Locked out of Habitarium ! D:


What does "Locked Out" mean?

Being locked out of your habitarium basically means you you do not have access to play your habitarium as it has glitched in some way. You will know you have been locked out if you can either see your habitarium but cannot move anything/do anything or if your game does not load and basically freezes on a constant loading circle of doom (as seen below).

Most users whom are locked out are at level 50 although there have been reports of lower level people whom have gotten locked out.

Also it is worth taking note that you can sometimes be presented with the 'Loading Circle of Doom' when a neofriend is currently raiding your Habitarium. However this should not last more than 8 minutes, so if your Habitarium does not load when attempting 8 minutes later this is not the case.

To confirm that you have been locked out please complete these 2 steps below to ensure it is not a problem with your browser cache or shockwave rather than actually being locked out.

Clearing your browser cache

Clearing your browser cache (with Firefox) -

1. On the Firefox browser select "Tools" and then click "Clear Recent History".

2. Make sure the time range is set to clear everything, check all the boxes and click "Clear Now".


Clearing your browser cache (with Chrome) -

1. On the top right of your Chrome browser click the icon that looks like a spanner and select "Options" from the drop down list.

2. Select "Under the bonnet" on the left side and click on the "Clear browsing data" button.

3. From the drop down menu make sure "the beginning of time" is selected and tick the appropriate boxes (as seen above). Then simply click on the "Clear browsing data" button.


I cannot give the direct link out to do this as it requires an off-site link. All i can suggest is *Poogle* search the following "Adobe Global Storage Settings panel" and the top link will get you to the page as seen below. Alternatively you can load up your Habitarium game (or any flash game) right click on the Habitarium and select "Global Settings" this should take you to the appropriate page where you can click on the "Global Storage Settings panel" link which is on the left side of that page. WARNING: This can cause certain flash game settings to reset.. such as in Kass Basher if you have unlocked the Bat it may no longer be unlocked after doing this.

1. Click the icon with the monitor and click to "Delete all sites".

2. Click the file with the green arrow icon and click to "Delete all sites".

If you still cannot get past the loading screen or cannot do anything in your habitarium after logging back into neopets and starting up the game then i believe you are indeed locked out. Sorry :(

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How can i prevent it?

If you're fortunate enough not to be locked out, well first off.. Congratulations! We all love Habitarium and its only when its taken away that you'll realise quite how much you were addicted to it. Below are a few tips to help prevent getting locked out:

  • • Never refresh your Habitarium when there are a lot of purple gems on the screen (these gems appear at L50.)

  • • Do not hoard too many items, this means try to stick to no more than 30 pages of eggs, buildings etc. But try to keep it to a minimum. I personally had no more than 10 pages.

  • • Avoid putting too many decorations on your board, in fact.. if you can deal with it i'd advise putting no decorations on your board.

  • • Ensure Window Updates is not scheduled to start automatically during a time when you run your habitarium ie. past midnight (You'll have to ask Jesse (toast418) for more specific instructions to check that, but i will try to add these to the guide later.) Otherwise, avoid running Habitarium overnight.

  • • Prevent accumulating too many gems while leaving Habitarium unattended by either a) Limiting available storage space so that P3s must stop harvesting when the storages are full. b) Use fewer workers so that they stop harvesting when they tire themselves out. (this step is particularly important when leaving the habitarium alone for a long period of time).

  • • To help prevent lag, block off your storages by tucking them away in a corner and making a wall of decorations around them. This does NOT mean your P3s wont be able to harvest.. they will continue to harvest but will not walk across the board causing lag (particularly helpful for a high level Habitarium).

  • • If possible without offending any of your neofriends, keeping your neofriend list to a minimum has proved to drastically reduce lag.

  • • When you have a board full of gems, open up a new tab on neopets to ensure that you are still logged in before collecting your gems. If you are logged out and you collect the gems, it will not actually register this and so the next time you open your Habitarium it could be locked.

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The types of lockout's currently known and how they happen

#1: Bag-Lockout - No longer common, with most lock-outs fixed. Caused by too many items in your bag (usually eggs),which froze your game.

#2: Gem-Lockout - Caused by unknowingly refreshing,or browser crash, with a board full of purple gems. You will only see a blank board and background with the little 'loading' circle continuously spinning. The workaround,which was offered to a few people,no longer works, as TNT have stopped supporting it.
A few people had the gem-lockout at lvl 25 as well, but were let back in when the new levels were released. It seems this is the one that is currently being worked on the most,in hopes that it's solution will be useful to help fix version 3.

