I am son of Loke
I am the one creating fear among the gods in Midgar
I am...

~You are walking through a forest at night when you suddenly see a black pawed Gruslen sitting on a small rock. The Gruslen glared at you. Then it smiled and made noice that sounded like a laugh. Then it jumped of the rock and ran into a cave. You strangly followed.
You walked inside and saw two yellow eyes. They were not the Gruslens. It was something bigger. Suddenly the cave lighted up by Blue flames on the floor. The yellow eyes glared at you still. You looked at the creauter. It was a big lupe. Much bigger then a normal one. The lupe smiled.~

Greetings visitor
It's not often I got visitors come to my cave.
The name is Fenris and I was born in Ragnarok for many hundreds years ago. My father is named Loke and my mother is called Sigyn. My father is an half god. I have one sister and a brother. My sisters name is Hel, she rules the under world. My brothers name is Midgardsormen, the giant dragon like creauter who tryes to get into Midgard by killing Ygdrasil. My brother is an fool.

But my sister is a beauty and have no heart just like me. I belive father is more proud of us then his last son.

I can remember the day I died and awaked.
It all happen when Odin took me away from my mother. He wanted to make me more friendly, he said. I guess he wanted a pet. After a while I began to escape. Not even chain could hold me. I began attacking people.

What I didn't know was that Odin had asked the dark elfs to make something that was better the the metal chain. The dark elfs made a slender silken rope from such materials as the sound of a cat's footsteps, a woman's beard, the roots of a mountain, the longings of the bear, the voice of fishes, and the spittle of birds.
They got me in the end. Tyr was foolish to put his hand in my mouth to let everyone see how brave he was.
I closed my jaws. Blood landed on the ground also a hand. I glared at Tyr. Even that he was son of Odin, he was also a fool.
I was ready to kill him when Odin put a sword into my mouth, the hilt resting upon my lower jaw and the point against the top of the mouth. I tryed to howl. It was to late. Someone throwed a big rock on me and I died.

I met my sister in her in the kingdom of death. She told me she would bring me back to life if I gave her a soul every year. I accepted. And now I am free.

I guess you maybe wonder how I came to Neopia, isn't that right kid?

Name: Fenris
Species:~Half God and Jotun~
Years old: Older then you will ever be