I was not forced to make this application!


Hey, hurry up and finish burying the poor sap. I want to get home before they start lightin the candles in the lanterns. A gruff voice called out, in the direction of a thin framed figure resting on the handle of a shovel.

I don't see the point in having to finish him tonight. Lets go get a drink at The Alley. I bet the old man is already sitting at his usual table. I can smell them meat pies as we…

Stop your talking and get to buryin. I swear, Thomas, everything with you is slow. You work slow. You talk slow, I bet you even…

Suddenly the two men stopped as the wind let out a deathly howl.

What was that? Thomas said, as his ears flitted back and forth nervously. I don't like this Dan. You heard what the old man said.

Thomas, I am really not in the mood. I am cold, hungry and now my patience is wearing thin.
Dan looked at his brother with annoyance. They were not really brothers, but I guess after all those years fighting off Anna Beth's ruler at the orphanage it had made them comrades in arms. He had always been the tough one of the two, but at this moment he could not hide the fact that the hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end. Something was coming.

No, Dan. The old man said, that if you don't get out of the graveyard before the sky gets all dark and fuzzy the… Thomas stopped, as he leaned in, to whisper into his brother's ear. The shadow wolves will get you, and if they don't devour your soul first the revenant ghosts will terrorize you with their haunting songs and screams. Booooo!

Not this again.
Dan groaned, as he snatched the shovel from his brother. Fine, if you wont get the job done I will… Suddenly Thomas stopped talking as his eyes grew wide with fear, as he raised a shaking finger out over the horizon. Slowly, Dan turned around to see two figures approaching. They gave off an ethereal glow. Dan had never seen a ghost before, and was unsure if the dim light of the setting sun was playing tricks on him. Thomas on the other hand was not interested in debating the matter. He let out a scream as he ran.

It's a revenant ghost. Run!!!!

Dan stood there shaking, frozen to his post as the figures inched ever closer. Excuse me! He shouted in a squeaky voice. Ehhh...the cemetery is closed! We had a funeral today! You don't want to fall into a grave, do ya? Dan laughed nervously, but the figures seemed to not even hear him. His heartbeat was rapid and he knew he was reaching his limit. Ghost story or not! I am not paid enough for this job! Wait for me Thomas! He yelled, as he threw the shovel to the ground and took off running.


The sound of their screams filled the air, as the smell of fresh dirt from nearby graves was starting to become overpowering. I looked down at the tombstone. Time had made parts of the font hard to read. Had it really been 13 years.

Etched in a cold hard font was Here lies Roh Beauchamp. The name glared back at me as the soft gloved hand of Kitrenna rested on my shoulder.

We should start heading back Hieroh. We don't want to be caught being here so soon after a funeral. I am sure those grave diggers will be back. Kitrenna said, as she looked around uneasy, but I could tell there was a slight smile on her face. I watched as she tucked a piece of her golden hair behind her ears and giggled. I had no idea I was so spoooky.

I laughed but the moment my hand rested in my coat pocket I realized this was the end.

Carefully I pulled out my father's watch. The weight of the silver seemed heavier now. Was it because I knew in a few moments it would no longer have a home in my waist coat pocket? I watched as Kitrenna placed the bouquet of flowers we had purchased on the grave. Something about her doing that sent a shiver down my spine.

Are you sure Hieroh? Her voice was now trembling slightly as she turned to face me. If you come with me you can never return here. I watched as her hand grazed over the tombstone as if she were petting it. You will never have a home again.

Kitrenna, I never really had a home. My words did not seem to reassure her. She turned away as she looked up at the darkening sky.

There should be a new moon tonight. I could not tell if she was talking to herself or giving me a warning. Quickly, I grabbed her hand.

You know I would never harm you! It is all because of you that I am not resting in that grave now. My words struck an unpleasant cord with her and she quickly pulled away. Don't say that Hieroh. Her hands were trembling as she raised them to her face. I knew she would not cry, it was not in her to do so.

Come on Kitrenna. Your demon dog needs a leash tonight. I laughed but her eyes flashed disgust.

You are a fool Hieroh Beauchamp. You will never understand what is means to be dead to everyone and still living at the same time. I watched as she began to walk away. The fog was starting to cover her from view, as it does to all things that truly don't exist. Yes, that is what we were, a ghost and a wolf. Two lost souls never aging, never changing, as time continued to march on around us.


Welcome Jackal and Wolf to my application for Hieroh. I am very excited to show you both the character I have created for him. This character has been a labor of love and I hope you enjoy learning about him. I can't thank you both enough for giving me this chance.

