Hello everyone, and welcome to Fall: Falling Autumn Leaves Lookups. As leaves fall from the trees around Neopia, this site strives to provide you with the most outstanding, well-developed lookups you have always dreamed of. Founded on June 2010 by Sosu (sosuleaf), Fall is back on its branches and ready to let the leaves fall throughout future seasons. This site was exclusively designed to be user-friendly while resembling the love I have for this season. Here I take custom-made lookup requests from all over Neopets, and hope and expect to meet all your expectations when the final product outcome is delivered. Alongside lookups, Fall also offers autumn themed resources, such us large, high-quality backgrounds, foregrounds and much more.

This season means a lot to me, and I hope to spread it to everyone by simply offering what I also love doing, which is graphic making. When I combine my two passions, a third one pops up, and it's you! This site was solely made for you to make your stay on this site better, and to give you the chance to prettify your user lookup in the way you have always desired. Just like a forest during the windy months of October, every tree may look the same, but each leaf will always have its own radiance and significance.

Because this season means so much and more to me, Fall was created to resemble such love. Founded during the windy months of June in which Autumn takes place in the southern hemisphere, this site not only provides a full experience of falling leaves but also resources that will make this season even better and easier to remember. Like every and each branch of the tree, Fall is solely focused on catching the best and most wonderful views from such magnific season.

With such huge array of graphics and resources out there, Fall expects to meet everyone's standards by providing the highest quality of the most eye-appealing lookups on Neopia. Requests are not only done and ready to be delivered in a fast pace, but they also are expected to be outstanding from every angle you look at it. Every autumn leaf is different at any time of the day, but they will always remain beautiful as its own. All the lookups requested here will always strive for the best quality. Fall is an extension of the Autumn Sites you can find in the Autumn Portal.


  • First and foremost, all lookups are and will be Neopets Related. I won't be making them based on other themes such as games, anime, celebrities, etc. Simply put, I'd like to keep everything under the same tree shadow, meaning that I'll always focus on Neopets themed graphics as I'm making them for the community within Neopets, and nowhere else. If you ever find lookups made from other themes, those were exceptions, and likely made for friends before I started offering requests publicly.
  • I expect to finish each request lookup within the same week they were requested on. Sometimes I finish them on the same day. If by any reason I happen not to have finished a lookup within seven days, you can either neomail me again or I'll most certainly neomail you about it. I didn't forget about you, but my week days get busier or less busy accordingly, so please bear with me. A lookup usually takes me up to two hours to make and code it.
  • Your request needs to be as detailed as possible. If you have no idea what you want, take a look at all the lookup examples and finished requests I've displayed below on the petpage. I won't make them the same but it'd help guide me in case you don't know exactly how you want it! I delete and reject neomails that don't follow the rules and guidelines I wrote here.
  • No one is forced to request, but I expect requestee to consider using their future user lookups for as long as they can. It takes time to work on them, and to make them as unique and close to your ideas as possible. I've experienced people using lookups I've personally created for them go to waste after a few weeks. I don't expect you to use the lookup for years, but if you do, that's very encouraging and motivates me even more to keep going. I want to make the perfect lookup for you with the sole purpose of watching you enjoy it as much as I did when making it. Include your favorite autumn leaf neoboard smiley in your request form so I know you read the rules. I will only take lookup request when I'm advertising Fall on the Boards. If you don't see my board(s) around, it means that my requests are closed!!
  • I do not take lookup requests for side accounts. I'd like to see the lookups being given a proper and good use, and while it's fine you can leave a lookup on your side account, it'd be sad not to see you around the boards or just proudly showing it off after I made it. You can only request one lookup every six months.
  • If you think you are ready to request, please fill in the form you find below. I've listed a few things to make it easier for you when you start describing how you want the layout. Remember to be as descriptible as possible, and provide all the information asked. Wall of text incoming, by the way. The request form won't send via neomail as it's too long and the filters might not like it. Please, put your form onto a petpage I won't reply nor accept requests sent via neomail.


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  • Fall: Falling Autumn Leaves Lookups, formerly known as Autumn Breezes, was founded on June 16th 2010 by Sosu (sosuleaf) The site went on hiatus on Christmas 2013 due to image hosting issues, Neopets downtimes and change of coding filters. Re-opened on September 5th 2016. All graphics, layouts, coding, images, content and organization created by Sosu.
  • Fall was the first avatar-themed premade lookups site on Neopets, offering 230 premade lookups matching different avatars at the time.
  • The site was chosen to be the Site Spotlight winner on July 11th 2012.
  • Counter started on September 11th 2010. The site got 100,000 visits on April 2013.
  • Fall was last updated on Febuary 26th 2018.