Pillow Project


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Hello, Aphrodite. *curtsies* Welcome, to my humble application - it is a pleasant honor to allow one named after a Greek goddess to read my mediocre writing.

I am applying for your unclothed Stealthy Draik, Yxxy. Please beware that for story purposes, I will be referring to Yxxy as "Shadow". (And a greater warning: Some of the Pillow Project will be kept and not flushed out totally and hidden in that closet - Ferwersh: Is that Narnia? No, not a wardrobe. A closet. Not Narnia.

I was not forced, encouraged, mind-tricked, or demanded, held at the claws of a cat/dragon/bird, asked, suggested, talked into, or taken over by Ferwersh to create this application for Yxxy the Stealthy Draik. This application was fashioned solely from my own free. Therefore, I am responsible for all the effort, horrible artwork (unless credited otherwise), complex and confusing stories, or any grammar errors.

Thank you to all who have contributed to both the Pillow Project (The Application for Pillow) or anything related to this. And thank you to those who have and will critique, stare, praise, grumble, complain, read, proofread, ignore, snarl about the graphics, and simply skim over this application.

A special thanks to those who have or will draw, doodle, photo-edit, gift, donate, or contribute to the Pillow Project and this application. Thank you all. Especially to my guildies.

Also, credit for the fine shooting star background - Poogle. For the semi-opaque backgrounds, Thatkillsme.

Wow, this is a long introduction. And now, without ado, is my application for YXXY!

About the Pillow Project


For you to understand about Yxxy and my strange desire for her, you must understand about the Pillow Project.

Oh no, this story does not have a real beginning, as it begins in real life. When I was very young, my siblings and I would pretend our toys were real and give them not-very-creative names. It was how I eventually came onto Neopets -- the plushies.

Anyways, pillows are nothing special, really, but Pillow is. I had (and still have) all my earliest toys, including one of my pillows, whom I named Pillow, Pillows, and Pillowy (thus these are the names I would like to obtain). I created characters for him and other pillows. Pillow was a powerful pillow deity, who was the second highest position (sort of like a vice president or deputy to being "Pillow of All Pillows", as we called it then).

Eventually, I came to PC on Neopets and learned of Unconverteds, the Purge, and Pound_Release. I started stalking names. One of the first names I searched for was Pillow. Then he was an Unconverted Plushie Blumaroo. I always dreamed of owning him from the Purge, but hoped it would never happen because he was a rare Unconverted, perfect as he was.

Unfortunately, Pillow was purged eventually, and I missed the opportunity to create his name. I was heartbroken and gave up on owning him, and therefore started stalking other Pillow-related names.

One day, though, I decided to search for Pillow again. He was (and is) a normal Blue Blumaroo. I never paid attention to the "not up for trade or adoption" banner, for my eyes were all on him. I stalked Pillow for a long time, hopelessly dreaming of owning him. Sure, it was hopeless for a long, long time. Then Cybit went UFA. I was elated. Quickly, I contacted Kami asking if I could apply to retrade for Pillow.

Kami later replied [quote]Hi and well... as you can see in his petpage... he is not uft as I have plans for him :/, but if you really ask me and as I still haven't started working on him.... I 'may' let him go but only for a vwn uc darigan draik/royalboy acara... and 'may' because is just tentative :s If you want to try, sure go for it (: feel free to mention him^^[end of quote]

I was happy beyond relief, despite the horror at the fact trading guides all seemed to point out that UC RoyalBoy Acaras and UC Darigan Draiks were out of Cybit's (my first attempt, a DN Unconverted Plushie Cybunny) tier. I decided to give it a go, and with all my heart.

And then, I did not make it to be the owner of Cybit. I was heartbroken and in despair. How could I reach to what Kami wanted... without Cybit? I felt hopeless.

Finally, a few days after,with help of my guildmates, I managed to get over the loss and begin to start again... this time looking for an opportunity to look for other Pillow-related names. I found the one of the other two I was looking for: Pillowy.

Immediately, I searched around, until I found Rocket the UC Faerie Kyrii. I contacted Pillowy's owner, and was delighted to hear she would be happy to trade for Rocket and would keep him as a permanent pet.

But, as you can tell, Pillowy's app did not work with me, and thus, I was left bummed and downhearted. Though I did not give up, I never would, I stumbled into a kind of hibernation. I left this project up into the air and slowly ebbed away from Neopets and into Real Life.