Before we start I want to explain a few things. I chose to do Hieroh's app in a grey scale because I wanted their to be no question about his character. Hieroh is a dark emotional boy, a Shadow Demon, but not completely black of heart. That is what the grey represents, the small amount of light in his life. Now, that we are done with that I am pleased to introduce the story of Hieroh Beauchamp and Duchess Kitrenna.


This is a small section to explain just what a shadow wolf and a revenant ghost is.

In ancient times there have always been stories of monsters haunting the night. One of the most famous is the Shadow Wolf. Akin to the werewolf the shadow wolf is a creature that lurks in darkness and turns on not a full moon but a new moon. They become almost like a specter as they whip around corners and feed on the most evil of souls. They are a balance regulator that protects the pure and devours the evil.

By their side, carrying the wolf's leash, is always a Revenant Ghost. These monsters were once living beings that lost their lives and choose to not remain dead. Those who are not the servants of a shadow wolf spend their days terrorizing the living.


There are many stories of families being cursed by bad luck or misfortune, however in the Beauchamp line that never was the case. I was born in the village of Lyth a pretty quiet town right on the outskirts of the hustle and bustle of the city. The whole town was surrounded by dense forests, which I spent my a days in as pup. For you see, the hunt was a hobby all young Beaucamps were taught to love, since we were leather workers. No meat, no leather.

When I turned 10 my father packed up my family and purchased a house in the city. In a matter of months he had bought up the other leather shops and made the Beauchamp name renowned as the best leather works on the whole Isle of Nor. Kings, dukes, and many other well to do folk would travel to our shop. Life was good and my hands were becoming more and more capable at crafting intricate knots and designs.

Then everything changed. In a blink of an eye the store was a blaze and my father was gone. In my heart broken state I sought comfort in the arms of family. But, little did I know the beast that had taken everything from me was not the red and yellow flames licking at the sky. No, that beast wore a dress, gloves and smelled of lilacs. Before, I knew what had happened my body was burning as a silver liquid was poured down my throat as a mysterious incantation was spoken aloud. Suddenly the world around be turned red as fur went flying as my claws grew and my teeth found a warm place to land. When I awoke I was no longer the dashing 17 year old heir to the family line but a young dirty pup dressed in over sized clothes.

I was thrown into an orphanage, since I no longer looked like a child of wealth and status. Somehow I had been turned into a boy of 12 and no matter how many times I screamed I was Roh Beauchamp no adult would hear me out. The only one who listened was Kitrenna. Oh, lovely Kitrenna. One would not be able to tell from looking at her but she was over 50 years old. My beautiful little song bird had stopped aging on her 12th year.

Revenge was the one thing that drove me and even though she begged me not to go after it I could not be stopped.

One cold autumn night we made our escape. We ventured all the way to the doorstep of the Beauchamp manor but when we got there something was wrong. The yard was in shambles and on from further investigation big white sheets covered the furniture inside. It was completely deserted. Confused we made our way back to the orphanage. With no money or food it was the only thing was could do. Kitrenna tried to reassure me but my mind was a mess with thoughts. Suddenly I saw it. A giant poster of a wolf beast. How had a missed them, for they covered the walls in the city. The creature's eyes were terrifying but that was not the worst part for written under his gruesome face in red lettering were these words.

REWARD for any information on the beast that took the lives of the Beauchamp family!

Suddenly, everything made sense. I was the beast and the revenge I had craved and wanted for so long had already been finished. That pitch black night, where no moon shone it he sky, memories of what I did came flooding back to me. I was the monster.

When I awoke the next morning I lay in a mess of tattered rags in the forest. My hands were cut up and I could taste something foul on my tongue. Kitrenna! Where was she? I could not have? No there was no way I would hurt her. My mind spun as I tried to call for her but as I prepared to get up I noticed a heavy weight in my lap. Resting her head gently by this hideous monster was Kitrenna. I reached down to touch her but dare I place my filthy hands on something so pure.

Suddenly, her eyes fluttered open and she reached up and patted my face. Good morning my lord. She said with a grin, as she fell back asleep. It was then I looked down at her hands and saw they were rubbed raw with rope burns. The entire night she had stayed with me and pulled be back from doing harm. The taste in my mouth was not the life of a victim but a sleeping aid to make me calm down. It was all because of her I had not become a monster.


The best word to describe me is sarcastic. I love to push other peoples buttons. However, I did not start out this way. As a boy I worked hard on my studies and cared what people thought of me, but after I became cursed it was like my morals became twisted. Everything that comes out of my mouth is insulting and I have no problem was stealing, even though I have the entire Beauchamp fortune at my disposable. The only one I dare not upset is Kitrenna.

