i've been walking for so long now

I've been walking for so long, my feet are frostbitten. I've been waiting for you, waiting for you to come and find me again like you promised. You told me that you were coming back, but you never did. I waited for so long, I'm sorry. I have to go now.

Hello Sam, my name is Mollie and I would like to welcome you to my application for your wonderful Grey Grarrl, chyany or as I will be referring to her, Chy. Throughout this application I will show you some of the plans I have in store as well as character ideas. I will also be talking you through why I believe I would be the best choice of owner for your wonderful Grarrl.

I would also like to apologise for the lack of content on my account, I have recently come back from hiatus and therefore I had took down a lot of this without saving it, however I couldn't pass up the chance to apply for Chy!

in no way was I forced to create this application

character overview

I'm in so much pain, I've been walking in this storm for hours.

The girl looked around, her white hair swinging round behind her as her blue eyes went wide, her blue tinted lips slightly parted as her eyelids fluttered half closed. It had been 5 years now, nobody had come for her.

She never came here on her own, she came here with him, her father. He promised to stay with her, but he left. He left and never came back, till this day she had never once let herself cry about it, she had turned too cold for that.

Ironic, huh?

Her name was Chy, she was 17 years old now. She was only young when they first came here, they had come on a hike in the winter. They did this every year, usually sometime in November when it had began to snow. It was fun, it was quality time that they spent bonding over.

However that soon became the opposite, she had fallen ill this time, they were hours outside of the city and with no car, it was near impossible to get back, so they found a small cabin. It seemed that nobody was home, so he went inside.

He lit a fire, whilst she lay down and rest. The two fell asleep.

By the next morning, a problem had arisen, they were snowed in and there was no way out.

They were stuck, with almost no supplies.


Unfortunately, due to school work I have not been able to write as much here as I would have wished to, however and overview would be that they had become accustomed to the house and lived there for a few weeks, now and then making use of what they had, soon enough a month became a year, they had forgotten the way out. The two had lived there together, searching for help every other day for 3 years but found none, one day her Father had gone out to look on his own, he had never returned. Now Chy is left to find her own way out whilst trying to find her Father, and when she does, she finds out she was well and truly abandoned. She feels alone until people come to help her become once again accustomed to society.


For me I feel that the plans section is a big part of an application as it allows the foster, you in this case a chance and possibility to see how Chy would be treated if she where able to join my family.

Writing | I adore being able to write for my pets however it takes me a lot of work to be able to create a character I am confident with and will be easily able to work with. This is something I believe I have been able to do for Chy. Yes, it is based of human but this way I find it easier to be able to write something ideal. Chy would be given a fully developed character on his pet page along with a pet lookup to match!

Art | I will admit now, I am not the best artist in the world, however I enjoy drawing and art very much. I find it very enjoyable to sketch new ideas for characters and come up with new things whilst improving the abilities I have. Time can fly by so quickly whilst drawing. I plan to draw a lot for Chy and try out new styles with her.

Customisation | The items I have chosen are those that I believe to strongly suit her character, I think these are simple but well fitted to her!


Trophies and Spotlights | I will state now, I do not enter the Beauty Contest a lot. Only when I draw something I am proud of and I like. So whether or not this will be done a lot is totally up to how much I like a drawing I do for her however he should be entered at least once every few months.

I love entering the customization spotlight; I tend to do this most weeks. Not only can you win a beautiful trophy for your pets you can have the chance to be the notable Neopet!

Petpet | As for petpet, I would more than likely be attaching a Grey Faellie, pretty much all my other permanent pets have Faellies attached, however this would have no link to his character .

Where | Chy would stay on my main account daisyies. She would be kept on there along with my other greys. FireDancer_394 and spenny_002 would be more than likely moved to flyertok, which is my most active side as I would love to be able to keep all my greys together to make them my main focus for the time being.

Other | I would never convert Chy, he would be permanently staying here with me the way as you see her now. I do not plan on quitting anytime in the near future and I hope I have a long time to come on here, however if there does come a time when I quit I would adopt Chy out as you are doing now.

about me

I once set my sandwich on fire.

