Welcome to Floret, a button request site by Sarah! Floret was established on January 18th, 2012. Ever since, my goal has been to provide you with high-quality buttons in a timely manner! I have a couple different requesting styles you can choose from, which are best explained in my request section.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to drop me a neomail here.
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September 12th 2016 @ 6:45 PM
Requests are OPEN

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  • Finished requests..finally seriously sorry guys!! I will now start only accepting 5 requests a week as school is starting and I've been working a lot (yay promotion? maybe z_z)
  • Greetings! I'm a horrible site owner, I re open requests then poof for a month! I'm so sorry guys. I promise to be better! I have gone through the requests and accepted the ones who followed the rules which ended up being 6 of you. Please know I ONLY accept the first neomail, I will not accept a second if you forget the rules.
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    Fully Custom Request

    This request is designed by you so that you can have more freedom with your button! In this request style you choose everything; the border, animation, text and image. Please be sure to add Fully Custom to your neomail subject.

    Border Styles

    Hover to See if Floret Original Border:
    Use of original borders require permission to use.

    Image Sites

    You can find images for the buttons: Neopet Backgrounds, Charly's SWF collection, and Dr.Sloth Emporium.

    Animation Styles

    Helpful Information: Boing, and jump only work well with one worded text. Glitter will be applied to part of your image, if you'd like a certain part of your image "glittered" please include that in your form.
    Shimmer looks best on a darker image.
    Butterflies can be in red, yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, and purple. Please include what color you wish them to be if left blank I will choose what color will look best.

    Sarah's Pick

    With this request style, I choose everything except the text. I will choose your image, border, and animation. With this requesting style I have more freedom to play around with the button. This can lead to better looking button.


    Drag to see larger image

    With this request style you have the opportunity for multiple buttons with the joy of only having to request once! Each bundle gives you at least 2 general link back's, 2 site specific buttons, and 1 button of your choice. Please note you may combine fully custom options and Sarah's pick option for your bundles.

    Bundle Request Form Example
    Fully Request Choices

    Competition Bundle

    • 2 General link back buttons
    • 2 "Vote For Me" buttons
    • 1 Button of your choice to include; ranked, awards, etc.

    Directory Bundle

    • 2 General link back buttons
    • 2 "Listed At" buttons
    • 1 Button of your choice to include; ranked, awards, etc.

    Review Bundle

    • 2 General link back buttons
    • 2 "Reviewed at" Buttons
    • 1 Button of your choice to include; ranked, awards, etc.

    Ranking Bundle

    • 2 General link back buttons
    • 2 "Ranked At" buttons
    • 1 Button of your choice to include; ranked, awards, etc.


    Pick-up's will be moved to the portfolio in a week after posting.
    I will neomail you when your request is ready for pick-up








    • Do you take button requests for guilds?
      Yes. I will make buttons for guilds, but just buttons for advertising. I will not make buttons for your inner guild pages such as: webbies, portals, activities, ranks, etc. I do require credit still in guild buttons.
    • Do I have to have a site to request a button?
      No. I do make buttons just for userlook ups, applications for pets, NC lists, Pets UFT lists, etc.
    • What ways can I credit your buttons?
      There is 2 ways I will accept crediting my buttons.

      This is the way I would prefer to have them credited:

      You may also credit by having Linking text. Such as:
      Button made by Floret
      These are NOT acceptable ways of credit:

      Button made by Sarah at Floret
      Reason there is no linking to Floret.

      Hovering text on button isn't linking back.
    • I missed my button in the pick-up section, Help?
      I always have saved buttons on my graphic uploading site, and in my portfolio Here. If you can't find your button or if any issue arises with the image code please feel free to neomail me.
    • I forgot the 'bloom' part in my form? So sorry! Can you please reconsider my request?
      Yes but not until 1 week, then you may request again. If you didn't read the rules and add the secret word to your request it will be automatically rejected for 1 week.
    • Can you teach me how to make buttons?
      No Sorry but I'm terrible at explaining, and teaching. There is plenty of guides out there for button making, and practice makes perfect. I honestly learned mostly by trial and error.
    • What program do you use for your buttons?
      I use gimp. It's a wonderful free program!
    • How many requests am I allowed to send in?
      You may request as many button's as you'd like while request's are open, but you have to wait one week before requesting again. And only request one button at a time except when requesting a bundle.
    • If a button in the pick up section doesn't say a specific persons name, can I use that one? For example: Avatar Agency?
      No this is considered stealing, you are not allowed to pick-up any button that isn't yours, or any button in my portfolio that wasn't made for you.
    • Do I have to include Bloom in every request?
      Yes in every SINGLE request you must include bloom, whither your a friend/stranger/repeat customer, No Bloom No button for 1 week.
    • Can I use Floret Original Borders?
      Depends You must seek permission from me before using any of my original borders. I allow them to be used as more of "site owner's pick" I don't allow them to be used as a border to be requested upon. But please remember to ask permission for each border you are wanting to use. If I find my borders being used without permission I will send a neomail asking you to stop use/remove them, if that is ignored I will report!
    • Can I request a bundle for my request/portfolio/pet/WL/Guild/ETC?
      No I only accept bundle requests for the sites I have listed in the bundle section: competition, review, ranking, directory site. No others.

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    Past Layouts

    March 2012-August 2012
    This was Floret's first official custom layout, made by Impost3r at Mediocre Salad.
    August 2012-October 2012
    This awesome layout was made by Fangs at Seasonal! I still use this layout from time to time. It's so pretty!
    December 2012-April 2013
    This amazing layout was made by the amazing Cameron, at Scheme. I use this layout all the time! And thanks to Cam I have different images for the seasons!
    April 2013-August 2013
    This amazing layout was made by the amazing Cameron, at Scheme. I use this layout all the time! And thanks to Cam I have different images for the seasons!
    August 2013-December 2013
    This amazing layout was made by the amazing Cameron, at Scheme. I use this layout all the time! And thanks to Cam I have different images for the seasons!


    Welcome to Floret's 2nd Annual 12 Days Of Christmas Event!

    Hello and welcome to the 2nd Annual 12 Days of Christmas Event! There are 12 presents awaiting to be opened! Within these presents are a premade holiday themed button. Ready for you to customize with text. I will be choosing animations, but please suggest one if you have a favorite and I can see if the image will work with it! But a speical 3 presents have an extra special gift! In 2 of these special presents, awaits 2 buttons for you to either fully customize or do a Sarah's Pick! And in 1 extra special one has a bundle request, and you may use this bundle anyway so instead of the 4 that I have already set out feel free to use them for other sites not normally listed in the bundle request section. Please remember the rules still apply to the event! Once your ready to select your gift send me a neomail with this form! If you have chosen a special present I will neomail you back to get the details for the extra buttons!




    Valentine's Day

    St. Patrick's Day





    War Of Obelisk

    Lending + Lend Me

    Altador Cup

    I Love Pet Series

    Portfolio + Wishlist + About Me

    Heroes + Villains



    Real Life + Fandom



    Big Bang Theory


    Link Backs

    Sister Site

    Peaceful is a brand new button request site, run by the amazing Leanne! I have finally convinced her to make her site, she has been making wonderful buttons for awhile now and has improved with each button! She has some wonderful animations as well! I highly recommend requesting from Peaceful!

    Cousin Site

    Bisou is a wonderful custom adoptable site run by, Ashe. Bisou has taken the site community by storm with her extremely high quality adoptables, and her timely manner on which she finishes requests. I Highly recommend Bisou to anyone looking for a pet or person adoptable!

    Affiliates | OPEN 13/15 | Neomail Me?

    Listers | Listed Floret?


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