When I was Roh Beauchamp, I would dress in some of the fanciest clothes. But, now I am good with a simple shirt and jacket. I could careless about appearances. Frankly, it seems pointless because when there is a new moon everything I own gets torn and tattered. Kitrenna is always spending time stitching my clothes back together.

When I become a beast I loose all understanding of the world around me. The only thing I crave is to feed. The closer I get to transforming my coat will begin to become a darker shade until it goes completely black. Kitrenna says I am a Shadow Wolf, an ancient beast that lives in the shadows and feeds on the darkest of souls. I am supposedly a beast that cleans evil out of the gutters. A twisted hero of sorts. I guess that is why she changed my name to Hieroh.


The only friend I have in this world is Kitrenna. Her story is similar to my own. Born into a lavish life of privilege she was seen as the song bird of the seas. At a very young age her voice would carry all over the island of Canton. Her parents were sure her beauty and singing could capture even the hearts of royals. However, Kitrenna never got the chance. For the gods above had played a horrible trick on her. On the day she was born they transferred the soul of a song bird into her little chest. Kiros, the God of Time, had always loved birds but did not like how short their lives were, so he wanted to see what would happen if he place the soul of a song bird in the body of a young mortal. From a distance he watch Kitrenna, until he could hold back no more.

Close to her 12th year he visited her and realized he had made a horrible mistake. For the little soul of the bird was slowly burning out. Terrified he had destined Kitrenna to a short life he chose to give her immortality. The price was his own.

Sure she was cursed her family threw her into a mental institution where she remained for year, until she escaped. She never talks about her time there. Now, Kitrenna, wanders around forever a child looking for the reincarnation of the God of Time so he can give her the gift of aging.

Kitrenna is now 50, but still looks like a 12 year old little girl.

Below are a few parts of Hieroh's story. If I were chosen to be his owner I would finishes these.
You don't need to read them, since the summary explains everything. However, I do love his story and could not help jot some things down.



Eat! I felt my stomach churn as I looked at the bowl of what appeared to be mashed up potatos and carrots, and possible part of a piece of shoe. I would not have doubt it for a second in a dump like this. I shoved the bowl away which was eagerly grabbed by a wocky boy with yellow jaundice colored eyes. Who I would soon learn was named Dan.

You will be sorry. I heard a soft voice call out to me. Quickly I turned around to see a pale faced bunny girl with unkempt blonde hair looking up at me. I knew the moment I saw her she did not belong there. There was something about the way she sat or maybe it was her voice. Everything about her oozed sophistication. I watched as she reached down into the pockets of her greyish brown dress and fished out a hard stale roll. She smiled as she held it out to me.

Next time keep your stew. It is not the best, but it is better going to bed on a half full stomach then a completely empty one. She said, as she waited for me to take the roll. I then watched as she looked past me and gave the boy with my bowl a look. There was an annoyed agitation in those eyes. It was clear she did not want to give up her roll to me.

Dan! A thin framed kacheek said, as he looked back at the cybunny and then at the roll. Are you really going to make Kit give up her food?

Those words seemed to have done the trick, for I watched as he put his spoon down and push the bowl back to me.

You should eat new boy. The Dan barked. Happy now? He said sarcastically as he looked at Kit, who put the roll back in her pocket. However, I did not care about any of this and just shook my head. As I shoved the bowl back to him.

No thank you. I will not be here long. I watched as the boys at the table started to giggle but when they noticed Dan not laughing they quickly stopped.

Whatever you say new boy. Dan said, as he looked at Kit who just combed her a hand through her hair.

I have name.

Oh, do you. He said over clenched teeth. I felt the other kids at the table were now watching us with interest. I did not like the looks they were giving me. Almost as if I were the next meal.

So what's your name new boy? He sneered at me as I felt him dig his bony elbow into my side.

It's Roh. I coughed, Roh Beauchamp. The moment the words were uttered from my lips the kids erupted into snickering laughter.

Beauchamp? You? The boy's hissed. Yeah, and I am the long lost princes to the crown of Nor.

It's true!

I could feel my blood boiling as Dan got into my face. Listen here new boy. He snapped as he grabbed the collar of my shirt, causing me to be pulled out of my seat. Understand this. Whoever you are I don't care for liars at my table. You got that! His eyes flashed at me. I had never felt so threatened before, but no matter what they did to me I would never back down from who I was. Just as I was about to show him how a lord handles a fight I saw Kit rise from her chair. Her eyes sparkled with interest as she walked over and placed a hand on Dan's arm. His cheeks became flushed as she leaned in to whispered something into his ear. I felt his grip loosen as he became nothing more than a love struck puppy. He nodded to her as he let me go but made sure to mouth the words. Later.