I grew busy, and it would take a very long time until I came on. One fateful day, I was browsing through an Unconverted UFA directory (/~Kittin), when I stumbled upon Sui. I might be exaggerating, but I felt hope beyond hope. I felt inspired.

I feel that with Sui, I have a way of obtaining Pillow, and of getting back into Neopets, returning to this marvelous character world I've created.

Yet Sui was taken down for adoption -and thus my application never made its way.

It occurs to me, that I had eventually given up on Pillow -all but a tiny bit that clung on. But in truth, I knew it was just another endless dream.

I was certain there would be no pet to aspire me in the way Pillow had, the way he stole my heart and wildest imaginations and put more into words than ever. I remember being tired of Real Life homework and browsing on the famous PC for only an hour. And I say Yxxy UFA.

I admit, I didn't think of anything at first. But once I saw her name, I thought perhaps it was one of those XXXX pets that had yet to be. Maybe that was what brought me to realize -when indeed, I discovered she WAS called Yxxy, that she could fit in for one of Pillow's semi-archenemies, Shadow.

And thus, she caught my eye and stirred that little bead of hope into a greater web. Perhaps, perhaps... The project could go on -without Pillow.

Character & Story

(note to self: INSERT PIC OF SHADOW)

Full Name: Skylar "Shadow" Morgan
Better Known As: Shadow
Age: 17
Gender: Female, of course
Considered to be: Shape-shifter; Rogue; Human

Personality: Cautious, wary, distant, warm to close friends & family, sarcastic

  • Likes:
  • Her sister, Red
  • Close friends and family
  • Coffee
  • Birds
  • Scent of Pines
  • Spying
  • Shadows, hence her nickname
  • Dislikes:
  • Sleep (because it leads to nightmares)
  • Memories
  • Authority
  • Power-hungry people
  • Ferwershy Sgush
  • Feeling exposed
  • Forest Clearings
  • Background Story: When Shadow was young, her mother passed away of radiation poisoning. She was deeply devastated by this, especially after she unveiled dark secrets behind the reason. Conspiracies from their landlord arose, and as a result, Shadow's home was destroyed. She confronted the lord in anger, but instead got singed by a torch on the right side of her face.

    She was healed by some renegade medics, and later reunited with her sister. Yet her sister had a deadly power of anything... and after several mistakes, they had to go on the run. The bounties on them climbed steadily as more and more power-hungry authorities discovered their secret.

    In order to protect them, Shadow erased their identities and learnt to eavesdrop on conversations. She also learned to trail people and see if they were suspicious. Still, her little sister Red was captured several times (but rescued) and their pursuers never relented.

    Eventually, Red was taken away by a bounty hunter once more - and this time, Shadow herself was caught by an evil organization..

    Description: Shadow is taller than average, but barely. She has pale creamy blond hair, falling just a bit longer than her shoulders. The right side of her face is paler than her left, likely because of the fact she was torched on that side. Her eyes are a pale aquamarine, striking and almost like ice. She often wears her mother's coat, dark blue and somewhat worn, and a black jumpsuit beneath. Shadow always bears a pendant underneath her shirt as well.


    Thoughts are italics.
    Dialogue is bold.


    Red looked up, feeling a mixture of dread and confusion. She knew fairly well her sister would never knock no matter the occasion, for her sister had the key. And very few people every bothered to visit their isolated cottage.

    One of the reasons would be her unfortunate bounty. Red hadn't exactly meant to have a bounty on her head - it wasn't entirely her fault. She had a power... a power of "anything". Except power always came at a cost... and hers was no exception.


    The quiet knock transformed into an angry rapping noise. Red grimaced, feeling fearful and uncertain what to do. Her sister had gone out, probably to get some supplies or something.

    The door was bust from its hinges. Red was confronted by a stranger, clad entirely in black. Yet there was something oddly familiar about the stranger that she couldn't put her finger on. However, before she could even react, spots swarmed her vision and she fell unconscious.


    Shadow's fingers touch the crinkled papers in her jacket. She hadn't meant to lie to Red, but in truth, she had not gone for supplies. She had gone for something dangerous and deadly instead.

    Do I really need it? Shadow considered it, but she knew what her heart would say. The papers were more important than anyone had realized... and that was the only reason why bounty hunters and renegades were high-alert in the area.