#3: Watch-it-die Lockout - Cause,not clear,but it seems that NC may be contributing to it. Your habi will load,but without P3's or menus. You can still see XP being earned for as long as your P3's are alive, after which you can only watch the buildings fall apart.

- 1_faf_1

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What can i do now that i am locked out?

Unfortunately your options are limited. First of all i recommend opening a ticket at the Neopets Support Center. As of right now it is likely you will get an automated response from TNT basically stating they're still working on trying to find a fix. It is still worthwhile to open the ticket however as it adds to the amount of people whom are locked out making it a bigger problem which we hope TNT will attend to more urgently.

Another option you might want to consider is switching main accounts. This means you must stop earning NP on your current main for 24 hours before beginning a Habitarium on your side (which would be your new main account). Whilst this does sound like a good idea for some it may not be a resolution for others as this means you will lose all your hard earnt avatar's and trophy's and no longer be able to do any activities that earn NP on your old main account including Dailies, events etc. What's worse is you would then NOT be allowed to return to your old main account and have it again as your main when Habitarium has been fixed (see below.)

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot simply start a Habitarium on your side, you must change main accounts completely and not earn NP on your previous main (as confirmed below.)

From Neopian Times Editorial #492.

On a side note, TNT will not reset Habitariums above level 7 (so im afraid thats not an option) as confirmed in the ticket response below..

Lastly you can attempt to fix your Habitarium yourself using the guides written below. Please keep up to date with the rules regarding Habitarium and it is important to take note that only some manage to fix their own Habitarium's - it does not work for everyone! It will also require a good part of your time to attempt these. If you're still interested, read below :)

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Possible ways of fixing a locked out Habitarium

Currently there is a Merge-method (suitable for any type of lockout), a Patricia-Patch for Watch-it-Die lockout's and Miriam's Miracle Reset Fix for all Lockouts. Trying to fix your habitarium yourself does not come without its downsides, it is important to remember that these guides are not necessarily set in stone and some players have been successful by following the guides loosely and "playing around" or experimenting with anything they can think of to try get their Habitarium working. REMEMBER: IT IS NOT GUARANTEED TO WORK FOR EVERYONE :)


This method was brought to us by a member of the habitarium locked out board. They were given full permission to attempt this method as well as to share this method with others. This method requires either a friends/family members help whom will need to create a habitarium OR it will require making a habitarium on your side account temporarily.
NOTE: This is technically against the rules, however as of right now it seems TNT are being more lenient on this (read Ticket Response) but you MUST donate any NP earnt on the side to the money tree and delete any items earnt in the Habitarium.. remember you do not need to level the side habitarium up much if at all. If you do not donate the NP earnt you will risk being FROZEN. I HIGHLY recommend asking a friend/family to help you with this if you are unsure and dont want to risk it.) UPDATE: AS OF 19/05/2011 IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED THAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE A SIDE ACCOUNT TO ATTEMPT THE FIX. AS SEEN HERE.

WARNING: To give you a general idea, doing this method will require deleting some if not all items from your bag of your main habitarium, in some cases it will cause you to lose the buildings (but not decorations) on your board. It MAY cause your Habitarium's level to be reduced.

If you are okay with the above all whilst knowing that this method does NOT work for everyone then you can proceed to the step-by-step guide, but please do so at your own risk as it may not work at all.

Update 11th May 2012 -
1. Please note that completing the initial merge does NOT mean that your habitarium will be unlocked. It is just a foot in the door, or preparation if you like. What you do AFTER the merging will *hopefully* unlock it.

2. Rescue(alternate) Habi's sometimes get stuck when trying to unlock a main habitarium, but they are not locked out. Just load it up again! You may have to refresh the Habitarium a few times to unstick it.

3. Do not delete EVERYTHING from your bag. Save a few pages of eggs. This will help you to level up quicker if you end up having to reset. Get rid of the decoration and structures first as you can be gifted these items when you regain access to your habitarium.

Step 1 - First you need to LOGOUT OF NEOPETS, then open 2 tabs in one browser. (You can use any browser that allows tabs such as Firefox or Chrome)

Step 2 - Go to neopets.com on each tab, you should navigate to the login page on each tab by clicking on "Login to Neopets" on the top right of the page.

