November 26, 2008: *sigh* I'm sorry to say that I don't have much time here anymore. I need to take a short break from lookups. I will be on for a few minutes mostly every day to check neomails and maybe do some chatting. This break is only temporary and I WILL finish my requests as soon as I get the time.

Counter Started: 9/4/08


If you would like to request for a premade that you would like to see on this page, neomail me a link from the Background Section. Make sure you check the Requesting Rules section before neomailing me.

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Past Updates

This is where my older updates go. My latest update is always at the top of the page.

November 18, 2008: I knew that there was something wrong with the link back button. Just today I saw that there wasn't a border! xD Well, I took some time today to draw a border, and get rid of the default blue (ugly) link border. :)

November 2, 2008: Another lookup has been added to style 2 and the waiting list has been updated :)

October 31, 2008: Sorry for not finishing any lookups for the past week now :( Don't worry, this weekend I will make up for it big time!

October 22, 2008: I have recieved two fantastic awards :) Oooh, so beautiful!

October 21, 2008: Yet another layout has now been added to the Style 1 lookups :)

October 18, 2008: There are 2 new Style 2 layouts that have been added. Scroll down to see the new scorchio and fyora layouts!

October 17, 2008: For a couple hours today, TNT changed the coding filters so we all had to use different style tags. Looks like it's fixed now, so I've changed the style tags back.

October 10, 2008: I've redone all of the previews to the lookups. On top of that, a new lookup has been added.

October 9, 2008: Some users have pointed out that the sidebar on the right had text and links overlapping. But I think I've fixed the problem though!

October 4, 2008: I've added another new lookup! I can see that this page is really starting to grow! I'm excited to see how well this page progresses and how popular it gets!

September 28, 2008: I've added 3 new lookups! I've been getting much more time to work on them and I've found neat shortcuts to make the lookup making process to go faster! More coming soon!

September 21, 2008: I just added my new update section. Oooh, fancy! xD

September 4, 2008: Site launched! Woot!


Welcome to Blinking Lookups. All of these lookups have something special about them. Many more lookups will be coming soon so please be patient and keep checking back! But for right now, enjoy the lookups that are available =)

Also, thank you to Kali for helping me out with some of my petpage coding issues xD. Also, credit to Uber. You guys are both awesome! This page wouldn't have been possible without you!


1. No stealing any of the graphics or coding. That means you can't take off the credit, or claim that you've made it yourself.
2. If you see anyone not following rule 1, neomail me immediately.
3. Changing little things like colors and fonts is okay. As long as you're not doing drastic things, then that's perfectly fine.
4. Requesting is fine, be sure to remember that you're making a request for a premade. Also, make sure you check my rules by scrolling down.
5. I make neopets related lookups only. There are plenty of other places that you can get non-neo lookups.

The Lookups: Style 1

These are the lookups that are currently available for you to use. Make sure you check my rules before using them!

The Lookups: Style 2

Pets and/or Trophies Don't Look Right?

If your pets and/or trophies don't fit, you might want to take a look at the coding below. Change the pixel numbers and play around with them until everything looks okay.

Pet Code - Find something like this somewhere inside your style tags, and play around with the numbers. You ONLY need to change the height and width for the image, and the positioning of the table.

Trophies Code - Find something like this somewhere inside your style tags, and play around with the numbers. The changing that applies for the pets also applies here.

Requesting Rules

1. I love having people request for lookups! I get the idea of what people want to see on my page!
2. If you decide you don't want one anymore, please neomail me ahead of time.
3. To make a request, simply neomail me an image you would like to use from the Background Section.
4. Only make a request if you really want a lookup that you will use. If you just want to give me ideas of different themes (more of villains, faeries, etc.) so I have more variety, that's great! Just notify me that it's just an idea, because there may be people waiting for actual requests. I can work on adding more variety in my spare time when there aren't any requests!
4. You probably already know this, and if you don't, keep on reading. Do not use any of my graphics or coding and claim them as your own. And certainly do not take off any of the credit. It's against the rules, and I will report you to TNT.

If you have read this and understand this section, please put the word "Meepit Eater" somewhere in your neomail. You will likely be ignored if you don't.

Current Requests:

These are my current requests. I created this section so you can kind of get the idea of how long you will need to wait for your request to finish. If you click your name, it will take you to the image you've requested. If you're on top, that means you're first in line, etc.




My pet page got a 50+ out of 60 at Newlai Reviews!

Awarded to Emroza at Blinking Lookups from Gabriella at Rainbow Reviews