    In the papers contained a drawing. It was that simple, just a plain ink sketch. The sketch was of the world's greatest objects - things that could be used to rule the world. Shadow couldn't help herself from nicking it away from the markets. Otherwise, it would've fallen into the hands of greedy billionaires like Ferwersh.

    Shadow returned towards their modest home, located deep in an evergreen forest. She inhaled the tangy pine scent, relishing it for a moment. It was one thing among many that she enjoyed here. There was a slight gnawing worry deep inside her - that something could have gone wrong. She had little to suspect of course, except for the already suspicious number of renegades in the markets, of possessing one of the most wanted and dangerous objects, and of her younger sister's bounty.

    I've just invited myself trouble, she thought grimly. Shadow looked down at the path, a few meters away from her home. Something caught her eye. Footprints.

    Fear sparked, as she thought of the worst case scenario. Who would come here? Why..? Only one reason came to mind. Shadow slowly tore her gaze away from the ground. She looked up at her home. It was somewhat in ruins; the front door has been ripped from its hinges. There was a half wreck inside the house that Shadow cannot even direct her gaze to. Her heart sank. Of course. She did not even have to invite trouble. It had already come. The bounty hunter, or whoever, had taken Red. Again.

    Reluctantly, Shadow walked towards her now ruined home, staring aghast and wishing it was all a nightmare. Another one. She stared at the footprints too, examining them. They almost looked like a cat's paw instead of a humanoid. Suddenly, she caught a whiff of something in the air. Wait, she said aloud. Why does that smell like tranq gas? Even as Shadow was finishing her sentence, she fainted.



    Shadow woke with a start to the unfamiliar voice. She was bound in some small white cell. The walls were uncomfortably close -and instead of ropes, someone had thought to bind her with chains. Wow, thought Shadow. Am I really that dangerous?

    The speaker and captor was insultingly small. He wore a grayish hood, and had a funny aura about him. He didn't reveal his face, but stood grinning insanely. For a moment, Shadow was convinced he was some kind of bird-like creature.Well, I'm Dewebus - but you can call me Dewey, said the bird-thing cheerfully. Now, we're going to have a great experience together.

    What? said Shadow, narrowing her eyes. A great experience? Something in the speaker's voice hinted that his definition of "great experience" was different from the dictionary definition.

    The small thing walked towards her. Pity, remarked the bird-entity. Only I get to experience the fun. Then the being touched his eyebrow, as if he were some kind of psychic.

    That was the last thing she remembered for a very long time.


    Shadow jolted awake. She didn't exactly know where she was. It was a plain white room, so white it was blinding. She was not bound or tied in anyway. Shadow frowned. Where am I?

    There was no sign of Dewey to her relief. How long has it been? wondered Shadow. She paused, feeling as if there was a thin layer of something on her face. When she rubbed it, a dark sooty material came off. What in the world?

    Someone entered -and the doors parted. It was a Pillowus Magnum, a specimen of higher 'godly' creatures in her world. Shadow stared, feeling a wave of confusion.

    Who are you? snarled the Pillow. What is your real name?

    Wait, what? asked Shadow, raising her eyebrows. What exactly did I do to deserve this?

    Pillow stared at her as if she had grown an extra head. Don't lie, he snapped. You know what you did.

    A realization slowly crossed Shadow's mind. Dewey, she whispered aloud, recalling the bird-thing's words. Only I get to experience the fun.

    What? demanded Pillow.

    Shadow looked at him slowly. What's today's date?

    Pillow considered this for a moment. He looked back and gestured for someone else to join him. Today's the Thirteenth of April.

    But Shadow wasn't even paying attention. As soon as the figure stepped in, her blood went cold. It was obviously Dewey -without his hood and costume. Dewey, the blue bird, and now that she looked at him closely, Shadow found his real name. And it was not Dewebus. It was Ferwershy Sgush.

    I have to get out of here.





    This will be my dream customization for Yxxy. However, she will probably be dressed with some random spare clothes until I have obtained the full outfit.


  • Mysterious Forest Clearing Background (~275,000NP)
  • Handsome Blue Jacket (150 NC)
  • Black Alabriss Wings (17,500,000 NP)
  • Gormball Necklace (OBTAINED)
  • Thieves Hood (100,000 NP)
  • Simple Dark Decorative Daggers (OBTAINED)
  • Pet Lookup

    Since I'm busy revamping my pets' lookups right now, I cannot show you exactly how it will be. However, I'm relatively certain it'll end up something like this or that, personalized to fit Yxxy's character and story.


