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14th Jan 2018 ;
created hitsuzen

14th Jan 2018 ;
added new lookbook - mysteriously beautiful

16th Jul 2018 ;
added new pet lookup - simple ; never up for trade/adoption
added items used version for lookbook - mysteriously beautiful

16th Jan 2019 ;
added new pet page - column bokeh
added new pet page - live free
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1. please do not remove the credits
2. editing is definitely encourage
3. please do not redistribute or claim any rights

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- in my codes, you will see phrases/words that look something like // word
- these words will indicate where you should start and end for copy paste
- if you want to copy and paste a whole section, you should copy from // section to // end section and paste it at where you want it
- example: // section [TONS OF CODES HERE] // end section
- remember to remove all the // words from the codes when you're done editing!
feel free to nm me if you need help!
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simple ; never up for trade/adoption

don't want new owner date: delete the codes between //remove start and //remove end

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