So after more than 8 years, Neopets just now decided they didn't like my web site and they cleared every reference that I made to it on my account. Making references to my web site is apparently against the rules even though it was extremely popular among Neo-users for many years, not to mention that I was one of their top referrers for a few years also. The Neopets Team has always looked the other way in regards to the "no off-site linking rule" when it came to sites that were popular and were known to be clean. They've known about me for years but evidently my time is up.


I deactivated my other account and moved everything to a new place just because I like my faerie Kougra and it would be a bummer to let that vanish into cyberspace. It's been fun, but Neopets obviously isn't what it used to be. I've lost interest in trying to keep up with customizing my graphics and codes to fit their new layouts and code filters, which seem to change every five minutes. What still remains on my web site will be usable on other sites for whatever you want, but I will most likely not be adding new content and the domain/hosting will expire within the year. Thanks for 8 years of internet-fun.

- Megan