Step 3 - In One tab, login to an alternate account, and start the Habitarium game. If the alternate account does not already have a habitarium you must first go through the tutorial before touching the other tab. IMPORTANT: If you are attempting this using a side.. once you have finished the tutorial do not continue to try level the side account's Habitarium up as that is against the rules! If a friend/family is helping then of course it is allowed to level it although not required in this guide.

Step 4 - In the Other tab, login to your Main, and try to load Habitarium (it will not load yet - this is normal). Keep BOTH tab's open at all times.

Step 5 - Now switch to the tab with the alternate habitarium and open the inventory bag. If you have been successful with this method so far then you should see items which are from your main accounts bag. Now its beginning to merge!

Step 6 - Go through the bag and begin to delete items. Whilst doing this you can occassionally refresh the tab with your main account's Habitarium but do NOT refresh the tab with the alternate accounts Habitarium as this will mess the process up. Some people have only needed to delete a few items whereas others have had to delete everything. It's up to you how far you are willing to go!

Eventually the two games will merge, you will know this is happening as odd behaviour can be observed. For example if you are a victim of the gem-lockout you might see gem's appear to pop up even though that account is not level 50, or you might see notices in the top left appear stating that your neofriends have repaired things for you. Another sign of merging is your main account's neofriend list appearing at the bottom of your alternate account's habitarium.

Another option you can attempt which can boost the merge is to purchase an item from the shop on the alternate habitarium, it is best to choose a cheap option such as a Cornmeal. Once you purchase this you may see the level of the alternate habitarium change to 50 if it hasn't already and when checking your resource count they should be your main habitarium's resources now rather than the alternates. REMEMBER to delete the item you buy after!

As you are going through this, you can try to refresh the Main tab again to see if it loads. You should make a habit of refreshing the main tab's habitarium on occassion.

Step 7 - Some people may find their habitarium has unlocked already but this step is still provided as an extra action to take which could unlock your habitarium if you have been unsuccessful up until now. So, once ALL items have been deleted: On the alternate habitarium you should have a storage/building which was built during the tutorial (or if you are using a friends account for the alternate Habitarium then use one of their buildings!) Move the building around the alternate gameboard and continue to refresh your main Habitarium tab whilst doing this.

Step 7 UPDATE 22/10/2011 - I personally have been locked out 3 times so far from a Gem Lockout (too many gems on the board). I found doing the following fixed it every time:

• Take the storage/building on the alternate Habitarium which was built and place it on the exact square where an identical building would be on your main Habitarium. So for example if you know that on your main Habitarium you had a storage in the top right corner, then on the alternate Habitarium you should drag a storage onto that same square on the alternate Habitarium (It must be the same building, so if using a nest you must drag it on a square that has a nest on your main). If you cannot remember where things were on your main then you can attempt to ask a neofriend to view your Habitarium through NF's and tell you where things were or take a screenshot.

(Attempt the following below whilst refreshing your Habitarium now and again throughout)

• On the alternate Habitarium move the building which you placed one square in any direction.
• On the alternate Habitarium move the building which you just moved, BACK to the square it was on before.
• Drag the building into your bag

What we are trying to do here is get the alternate Habitarium's building/storage to merge with the mains so what you're actually doing is first off merging the building and then dragging it into the bag (if it has worked then that would mean you have dragged a storage from your main Habitarium into the bag) which would be enough to unlock it!

If this doesn't work immediately for you then you can expand on this by moving the building between several squares that have the same building on your main. So if you're choosing a Storage, place it on each tile where there is a storage on your main (even try move it back and forth between those select tiles) and THEN put the storage in your bag. You could also attempt this using a House or a couple different buildings at one time. {Please Neomail Sralini if this particular step works for you as I am curious how well this will work for others based on how fast it worked for me each time.}

Please bare in mind that this might not work the first time around, you may completely empty your bag and no signs of merging has occurred. In this case you should log out both tabs and try the process again, by doing this you might then notice that items appeared in your bag that were not there before so you should try to delete these and repeat the process a few times if necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Do not attempt to delete any items including eggs by dragging them onto the board and clearing them (in attempts to gain XP). Not only will this NOT work, but it WILL mess up the process. You should only delete items by clicking on the little X that appears in the top right of each item when selecting it within the bag.

It is entirely up to you to stop when you feel uncomfortable deleting any more items, in which case you'll have to wait for the general fix.

So far Gem-Lockouts and Watch-it-die Lockouts have been corrected by this method, but it does not work for all cases.

- toast418

Hooray! Time to rebuild..

