Yay!!! Firekreg won 2nd place in the lupe competition BC with 251 votes and got 16th overall. Thank you to everyone who voted. *hugs*

Posibly the Best drawing I have ever done of Firekreg. About 12 hours of MS paint, and I think it realy payed off. Firekreg as kind of a modern Pharaoh wizard. The colors are wonderfull, but the stripes, oh the stripes were the hardest part of all. I love sparkles so I put them around his staff. Please tell me what you think...

Neofreind Requests / Only if we have talked for a while, please don't send random NF requests
Art Requests / Closed
Custom Adoptables / Closed
Art Trades / Closed
Custom Trades / Maybe
Roleplay / Maybe
Battle Dome challanges / NEVER!!
Giving to beggers / !!NEVER!!


::NAME:: Firekreg
::RACE:: Anthro/Quad Lupe/Lupejgeighn
::CLASS:: Fighter Mage/ Invoker
::DESCRIPTION:: Firekreg is about 7'6". His head is that of a wolf.His muzzle, ears and paws are marked with red, blue, green, and purple flame.He has runes painted on his arms and legs, the most noticable, being a green dragon
::MY PERSONALITY:: Firekreg is...*Firekreg speaking* "Thank you, Worg, but I wanna take over for now. It is my petpage after all, is it not?" *Me* "Oh, all right, take over, pal." *Firekreg* "She's a real sweet heart, hehe." Anyway, Firekreg here, so, what can I do for you? You want to learn more about me, my family, and my freinds? Ok, will do. Ok, Well, i'm normaly calm, and i love to help others, HOWEVER, this does not meen that we give to beggers, Worg and I detest beggers, so don't even try,...anyway, I love playing with fire, horseback riding, and taking naps.


::WORG:: Ah, yes, Worg, she likes to think that she's my owner (oh, please!). Well, anyway, she's a nice person all in all, but she's quite odd. For starters, she LOVES coffee, ice cream, and after she eats the ice craem she runs around the house like a psyco, barking like a dog. (I sware, she's gonna end up in the insanity house one day!) More then that, she waists her spare time on neopets, and she always asks me to pose for her so that she may draw me, ugh, has she ever herd of cameras? She should know by now that I always take my morning ride at 10:00 AM. Oh, and she's not completely human either. She has a set of wolf ears and a wolf tail. Like I said, she's odd, but I love her dearly.
::Mini Me:: Mini me is my treasured anubis. I don't know where he is, or if he's even still alive. He was taken from me, by orcs. He looked like a clone of me, fire markings and all. I miss him so much and I wish I could see him again...
::HARVEY:: My loyal steed. I do not own him, he is my friend. He suffers not the burden of saddle nor briddle, no, he is free. His magnificent main and tail of fire and his night black pelt, Harvey is one of the most beautiful, and most deadly of all horses.

::DARTAINYON:: My dear old freind, Dartainyon. The paladin of the silver dragon, Savvanah. He stands for truth and honor. He is valiant and pure of spirit. The mighty anthro uni is always awaiting his call to duty.

::SORSHA:: Sorsha is a Silver were-hyena, the last of her kind. Silver werehyena's live to be very old, and I meen, very old, as of now, Sorsha is thirty-thousand-years-old. Although she bears the look of an inicent looking five year old girl. However, in her hyena form, she is a force to be reconed with...

::ORCX:: Good ol' Orcx and I have been together for a long time. He's a winged dire wolf. His wings are strikingly beautiful, and his fur is soft and black. He has many piercings in his ears, and wears a silver chain with a dog tag. He is loyal to me, and I to him. Just beware of his short temper.

((Image soon to come.))
::FYRE:: She's my Raven freind, you know the connection between wolves and ravens, don't you? She's a scout, and always flies ahead to warn me about incoming dangers. Her wings are marked with green fire.

((Image soon to come.))
::RUGHA:: Another old buddy of mine, the Great Dragon Rugha. He has a wicked sense of humor and uses his necromatic powers for the cause of good.

::MY LOVE:: I don't know where she has gone. She was a magnificent dancer, and the secret keeper of the stars. Her name, Starlight Soul. You could see the stars in her eyes, and the light in her soul. *sigh* The last time I saw her was when I was helping her on to her horse, telling her to ride hard, without looking back...


  • Fire
  • horses
  • taking naps
  • darkness
  • forests
  • my home
  • grasslands
  • The moon and stars
  • guest
  • Water
  • Rocky landscapes
  • N00bs
  • Art Theives
  • Large Crowds
  • Too much bright light
  • Giggly girls
  • people who kill horses
  • people who say "wolves are evil"
  • Evil Things


    The bright moon shone in the sky, stars sparkled and danced happily. A magnificent anthro lupe mounted on a great flamming stallion watched the skys on a large grassy hill. The lupe's eyes flickered like green flame. "Come on Harvey, lets go home." The lupe said as he cantered his horse down the hill and onto a forest path. A young girl mounted on a small grey pony hurryed to meet him. "Firekreg, you were gone a while, worg and the others were worried about you." The young girl said. "Sorsha, I'm fine, Harvey and I wanted to watch the stars tonight." Firekreg laughed. "worg worries about me to much." Firekreg explaned. "Thats because she cares about you, come on, we need to get home." Sorsha said as she rode along side Firekreg.