Roh come along!

The pungent smell of freshly made leather engulfed me as we walked into our latest shop. I tried to cover my mouth as my father laughed at me.

Roh, breath it in. I watched as he inhaled the fumes. I love the smell of it, do you know why? I shook my head as he placed a firm hand on my shoulder. Because every hide here coated in oil and detailed to the hilt belongs to me and one day you.

Suddenly the world began to spin around me as the image of my father started to fade from my sight. I ran to catch up with it, but suddenly found I was shirking. I was getting smaller and smaller until I was nothing but a dot in space.

Rise and shine your honor! I shook myself awake as a bucket of water was douse in my face.

Man, you are sure a fool. Everyone knows Dan runs this place! You should have done what the princess told you.

Yeah, now you are going to see what happens to those who mess with me and embarrass me infront of my lady!
Dan barked.

I rubbed my eyes and looked at the two boys standing over me. Honestly, I was in such a daze from lack of sleep and hunger I could have sworn I was seeing double.

Come on your honor, it's time. I cough and rubbed the stinging water out of my eyes as the boys pulled me up to a standing position.

Where am I?

Oh don't worry you will find out soon enough. I blinked at the two boys and tried to get a look at what was around them. It was a big room full of beds with dirty sheets and the sour smell of something that had died.

Where am I? I uttered out, as I felt someone kick me.

Your in the orphanage, your honor. Standing with a smirk on his face was the boy I believe they referred to as Dan.

I felt another kick, which brought me down to my knees as he reached out and grabbed one of my ears.

I don't like being embarrassed. Do you know why? He barked as I felt two kids grab my arms and pull me up to face him. Oh, no answer? He laughed as he looked at his friends. Looks like our lord is all out of talk. No worries, he will soon learn who is the true LORD of this manor. I felt myself getting pushed back down to the floor. His words spun in my head as my heartbeat increased with each passing second. Something was happening, something I could not control. I felt like I was about to explode. Suddenly I felt my fists make contact with something as I lost all sense of what was going on around. There was shouting, yelling, no screaming as I tore into anything that got in my way.

Stop! Please, I was wrong!

Someone call for help!

But if we do that….

I felt a deep primal howl over take me as I got down on all fours and attacked. The world around me was going black as something fast and white grabbed my claws and pushed my muzzle shut.


The sweet aroma of honey buns and other treats for the party that night floated around me as I sneaked into the kitchen.

Master Roh, you are not suppose to be in here. I turned around to see the chef with his arms crossed but his stern face melted into a smile as he handed me a honey bun. Honestly, you are now of age, how can you act so freely?

You worry too much chef. You only get to live once.
I said as I tipped my hat to him and dashed out the door.

I chuckled to myself as I licked my fingers clean of the warm honey. Tonight was the annual ball of my announcement as the head to the Beauchamp family. I would finally be known as the heir and in charge of every single leather shop in town. I could hear my father's words as I walked down the hall. Roh, my boy. Now that you are almost 17 years old it is time we announce to the family that you, my only son, will be the heir to the Beauchamp name. I know the business will flourish under you.

Suddenly I heard a slew of voices entering the house from the front door. Quickly I check myself in the mirror and smoothed down my hair. I was dashing. Every girl in town favored me, and now that I was going to be wealthy too, there was nothing that could hold me back from my destiny. I adjusted my father's pocket watch. It was a family heirloom that was passed down to the heir of the Beauchamp line, and now it was mine.

Auntie Maria, Lord Louis. I am so happy you were able to make it. Father and I were worried the storm had muddied the roads and you would be unable to attend the Ball. I said as I gave them both a smile. Where is Philip? Did you not bring him? Philip was their only son, a stout boy with a piggy appearance and a love of sweet things. He was only around 10 years old at the time.

Oh… Roh. Auntie Maria said, a little startled.

I thought you were still at the new shop with your father. Lord Louis said, a little uneasy as he looked at his wife.

No, I chose to come home early and check on the preparations for the party tonight.

I… am here.
Clutching to Auntie Maria's dress was Philip. I smiled at him and got down on one knee.

Of course you are. I never doubted for a second that you would miss chefs goodies. I watched as Philip's eyes widened with interest as I reveled a lollipop from my coat pocket. He took the candy quickly and popped it into his mouth. Why don't I help you to your rooms. I reached down to pick up their bags but when I got near a small black briefcase Auntie Maria swatted my hand away.

