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  • Welcome to the Neopets Extension of the Monthly Manga! Yeah, cause we're just that awesome.
  • Welcome!

    to the new Sugar and Spice Monthly Manga Extension! Think of it as like a chain store except with the Monthly Manga and with only one set of staff.


  • What IS the Monthly Manga anyway???
    Well, it's a funny magazine/newspaper thingy that me and my friends made.

  • Who are the crew?
    Well, the main crew is Cami (Wizzy13_7), Jin (Squidtasticness), and me (Squidtasticness2) AKA Ellee. The complete crew is every one that I've listed above plus Ginger Snaps (who is not that contributive to the Monthly Manga =(.
  • Coding

  • Since there are a few contributers on the team, I have a code to show who wrote what. They will appear like quotes, one before and after what they wrote.

  • = By me (Ellee)
    = By Cami
    = By Jin
    = By Ginger
    Tea Time!

    The Monthly Manga


    With the set-up of the new Neopets Expansion of the Monthly Manga, I expect to see a constructive progression of the already high quality of the Monthly Manga! In ofther news, *glances at script written by Ellee and proceeds to slap forhead* Ellee has decided to start a collection of Coltzan's Gem(s). Good Luck with that. That is all for now! This has been your news anchor, Wolf.


    Hello, people of Earthp and Space, I'm Yuki Squeaker, Weathermouse...
    What do you mean that you lame-o's don't know what Earthp is? Well, in case you ignorant readers haven't noticed yet, it's raining UFOs. The aliens have invaded and renamed our planet Earthp. I can't believe that crazy janitor was right, honestly, but who knows, maybe he contacted them in the first place! I'm not complaining, though. The aliens have given me a pay raise, which means that I can afford the basic luxuries in life. Now, Piff, go fetch my newly acquired aged cheese collection. *Piff scuttles forward and brings the load of cheese* This one is a finely-seasoned, aged Swiss from back when quality cheesemakers... *You scurry away to avoid death by boredom* Hey! I haven't signed off yet! Come Back!

    Surprise Section

    Waiting for surprise content from team...and remember that it's a surprise...

    Previously on the Monthly Manga

    Under Construction

    More Previously on the Monthly Manga

    Under Construction


    Yes this is our sense of humor...




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    The "Cause We're Cool Like That" Award The Award by Ellee.

    The Water Channel

    Yes we have our own channel...not really...but if we did...
  • Pirates: The soap opera were they don't use soap.

  • The Aqua Olympics: Fun water-related Sports

  • The Comical Ocean: Makes no sense...but it's funny and hosted by my peeps and me!
  • Hahahaha

    Holding Bay:

    Work You!!
    Let that be a lesson to you not to steal!!! Currently, the naughty list is empty. Lets keep it that way.

    My Collection

    Currently: 11 Coltzans Gems
    Donations are accepted but not required.


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    That's all folks!