    Firekreg and Sorsha rode along the road for a while, then turned into a large glade filled with fruit trees and berry bushes. A sweet aroma filled the air. The sound of the stream running through the glade seemed to calm even the most frightened of animals. There was a stone cliff with a cave in it, it was lit by fire. Firekreg and Sorsha dismounted thier horses and went to put them into the cave. "Firekreg, you naughty boy." Said a voice from inside the cave. A tall teenage girl stepped out, she had grey wolf ears and grey wolf tail. Her long black hair gleemed in starlight. "What?" "I only wanted to do some star gazzing before I came home." Firekreg told her. "Have you ever head of cell phones?" Worg argued. "I forgot to bring mine." Firekreg protested. "And why are you mothering me all the time?" Firekreg asked. "Because, well, tonight is a good example." Worg answered. "Well, can I atleast put Harvery where he belongs?" Firekreg asked. "Yes fine, but tomarow, you had better tell me where you're going, and remember to take you're phone." Worg told Firekreg firmly. "Yeah, whatever." Firekreg said as he lead his horse into the cave. "Geez, I can use a sword, I kill orcs, I can ride a horse, I can do things that are imosible for a human to do and yet I am still mothered by a human." Firekreg muttered to himself. "I heard that." Worg said narrowing her eyes.

    More coming soon!!


    #1 Could you roleplay?
    Maybe, if I enjoy the subject.
    #2 How old are you?
    My age is not to be named.
    #3 Can you do a commission for me?
    Sorry, but no... commissions are illegal on neopets... I do make custom adoptables though!
    #4 What art program do you use?
    For my digital art I use PSP9 (Paint Shop Pro 9) I ink over my design, scan it in and then I color and shade it in! For my more traditional art I mostly use graphite pencil, however, I also enjoy pastels, gel pens, and colored pencils.
    #5 OMG!! You draw so well!!! Could you teach me to draw?
    Whoa... I don't feel nearly qualified to teach people how to draw. There are still many aspects in my art that I'm unhappy with...
    #6 Wow!!! I love your art!!! You're very talented!!
    Awwwww, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! XD
    #7 OMG!!! Someone stole your art!!! What should I do???
    Tell me where the stolen art is located, give me the username, pet name, and any other info I need so I can report them, please. Also if you wish, you may report them...
    #8 Can you give me an art critique?
    I don't feel worthy enough to give critiques. I'm way too nice, even if I think it's total garbage, I'd say it's nice anyway...
    #9 How much neopoints do you have?
    What does it matter to you? Considering you aren't getting any...
    #10 Can you PLLLZZZZZ give me NP or an item? PLLLZZZ????
    NOOO!!!! I will NEVER, read my lips, NEVER give out anything for free!!!
    #11 OMG!!!u r lyk so me@a, I hte u...
    Ok, I can not understand this, go see someone about you're spelling, and don't talk to me unless you want to have a real convrisation...OK? (Bottom line, don't use chat speak with me, it is very hard to read...)
    #12 Where do you live?
    Somewhere over the rainbow...
    #13 What is your name?
    I have no name, Muahahaha... Just call me Worg or Silverhyena.
    #14 What is your favorite food?
    Huugghh? Did you just ask me that?!? ICE CREAM!!!
    #15 I love your pet's designs, may I use them?
    OK, people, this is a big positive NO!! They are MY designs that I came up with... go get your own ideas and don't copy me...
    #16 You're so mean!! I HATE you!!!
    Ask me if I care... n00b...
    #17 Do you have any "Real life" pets?
    Yes, I do, I have a dog named Molly, Regretably though, Cuddles (meh kitty), Alan (meh frog), Han (meh Betta), and Wintergreen (Meh Betta the 2nd) have all gone to heaven (Rest in peace guys, You know I loved you all.) Also, the "golden beagle" award is in honner of my dog...:)
    #18 May I have one of you're pets?
    Ummmmmm,...this is a tough one, let me think, how about,...NO!!!
    #19 May I use you're art as reference, just to better my own art? I promise not to put it up on the internet.
    Sure, go right ahead!! Even today, I use ref pics, go right ahead, as long as you don't put it up on the web, I'm cool with it...
    #20 Ummm, worg, you misspeeled something...
    Whoops, I did? can you please tell me what so I may correct it?


    Fire Lupes

    Red Lupes



    FireKreg Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Ragthorn's Mini Lupes

    (These are makeables that Worg found. Worg loves makeables, so if you have makeables, please let her know!)

    Well, here is a lovley drawing of myself. Done mostly on ms paint with some mild editing on paint sho pro 9.


