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Based on AC's favourite avatars. {September 2010}


[fahyuhr-wurks] plural noun.
1. firecrackers, rockets, etc., exploded or burned, as in celebrations, to produce noises or brilliant lighting effects: sometimes used in sing.
2. a display of fireworks
3. a noisy quarrel or display of anger
4. a font and graphics site by april. {otherwise known as vivid}

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Important: I use Safari & Flock so if my fonts turn out differently, thats probably why! :)

Also, I use webdings/wingdings in some of my fonts so some symbols might not show up :(

Counter started 20.9.10.


3.1.11 Guys, I'm not dead, so you can stop worrying now! :) I just got really busy with the last few weeks of school and then I practically didn't do anything for about a week after that... so yeah. Uhm, so, I have a lot of things to say. Well, sort of a lot...
- I got a new computer, so I don't have PSE on here, but I'm getting a new one in a week or something... so I can't make a layout for a while.
- I will be deleting all my affiliates and listers, but I will mail you all because half of the sites I'm affiliated with have like, either closed or just deleted me... /cry/.
- LIACR will be up next week! Yaaaayyyyy!
Theres probably a lot more things to say, but I think LIACR will become my main site, this one is just getting nowhere... y'know?

So, until next ti-
Oh yeah! I'll be making a blog... or a vlog... not sure yet.. probably a blog.

As I was saying... Until next time!

13.11.10 *slaps self for being lazy* Alright, so. I've been really lazy, and not updated, or made any fonts.. for a week or so. I'm sorry. :3
Anyway. In about a month or something, or next year, Fireworks will not be the only site I own. I'm going to make a site called Living In A Chemical Romance. LIACR will feature everything My Chemical Romance related - fonts, banner, layouts, icons, etc. I know this doesn't interest a lot of people, but it does me, okay?!

- four fonts added

7.11.10 Well, it seems that my PSE (Photoshop Elements) has decided to crash and die, so I'm buying a new one and installing it on my new computer, but not for a few months.. in short, that means no graphics for a few months.
In other news, I've made... *counts on fingers* 4 more fonts. I'll add them sometime this week, probably tomorrow because I still have to test them...
Even more news!
- Fireworks is now listed at Smiley Central and Elle's Help Guide.
- Affies with Space Dementia, Mo's Fonts, Fontosis and Bijou.

5.11.10 Hooray for updates! So, it turns out, that for another six weeks {maximum} the site wont be updated on work days {mon - fri} because I really need to study, so I won't fail this year... which means :
a. no more falling asleep in class at my boring teachers, and
b. i have to study.

Back to the point. I WILL UPDATE ON WEEKENDS! I will hopefully get most of that list done, and more banners...

1.11.10 Four more fonts added!

31.10.10 Happy Halloween everyone! Thankfully I didn't get a lot of trick-or-treaters at my house, more candy for me! :3
- I've added 5 banners to the Graphics & More page, but more will be coming soon, I promise!
- I've added a 'To Do List' to the left hand side (under navigation) to remind me of what fonts I need to make, and to let you know what fonts are coming soon!

Notice: I think there seems to be a coding glitch or something affecting a few people at the moment, and I was one of the lucky ones I guess. The glitch was that half of my code wasn't in the code 'box' but it was below it? Anyway, its fixed now, so if I don't update, that will be why!

30.10.10 First update on the new site! How exciting! B)
Anyway, I've added the fonts from the old site (Vivid) and have moved them here. A few of them I edited a bit, but barely noticeable.
I will be adding more fonts during the week, and some graphics.


: fonts with this next to them require a neoboard pen!

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Chomby Colourful - Dynamite Parody Lyrics

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Evil Eliv Thade - SING lyrics (My Chemical Romance)

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Aisha Disco - We Dance To A Different Disco, Honey Lyrics (Short Stack)

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Mortog Smootch - I Will. I Will. I Will. lyrics (Short Stack)

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Babaa Maths Nightmare - All Of The Dreamers Lyrics (Powderfinger)

neoHTML - Signature

Brightvale - Gradient

neoHTML - Signature

Kadoatery Mew! - Black Cat Lyrics (Mayday Parade)

neoHTML - Signature

Random Contest Winner - I'm Random..

neoHTML - Signature

Mediocre - Random Quote

neoHTML - Signature

Dark Lurker - Name/Random quote.

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Mutant Graveyard of Doom - Haterz Everywhere Lyrics (B.o.B)

neoHTML - Signature

Magical Kauvara - Magic Lyrics (B.o.B ft. River Cuomo)

neoHTML - Signature

Usul Royal Boy - Name and Stars.

neoHTML - Signature

Snorkle - Art Is The Weapon (Na Na Na) Lyrics (My Chemical Romance).

neoHTML - Signaure

Kacheek Swim - House of Wolves Lyrics (My Chemical Romance).

neoHTML - Signature

Ace Zafara - Give 'Em Hell, Kid Lyrics (My Chemical Romance).

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