If you have been unsuccessful with this method all I can suggest is to keep experimenting by trying different things. I personally had a Gem-Lockout and performed the merge-method which was unsuccessful, I then decided to try out steps from the Patricia-Patch below (which I had to view my Habitarium through my husbands Habitarium using the 'view neofriends habitarium' option as it is required to know what your own Habitarium looks like to do the fix below). This page is very helpful for giving ideas of how you can experiment.

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Patricia's patch for Watch-it-Die lockouts

So far it seems this method only works with type 3 (the Watch-it-die Lockout) So i would not advise it for Gem-Lockouts although if you cant get the merge method to work you might want to have a read through of this guide and experiment with trying various bits of it. There is a lot more involved with this method so i'd advise grabbing a cup of coffee and setting some time aside if you wish to attempt this.

You will need: An alternate habitarium, PREFERABLY, but not ESSENTIALLY of a somewhat decent level (level 18 or higher) but please remember it is not allowed to have 2 active Habitarium's so this will only be possible if you have the assistance of a real life friend or family member that can be there to help you do this.

You will also need to know what type of layout your habitarium is as the alternate habitarium must have the same layout! As taken from the Habitarium Guide you can see the types of layouts and their names below:

From left to right: Seedling Grove, Blossom Meadow and Puddle Lake.

The alternate Habitarium should have some buildings already on the board before you begin but you should only need a few.

WARNING: The alternate account will not suffer any consequences however this method is NOT guaranteed to work and if it does work it is likely you will lose most of your buildings from the main habitarium. This method was designed to deal with Watch-it-die lockouts which contained NC items so please be aware you are likely to lose some of them. Again, this method might not work as it does not work for everybody!

To give a general idea of Patricia's patch method i will briefly explain. The Merge-Method as seen above lets you access your main items bag through an alternate habitarium by merging both of the habitarium's together. As well as this other things begin to merge, including the board. In some cases this can cause all the buildings to be removed from their main however some people have reported that they have gotten to keep their buildings.

By using Patricia's patch method you are taking advantage of the board merging. If you were able to find a suitable alternate (friend/family whom has a decent level habitarium of the same layout as yours) then you can begin following the steps below:

Step 1 - First of all, go through the merge-method as seen above. Make sure on the alternate habitarium's board that there are already buildings on the board before loading the main's habitarium.

Step 2 - Once you have loaded the main's Habitarium switch over to the alternate Habitarium tab and go to the shop and purchase a house. (This should technically end up being bought with the main habitarium's resources as the alternate and main should be merged by now.) By purchasing a house it seems to cause the habitariums to connect together/merge more.

Step 3 - Open your bag on the alternate habitarium which we know now is actually the main habitarium's bag. Whilst in this view you can now move the buildings around which are already on the habitarium board. First take the house which you had just bought from the bag and place it on top of a tile (on the alternate board) where a house from your main is/would be. If you check the main habitarium (you may need to refresh the main) you might notice 2 houses are now on that tile. Initially the building will appear on both the main and the alternate's habitarium however it will not show up on the alternate's board when logging out and back in as it was the main habitarium which paid for it.

Step 4 - Log out of both tabs and then log back in to both tabs to merge both habitariums together again. The house which you had purchased should have dissappeared from the alternate's board but should still remain on the main habitarium.

Step 5 - We now want to try to make the alternate's building positions mirror the positions of the buildings on the main habitarium (as close as you can - you do not have to match them all, and should only do a couple at a time.) So for example place 2 of the storages from the alternate habitarium onto the same tile as 2 of the storages from the main habitarium. Now drag both storages from the alternate board into the bag and wait a short while to see if they show up in the bag. If you notice the building show up refresh the main habitarium and you should notice the building has disappeared from the mains board. You can then open the bag in the alternate's habitarium and delete the building which appeared.

Step 6 - Log out of both of the tabs and then log back in to both of the tabs to again merge them. There should be nothing missing from the alternate's habitarium but the building which had disappeared on the main's board should still be missing.

Step 7 - Repeat this process (doing around 2 buildings per attempt) and eventually your main habitarium should load properly. Doing this might take some persistence as the mirroring technique for deleting a building might not always work.

You should be able to check if it is working as with the Watch-it-die Lockout you can see the buildings and watch when they go into the bag (and off the board).

When you finally load your main habitarium everything you have taken off the board will be safe and sound in your inventory bag, however when your main does load it can sometimes discard the other buildings which are already on the main habitarium's board (not the alternate's board) which means you might lose some of them although the ones in your bag should be okay.

