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Welcome to Jinx, a premades site founded for the sole purpose of bringing you high-quality layouts for your petpages, userlookups, and more! Jinx is run by Naomi, a young thug with a passion for Star Trek and burritos. Feel free to neomail her if you have any questions at all. c:


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  • Leave credit. You're not allowed to remove or hide the link back to this page. Just keep it visible.

  • Mutilate my layouts all you want, but they're still mine. Don't use my layouts as bases for your own without giving me credit. They're my layouts. Mine. Mine.

  • Don't redistribute my layouts, even if you leave the credit on. These premades are for personal use only.

    If you don't follow my rules, I will bite your nose off and chew it in front of you.

  • ~Updates!
    Last update: July 14th, 2012
  • +1 CSS userlookup, watermelon-themed this time!
  • +1 affie c;
  • +2 CSS userlookups
  • Hurr durr
  • +1 userlookup
  • Gah, I haven't updated for an entire month because I'm in the process of moving back to California. So sorry, guys! D: If you were waiting for a request to be completed, I've finished three more and working on the rest!
  • +1 userlookup! I sort of got distracted from the requests for a few days, but I'm back now, so if you're waiting for a layout, stay tuned!
  • I finished two requests but six more came in, so requests are now closed. It's good for my ego, though. c:
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    Neomail me if you're interested in being affies.

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  • Color schemes/repeating backgrounds from ColourLovers
  • Other backgrounds from Google searches
  • Neopets images from here
  • Fonts from Swimchick & Dafont
  • Brushes from Swimchick & Innocense
  • Coding & content by yours truly ;*


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