hopes that he would rid Andar of snow. To say the least he is not too happy about being lied too.


There are a few reasons I love Maje and chose to make this application for her. Certainly, she is an UC royal girl aisha, and as I said I love cat like creatures. However, one of the main reasons is this character. I really adore the the personality of Maje and how she is a independent head strong girl, even though she is a queen.

I really do love her and I have never worked this hard on an application before. Everything about her excites me. This is because this is an old character I have had for some time. I created Novela back in 2008 and have always wanted to have a pet that represented each one of the gods. Maje is my Lunar Goddess.

Maje's character, has also helped me design each one of my pets or push their characters a bit more. Since Maje and Hikaru are the catalysts for everything, in the Isles plot, getting Maje would help me lock down important parts of each one of my characters. Thus, I know if I am lucky enough to bring her home this passion and drive will not be lost and will only continue.


Alright, I have a lot of plans for Maje, however lets make this easy with a clean list.

Pet Page: I pride myself on my characters, art, story and my small coding ability's. Maje will get a pet page. This application gives you a good idea of how it will look. However, I want to have more art and I certainly want to shade all of the images. Right now, if you look in the story section all I have are sketches. If Maje were to come home with me, all of those would be inked,colored, and shaded.

Beauty Contest: Maje is a star and I want to prove it to the neoworld. This means, I will be entering her in the BC and try and get her some trophies. I am sure with a few hours of advertising, a day, I can get her a trophy.

Neopian Times: Because Maje is a catish neopet I will be giving her some air time in my "Tea Time" comics.

Home: Maje will be placed on my main account actinia. I chose this account because I want her on my main account because I plan on getting a premium account. This way when I get my UC royal male kougra, or Hikaru, the two of them will be together.

Look Up: I am not the best at coding look ups but I would like to give Maje a look up that is completed dedicated to her. If you look at my pets you will see what sort of look up Maje will have.

Customization: I adore NC! I think 9 times out of 10 I use NC to help me design my characters design. Thus, I have chosen some wonderful pieces for Maje. First, she will have the Stunning Moon View Background since she is the goddess of the moon.^^ Next the Striped Flower Foreground to represent the lunar gardens. Lastly, Sun Shower because Hikaru is always looking over her.

Petpet: Maje will also be keeping her stego, but his name will be Yodi. I am hoping the a faerie or green stego will be released and then I would repaint Yodi. I chose the stego because who does not like a jungle girl riding around on a giant lizard. Also, the two of them have been together for a long time, so I felt it only made sense to keep them together.


I am not sure exactly where this section belongs but for your viewing pleasure, some animated fluffy aisha adoptables. I have always wanted to do an aisha adopt and thought, why not add it into my application. I certainly hope you enjoy them. If, I am lucky enough to be chosen for Maje, I would continue doing the rest of the colors. For now, the basic colors will do.

I swear, I think I can hear them meowing for real. I must be going crazy. XDD Too many late nights.


Well, congrats, you made it to the end of my project page for an UC Royal Girl Aisha. I can't thank you enough for reading this page and I hope you enjoyed your time with my moon goddess character.

If you have a chance please take a look at some of the pet pages for my pets. I believe they will show you just how much work I put into my pets.

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