    ~About me~

    Hello, Worg here! Well, you want to know a little about me? OK, well, I'm you're average neopian who loves to draw, play games, chat on the boards, and sometimes enter the BC. I'm quite well off here on neopets, I earn my NP fairly, by playing games and selling items in my shop. I will not give out anything for free, my items, my pets, my NP, nothing. Afterall, would you give up you're hard earned items, pets, and NP to the first person who asked? Of course not.XD OK, art wise, I LOVE making custom adoptables and I draw allmost every day, infact, I even take my sketch books (my small ones mind you) to resarunts, zoos, you name it, you're sketch book, never leave home without it. (More comming soon when I think of any thing more to say.)
    (ART USAGE) Ok ummm... I don't mind if you want to use my art as reference simply to learn or if you want to use it as wallpaper for you computer or print one of my designs to hang on your wall, put in your binder, etc. What I don't want is for you to steal my charactor designs. I came up with my own ideas and you should too... I mean things like markings, poses, acceseries, etc... Please don't use those... those are my idea's that I came up with. All of my pets markings and designs are original and all MINE! And besides, stealing only shows that you have no imagination...So please, don't take my ideas... However I do relize that some people can have very simaler drawing styles even though they have never met... but I will recegnize my designs if I see them...just be on the safe side and come up with your own ideas... okies? Ok, one other thing, My art NOT TO BE USED OFF SITE!!! THIS ART HERE, ARE ONLY TO BE USED ON NEOPETS!!! That having been said, I'm a real nice person at heart... Questions or compliments? Neomail me!
    (ART THEFT) Don't you dare! My art is mine! NOT, I repeat NOT yours! I WILL NOT accept apologies!! I don't fall for the "I'm sorry, I didn't know any better, please don't freeze me," thing. I will NOT fall for it, I have all over my pages not to steal my art... or ANYTHING else for that matter! If you steal I WILL make you pay the price, and you could get in more trouble than just having your account frozen! Not to mention you WILL be flooded with hate mail from my fans here on Neopets. Just be on the safe side and don't do it... Stealing is a crime... you do know that, right? And imagin what your parents will think if they find out that you've been taking credit for other peoples hard work! *wink* All my art is (C) to me, Worgrider007, (also known as Silverhyena, Fluffywerewolf007, Nightwarg)
    Please note this: any rude neomails will be ignored and I will block the user! (Just a warning!)

    Copy the code in the text box and paste it in the address bar to see the full sized picture.

    (OK, this is just some pixle art I did a while ago, I gave firekreg wings.:D ~Firekreg~"Worg?! What are you thinking?" "Wings?!" "I don't have wings!!" "Worg is so Sily sometimes.")

    (This is just so cute!! I had to draw gool ol' Firekreg as a puppy with an indian headdress on. ~Firekreg~ "Hey, I look spiffeh...")

    (Hmmmmm, we all have our bad days, and our pets do to. I was a little bit sad when I drew this. This is what Firekreg looks like when I'm not home to play with him, my poor budy. ~Firekreg~ "Worg, please don't make me cry...")

    (Ahhh, yes, Firekreg's favorite time of day, Nap time, the only thing that can get him up when hes napping is the smell of dinner cooking, or my screeming after I had ice cream. ~Firkereg~ *Yawns* "Good night Worg..." ~Me again~ "But it's 12:39 Firekreg, you are such a sily boy...")

    (OK, in this pic, I desided to draw firekreg in quad form again (He can morph between anthro and quad) He's running beside me with a big smile on his face, how could you not love him? ~Firkreg~ "OK, Worg, If you love me, don't let fan girls climb all over me, OK...")

    (Awwww, here is Firkreg an an anthro puppy, with Mini me the anubis, are'nt they so cute together? ~Firekreg~ "Worg please, my dignety, you denting it...")

    (OK, this I di to prove to people that I use traditional media, I used ink and color pencil for this, It turned out very nice I think. ~Firkereg~ "I like it!!" "See Worg?" "You can do a few things right" ~ME~ *Picks up a loaf of bread and chaces after firkereg with it.*)

    (OK, this is one of my newer and better pics of Firekreg, I love the background, my first time doing grass on ms paint. This is my pic of Firekreg in the fall, with a nice big pumkin.)

    (Oh, this one turned out so pritty, I love the moon and stars. I also tryed out glowing eyes for the first time. I know, the image itself is a bit blury, but all in all, beauty pic, the aproxament time it took was 18 hours,.)

    ~The Animals I used as refrence to create Firekreg~

    Butterfly Lupe Adopties have been moved to Dartainyon's PetPage


    ^For pigfish99^

    This is Worg's award! If you want it, just send her a neomail, with a link to your petpage. If she likes your art, petpage, etc., she'll put up a code box so you may clam it... It's that simple, but there are a few rules:
    Everything on your page must be original.
    You must not be a n00b.
    Please no ((Off Site)) petpages.
    You can apply for "The Golden Beagle" if you have the following on you're petpage

    Great art

    Awsome petpage

    Nice help page











    If you wanna trade links, just ask!!XD


    Oh, you're leaving so soon? Well, I hope you enjoyed my page, please do visit again! Here, take one of the banners above. That way, everyone else can come visit me. Thank you for your company and good day to you..."


    ~Worgrider007 (main)~


    Visit Wolf Tracks The Neo Art Directory Links to all kinds of help...

    Special thanks to lupeluver3003

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    It is a journey
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    I want to stay on Neopets,
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    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
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    It is a journey
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    I want to stay on Neopets,
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