    Yxxy will be hosting the Pillow Project Page (alias her own). I will develop upon it to add some more artwork and rework it to a different style. The Pillow Project will be replaced with something more 'fancy' (and taking more time, but I am bad at art so it may take awhile).


    I will continue on her story, adding several more chapters overtime. If you'd like to see a basic spoiler of what it will be, read below. If you want to be surprised,


    Eventually, Pillow squeezes the truth out of Shadow; and she tells him about Dewey, though not daring to reveal all the details. That sends Pillow on a goose chase with an invisible foe, not knowing that the real Dewey is right before his eyes.

    Ferwershy Sgush attempts to mind-wipe her, so his secret will stay safe, but he gets distracted (THANK HISTORY CHANNEL) and accidentally allows her to escape. He, of course, covers up his slip-up and pretends that everything has gone normally.

    In the meantime, Shadow seeks after Pillow, thinking he possibly has some clue to where her sister has gone. However, instead, she almost encounters into him and a renegade group of bounty hunters that train in the forest. Pillow, in fact, is about to catch her again before she slips away and uses the tiny bit of power she has - a simple transformation into a bird.

    But then, when Pillow disappears and is betrayed by Dewey, Shadow learns a shocking revelation. Ferwershy Sgush has her sister and is going to turn her in for being the acclaimed "Dewey".

    Mortified, Shadow tries to stop it - when she is intercepted by a strange cyborg with some mystic power called the "Force". She is about to slip away when the unthinkable happens.

    Ferwershy Sgush unveils his secret weapon - an army of clones that he has been collecting over the years. Millions of them flock the lands to achieve his goal: world domination. Shadow is taken captive, and Ferwersh stabs Pillow in the back again (he manages to escape thanks to his doppelganger and 'Alternate').

    Fortunately, Ferwersh shoves them all into one cell - and Shadow gets reunited temporarily with Red, her sister. However, Ferwersh has an even more sinister plan. Before the three can hatch a plan - Red does something that destroys the world and helps Ferwersh win the conquest. Now, they are all stuck in prison, with Ferwersh laughing as he reveals another secret: He is Red's alto ego, or other consciousness. Thus he is able to possess Red at haphazard times.

    Pillow calls upon the power of his spiritual messenger, Pillowic, and all of them begin to overthrow the cunning and mighty Ferwershy Sgush. But first, they must escape the labyrinth that the bird has stuck them in. The labyrinth of drams and nightmares, of illusions and reality, the web of lies and truths...

    That is where I must continue to think.


    I will roleplay with Yxxy, in the same way as i do with Flare Ion. I will ask for partners and see how it goes. Yxxy's roleplay plot will go in which she attempts to rescue her sister somehow. Something to that affect.


    At this point, I'm not really sure what her petpet will be. You would think it'd be something representing her sister, but I feel like her sister Red deserves something more. So then, she may get a random labrat petpet for me to experiment/lab on. Apologies.


    I will keep Yxxy on my main. I will be moving Slush, for he shall be retiring and heading off to a more quieter place (let's just say that all the chaos and enemies on one account isn't exactly the recipe for someone who likes stargazing and peace).

    What if...?

    ..I quit...
    Downsize......Or lose interest entirely

    If that comes to be, then I will adopt out Yxxy, though I do have the slightest feeling I may let her rot with me - except it wouldn't be fair to her. (She would hate me forevermore, and I'm certain there will be many others in this world who would likely enjoy her.

    About Me


    On Neopets, I am a PC'er at heart. I lurk the PC often, looking for interesting topics. I also enjoy writing stories for my pets and editing their petpages and petlookups. I love designing layouts, as it is fun and challenging. I have recently joined Divinity, an amazing guild dedicated to improving characters!

    Important: There are three other accounts not mentioned here, due the fact that they are too young to chat and I don't see why you would look at them, but if you like. I will mention them a bit after.

    Please note that I have switched mains many times, when I was young, and another time when I wanted to dedicate to my cat, so that explains the trophies and game count.