Don't touch that! She snapped, as I gave her a look of confusion. What I mean to say is… Louis likes to carry his own briefcase. Is that not right my dear? She said, as she nudged Louis.

Oh, yes. Do not trouble yourself with any of our bags Roh. I am sure the butler has no problem with helping us to our rooms.

Also, you did say your Father wanted you to check on the party preparations. Why don't you go and do that.
Auntie Maria said, as Lord Louis called for the butler, who took their bags from me and started to head upstairs. I just nodded and took their strange behavior to be a side effect from their long journey and chose to head to my room to get dress for tonight's Ball. If only I had not been so naive.


The sirens blared down the street as I stood mouth open as the shop my father had been inside was engulfed in flames. How could this have happened. My heart raced as I tried to rush inside but the police held me back.

Lord Beauchamp, you must calm down! They shouted in my face.

Calm down? How dare you say such a thing to me! My Father… my father is inside there! I wriggled free of them and shouted at the top of my lungs. Father! Father, can you hear me? But suddenly I found myself thrown onto my back as one of the gas tanks inside could no longer handle the pressure. The explosion caused me to hear a ringing in my ears and my eyes were seeing spots. Yet, even in my battered state I still yelled, certain he was alive.

Roh! I looked up to see Lord Louis, my mother's brother..

Louise, this can't be happening. I have already lost mother. I can't loose... I cried. Father, father, he's... I buried my head into his chest as he helped me up and started to lead me away from the fire.

I felt like I was in a dream. I had just gone to pick Father up for the party, to show him my outfit for the evening, but when I arrived I had been too late. My heart pounded in my chest as I started to feel sick.

Roh, get a hold of yourself!

I can't. I cried as I tried to break away from him. There was no way this could be real, it was all just a nightmare and the moment I ran into the building I would wake up. Yet, I was not given a chance. Maybe had I paid closer attention to where Louise was leading me things would have been different. By the time I realized where we were it was too late.

Standing in the shadows were a couple of strangely dressed men. Their eyes glowed red as that spoke.

What's this? One of the men said, from the shadows as he pointed at me.

You fools set the fire too soon. I paid you to do away with the whole Beauchamp line not just the old man!

You hear that boys. Seems like his lordship is not happy with the job we did.
The guys in the shadows started to laugh as my mind began to clear.

Louise, what did you just say? My blood was boiling. Was this some kind of joke? I could feel my energy returning to my body. Yet, the moment I tried to stand up I felt a pair of two strong arms hold me back.

So, what do you want us to do with him? One of the men breathed in my face as I tried to fight him off.

Louise what is going on! I shouted, as my eyes flashed at him, who just looked down at the ground.

Give him this.

Maria, what are you doing here? Where is Philip?
Louis looked up startled to see Maria in such a place.

He's safe and sound. But honestly, for me to think you could handle something as simple and getting rid of this brat and his father, I knew you would even mess this up. Standing before me in the faint glow from the fire was Auntie Maria. Glistening in her hands was a small bottle. I did not even get a chance to shout for help before the silver liquid was forced down my throat.

Maria what was that? Louis squeaked as I felt every single bone in my body start to break and my skin burned like it was on fire.

Don't worry about it. In a few minutes he will be no more and the family fortune will be ours. She snickered.

What did she just say? I felt such anger and shock that my eyesight was starting to fade.

And Philip will be the heir. Louis said, as he almost hopped up an down with excitement.

Yes, that's right and soon the Beauchamp name will fade away like an artifact from an ancient time.

I screamed hoping someone would hear me.

Here! Take the money and go and get him out of my sight. Auntie Maria said, as she threw the briefcase, I had tried to pick up that morning, at the shadow men's feet. I watched in horror as my family walked away as the still burning fire created devilish shadows all around me. I wanted to scream, cry out but my throat was slowly closing up and my eyesight was going blurry, as I felt the shadow men drag me down the alley deeper and deeper into the darkness.


Hey Chief, you've got to see this! I felt myself being shaken awake as two massive hands were pulling at me.

Hey kid, where are your parents? Tears started to well up in my eyes from the pain of knowing my father was gone and my family was behind it all. I buried my head in my hands but when I raised my arms I noticed that my sleeves were massive.

Ok, kid, we know where to take you. I tried to stop the two men but they picked me up with such ease, as if I were a child.

No, stop! Put me down! How dare you touch me in such a manner I yelled finally realizing I was being taken away again, but I had no strength compared to these two men.