Also the owner of the alternate habitarium does not need to worry about the condition of their habitarium whilst attempting this fix. If you load the alternate habitarium on its own it will appear as normal and only contain items that the alternate habitarium originally had.

- 1_faf_1 & toast418

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Miriam's Miracle Reset Fix for All Lockouts

UPDATE: As of 27/05/2011 TNT has confirmed that this method is ALLOWED - see ticket response here.

As the name suggests this particular fix for any type of locked out Habitarium is 99.9% likely to reset your Habitarium back to Level 1. So please, ONLY attempt this fix if you do not mind your Habitarium being reset to Level 1!

CONSEQUENCES: Besides your Habitarium level being reset, this will result in everything on your board (Buildings and Decorations) being moved into the bag. The building will themselves be reset. So, your lovely Level 3, NC painted storage will become a plain, unbuilt, empty, Level 1 storage. NC ink bottles which are not completely empty are sometimes refilled. But all of your previous painting will be lost.

IMPORTANT: Since everything from your board moves into your bag when you are successful with this fix, you MUST use the Merge-Method to clear some space for it first! Otherwise you risk getting yourself a Type #1 Overloaded Bag-Lockout, which we currently do not have a solution for.

Attempting this fix will require either making a new side account or using an existing account and creating another Habitarium - Do not go through the Habitarium tutorial yet!

• Step 1 - To begin we open two tabs on our web browser and go to neopets.com in each tab and then navigate to the login page on each tab by clicking on "Login to Neopets" on the top right of the page. Login to the side account on one tab and click to load the Habitarium (but do not start the tutorial!). Then log in to your main account on the other tab and load your locked out Habitarium. DO NOT refresh the side account tab at any point during attempting this fix! (For more detail on this step, see here.)

• Step 2 - Go back to the side account tab and choose the Habitarium layout which matches your main accounts layout. It is important that you choose the SAME layout as your main accounts layout, choosing a different layout can result in inaccessible resources when levelling the Habitarium up again.

From left to right: Seedling Grove, Blossom Meadow and Puddle Lake.

• Step 3 - Now follow the tutorial on the side accounts Habitarium up until the Professor asks you to move a P3.

• Step 4 - You might then notice on the side accounts Habitarium that it has loaded your Main Habitarium's board minus the buildings. So you may see either P3s, Gems or Decorations, however the buildings will be invisible. If this hasn't yet occurred it may happen during Step 5.

• Step 5 - Now that you have been instructed by the Professor to move a P3 around the board, attempt this by moving the P3 around and try to place the P3 into an invisible house and then remove it again.

• Step 6 - Refresh your MAIN's Habitarium now! If this method has worked for you it should load! You should then see the tutorial popping up on your Main Habitarium and your Level reset to 1.

- kaioshin213

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Sometimes Lockout's can be caused by 'Meepits' .. No, before you say it - I havn't gone crazy! Meepit is another term for Mysterious-Phantom-Egg-Thing (MPET or Meepit for short). It is a 'Mysterious' glitched egg commonly found on Tile 0 (topmost corner) although can appear in other areas of the board. These egg's should be removed as it could fix a locked out Habitarium, or if you are experiencing a glitchy egg but not locked out .. removing them could prevent a future lockout!

Guide for removing a Meepit (Locked out Version)

• Guide for removing a Meepit (NOT Locked out Version)

MPET's can be caused by moving Nester's to the Habitarium field and then the game not registering its new position, the nester then lays an egg which appears on Tile 0.
To prevent this type of MPET happening, ensure you refresh every time after you place nester's on top of a nest but BEFORE they have time to lay an egg!

(If you're still unsure about what a MPET is see here)

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Guide for removing a Meepit (Locked out Version)

If the MPET is sitting on tile 0, the nests must be empty so the nesters must first die off (which could take up to a week!)

After the nesters have died off, you will need to follow a similar pattern to the Patricia Patch method. (If you are not familiar with this method, please read over it here).

Just like merging with buildings, it's best to use an item from the alternate Habitarium which matches the MPET, meaning you will need to use an egg, alternatively if this is not an option you CAN attempt this with a nest but it is not advised. If using an egg, this will be a trial and error process as there are 9 types of eggs to choose from and you have no idea which one is the right one as they all look the same in the item bag.