    Too Young to Chat Accounts:

    Pet Storage
    Pet Storage
    Pet Storage

    Real World:

    In the real world, or outside of Neopets, I am your average person. I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and having fun (of course, don't we all?).

    I have a particular fondness for cats, especially since I had a cat named Tuny. There were some technical difficulties and we had to give her up.

    I have this strange paranoia about random people stalking me, so excuse me if I seem to not really to explain to much about my personal way.


    Ferwershy Sgush - Ferwersh is named after one of my earliest Bruce toys. I hand-painted him Ghost (during a time when I thought 100k was a lot) and finally got him a trophy in BC!

    He's a rich, crazy, cheerful penguin that loves mischief and messing around with others. Ferwersh is considered to be annoying. He also seems to have split personality, sometimes being malevolent and other times, acting as a benevolent gifter. Ferwersh has his personal lab, called the Wershy Lab, and loves messing around in it.


    Slush the Wise - Slush was named after my Speckled Bruce toy. I also hand-painted him. One of my goals for him is to get the Neopian Book Award.

    Slush is a wise prophet. He stargazes in his spare time and has traveled a lot. Slush loves teaching and telling stories of his travels. He is very kind and generous, despite being the father of Ferwersh. He is also enjoys helping, as in the spoiler version of the story, you will understand why.


    Flare Ion - I caught Flare in the pound. He had about 120 HSD even-ish. I trained him, using FQ cookies and personal training until he has the HSD now.

    Flare Ion is a vengeful tiger with fiery scars. His dreams are haunted by fears and memories of the horrid betrayal. Flare longs for revenge and is lured by the very organization his mentor sacrificed everything to protect him from. Flare hates to lose and is willing to sacrifice anything (or anyone) to accomplish his goal. He is slowly building an army to unleash against the traitor, his own mentor.

    Vaderps - I created him myself and spent a whole lot of NC customizing him. He is named after Darth Vader, and I plan to zap him Robot or MSPP.

    His character is currently in progress. He wants to search down all Force-sensitive Neopets and make them his apprentice(s). Currently, Vaderps has his eyes on one Neopian Jedi...


    Sgushsgushy - I created him myself as well. He is also named after one of my Bruce toys.

    He is very childish and easily frightened. He's often teased, but he has lots of hidden potential. Despite it all, Sgushsgushy is a kind little duckling, who depends on others for survival.


    Pillowic - I traded a well-named Woodland Grundo for him.

    He is Pillow's personal messenger.


    Art & Adoptables


    By Me:

    Drag to address bar for full size

    Set 1:

    Note: Replace COLOR with the color specified below in the box. Gray will be spelled Grey. The code below is the code for the adoptables. Make sure to follow the above notice:








    None, other than all Pillow pictures here.

    By Others:

    By the amazing Cab (belac127)

    By the wonderful Lupy (lupyz11)

    By raining_iilesfor

    Conclusion & Credits (once more)

    So, this is the end. Furthermore, if you are interested in the story of Pillow, my plans for him, or other things of relevance to Pillow and not Yxxy, please see here.

    Thank you, Aphrodite, for patiently reading through all this bore, as well as the amazing opportunity. I hope I entertained you and that you did not need coffee.

    Thank you, once again, to all those who (in advance) will or have had to critique/read/skim/grumble/complain/note/comment/remark/sigh/devour either the Pillow Project, my former application, or the Application for Yxxy.

    Below are restated credits.

    Credits: Background image found using Poogle. Semi-Opaque Background from /~thatkillsme. Also, any other artwork either belongs to me directly or is linked directly to their owners.

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    Pillow's character will be thoroughly based off the real life personality I gave him, as well the plenty of challenges for him to face.

    Name: Pillow
    Gender: Male
    Species: Great Pillow (pillowus magmun)
    Age: 100,000 years old

    Personality: Daring, Bold, Rash, Uncertain

  • Likes:
  • Being respected properly
  • Sleeping
  • Hovering
  • His position
  • Having plenty of pawns
  • Other pillows
  • His amazing shades
  • Dislikes:
  • Being disrespected
  • Getting woken up
  • Walking
  • Sweating
  • Extreme weather
  • Having to do dangerous things by himself
  • Annoying creatures
  • Background Story:

    Pillow, despite living a hundred thousand years, is still rather young for a Great Pillow (known by their scientific name as Pillowus Magmun). Therefore, it can't help but be agreed that Pillow is rather bold, rash, and daring. He is headstrong and uses his power and rank to his advantage.

