Get ready to laugh!

A warm breeze tickles your nose as you walk down a grassy lane. Birds sing and fly from tree to tree, and you glance up at them, wondering what it would be like to be a bird, or if it would be better to be a worm, or perhaps a piece of crunchy lettuce... You glance down at the ground and halt in surprise- you appeared to have wandered into a field filled with slimy slorgs! "Welcome!" one of them calls. "You have wandered into our field, and you will be rewarded!" Triumphant music starts to play as the slorgs parade in front of you, each one holding a big poster-board with a funny picture on it. You sit down and watch as the pictures get funnier and funnier. Pretty soon, you are rolling on the ground shaking with laughter. Wiping your eyes, you sit up... and find that all of the slorgs are gone. You blink, then get up and meander back to the road, thinking about apricots and tic-tac-toe, and if pizza is really a vegetable, and whether life is just a big dream... Or not.

The Screenies!

Just like on Jeopardy

Yum Yum

A sequal to "Cat Infestation"...

*punch* I heart u...

MUWHAHAHA, Boochi strikes again!...opps, never mind

Bad chair! X/

Uh-oh, Hayley, never provoke a vampire!

They say your pet matches your personality...

Or maybe it's your username...

What a lovely couple

HEY! *steals*

AGAIN?! Mine!

You're the only person that would look good in blue lipstick, you know.

As for you, get a better fashion sense


Umm, TNT... 0.0

Haha, n00b, you're 85% plastic. Jokes on you! XP

Still scratching my head... moo?

Oh yeah, I love this person!

If you were superstitious, then it's no wonder...

Umm... Ok, that's weird 0.o

*falls off my chair laughing hysterically*

I remember when the boards were good, the people were nice, and life was great... (LOL)

Looks like kitty got run over by a lawn mower. x-x

I love balloons, I love avocados, I love....

Nice bullies.

Run from Rosie!!!

Does that mean a year is 27 months?


Really?!? I must need new glasses.

Whatever happened to just plain Baa?

Chuck Norris and The Pteri?!?!? The world is ending!!! X.X

My first Tarla mist! *happy dance*

Ain't that the truth.

Ahaha, talented x.x



Of course, it has to change color to red or blue, NOT gray.. }:(

What about igotnamedontheboards?

And on the Fourth we sit staring at fire in the sky. Fun, fun.

Aren't us Neopians picky??

Congratulations! You have won the right to participate in "Neopian Hoarders"!

Is this weird or what... somebody is psycho x.0

Oh yeah, they needed a vacation from protecting Neopia.

Sure, why don't we all just go around and kill our pets?

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