Hi Sam! As I think I mentioned before my name is Mollie; I will start off by saying that I currently live in the United Kingdom.

off neopets

Off Neopets, if I am ever off, I tend to spend a lot of my time messing things up. Not just little things but big things to, lets just say I am probably not the most intelligent person when it comes down to common sense.
I once tried making a sandwich and ended up setting it on fire.

I also tend to end up walking into a lot of poles and lamp posts as well as doors. Honestly it is ridiculous. I cannot cross roads either. I really, really, really can't. I didn't see a Firetruck once and that almost ended badly.

Apart from this I am quite a nice person who enjoys making new friends; I adore the friends I have, the people who accept me for the person I am and the ones who stand by me no matter what.

Honestly, Neopets has helped me a lot through school especially with coding, Photoshop, English Writing and even Mathematics to a point. I don't think I could ever bring myself around to quitting.

On Neopets

I have been playing Neopets for 6 years in June/July! I started playing when I was 8. My old friend told me about the site just as I was walking out of class on the last day of term; she still regrets telling me to this day.

Slowly over time a lot more people have began to find out that I like Neopets to the point where is doesn't bother me anymore. I am addicted to this site and if I am honest it means more to me than a bit of embarrassment, don't get me wrong, I managed to keep it a secret for about 2 years since starting High School.

On Neopets I enjoy trading and buying Neocash, personally I think I may start to become addicted to Wonderclaw, browsing the Pound Chat and lots of other little things that include playing games, writing and drawing, coding, improving my account, chatting with my Neofriends and gifting!

I am an Avid Gifter and I thoroughly enjoy it having gifted a few UCs, a 2 character Zombie and Stealthy Krawk, A 3L Faerie & Maraquan Ixi, a ton of other pets, a bunch of items such as paint brushes, morphing potion, transmogrification potions and a few million Neopoints and I certainly will not be stopping any time soon, and I have just sent a Draik off into a new home!

As for games I very much enjoy Pyramids, Advert Attack, Kass Basher and Spacerocked! Currently I am aiming to obtain the Spacerocked! trophy with my high score being 16,286, if I had scored this in a different month I would already have my trophy, I won't stop trying and getting overly frustrated though!

I also enjoy collecting avatars on the odd occasion and a Good game of Keyquest brightens my day!

My accounts are- daisyies (main), flyertok, nesrei and firaer (lab account). Only the pets on my main and daisyies will have characters as the rest are trading, labrats or they are pets that are extremely hard to come up with a character for but may have one in the future when I finish the rest of my characters!

other things about me

This are little things about me mentioning the type of things I enjoy such as book and TV shows!

Music | BIGBANG is my lifeline, I literally live, breathe and sleep their music. I'm a huge, huge fan of them!!

Movies | Anything and everything geek-y, I am a fan of Marvel, DC, Disney, anything really!

Over all on neopets the things that are most important to me would be working on my pets and creating characters, I adore it. I also very much enjoy coding and my gifting is insanely important to me!

My Pets


I'm lost, I don't mean for it to be this way. I'm upset and I'm angry. I don't know what to do. And most of all I am confused.

Hypnotizing brown eyes the colour of a deep chestnut. Deep brown wispy hair that looks to fragile but beautiful to the eye. A face with a clear complexion but somewhat different varying from dream to reality. Lips a beautiful, soft pink colour that are glossy and slightly darker on the inside. A girl with a soulless image.

I'm falling further in to this trap. I want to stop but it is becoming impossible. I am lost, I am broken and I am breaking more. I want people to feel my pain, to manipulate them. Bring them to my world that is so separate from the one of ordinary people.

Her build is somewhat slim and she stands at roughly 5 foot 6 inches. Her hair falls down as far as her tailbone. She has matching flecks on each of her arms that run from her elbow to her thumb that are just simple lines.

It's so cold outside. Can you feel it? I am scared, so scared. I want to be free but I am trapped.

The dream manipulator, that is what she is called. She will crawl in to your dreams and switch it around to suit her, even if there is no reason for it. She craves for people to feel the pain that she does.

I was lucky enough to be gifted FireDancer over a year ago now in November 2013. One of these Kougras had been the main focus of mine since 2010 and just when I was about to give up I was lucky enough to adopt this lovely lady. Thank you so much Emma for allowing me to have my dream!


