fate's art junk

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Hey Theeeerreeeeeee im never here anymore
s u p
im fate

this pet is not uft thanks

when i have art block and want to doodle stuff i will link this page on a board
otherwise feel free to ignore it thank you

Trades and Requests yo Trades: Maybe
Requests: probably not

today i am in the mood to draw

today i am not in the mood to draw
♦stupid stuff

i will never draw for you if you
♠are obnoxious/rude
♠act like your time is more important than mine (ie "id do a trade but im too busy")

Ref Sheets if we're doing a trade u gotta draw one (or both) of these woofers

extra refs i guess or just like other ways i draw them sometimes

Credits and Thankyous to the people who did the things

Coding by Beetle
Textured background by transparent textures
Icons by Whirligig