    Ambition has brought the young leader flying through ranks, as well as his talent in convincing others. Pillow's influence has spread, though he is neither evil nor good. He has made powerful friends and enemies, due mostly to the fact Pillow is very rash. If one could have one alternate form for each rash decision they made, Pillow would have at least a hundred.

    However, Pillow, being who he is, can only be respected, not even anyone dares whisper a rumor about him, for he IS A GOD. Pillow's hearing is thought to be spectacular; he has spies and informers everywhere. It is not for the fact that he doesn't want anyone to speak against him though, Pillow does it for the safety of the world. There are many who would spread lies and rebellious thoughts against all of Pillow's kind, all of the higher pillow gods.

    Therefore, it is Pillow's duty, his honor, in fact, to keep his kind, as well as the rest of the world, safe. It is Pillow's task to watch for anyone who could potentially harm his people.


    Dialogue is bold.
    Thoughts are italic.

    A long, long time ago, in a world so close but far, a cloaked figure walked away, watching as a giant star fell towards the ground. The star exploded, ash and dust flying into the air.

    The cloaked figure pulled out a small bottle, uncapping it. He caught floating piles of star dust, coughing ever so slightly, then screwed on the cork tightly.

    He nodded with satisfaction, turning away. The figure paused, as if deciding against it. He pulled off his hood, revealing his face.

    However, if anyone was watching, they would have immediately noticed something was wrong. The figure had no face at all, it seemed. A darkness, like a shadow, hung in the air where his face would have been.

    Nervously, the figure turned around, looking for anyone, and it could clearly be seen. The figure had deep blue eyes.

    Chapter One: Disturbance

    Pillow, sir?

    Pillow sighed, hovering in the air. He got up from examing a map, and looked at the younger pillow, a new recruit, he supposed. What is it?

    Ferwersh wants to see you. He claims to have important news, sir, the young pillow said, bowing slightly.

    Important news? From Ferwersh? That's unlikely! thought Pillow to himself with amusement. Ferwersh probably has something absolutely useless to mess around like the hundreds of other times he has done that. Despite that, Pillow got up and followed the other pillow where Ferwershy Sgush, a cheerful rich business-penguin sat smiling.

    Yes? asked Pillow, holding back a small sigh. What is it this time?

    Ferwersh smiled, pleasantly. Don't worry, Pillow. It's real, this time. I promise. Well, I suppose we should discuss it somewhere private, eh?

    Priavte? scoffed Pillow. Don't you think my personal office is private?

    Ferwersh waved his hand, slowly. This isn't your office, though.

    Pillow frowned. How can this not be my office, Ferwersh. Don't EVEN TRY to trick me.

    Ferwersh looked ataken back. I'm not, he said, waving his hands in the air.

    Alright then, do spill the beans, said Pillow, turning to take a cup of coffee.

    Ferwersh shook his head. Not here.

    Fine, then go! Pillow gestured at the door. Out!

    The penguin grinned, broadly, then bounced out the door, laughing all the way.

    Pillow stared after him, wondering if the news was real or just another of those tricks...


    Spies, report! shouted Pillow, into the com.

    There was a slight static noise, as the first spy began to speak. chhhZZZZzzz... Pillow, sir, I have yet to see anyone of interest. I was trailing a suspicious tiger archer, but I lost him in the woods. chhhhhhZZZZ...

    Well, that's unfortunate. Was there anything else you managed to learn? Pillow asked, frowning.

    No, sir. I wasn't able to, replied the spy, slowly turning off the com.

    Pillow waited a moment, then listened to the next spy. Static. He frowned. Something's not right... Agent 314 is very talented and one of the best. I suppose he's in trouble, thought Pillow.

    Oh well, Pillow heaved a sigh. He continued through the next, but they didn't have anything significant to report.

    During the evening, Pillow was awoken up by the loud thrumming of his com. Grumbling, Pillow got up and picked it up. Who's this?

    Agent 314? he asked, curiously. He held the com closer. A figure in black was hit by a star? And survived? Are you kidding?

    There was a small pause, as Pillow listened intently into the com. They bottled the ashes and left. Where was this? Did you see any clue to who they could have been?

    Pillow nodded, slowly. Alright, thank you Agent. Out of curiosity, where were you today at report time?