It's ok kid you'll be safe here. He sure is a feisty one. I watched as one of men pounded his fist on the door.

Don't worry Chief, she will know how to break him of that. One of the men laughed.

Who's there? A gruff angry woman's voice shouted from inside.

It's the police. We found another one.

Take it somewhere else we've got no room here!

Anna Beth open the door and just take the kid. We don't have time for this. We are on the case of the Bueachamp family.
Suddenly the door opened revealing a young over made-up woman with a cane, which looked like it had been used to hit something.

I heard what happened to that family. What a shame, and here I was looking so forward to the ball.

Ha ha ha nice one Anna Beth, you honestly think we would believe the Lord sent you an invite.
The police scoffed.

It's true. I sent my RSVP and everything, even bought a new dress.

Sure. Whatever you say. Here, just take the kid, we got to go see if we can find the culprit. I have never see such a mess in my life. I am going to have a hard time eating for weeks.
I was suddenly being shoved towards this woman who looked at me as if I were diseased, but before they shut the door I yelled.

Wait, stop! I am Roh Beauchamp. I am the one you are looking for! Suddenly I felt my ears get smacked.

Yeah and I am the Queen of Nor, get in here. I have no time to deal with a crazy kid right now. As Anna Beth grabbed my arm I tried to shout to the police but they just waved at me like I was mad. Once the door was shut I got a look at a plaque that was hanging on the wall. The metal was old and rusty but the engraved font could still be read, St. Anna Beth's Orphanage. My heart sank, as I felt Anna Beth drag me down the hall, knowing good an well this woman was no saint.

I don't know where you got them fancy men's clothes but you won't be needing them here. Before I could stop her she took my clothes away and shoved a child's dirty grey shirt and pants at me. I was only able to remove the pocket watch and hide it in my hands.

Madam, I can't wear these. They are much to small.

Madam. Ha ha ha I don't know where you learned that fancy talk but I don't like it. Now, stop giving me trouble and hurry up and put them clothes on.
She barked as she closed the door behind her. I could hear her mumbling to herself and could only make out bits and pieces. Madam? Those police sure have brought me an annoying one this time.

As I put on the clothes I was shocked to find that they fit. How was it possible that a small boys clothes fit me? I was a grown man, ready to take over my father's business, I was no child. Yet, the moment I caught a glimpse at my reflection in a nearby mirror I felt my knees buckle under me. Staring straight at me, was no grown man, but a child. A frail soot covered boy. I touched the mirror with my hand hoping what I was seeing was not me, but the moment my fingers felt the cool slick surface of the mirror I knew there was no one else there. What was before me was none other than my own reflection.

As I walked down the halls towards what appeared to be a cafeteria for the kids of the orphanage I felt the weight of the watch in my hand. My fingers ran over the engraving; tracing each letter. Beauchamp No matter what anyone said, no matter what happened to me I was Roh Beauchamp and I would come back later to regain that title from my family.


Soft. Yes, soft warm hands were petting my head as a sweet song was pouring into my ears.

Rest my friends from far and wide.
In a land of plenty.
Come and cast a coin or two
to the paupers many.

Sing dear ladies of the lads
who travel across the seas.
For mothers weep and cry for them
and wish them home to be.

The voice seemed to lift every pain, every worry that surrounded me into the heavens. I wished only to open my eyes and see the siren that sang such a song. As a blinked up into the still darkness bathed in the soft glow of candle light was Kit. My head was resting on her lap, as I had done many a time with my mother before she had passed. I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks as I buried my face in her skirt.

Oh my poor little lord. What have they done to you?

I don't know?
I cried. Never had I felt so broken or so lost. What had happened to me. This morning I was an heir to a fortune and now I was a poor orphan cast aside by society. Suddenly, my tears stopped as I sat up and looked at Kit as I grabbed her shoulders. Did you just say lord!

She seemed completely unphased by my actions as she nodded her head.

Wait! I do not understand! Do you believe me?

My dear Mr. Beauchamp, not everything in this world can be explained. I know this better than most, so why should I not believe a grown man can be turned into a little boy?

Quickly, I released her unsure if I should trust her or not. Was she part of my family's plot against me? Was she witch?

Don't worry. I had nothing to do with what your family did do you. However, I did stop you from losing yourself to the shadow spell they have cast upon you. You nearly took the lives of those silly orphan boys. Do you realize how powerful and dangerous you have become little lord?

Little! How dare you. I am 17! A full grown…..
But before I could finished she began to breakdown into a sea of giggles.