• Step 1 - Merge the two Habitariums. (Step 1-6 of the Merge-method describes how to do this)

• Step 2 - On the alternate Habitarium, drag an egg (or nest) from the bag and place it on top of the same tile that has the glitched egg on the main Habitarium. Wait 2 Minutes (for the eggs to merge). Drag the egg back into the bag.

• Step 3 - Attempt to refresh the main Habitarium, if it does not load repeat Step 2 using another species/type of egg (You may need to do this upto 9 times waiting 2 minutes for each in order to get the correct species/type of egg). If you have used a nest then you do not need to repeat this process.

Jill's alternate solution: If you are suffering from a MPET, on the alternative Habitarium put an egg on the same tile as where the MPET is on the main. You must do this BEFORE logging into the main account.

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Guide for removing a Meepit (NOT Locked out Version)

A tile 0 MPET (the most common) can only be handled when all nests are empty.

• Step 1 - First wait until any eggs are fully incubated and then remove all the nesters from their nests and delete/discard/hatch the eggs.

IMPORTANT: MPET's have NO actions available on the board. So they must be deleted from the bag; however All eggs in the bag look identical.

• Step 2 - Check the item bag and count each species and job type of egg.

• Step 3 - Ensuring that all nests are empty, select the MPET and drag it into the bag. This will not be possible UNLESS the nests are empty.

• Step 4 - Do a recount of the eggs in the bag and find the category which has an extra one.

• Step 5 - Drag that type back to the board and the MPET will look different from all the others.

• Step 6 - Put ONLY the MPET one back into the bag, and since it should be the only one of it's type, delete it.

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What is this mention of Meepit's that I see all over the boards.. are they invading my Habitarium?!
Ha! Not quite.. a Meepit (or MPET) is simply a term used to describe a glitched egg that can occur on a players Habitarium board. To learn more about Meepit/MPET's see here or here.

Does merging affect the habitarium of the friend that is helping you when using the merge-method fix?
Nope. Even though you will be moving things/deleting things during the merge process this will not effect the alternate Habitarium at all as its technically merged with the main Habitarium's board. So when you start up the alternate Habitarium on its own it will appear just as it did before attempting any of the merge-method.

If I discard all eggs and all my P3's are dead when my habi gets back, will I get nesters/eggs of the 3 P3 kinds so I can start over?
Yes, you will get 3 p3s to start over. One nester, one worker, and one soldier. Species may vary.

My neofriend checked out my Habi, and said everything looks just fine! I've been locked out for over a week - what's going on?
What your neofriends can see is actually like a snapshot of how you last left your Habi. The data for that doesn't update until you load it again. And since you can't do that when you are locked out - it won't update. What they can see is actually sort of stuck in a loop. When you do get back in after more than a week, then all your P3s will be dead, and your buildings will leveled to the ground, just as you expected your friend to see.

If everything is demolished, and all my P3s are dead, And i deleted all of my eggs to get the Merge-Method to work, then how in Neopia am i supposed to play the game?
Don't worry - at least TNT planned for That scenario! When you get it to load again, the professor will give you a 'starter pack' of 1 worker, 1 soldier, and one nester. Species may vary.

Does TNT allow the use of sides for Habitarium?
No TNT does not allow you to play Habitarium on a side account, but they may let you use it to fix your habitarium as long as no NP is gained from this. You must donate the NP earnt from Habitarium on your side account to money tree and discard any Habitarium items you earn.

What else can I try if I'm partially merged but the Habitarium still doesn't unlock?
Many players have successfully unlocked their Habitarium by not only following the guides on this page but also experimenting doing various things which are NOT listed in these guides. To get an idea of the types of things you can try in order to unlock your habitarium see our Unlocked Habitarium Archive page.

Do you have a question that you would like answered? neomail sralini or ask on the Habitarium board on the 'To all people who are locked out' thread. :)

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Updates from TNT

As TNT's stance on these kind of issues can change at any time it is very important to keep up-to-date on the rules and recent tickets to know what is and is NOT allowed.
If you have opened a ticket and received a response from TNT which you feel should be on this page please neomail sralini with the link to your petpage that contains a screenshot of your ticket. If you do not know how to do that then simply mail me letting me know what was said in your ticket and i can help guide you through the process of uploading it.

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Special Thanks to...

1_faf_1 , toast418, terlinguoid , 1zeuslover, eddieizzardfan, pudding_bbt, lister252, _static_lullaby_, ouched

.. and many more regulars from the Locked out board on the Habitarium forum who have made this guide possible with their contributions!


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Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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