    Pillow suddenly dropped the com. It's bugged! Close off!

    There was a strange thudding sound from the other side of the com. A slow hissing voice spoke towards Pillow. Nowhere issss ssssafe... You will be found.

    Chapter Two

    Pillow woke up with a pant. Where am I? He thought.What happened? Pillow paused, remembering last night's incident. He calmed himself down, looking at the com. He got up, leaving it there and headed down the hall.

    Pillow, sir?

    Pillow looked up. It was the little pillow again, the same one who had called him to see Ferwersh. Yes? Pillow asked, holding back a sigh.

    Is there anything I can do for you, sir? the young pillow asked, hopefully.

    Of course, Pillow said. Bring me some coffee to my office and call for Ferwershy Sgush.

    The pillow nodded. Yes, sir.

    Pillow watched, thinking about what Ferwersh had said earlier that day...


    Ferwersh entered Pillow's office, bowing mockingly. You called, Sir Majesty? Ferwersh asked, his tone filled with some sort of mocking sarcasm.

    Pillow explained what happened last night to Ferwersh, despite his suspicion about the little penguin. He waited a moment after he had finished, looking to see what Ferwersh's response was.

    Ferwersh looked serious for almost the first time. I think this is serious, Ferwersh said. Ahem, something happened to my lab. The lights went out and the screen had the words: YOU WILL NOT INTERFERE OR ELSE... Sounds like the same person to me.

    Why would they do that? Pillow asked, puzzled.

    Because, Ferwersh said. You know how I am very powerful. He grinned.

    Pillow watched Ferwersh closely. So, you will help, correct?

    Of course, the little bird said, reassuringly. He waved his hand, gesturing wildly. I don't care about idle threats. Not like anyone could do much to me.

    You are helping me, right?

    Ferwersh looked surprised. Of course!

    Pillow nodded, thoughtfully. He wasn't so sure... Alright, I have a plan. He leaned over to Ferwersh and began to explain...

    Chapter Three

    Pillow pulled the shades over his eyes, walking through the crowded street. He tightened his grip on the suitcase, calming himself down a bit. Then Pillow became to move. He paused in front of a security guard, handing the guard a small folded piece of paper. The guard nodded.

    The Shadow's been expecting you, Pi, said the guard, looking at him in the Pilot's uniform. Pillow was disguised as a well-known thief named Pilot who could take anything, even a plane. Pilot was known especially for his plane-stealing skills, and it seemed that the Shadow was looking for the Pilot. With the help of Ferwersh, Pillow and spies located the real Pilot and took him down.

    Pillow nodded, continuing through the gateway. He saw no point in the gates, because the place was just burnt ruins. There were still ashes everywhere and smoked wood. Amongst the rumble, he spotted a small tunnel entrance. Pillow approached it cautiously, then knocked tentatively on the door.

    He heard the door creak a bit as it opened a crack. There was a low, hissing voice. Pilot?

    Pillow nodded slowly, staring into the darkness of the tunnel.

    You're late, replied the voice, cracking a little.

    Pillow frowned, peering at his watch. No, I'm early, he said in a harsh, rough voice.

    There was no reply. Pillow felt a bit uncomfortable. Something was wrong.

    Pillow, replied the voice with a malevolent laugh. How nice of you to join us.

    Pillow stared with horror, as darkness filled his vision...


    Future Plans

    Items Required:

    Plushie Kiko Morphing Potion (~2,000,000 NP)
    Kiko Pilot Hat (35,000)
    Kiko Pilot Suit (8,000)
    Kiko Pilot Sunglasses (50,000)
    Kiko Pilot Suitcase (70,000)
    Resistance Headquarters (100,000)
    Flying Pillow Shower (NC)
    Fluffly Feather Pillow (NC)

    Total cost: 2,228,000 NP & 150+ NC


    Pillow's petpage will be somewhat similar to this, with some more interesting images and layout design, as well as background and other visuals. I just need time to work on them.

    Pet Lookup

    Pillow's pet lookup will look like this.


    I will continue Pillow's story and I don't plan on ending it soon. I have many plans to add there. If you don't want me to spoil everything, don't read the spoiler, but if you are dying to know... Hover below:

    (hover here)

    Pillow is captured by the Shadow. He is imprisoned, but later escapes and fights the Shadow. Pillow wins, but discovers the Shadow's true identity.