Very well. I am sorry I insulted you. She laughed as she covered her mouth to stifle a last laugh.

Who are you? The moment the words left my mouth I could tell this was the question she had been waiting to answer.

My name is Lady Kitrenna and I am the Duchess of Canton.

Canton, but that island does not have a duchess. She passed away many years ago.

Fifty Years to be exact, but who's counting.
She said with a smile as my eyes widen with intrigue. For now my lord. Why don't you tell me what happened to you and if your story proves what I think it will, I will let you hear my own.



I guess it is time to introduce myself. My name is Aly, and I am 27 years old. I work as a production assistant on an animated tv show for kids.

I have been playing neopets since 2005. I love this site and could never leave. I spend most of my time making pet pages for my pets, entering my pets in the BC, making comics for the Neopian Times, entering the Art Gallery, and talking to people on the PC and BC chats. I have four accounts.

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In my spare time, in real life, I love to watch tv on my computer, while I draw, and read lots and lots of manga. I love how manga creates a world for each character and due to this I chose to create my own.

The Isles is a plot I started back in 2005, when I first joined neopets. Over the years it has really grown into something I am very proud of. I love history and the cultures of so many different lands and time periods. I wanted desperately to create a world that would allow me to explore the art, customs, clothing, and nature of the people that lived in those lands and times. Thus, the Isles was born.

It is a world of samurais, pharaohs, emperors, kings, dukes, duchess, vikings, demons, gods, and all walks of mythical creatures. Do you care to meet them?

Below I have broken each section up into where the characters reside. There are three main Isles: Nor (Victorian/ Mid-evil France / Britain), Evoi (Ancient Indian/ Egyptian), and Tugan (Ancient Chinese, Japaneses, and Korean). Luni and Grove are two of the oldest Isles. Luni (Aztec/ Mayan) is the birthplace of the lunar goddess and Grove (Viking with Celtic roots) is where Thantos the God of Death was raised. These two isles are now known as unexplored lands, since Thantos destroyed Grove when he became immortal and Luni has become over run by the jungles. Now no one visits them and they are said to be cursed.

Adgaru: Is the prince of Nor. Kind, honest and musically gifted, everyone loves Adgaru. However, he is not what he appears. On his 15th birthday something broke inside of him. He felt like everything was in pause and only he could move through time. That was the day Kiros spoke to him and told him that he was the reincarnation of the God of Time. Thus, he is no longer welcome in the land of the mortals. For every time Kiros awakens the world around Adgaru stops moving and he becomes lost in a sea of silence.

Greuno : Is the only son of the Duke of Milt. Milt is the biggest town in Nor and it is known for its bustling towns and extravagance. Greuno, is the future right hand of the king, which he neither welcomes or is interested in, since he believes he is smarter than the blue eyed Adgaru. However, the moment that thought entered his mind he started to unleash a dark power, something he never knew he had. Now he spends his days making toys. Greuno is known for the masterpieces he creates all around the Isles. However, unknown to everyone Greuno has a secret. All of his toys use to be living things. Yes, Greuno has the power to capture a persons soul by creating a stuffed doll of them. He says this is not voodoo but what would you call it.

Cuel : Is the first son of Thantos, the God of Death, however he lives in Nor around the mortals. His purpose is a simple one, watch over all the mortals the gods have played tricks on in the land of Nor. He is one of three Grimms, as they refer to themselves. They are a secret race that can move between worlds. He instantly took an interest to Greuno and his dark magical gift. Quickly he positioned himself around the boy and became the little Dukes butler. Now he watches over Adgaru and waits for the day a new god will be born. However, he is not dismissive of the rabbit eared shadow that is constantly lurking around the manor.

Jerimiias : Is the sole heir to the throne of Evoi. He is calculating, egotistical and spoiled. He believes power is everything and who you have by your side will lead you to victory. The moment he met Priestess Sahyukii, he instantly wanted her as his queen and was willing to do anything to make it happen.Even show off a hidden power he was born with. He called it the "Blue Flame of Will." It is a fire he can conjure on command to do his bidding and aid him in battle. Now, that he has shown his secret to her, he wont let her escape him until he has removed his father from the throne and become the new Pharaoh of Evoi.