The first words spoken since the creation, through the fog it was visible. The faint outline of a human, but what they found was far different from what they had aimed for or had been expecting. The humanoid stepping forward, never blinking. Every eye in the room was on it, wondering what they had created. It stared as if it had no emotion, there was something different. The appearance was terrifying, they were stepping in to unknown territory but it was something they were willing to do, and that's when the next person spoke,

Experiment number 002 is a success.

A new company, money had been given. It was a start to something new, experiments to see if it was possible to create a human from scratch. People has started to apply from all around the world for a chance to work in this new, hi-tech laboratory that could be the key to the future, they knew it would take a lot of time and work but that was something that they were willing to do.

And that was when it all began. When the company first opened it was like the gateway to something new and unknown, office workers and technicians strolled from office to office, coffee in one hand whilst paperwork was occupying the other.

Meetings, talks, experiments going on everywhere you look, workers eager. This was the most modern technology to date and it was amazing. The company had very strict requirements about getting in, including the fact that whatever happened in the building was the stay in the building.

I traded for this darling rather recently! I have always loved the look of these lennies and he will not be leaving me unless it is to someone who's dreampet he is.



It's pretty unbelievable, I get that. Why would you believe someone like me? The day I was cursed was the day my life changed for the worse. The day my heart was ripped out and replaced with a darker one. The day I became a ghost to the world around. I was so selfish to try to take a second chance at life even without my physical form. Why must I always be so naive?

Look at me, look at what you have done to me. My body aches; I'm exhausted. I've been running for so long. I am dehydrated. Please stop following me. I want to go home but I want to keep going. There is no way out. I want to scream and I want to cry but I can't. My body won't allow it. All it knows how to do is run. Keep running. My limbs and my lungs are burning, my organs can't keep up. My heart won't pump my blood fast enough. Bags under my blue eyes. I feel myself going numb. I know I must look like a ghost. My skin is going cold, the colour is fading from my face. I am fighting to keep my eyes straight forward as my legs hammer down this cobbled path. I can't breathe. My vision is blurring, my knees are buckling. I'm falling.


Eyes a deep blue colour, skin a very pale tone with a healthy glow. Lips plump and a broad chin with an exquisite jawline. Eyebrows shaped perfectly and skin smooth. The man is one of pure pristine beauty, however his soul is far from.
I never was this way, once upon a time. I just gradually grew in to it. The lies that where fed to me fueled my fury, my revenge. But there was nothing to obtain revenge on.
He has a tall and solid build but is not broad, he stands at just over 6ft tall. The man is 23 years old.
I regret everything that I have done, each day I look a year older. I want to see my family but I can't.

That was what it used to be like.

Since the accident I have lost what you could say as a physical form, I was stupid and took the chance even though I should have given up then. I wanted to see what the world would be like with out me and I took it. I became cursed. I adopted my Eyrie almost a year ago now, he had been a long time goal of mine and seeing him UFA, I couldn't resist applying! He will never be leaving me, I love every last feather of him!



He couldn't let it happen, if he did then he would disappear. So had to keep lying, from the day they were born to the day they became deceased, he had to keep lying. He didn't want to but he had no choice, because once you let him in, then it was essentially, survival of the fittest.

For decades there had been an urban myth, the myth that your conscience isn't your own and there is someone else controlling you. Most people blew it over but what happens when a group of scientists decide to take the myth literally and begin researching?

What will happen if they find out the truth? That there is in fact something else controlling you and people start questioning if it really is all in your mind? And more importantly why only certain people?

Ervie is the pet that is the most of a work in progress, I am currently looking for a name swap for him, other than that he is permanent!


We have finally reached the end of my application, I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would also like to thank you for considering me to become the lucky new owner of your beautiful, beautiful Grarrl. It has meant a lot to have this chance to apply for Chy and I can assure you that I would not let you down if chosen.

Thank you for reading this, even though it is short, I really do hope you still consider me!

Thank you for placing this beautiful Grarrl up for adoption and best of luck deciding on a wonderful new owner.



thank you to Emma! Emma gifted me my beautiful UC Faerie Kougra 2 years ago now, we hadn't known each other prior, but I kept my word to keep Fire and even now I am so grateful to have been given her!

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