    Shadow is a rogue who was looking for her sister. Her mind was taken over by someone with the name of "Dewey" who used her as a host and sabotaged many of Pillow's spies. Dewey also seemed to have convinced an archer to create an army that Dewey planned on unleashing and destroying the Pillows.

    Ferwersh and Pillow search for "Dewey" and they end up finding Commander Flare Ion, who is the tiger mentioned. He unleashes his army against them, capturing them. Ferwersh disappears the following evening. Pillow learns of Flare Ion's quest for revenge. He convinces Flare Ion to set him free and contacts an old friend, Pillowic.

    Pillowic tells Pillow about Z, who is Flare Ion's ex-mentor. He also tells Pillow about the SHADOW, an organization that is built to destroy all of the worlds. Pillow is then directed to Slush the Wise, a prophet and storyteller.

    Slush tells Pillow of the supernova, which means war. He also warns Pillow to never trust anyone.

    Pillow continues on his quest to find Dewey, when he encounters Shadow again. Pillow is shocked and questions Shadow about her escape. She flees from him and disappears in the forest.

    Ferwersh returns, this time with "someone who can help", a strange derpy-looking guy called Vaderps. Ferwersh claims that Vaderps can locate Dewey - at a price. Pillow, distrustfully, allows Vaderps to give it a try.

    He suddenly ambushed at night. Pillow is captured and taken into a "Plain White Room". Fortunately, he has a strong mind, as day and night he appears to be dreaming. Once, Pillow woke up from the dream illusion and discovers Shadow's sister, named Red. One night, he hears Red dream-talking to Dewey. Pillow uses his telepathic powers and contacted Pillowic again.

    Pillowic contacted Slush, who explained that Red was connected to Dewey, because they were the result of an "alternate combination", which is what happens when an Alternate and the Original person see each other. Alternates are created when the Original decides to do something extremely brave/rash/extreme.

    Then Pillow comes up with an idea. He tells Pillowic to search for his Alternate. When they successfully find one and capture it, Pillow manages to sneak out of the Plain White Room as Pillowic takes the captured Alternate and releases it inside Pillow's prison.

    Pillow contacts Ferwersh and convinces the bird to help him take Red out of the prison. Ferwersh does and Red goes crazy. Pillow tells Ferwersh to find Shadow, but Ferwersh claims he is busy.

    Pillow reluctantly goes out to find Shadow, without any luck. When he returns, Red is gone. Pillow rages at Ferwersh, but then Ferwersh reveals the fact that he imprisoned Pillow and Red. Pillow is then recaptured by Ferwersh and locked into a "Locked Dark Room." Pillow explains the situation to Pillowic, his messenger. Pillowic then tells Pillow to wait, as he and Slush will release him...

    That's where the story goes on hold, as I need to continue to think.

    Art & Beauty Contest

    I will draw (or attempt to draw) Pillow and enter him in BC, regularly (say once every two months or so). I have earned a trophy for Ferwershy (Silver) and still plan to get him gold.


    I am still deciding on this one, as I haven't seen a really "pillow-like" petpet. However, it is promised that I WILL get Pillow a petpet that goes with his story.


    I love roleplaying, and I will roleplay with Pillow, just like I do with Flareion2002 (at the current moment, that is. Here's what Pillow's roleplay main plot would be:


    I am not bad guy. I am not a king, nor conqueror. I am just a simple pillow who swore to protect his kind. However, I realized from the message, it is I who am endangering my kin. I, who am the one who draws attention.

    So, you should understand why I must seek out the danger. Why I must seek out the Shadow that my Agent failed to destroy.

    First, I must find someone to help me. After all, I can't leave as Pilot without suspicion. I must find someone I can trust.

    What if I...?

    ...lose interest
    ...ultra downsize

    I will either leave Pillow to rot with me forever or adopt him out.

    Where will Pillow stay?

    Pillow will stay on my main, and Slush will be transferred to catsrockmeow, my side account. (note: Cybit will reside on that account until I manage to *hopefully* finish the trade process)

    Dedication & the Screenie

    My Gallery of Pillows, see here.

    If you see the mention of the DN/BN UC Plush Cybunny, that was Cybit, in which I managed to land a semi-finalist in. Unfortunately, I did not receive her, but only months later would I get over.

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    I want to stay on Neopets,
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    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
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