Sahyukii : Was once the Goddess of Summer. However, when she was young she fell through a portal and landed in the deserts of Evoi. Once her feet touched mortal soil she lost all recollection of who she was and the family she left behind. Raised by traveling silk merchants Sahyu learned the ways of the desert. It was not until she was 16 that she saw the Golden City of Evoi, the capital. Instantly she was pulled towards the temple of Solus. However, only royals and priestesses are allowed entry there. Yet, when one of the priestesses saw her red fur she knew something was different about this girl. Quickly, she was put into training and one day she was given entry to the temple. Once the doors closed behind her memories that had been locked away came back. Right away she knew who she was and was told that if she wanted to return she would need to find the owner of the "Will." A flame that was stolen decades ago. Once she had retrieved the holy flame she could come home. However, there was one problem... once the flame is removed the life of the holder will go out with it.

Jarindara : Is the young empress of Tugan. She was raised to be a lady, however Rina could not have been further from it. The only grace she showed was the way she held a sword in battle. Young and fiery this little girl is nothing but trouble for her people. Yet, she cant help it since she is really not the actual daughter of the emperor. No, she is an immortal girl with the power of the phoenix. She is constantly reborn over and over and over again. She starts off normal, like any young girl, but on her 12th birthday her memories return and she is no longer the same child. For years she has been this way, lost and isolated until she met a Grimm. Just like her, he had lived forever. He called himself Kirin and together they decided to work together to make Tugan a safe place for the mortals, since Tugan is over run my mountain demons. However, that was hundreds of years ago and now Kirin is gone, leaving Rina angry, bitter, and ready to take the throne of Tugan.

There are also two other immortal characters, that do no exactly fit into a single plot.

Kosma: Is a star caster witch and the adopted daughter of Kiros. There are two worlds that Kiros, controls. One is called Darga- La, home of the the Nightmare Weavers, and the other is La- Ringla, the dwelling of the Star Caster Witches. These two lands are located on two separate planets that rotate around the moon, like the minute and hour hands of a clock. The casters job is to protect the dream bees from the evil Nightmare Weavers of Darga-La.These small insects feed on the sweet dreams of the mortals below. The casters then collect the honey these bees make and use it to paint the stars in the sky. When Kiros vanished from Kosma's life she went on a constant search for him. On the day Adgaru was born, she knew exactly who he was. Quickly, she transformed herself into a small purple dandan and became Adgaru's pet. Now, she waits for her father to be reborn again.

Pippzy: Is a forest phoenix, a guardian of the Ever Green Forest, and the soul protector of the Gods and Goddess of the seasons. However, Pip is not exactly ready to be saving anyone. Born from the seed of the Great Father, the first tree and the starter of life, he is only about the size of a pin cushion. Also, the only one protecting Pip and allowing him to plant his feathers, since his feathers are seeds, is Atemuku the Gid . If Pip did not have Muku to baby him, care for him, and pretty much make sure no one steps on him, he would be lost. Muku, on the other hand would love for Pip to hurry and grown up. For the day Pip is able to fly across the sky, that is the day Muku can visit the mortal world and not lose his memories.


When I first saw your board saying that Hieroh was UFA I was honestly shocked. For weeks I debated if I should apply. I was sure a lot of amazing applications would show up for Hieroh. However, I could not get this character out of my head. Soon, I was sketching him, working on a story for him and before I knew it I had made this application.

I have always wanted an UC Halloween Lupe. The character potential for UC Halloween lupes is amazing. However, I am picky when it comes to apply for pets. I am one of those writing, artist, pet page making applicants... so when I see a pet I really gravitate too I spend a lot of time making a beautiful application for them. Mainly because it is the only way I can show my excitement for the pet. I picked Hieroh because of his name. I enjoy the fact that his name sounds like Hero when he is actually a beastly creature. This is the main reason I applied for him and it also helped me piece together this character into something I very much love.


When it comes to my plans for Hieroh I can promise you he will be loved and cared for. He will reside forever next to Kitrenna on my active side account alypwns.

I also plan on making a wonderful pet page for Hieroh. This application page is just a small idea of what Hieroh's pet page would look like. I would continue writing his story and draw many more illustrations.

Hieroh will also be entered in the Beauty Contest and I am sure I will be able to win him a few trophies. I would also like to make him a guest in my kougra comics. He will be called Hero. If you want to check out some of my comics please go here.

Lastly, Hieroh will get a customized pet look up just for him and a pet Halloween Rock as his petpet. I chose this petpet because the grave stone symbolizes his past. As for Hieroh's customization he will get the Blue Moon Field Background and Tombstone Foreground.

Basically, everything that I have done for my current pets I will do for Hieroh.^^


I guess this is the end. Thank you so much Jackal and Wolf for reading my application and giving me this chance. I really have fallen in love with Hieroh and I hope whomever you pick will take good care of him.

If you have any time please check out some of my pet pages.

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